Chapter 3:  Fucking Owen

Owen was ready to text Adam the next day, but he thought he should probably give it a while longer. He didn’t want to seem over-eager.  He made himself wait until Monday. As the working week started he wondered if Adam would again be at Lombardi and Hecht, the law firm where he worked as a paralegal,  but he didn’t see him.   On his lunch break he took out Adam’s card, took a deep breath and texted: “Sir, I’m ready for more.”  That afternoon he couldn’t focus properly on his work.  There was no reply until 5.00 when Adam simply sent him a date and time.  Friday at 7.00.  It seemed a long, long time away.

During the week Owen alternated between trying not to think about it, and searching for BDSM scenes online as if he were doing homework.  Adam was a secret that excited and scared him.  When Friday came Owen asked if he could leave work early.  He went home to change and clean himself.  It felt like a ritual and calmed his nerves a little.  He arrived in good time at Adam’s building again and again waited until a couple of minutes before 7.00.  The doorman, expressionless again, called Adam’s apartment and told Owen to go on up.

Adam let him in.  Owen saw more details of the apartment this time.  Expensive modern furniture in the living room and abstract art on the walls.  The living room was cool, airy, elegant. A few small piles of books and papers lay on side tables, neatly stacked.  Nothing obviously sexual.  Adam put a hand on his shoulder and guided him into the large, untidy kitchen and sat him down at the table.  He asked Owen how he was, how things were going at work and chatted for a few minutes.  Then he leaned back in a way Owen was beginning to recognize and said, “Are you ready for this, Owen?”

“Oh yes!  I’ve been thinking about you …  about this … all week.”

“All right.  I’m going to establish a few basics.  I am going to fuck you and I may cause you some pain, so you need to know you will be safe and that it is what you want.  First, I will tell you a few things that I will respect as a matter of course.  I will use a condom and will show you my tests.  I expect the same from you. I will not use drugs before or during sex.  I will not draw blood.  If you are accidentally cut or badly scratched, I will stop the scene and attend to you. 

“Then there are some things that are simply not my preference.  I won’t feminize you or infantilize you.  If I call you ‘boy,’ it is to remind you of your status as submissive.  When we play, you will give up your power to me, and I will ensure that you are not harmed or embarrassed.  Of course I may humiliate you sexually, but only if you enjoy it.”

As Owen was taking all this in, Adam reached across the table and pulled over a large pad of paper.   He continued talking: “OK Owen, I know you will have spent a lot of time recently looking at BDSM porn on the internet.”  This was very true; Owen had seen many things, some of them quite alarming.  “What you will have watched there is not exactly what we will do together, but you will probably have come across quite a few implements and positions that are really used in BDSM.  Is there anything that you have seen that you would absolutely rule out?  Please be open about this.”

Owen had indeed thought about this subject.  It was tricky.  There were things which looked hot and which turned him on, but which he thought would probably be very painful if they were done to him.  He decided to leave those as possibilities.  He said, “I think I could probably try more extreme versions of everything we did last time.  I liked being blindfolded and when you cuffed my hands.”  He struggled to turn his mind to less pleasant activities.  “I’m not too keen on getting pissed on and things like that.”

“That’s fine, Owen, no water sports, not yet at any rate.  What else?”

“I don’t know how much pain I can take.  What you did to me last time … it was a kind of pain, but it didn’t really hurt.  Some canes look vicious.”

“We’ll build up slowly.  I will take you to your limits, and help you move beyond them if we can.  As long as you try it, that will be enough.”  Adam was not an outright sadist, but he did very much like to see his subs twisting and squirming as they served him in pain.  He knew how to make a boy like Owen want to please him, and he knew how to use that to influence the boy’s reactions to pain.  It was just a question of taking it slow.  “We won’t use the cane to start with.  Is there anything else you’re anxious about?”

“There’s a thing I’ve seen … a horrible-looking wire thing that holds your mouth open.”

“A spider gag?  No spider gags.”  He made a note.  “There are other gags.”   Adam had quite a collection of them.  He loved to see a boy open his mouth obediently to take a gag.  “What else?”

Owen tried to remember what he had seen.  His mind was beginning to spin with the newness of some of the bondage techniques and his growing excitement that this was all about to become suddenly very real.  He couldn’t think of what to say.

“It’s all right, Owen, we can come back to it.” Adam felt that that this was enough to start with.  He was pleased that Owen hadn’t ruled out any of his own favorite practices, although he knew that this might be because Owen hadn’t heard of them yet. There would be plenty of time to introduce him to them.

“We will use a standard safeword.  If it gets too much for you, you can simply say ‘red’. I will always stop the scene and we will talk about how you are feeling.  That doesn’t have to mean we stop completely, unless that’s what you want. If you are enjoying the scene but something becomes too uncomfortable you can ask me to have mercy on whatever part of your body is in difficulty.  Of course if you are particularly enjoying something, you can signal this by thanking me. I will consider your request.  Is that all quite clear?” 

“Yes, Mr Strickland, I understand all that.”

“Later on, you may find yourself restricted in certain ways that make it hard for you to speak. I will show you how to communicate with me.  Now, are you ready?”

“Yes, please. I’m ready.”

“Good. Place your keys, phone and wallet on the table.  You may not touch them again without my permission.”

Owen hurried to obey.

“Now we will go through to my playroom and I will introduce you to some of my … tools.  You can follow me.”

Adam led him through another door and Owen’s eyes widened at what he saw.  The room was large.  He saw first a bed fitted with posts and beams to which hooks and bars were attached. On the floor stood a large wooden cross, and a bench with leather cuffs at each foot.  As his eyes adjusted to the scene, Owen saw more detail—a wall with a row of whips of various kinds, a neatly stacked pile of ropes, a table laid out with gags and restraints. In the corner was a large cabinet that no doubt held other exciting toys.  An open door led to a bathroom.  Owen shivered with excitement.  He felt Adam’s arm round his shoulders, propelling him into the room. 

“When you are in this room you will always start naked and on your knees. Quickly now.”

Owen shrugged off his clothes as fast  as he could and sank down to his knees.  Adam walked round him, inspected him and pushed his head down.  The room was quiet.  Owen could feel Adam’s presence; his fingertips tingled with the desire to touch him.  The air was tense with possibilities.  Adam was holding a riding crop and traced it up and down Owen’s spine and over his inner thighs, giving him light taps to adjust his position.  Just the touch of the whip made Owen quiver with excitement.  He felt the crop at his throat pushing up under his chin.

“On your feet.”  As Owen rose, his eyes took in the playroom.

Adam led him to each piece of equipment and encouraged him to feel it against his body.  He ran Owen’s hand over the cool wood of the cross and stroked the leather and rubber toys across his face, telling him to breathe in their scents.  Owen felt newly alive—he was distinguishing the different smells and the feel of different materials with heightened senses.  Adam guided him down to his knees to run his cheek along the leather surface of the bench.  Owen felt the closeness of Adam’s crotch and its  musky scent.  He desperately wanted to put his mouth on it, but he was learning that Adam was in control.

Owen couldn’t keep his eyes in one place.  His mind was busily processing the new sights and feel of the equipment and he barely noticed the way Adam was gradually taking physical control of him, manipulating him by his shoulders, moving him between the implements with one arm bent up behind his back, giving him light touches of the crop to direct his attention.  He loved the touch of Adam’s arm.  He felt as if he were floating in deep water with only Adam’s hand to nudge him in one direction or another.

Suddenly he heard Adam say “On your knees, boy.” Owen dropped back to his knees.  Adam was pleased at his promptness.  It was a useful ritual to get a boy quickly into the right headspace.  Later he might add a conditioning spanking to set things up properly, but on this occasion he leaned over Owen, tilted up his head with one finger and kissed him.  Then he took something that he had laid out with the leather restraints.  It was a thick leather collar with d-rings fixed at regular intervals.

“Head up!”  Owen raised his head obediently and the collar snaked round his neck.  Adam fitted it carefully and buckled it.  Owen found this very erotic.  He could just feel the collar when he swallowed—not uncomfortably but enough to remind him that it was there. Even this light restriction was beginning to draw him into a submissive state of mind.  Adam said, “While you wear my collar, you are mine to do with as I please.  You may always use your safeword.  I will respect that absolutely. Otherwise you are to do exactly what I tell you, and as soon as I order you to do it. You will be responsive and obedient to me at all times.”

Adam, too, was slipping into a familiar headspace.  Once a boy was collared he felt that he could move things on and he was pleased to see Owen happily wearing his collar.  Adam felt that he had done enough preparatory work and it was time for his cock to have some attention. “Owen, I want you to service my cock. I will tell you how to please me. Do it slowly.”

A shock of excitement ran through Owen. He enjoyed having Andy’s cock in his mouth, but this was something else.  Ever since he had seen the considerable bulge in Adam’s pants at their first meeting he had been thinking about what it concealed. He pushed his face into Adam’s crotch feeling the shape of his cock through his pants and instinctively opening his mouth to it.  He nuzzled through the fabric, tracing his lips over the prized object within.  He felt  his saliva flowing. He looked up at Adam, wanting his permission.

“Go ahead.  Take it out.”

 He carefully undid Adam’s zipper and edged down his underwear.  Adam was already semi-hard.  His big cock bobbed up immediately in front of Owen’s face.  Owen opened his mouth, but Adam slapped him lightly on the cheek, just enough to get his attention.  “Not yet, boy.  Just use your tongue. Learn to wait for it.”  Owen ran his tongue down Adam’s hard, velvety shaft.  Adam gave him continual directions to use his lips on the shaft, to tease the head with his tongue and to lick his balls.  When he got it right Adam told him he was a good boy.  If he got it wrong Adam simply said “No.  Do it again.” 

Owen was worshipping Adam’s cock with his tongue.  The hardness of the cock and softness of his skin were delicious.  Adam’s cock was thick and straight and now fully hard. Owen circled the head with his tongue, closing his eyes to feel its solidity and roundness.    If Owen took his tongue away for a moment, Adam’s cock bounced up and stood erect.  Owen was hypnotised by it. As he tried to get everything perfect for Adam he found himself longing more and more to take the cock in his mouth.  He started to make the little whimpering noises that Adam recognised.  “What is it, boy?”

“Oh please, Sir, please may I have it in my mouth? Please let me suck you.”

“Very well.  Open your mouth.”  This is what Adam had wanted.  It was important for a sub to need and beg for his cock.  Owen eagerly opened his mouth wide and sucked the head, bathing it with his tongue and moving his lips up and down the shaft.  His mouth felt deliciously full and the excitement of taking Adam inside him thrilled him. Adam enjoyed this and he permitted it for a while. But now it was time for another lesson.

 Taking Owen’s head in his hands, Adam shoved his dick into his throat until the boy gagged. “Good boy, Owen, it’s all right, keep trying to take it deeper.” Owen tried again; he was becoming conditioned to obey Adam.  The gagging was uncomfortable but he was fuelled by the desire to please him.  He tried again and gagged again. And again. Adam didn’t let up, continually thrusting into his throat but encouraging him at the same time.  “Take a breath now, Owen.  It’s going in again.  Open up your throat and swallow when you feel you’re going to gag.  I want you to try to take it all. Take it again. Take more of it.”

 Owen’s eyes were watering and his gagging sounds took on a note of frustration.  Adam slowed down a little. The choking felt good on his cockhead as it hit the back of Owen’s throat but he was annoyed that the boy couldn’t take it properly all the way down.  Lust and the desire to punish surged through him, thrusting his hips forward and his cock deeper into the choking boy.  He heard Owen gasping for breath. He wound himself down.   There were ways of turning Owen’s failure into pleasure for both of them. He pulled his cock out of Owen’s mouth and pushed the boy’s head back.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” Owen said, disappointed that he had not been able fully to satisfy Adam.  He loved the way Adam’s thick cock tasted and how it filled his mouth, but he wanted more—to be able to take it fully inside him.

“There are other ways you can please me, Owen. And one is taking your punishment for not sucking my cock properly.” Owen looked up apprehensively, but Adam was already taking charge of his body. “Get over here.”  He slipped two fingers under Owen’s collar and pulled him over to a low bench.  “On the bench. Ass up.”   Owen complied.  The word “punishment” made him shiver. He looked down and saw that there were leather restraints fixed to the feet of the bench.

 Adam fastened down his hands and feet.  Owen was nervous.  Adam’s use of the crop had been very light at their first meeting and he knew Adam wanted to push him further.  He glanced up and saw Adam stroking his own cock as he ran his hand along a row of mean looking instruments hanging from hooks on the wall.  “Eyes on the floor, boy,” said Adam.  He was excited at the prospect of Owen’s first punishment. He wanted to give the boy some pain, but it couldn’t be too much at this stage.  He took a flexible leather paddle, broad enough to distribute the impact but heavy enough to leave a mark.  He went over to Owen’s prone body and ran the paddle up and down his back, then caressed his ass with it. “Ten strokes, boy.  This will be your punishment for not sucking my cock exactly as I like.”

Adam gave Owen the first stroke, judging what the boy could take.  The first two would be light.  The paddle made a very pleasing smack and Owen’s ass quivered delightfully.  Adam loved the look of Owen’s ass as it reacted to the blows and the way the paddle gave a pleasing bounce back in his hand when he struck. He stepped it up a little for the next four and Owen’s buttocks began to take on a nice, though faint, red glow.  He ran his hand appreciatively across them feeling the traces of heat.  Owen hadn’t made a sound.

 “Good boy, Owen, your ass is taking the paddle beautifully. You look very sexy like that. Now the last four.” Adam spanked him at about half-strength, the heightened sound of the paddle when it met Owen’s ass went straight to his dick and his mind started to turn to fucking the boy in his reddened ass. But there were other things to attend to.   He needed to take Owen with him. At the last stroke Owen let out a small whimper and squirmed appetisingly.  Adam dropped the paddle and knelt by his ass, kissing and stroking it and telling Owen what a good boy he was.  That last stroke had really hurt but Adam’s attentions to Owen’s ass were converting the pain into the most delicious pleasure.  He closed his eyes and slipped into an aroused state.

 Owen felt a delicious wetness and gentle pressure on his ass and to his amazement he realised that Adam had spread out his cheeks and was using his tongue on his hole.  It felt absolutely wonderful. Adam was speaking to him between long, slow licks and  thrusts with his tongue.  “Your ass is so beautiful, Owen.  You are quite delicious.”  He ran his tongue up over Owen’s buttocks and gave little bites to his cheeks. “These red marks are very sexy.  I can feel the heat from the spanking.”  Owen realised that when Adam was talking he had replaced his tongue with a finger and then two in his hole. Adam was alternating between eating his ass and fingering him, spreading him open and getting him ready to be fucked.  Owen felt absolutely helpless and completely aroused.

Adam unfastened him from the bench and put the paddle in his mouth.  “Take this over to the bed, we may need it,” he ordered.  Owen shuddered in fear and anticipation.  He had never been fucked and spanked at the same time.  He felt his cock soften.  “Go on, boy, all fours.” Adam smacked Owen’s ass hard as he got off the bench and he scurried across to the bed to wait for Adam on his hands and knees with the paddle still held between his teeth.

Adam inspected the boy.  A number of  possible scenarios ran through his mind. He wanted to start teaching Owen to associate sexual pleasure with restraint, with humiliation and with pain.   He ran his nails lightly down Owen’s spine to make the boy shiver.  Then he took the paddle from Owen’s mouth and stroked his cheek with the edge of it.  He knelt behind the boy and bent over him so that he was speaking directly into his ear.  “I’m going to give you a little additional pain as I fuck you, Owen.  It will take you some time to get used to it.  It may be difficult for you to stay hard, but I will help you.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Owen nodded valiantly, but he was afraid of what Adam might do.   In truth, Owen had often had difficulty taking a cock in his ass.  He bottomed for Andy but it was sometimes more painful than enjoyable.  Andy was sweet and patient—he helped him stretch for a long time before sex and would jerk him off afterwards, but Owen could rarely get hard when he was being fucked.  And Adam’s cock was considerably bigger than Andy’s.  A shiver of anxiety ran through him.  “Sir …?” he said in a small voice.

“What is it, boy?”

“Your cock, it’s really big, Sir.  I haven’t … will you …”

“It’s all right, Owen.  There will be some pain, but we’re going to take this slowly.  You will give me your ass when it’s ready to take my cock.  I will tell you when that is.” 

Adam set the paddle down.  Although he loved to fuck a boy while his entire ass was available for continued beating, this first time he needed to gauge the reactions in Owen’s face.   He twisted Owen’s legs around to flip him over onto his back.  “Legs in the air, boy!”  Adam wanted to watch Owen’s eyes as he was getting fucked.  He pulled the boy’s ass towards him and put Owen’s legs on his shoulders. 

Owen looked up into Adam’s face.  He noticed for the first time how much hair Adam had on his chest.  Adam’s power and strength, towering over him, made him feel both safe and apprehensive.  He wanted to put his mouth on Adam’s pecs, to lick and suck his nipples but he was pinned down on his back. Owen was caught between the desire to please him and the fear that Adam could do whatever he liked and there would be nothing Owen could do to stop him.

Adam reached down for Owen’s cock and began to stroke him.  Owen looked deliciously vulnerable with his legs raised and his eyes obediently fixed on Adam’s face as he waited for instruction.  “Get hard for me, Owen.  It’s OK if you can’t keep an erection.  I just want you to try.”  It was easy at first.  Adam’s strong hand wrapped round his cock quickly aroused Owen as he gazed up at Adam’s face and chest. Adam’s own cock was nudging against his ass.  Adam had slipped his fingers back in to open his hole up again and Owen felt the wetness of lube and a delicious feeling of his hole being massaged.  “Ready boy?  You’re going to take my cock now.”   

Adam pushed the head of his cock into Owen’s ass.  Owen felt the familiar pain and tensed up.  Adam let him adjust. “It’s all right, Owen, open your ass, let me in.”  He pushed slowly in, keeping one hand on Owen’s now limp cock.  Owen whimpered as his ass was pried open by Adam’s big cock.  Adam let him rest again for a moment and then eased deeper into Owen’s ass.

As Owen cried out, Adam bent over him and kissed him, praising him and telling him how good his ass felt on his cock as he slowly pressed in about half way and started to thrust, keeping it slow and shallow.  He rocked gently into Owen for several minutes, holding his cock in his hand and praising him: “Good boy, Owen, your ass is perfect, you are so tight on my cock, you are pleasing me very much.  Can you feel me filling your ass?  That’s how it should be—your ass is going to take my full length.”  With one thrust he rammed his cock all the way into Owen.

Adam’s voice mesmerised Owen and a warm flush of pleasure ran over him to counteract the sudden stab of pain. “Thank you, Sir,” he said instinctively.  He felt his ass stretch to receive Adam’s cock.  It hurt but he wanted it.  Adam lowered his body on top of him.  He felt taken by Adam inside and out.  Adam’s broad chest was pressing down on him as his big cock was invading the deep spaces of his ass.

Adam raised back up and left himself buried in Owen as he started to play with the boy’s  cock again, his strong fingers expertly teasing the head into arousal. As he felt Owen’s cock stir, he began to thrust into his ass again, increasing the momentum as Owen’s cock responded.  Owen felt the pain lessen as his inner muscles accepted Adam’s thrusts.   He was thrilled that he had successfully taken the full length of Adam’s big cock.  He looked up at Adam and the way his broad chest flexed as he rocked to and fro to fuck him.  Owen didn’t want it to stop.

 Then Adam brought something out from behind his back. He reached over Owen with one hand and began to play with his nipples.  Owen’s erection grew. His body started to flood with arousal, coming in waves as Adam thrust deep into him and lightly pinched his nipples.  Adam said, “now I’m going to give you a little additional pain.  I know you can take it.”   He leaned over Owen and attached nipple clamps, shaped like miniature vises joined with a chain, to him, screwing them to minimal tightness. 

It felt to Owen like an electric charge in which pain and pleasure were indistinguishable.  His senses were heightened and they were all focused on the motion of Adam’s cock moving in and out of him.  He felt his orgasm building. Adam felt it too and stopped stroking Owen’s cock.  “You may not come, Owen,” he said, dropping his voice to a tone of authority.

Owen felt a wave of panic, “Oh, please, Sir, I can’t stop it.”

Adam stopped fucking him and with his cock still planted deep in his ass he tightened the nipple clamps harder.  A flame of real pain shot through Owen and he felt his orgasm subsiding. Adam smiled to himself.  The boy was a pleasure to use —his responses were so natural and immediate and his ass was delightfully hot and tight.  He couldn’t resist edging Owen like this one more time.

 He brought him close again with his hand and enjoyed the look of consternation in Owen’s face as he realized he couldn’t stop himself from coming.  And then he enjoyed even more the way the pain flashed across Owen’s face and the boy squealed as he tightened the clamps again and dialed down Owen’s erection.  He picked up the connecting chain as he continued to fuck Owen’s ass and used it to control the boy, tugging at his nipples to deliver enough pain to deflect him from coming.  Adam smiled to himself, wondering how many sessions it would take to make Owen associate the pain with pleasure and make him come from nipple torture and not despite it.

 Adam was by now highly aroused.  He said, “I’m going to come now, Owen.  That’s what you need to focus on.  Squeeze your ass on my cock.  Give me everything you can.”  Owen did his best but Adam was already pulling out of his ass.  He ripped off the condom and shot a long rope of cum over Owen’s chest, groaning in his release.  He looked down at the boy. Owen looked beautiful and helpless, his legs still on Adam’s shoulders, his ass open and his torso covered in cum.  Adam scooped some of his cum onto his fingers and pushed them into Owen’s mouth.  “Look at this mess, Owen.  I think you’re responsible for it,” he said, allowing a little humor into his voice to indicate that the scene was over. 

Owen smiled and sucked Adam’s fingers eagerly.  He felt very good and even dared to say “I’m sorry, Sir.  I know you could stop yourself.” 

Adam let this go.  He swatted the boy’s ass playfully.  “Lucky for you I’m in a good mood.  You can use this bathroom to shower if you like.  You have permission to bring yourself off.  Then you may come the kitchen.”  Owen had never felt so satisfied with sex without coming. He decided to save his orgasm till later when he could replay the whole scene in his mind at home.  He let the water play over him in a state of contentment.  Even without coming it was the best experience of his sexual life.  He felt proud of Adam’s orgasm—his own could wait.

Adam showered quickly in his own bathroom and went into the kitchen to find some wine and await Owen.  He had enjoyed the boy.  Owen was a blank canvass for the endless variety of Adam’s imagination to paint on.  As Owen grew in experience he would only become more desirable. Adam was satisfied for the present.

Owen came in, his hair still wet from the shower.  He had lost not of his brightness and eagerness and it was clear to Adam that he could take more. He had dressed but was still wearing Adam’s collar.  Adam, sitting on a high stool, pointed to the spot at his knees and Owen immediately dropped down between them, looking at Adam’s crotch in anticipation.  But Adam leaned down and unfastened the collar.  He tilted up Owen’s head, registering the surge  of disappointment in his eyes, and kissed him sensually. 

“The collar is for when we are playing, Owen.  You need space to think about what we’re doing. I don’t need you thinking when I’m dominating you, so now you need to be in control of yourself again.  Did you like being spanked?”

“Oh yes. I’m sure I could take more.”

Adam smiled.  “I think you can.  But we must be careful not to break you.  You’re very new to this.”

“I know, but …”

“Don’t argue with me, boy.  I will tell you what you will do and when you will do it.  If I want to hurt you, I will.  If I want to humiliate you, I will. If I want to leave you tied up for hours without fucking you, I will do that too.  I will decide and my judgment is final. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”  Adam’s voice was wrapping itself round him like a rope.  It felt good.  “Sir …?”

“What is it?”

“Thank you for giving me your cock.”  He had wanted to say that.  Adam’s cock was becoming a very important thing in his life.

“All right, boy. You’ll get it again, if you do as you’re told.  Now, come have a drink with me.”

Owen was realizing how Adam would control their time together.  There was time for fucking, there would be some intimacy, and then Adam would retreat into a normal social space.  But that was good too.  If anyone had told Owen that he would be sitting in this beautiful, powerful man’s kitchen sharing a bottle of wine that would have been enough.  And now there was so much more.


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