Chapter 5: A Punishment

Owen was enjoying himself. Adam had summoned him for more sessions and he was becoming more accustomed to the things Adam liked to do with him and to him. He was feeling more confident at work as well. Mr Lombardi, the senior partner in the law firm where Owen worked as a paralegal and where he had met Adam, was trusting him with more important and confidential material and complementing him on his efficiency. Owen had several times thought of asking Mr Lombardi about Adam, but he wasn’t quite sure what he would be asking.  He didn’t know if Adam’s life as a Dominant was private, or if other people knew about it. And he was far too much in awe of Adam to ask him directly.

On a Friday evening, Owen arrived at Adam’s building on time as always. The doorman sent him up with his usual discrete nod of the head by way of welcome. Adam let him in to his apartment, but this time he seemed distant, almost distracted as if something else was on his mind. He accepted Owen’s kneeling submission and told him to get undressed as usual. Owen was wearing a new jockstrap of a style he knew Adam liked, but Adam didn’t comment on it.

Adam sat on the sofa and motioned to Owen to sit at his feet. He fastened the collar round Owen’s neck but didn’t otherwise touch him. Owen knelt and waited. They had done this before—Adam knew how to make a boy wait so that the waiting itself was erotic. But this time Adam seemed unusually disengaged with the scene.  Owen started to feel nervous.

After a few minutes there was a knock on the door and Adam let in a business-suited man. Owen panicked for a moment. He had gotten used to the play scene so that it was becoming natural to him and the intrusion of an outsider scared him. He didn’t want any interruptions to his scenes with Adam. But immediately the stranger was on his knees, head bowed very low, and holding out to Adam an envelope without looking at him.

Adam took and opened it and ran his eyes over it.  Then he handed it over to Owen. Owen read the words: “For failing to respect Master: 20 strokes of the cane.”  His mind raced.  He realised he had assumed that he was the only boy that Adam played with.  Now his mind had to accommodate other possibilities.  He wondered what role he would have to play.

Adam’s voice was cold and expressionless as he addressed the visitor:  “Strip. Give your clothes to the boy.  Be quick about it.” He summoned Owen over with a gesture. The man lost his clothes quickly without leaving his knees with none of the clumsiness that Owen usually felt when ordered to strip. Owen picked up the clothes—the suit was a beautiful fabric and the shirt finely laundered. An expensive watch followed. Despite the new arrival’s deep submission to Adam, Owen took his possessions reverentially and placed them on a chair.

Adam directed matters in short, decisive instructions. “Stay on your knees. Follow me.”  He snapped his fingers at Owen. “You may walk, boy.” The man crawled following Adam’s footsteps into the playroom and waited on his hands and knees, forehead touching the ground. Owen walked nervously behind, unsure of what was happening.

In the playroom Adam placed his foot under the man’s chest and pushed him up to a kneeling position. Owen removed himself to a corner of the room and knelt to watch the proceedings. He noticed that the man was wearing a chain collar round his neck, fastened with a padlock. Adam looked sternly into the sub’s eyes and said, “You will receive twenty strokes of the cane. Do you understand what your punishment is for?”

“Yes, Sir.  For disrespecting my Master. Thank you, Sir.” The sub’s voice was low and he kept his head bent down even as his eyes looked up at Adam.

“Very well. Get on the bench. Ass up.”

Adam lashed him down, working quickly with the rope and with none of the sensual binding that Owen had experienced in rope play just a few days ago. Adam attached a rope to the sub’s collar and fixed his head down painfully low so that he strained to stay in position. His legs were attached at the other end of the bench and his body was stretched uncomfortably across it.

Owen remained kneeling in the corner, his eyes wide. He hadn’t heard Adam speak like this before—his voice was loud and without tonal variation, and his gestures efficient and mechanical. Owen thought Adam had forgotten about him until Adam suddenly turned and said, “You, boy, bring me a cane!”

Owen jumped up to obey. He looked along the rack of canes and whips, wanting to pick the right one to please Adam, but bewildered by the range. He knew from experience that the thinner canes would hurt more. He chose one from the middle of the rack and brought it over, kneeling again to offer it to Adam. Adam took it and pointed back at the corner. Owen quickly scuttled into his place in the corner of the playroom.

Adam addressed the sub: “Your punishment is twenty strokes. The boy will count them.”

He raised the cane. It sang through the air and connected forcefully with the sub’s ass. Owen drew in his breath—Adam was not starting gently as he did when Owen was getting a beating. There was to be no warming up. Owen forgot to count.

“Come on, boy, you want the cane too?” Adam’s voice was hard and distant.

“One” said Owen unsteadily. “Two”.

The new sub was breathing out hard as the cane landed. Angry welts were already appearing on his buttocks. Adam was laying on the cane in neat red parallel lines, which somehow added to the harshness of the punishment in Owen’s eyes. They reached ten, and the sub was making more noise now. Some of the strokes landed on the sensitive back of his thighs and he was beginning to whimper and squirm involuntarily away from the cane.

“Eleven, twelve.” Owen wasn’t sure he was enjoying this. The skin was raw on the new sub’s ass and thighs where the cane had landed.

But it got worse. At the fifteenth stroke, Adam reached down to pull open the sub’s ass and deliver the final six strokes to the inside of his cheeks while he writhed in pain. It looked excruciating. Owen winced as the sub started to scream. Adam told him to shut up unless he wished to be gagged, and the screams started to come through clenched teeth.

Finally it was over. Adam pulled out his phone and ordered the sub to hold his own ass cheeks open. Owen had never seen anything so humiliating as the sub obediently reached round to open up his own ass with his hands. Adam took out his phone and took some photos of the welts, evidently to send to the boy’s Master. Finally he loosed the ropes and ordered the man to his feet. Then he retrieved the note from Owen, crumpled it up and pushed it into the sub’s mouth.

“Your correction is over. Go back to your Master,” Adam said dismissively.  He turned his back and took no further interest in the sub.

The door to the living room was open and Owen watched the sub find his clothes. He dressed quickly, not removing the crumpled paper from his mouth, and left the apartment, closing the door behind him quietly. Owen shivered. Adam looked over at him.

“Come here, boy. You probably have some questions to ask.” Adam had been in two minds about letting Owen witness the punishment. Now he could see the shock in Owen’s face. Perhaps it had been too early. He took Owen into the living room and wrapped a rug round his shoulders to keep him warm. “Sit here next to me. Tell me what you want to know.”

Owen snuggled in, trying to let the scent and heat of Adam’s body reassure him.  The scene had been strange and frightening. He wasn’t sure where to start.

“Why did you punish him, Sir?”

“You read the note--he had disrespected his Master.”

“But why did it have to be you? Couldn’t his Master do it?”

“The punishment was his Master’s. It doesn’t matter who carries it out.”

Owen didn’t really understand this. “Do you know him?”

“I know his Master. I’ve seen the boy with him on occasion. There is a group of men that I play with sometimes--his Master is one of them. Discipline is upheld by all the men and any one of us can carry out a punishment.” Adam was not especially enjoying this conversation.  The truth was that he was in two minds about the boy he had agreed to punish. He suspected that his relationship with his Master was not a healthy one.

Owen swallowed nervously. “Would you ever …? I mean, I don’t think I could … I couldn’t do that. Not like him. Please don’t give me to another Master, please Adam.” He retreated further into Adam’s arms and buried his head in his chest.

Adam sighed. The timing of this was all wrong. He was well aware that his friends had certain assumptions about the use of submissives. As a boy grew in experience the expectation was that he would kneel down and give up his body for the pleasure of all the men in the circle. But Owen was very far from ready for this. Perhaps it had been too soon to give him a glimpse into that world.

“I will never make you do anything you don’t want to do.”  Adam tried to speak reassuringly. “I have made that clear to you from the beginning.”

“I really don’t want to.” Owen was beginning to discover that his wanting something had a lot to do with what Adam wanted. That Adam’s pleasure was becoming inseparable from his own. But he needed to protect himself from men like the new sub’s Master. He remembered a term: “It’s a hard limit.”

“OK, Owen, I understand.”

Adam felt he wasn’t handling this too well. Adam had agreed to punish the boy in part because he wanted to introduce Owen to the idea of harder punishment and partly because he wanted to put the idea of group play into Owen’s mind. But the sub’s Master was a man about whom Adam had very mixed feelings. Mark Emerson was sadistic and manipulative in Adam’s eyes. But he had considerable skills as a dominant that were clearly very attractive to a number of subs. The relationship with this boy was evidently consensual, and that part of Adam that enjoyed the creativity of pain was attracted to the sadism. In fact, he was strongly drawn to the idea of putting the cane across Owen’s ass right now, and leaving some beautiful marks while the boy squirmed in his restraints.

He looked down into Owen’s puzzled face and pulled himself back into the moment. The caning had fired up his lust, but Owen was not the right person take it out on. He passed his thumb over Owen’s full lips and formed an image of them around his cock to replace the enticing pictures in his mind of more destructive passions.

“Enough questions, boy. I need to be attended to.”

“Just one more thing … please, Sir … one more question …”

“Go ahead.”

“When you were beating him …” Owen paused. He wanted to know but he didn’t want to ask. “ … did you enjoy it?”

Adam took Owen’s head in both hands and held his face in front of him in a strong grip. He looked hard into Owen’s eyes. “Yes,” he said. He maintained Owen’s gaze for a few silent moments, then pushed him down to his knees.

“Now get to work. You can start with the balls.”

Owen lowered his head, relieved to be released from Adam’s stare and the stark truth of Adam’s sadistic needs.  He carefully opened Adam’s pants and took out his cock and balls. Burrowing into Adam’s crotch to lick his balls, Owen felt safer. He felt protected by the big cock resting on his forehead above him. The taste and smell of Adam enveloped him. He started to use his mouth with more urgency.

Adam looked down at the boy obediently working his balls. Owen was on all fours with a nice arch to his back.  His ass was jutting out attractively. Adam admired the round, white orbs of Owen’s buttocks with the enticing dark valley running between them. His fingers twitched, but he resisted.  Owen moved up to his cock, looking up at Adam to check that he had permission. Adam smiled at the anxious eagerness in his boy’s eyes.

 “That’s enough, boy,” he said, “I’m going to fuck you now.”

Adam saw a flicker of fear in his boy’s face and regretted it. This was something different from Owen’s delicious nervousness and hopeful anxiety at his new experiences—Adam fed off that sexual energy, but this was real fear. He was annoyed with himself for not fully controlling the scene and he resented the sub’s Master for intruding on his plans for Owen’s development. Still, the boy was here and naked, and there were possibilities for enjoying the evening. He sent Owen off to the bed in the playroom.

Owen went obediently but he didn’t feel right. Something had come between them. He was aware that Adam had not told him everything, but he felt it was not his place to ask more. He hunched up unhappily in the middle of the bed on all fours with his head down, compliantly offering up his ass. He heard Adam entering the playroom and sank further down into the mattress, keeping his ass raised and expecting to be beaten.

Adam looked down at his boy and his mood changed. Owen’s vulnerability and submission were enough to satisfy him for now.  He fondled Owen’s upturned ass, tracing the inviting cleft of his buttocks with a finger, and said, “No, boy, on your back.” Owen flipped over to see Adam bending across him and smiling. “It’s all right, Owen. I just want to enjoy you.” Owen began to relax. Adam’s approval meant everything to him.

Adam took each of Owen’s wrists in turn and attached leather cuffs to them. He worked more slowly than usual, stroking Owen’s chest and praising him. “Give me the other wrist, that’s right, let’s get this tied up.  Now you’re open for me. That’s how I like you to present yourself to me.” Owen’s wrists were secured with rope to the corner posts of the bed. Leather fetters went on his ankles.

Adam kept talking to him calmly. “Good boy, Owen, let me see those thighs stretch out.” Owen spread his legs, expecting to be tied to the other corners of the bed, but Adam produced an adjustable spreader bar and attached it to his ankles. “Let’s see how wide you can go, open up to me.” Owen felt his legs being pulled wide apart, but Adam didn’t take it to the level of pain. He stood up to admire the prone figure exposed on the bed below him, naked and vulnerable.

Adam was feeling better too. He loved this moment when a sub was spread out before him completely at his disposal. He reveled in the power that all the choices were his to make—to tease the boy’s cock, torture his nipples, play with his balls, to flick a whip on that smooth skin or to redden it all over with the paddle. Anything was possible.  Adam’s balls tightened.

He walked round the bed, meditatively raking his fingernails over Owen’s body. He was pretty much ready to get his cock sucked. But he wanted to reward Owen first with a little play and to restore the boy’s eager enthusiasm.  Owen’s skin shivered at Adam’s touch like the surface of a pool. His soft brown eyes looked up into Adam’s, pleading for more contact. Adam played with his nipples, rolling then in his fingers and then pinching them just hard enough to cause a little pain, and was pleased see Owen’s cock twitching in sympathy with his nipples. Owen had very nice prominent nipples.  He imagined the sight of them stretched and clamped. 

Adam reached down between Owen’s spread legs.  “Look at these nice fat balls, Owen. All mine.” He gave them a squeeze. Owen bucked up his hips in response. “Does that hurt? What a shame you can’t close your legs. A little more, perhaps?”  Owen squeaked as his balls were tugged again, harder this time. Adam glanced at his face, but the boy was smiling as Adam restored his association of pain with enjoyment.

Adam weighed Owen’s balls in his hand. “Perhaps we should get some clamps on these things, what do you think? That would look so nice.  No? Perhaps not then.” He gave them a little slap. “Frankly, I think I’ve devoted quite enough attention to you, boy. Now it’s my turn. I’m going to use you as you were meant to be used.”

Adam walked round to Owen’s head and climbed onto the bed, his thighs astride Owen’s neck. “Get me hard for your ass,” he ordered. As Owen sucked, Adam told him what a good job he was doing, and how great his hardening cock was going to feel when he shoved it up his boy’s ass. The talk was just rough enough to excite Owen without scaring him. He slurped and sucked, wanting to go deeper this time, wanting to bury his face in Adam’s crotch again and forget about the scene of punishment he had witnessed.

Adam’s knees were pressed against the side of Owen’s head, pinning him down as he took the cock as deep as he could.  He could hear Adam’s breathing turning into groans of pleasure and he felt happy again. He was proud of Adam’s hard dick.

Adam pulled out and let his cock sway above Owen’s face, teasing him as the boy eagerly raised his head to try to catch it again in his mouth. “Come and get it, if you want it!”  Owen moaned in lust and frustration and pushed his tongue out to try to touch the dick as it bobbed tantalizingly just out of reach. 

“Are you ready for me, boy?” Adam asked softly, almost tenderly.

“Oh yes, yes please, Sir!”  Owen could not be more ready. Adam moved down the end of the bed and hoist up Owen’s legs with the spreader bar.

“Hold your legs up.” Owen pulled his knees back as Adam pushed on the bar so Owen’s legs were bent backwards and his ass was open. Adam looked down at the boy lying exposed and defenseless beneath him and his anger with himself was gone. All he wanted now was Owen’s hot, tight ass gripping his cock. He rolled on a condom and pushed in slowly, pausing to give  Owen time to accept him. Owen was saying something.

“What is it, Owen?”

“Sir, you can … harder … if you like … if you want to, that is …”

Adam laughed aloud. “You asked for it, boy. This ass is mine.” He plunged into Owen’s ass, pushing himself in as deep as he wanted. Owen’s legs were shaking and his mouth was open, gasping at the thrust.  Adam pushed Owen’s legs back further and positioned himself above him.  He pulled his cock out entirely then stabbed it back in with a violent lunge. And then did it again, punching through Owen’s inner sphincter and enjoying the depth of his thrusts.

Owen was shocked by the sudden pain.  But Adam didn’t stop.  “That hard enough for you, boy? You  want this?  You like your ass split open?”

Owen’s face was contorted as he tried to accept the pain.  He desperately wanted to pleasure Adam but he didn’t know how to process this.  Adam relented.  He started to grind his dick in Owen’s ass, massaging his prostrate. 

He leaned over to speak in Adam’s ear.  “I will tell you what is hard enough, boy.  I will fuck you hard when I want to.  Do you understand?”

Owen did understand. His ass was fully open after the savage thrusts and he welcomed Adam into it, craving to be filled with his thick, hard dick.  He loved the helpless feeling of his legs locked wide apart and open to accept Adam’s pounding. Adam was lost in the please of fucking Owen.  His cock rammed his ass like a piston. Owen heard Adam groaning as he got close and his thrusts intensified as his full balls slapped loudly against Owen’s raised ass.

“Take it, boy!” Adam’s whole body went taut and as he came shuddering in Owen’s ass, and fell back onto the bed.   They lay still for a while. Owen didn’t want to move. He stretched out his feet so that his legs lay on Adam’s, relishing the contact.

Adam slid off the bed and contemplated Owen. He was not quite done yet with the scene. He grabbed the spreader bar and hoist Owen up until his ass was raised up high, securing his ankles with a short chain to the rails that ran across the top of the bed. Owen dangled helplessly from his feet and wondered what would happen next. Adam walked over to the rack of whips and canes. Owen’s eyes followed him, remembering that earlier in the evening he had had to make the choice of implement.

Adam selected a whip that Owen hadn’t noticed before—a long, thin crop with a wider flexible tongue at the end.  He ran it through his hand, savoring its spring and the softness of the deer hide tongue that belied its sting.

Adam returned and bent over Owen to kiss him forcefully. His tongue felt wonderful, and Owen relaxed his open mouth to allow Adam to possess it.  He felt he was being devoured by Adam’s mouth as his tongue swirled into every corner. With one hand Adam unbuckled Owen’s right wrist from the bedpost as he continued to kiss him.

“Good boy, Owen,” Adam praised him. “You’ve taken everything I gave you. I think you’ve earned yourself a reward. You have two minutes to make yourself come. If not … then the reward will be mine.” Adam smirked evilly and drew the crop across the back of Owen’s thighs.

“Go!” Owen’s hand flew to his cock. He was hard in a moment, but Adam was toying with him with meaningful glances at the crop, clearly designed to put him off his task. He worked his cock frantically—he was so close. He tried to look down but Adam’s gaze held him.

“Time’s running out, boy, do you want to come or not?”  He flicked the whip through the air to make it sing.

“Please, please …” Owen was saying as Adam started counting down.

“Five, four, three, two …” Adam paused. Owen was desperate.  He worked his cock as hard as he could.  He looked up into Adam’s face and felt his balls contract.

“One!” Owen shot a huge ribbon of cum straight up into the air as the tongue of the whip smacked against his raised ass.

Owen was breathing heavily as Adam let him down and unfastened his legs. Adam pulled on the rope that bound his left wrist to the bed. “One second late! Perhaps I should leave you here all night to think about coming without permission.” Owen smiled groggily.  He was in no hurry to leave the headspace he found himself in.  But Adam freed him anyway.

It was long after midnight and tomorrow was Saturday. Adam announced that it was too late for Owen to go home and he would be staying the night. He led the boy to a small guest room. It was sparsely furnished with small twin beds. A towel and a new bag of toiletries lay on each one. Adam was evidently accustomed to having other guests who might unexpectedly stay overnight.

“You’ll sleep here. You may come to my bedroom—second on the left—in the morning. Knock first.” And then he was gone.

Owen washed quickly and slid into the narrow bed. As he slipped into sleep he imagined Adam’s bedroom and Adam’s bed.   He thought of Adam’s body lying naked in the bed.  To be permitted in there was his greatest ambition.  He shuddered once in excitement and then was asleep.

Adam lay awake in his own bed.  Adam liked to control situations completely and he was annoyed with himself for having Owen witness the punishment before he was ready.  He also suspected some kind of ulterior motive on the part of Mark Emerson, the visiting sub’s Master.  Still, he congratulated himself on bringing the scene round pretty well.  Owen had even asked to be fucked harder. Tomorrow he would lighten things up.


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