Chapter 4:  Rope

As Owen arrived his next session with Adam, he was already falling into a submissive routine.  When Adam let him into the apartment, he followed him into the playroom and dropped onto his knees, looking down to await his instructions.  Adam lifted up his head with a finger under his chin and fastened a black leather collar around his neck.  It was the same one that Owen had worn last time.

“This is your own collar now, Owen,” Adam  said.  “You will only wear it when you are submitting to me sexually, and it will remain in my possession, but it is for you alone.  No one else will wear it but you.”

Owen flushed with pride and satisfaction. In just a couple of weeks he had gone from hopelessly admiring Adam at the law firm where Owen worked to kneeling before him and receiving his collar.  He loved the feel of the collar round his neck and the control it gave Adam over him. Yet, strangely, it also made him feel stronger and more complete. 

Adam told him to strip and he hurried to get naked and back on his knees with his hands submissively behind his back.  The position felt natural to him now as he lost the awkward sense of being naked before another man.  His mind began to open up to whatever possibilities Adam had in store for him.

Adam ran his hands over Owen’s body, prodding, squeezing and taking possession.  Owen could sense his excitement as Adam explained today’s session to him:  “Today we will play with rope.  It’s one of my favorite things.  I like to see a man's body bound and restricted and I want you to enjoy it too, Owen.  I think you will.”  He brought out several lengths of coiled rope from a drawer. “I’m going to bind you now, and we will take our time over it.  I want you to focus on the rope.  It will take a little while to get you bound, and while I’m restraining you I want you to take in everything through your senses.  Concentrate on what is happening to your body.”

Adam took a coiled length of rope and caressed Owen’s body with it.  “Feel it, Owen, take in its scent.  It’s going to become part of your body. Don’t struggle against it--let it take you.”  They stayed like this for a few minutes, with Adam stroking Owen and talking to him in a low voice.   He wanted the boy to be calm and relaxed—at least to start with--for his first rope experience.  Rope was an important fetish for Adam.  It had a certain artistry that appealed to him and he loved the sensation of gradually restraining his submissive. As Adam caressed him, Owen was surprised at the softness of the rope—he had expected it to be much  harsher and rougher.

“You ready, Owen?”  Owen nodded.    He trusted Adam absolutely. “Now  concentrate on the rope as it goes on you.  Let your body accept it.  Feel it changing you as you receive it.”  Adam started work slowly and sensually, rubbing his hands over Owen’s body to sensitize him to pressure points and following up with the rope, binding him gradually closer. Owen closed his eyes and breathed in the scent of the hemp.  It mingled with the smell of Adam’s skin as he leaned across Owen’s body to bind him.  He raised his face into Adam’s pit as he moved across him, and Adam let him stay there for a while as Owen breathed and savored his sweat.

Adam was moving on. Owen felt the rope tighten across his chest and then criss-cross over his skin.  He tried to follow the pattern of the rope with his mind as it restricted him, subtlety altering his center of balance and re-configuring his body.  Adam continued talking to him softly, telling him when to adjust his position and showing him where the knots would be tightened.

Adam moved more quickly now to complete a pattern that enmeshed Owen’s body.  Finally he wrapped a thinner rope round Owen’s balls and tied it off to the harness he had made on his chest to add a little tension.  The he started to pluck the ropes as if he were playing a stringed instrument.  Each touch sent sensations coursing across Owen’s skin as if all his nerves were on the outside of his body.  When Adam touched the rope round his balls, it reverberated, sending delicious vibrations down his dick.  He was already moaning  quietly with pleasure. 

Adam bound Owen’s wrists to his thighs.  He had decided against any difficult stress positions for the time being.  Then he fastened the rope harness he had formed round Owen’s chest to a block and tackle fixed to the ceiling.  He continued to play with the boy, vibrating the ropes across his body and teasing his balls as Owen moaned and whimpered. Then he wrapped his arms round him to hold him tight for a moment, and suddenly pushed Owen forwards until he lost his balance and hung on the tips of his toes, his body suspended in the ropes. 

“How does that feel, boy?”  Adam asked.

“It feels wonderful, Sir,” said Owen.  He loved when Adam asked him questions.  He would always tell Adam the truth.  Owen’s eyes were closed. He felt completely supported by the ropes and completely under Adam’s control.  His helplessness made him lightheaded.  He felt he was floating, his body directed only by Adam’s will.

“Good boy,” said Adam, prodding Owen so that his body swayed gently.  “Don’t get too comfortable.  We’re going to try something else.”   Adam had decided to introduce Owen to the flogger.  He wanted to make use of the euphoria that the boy was experiencing to raise his acceptance of impact play.  And Adam loved to flog an open, restrained body.  He pulled Owen upright again. “Open your eyes, Owen.”  As Owen opened them he felt the touch of leather against his cheek.  Adam was showing him a flogger with many long leather strands flowing from the short handle.  He glanced up at Adam nervously.

Adam stroked his chest with the tails of the whip.  His voice was low and firm. “Flogging can be a very good experience, Owen.  We will start slowly.  I will check in with you.  All you have to do is stand still and breathe deeply. Take a breath now.”

Owen drew himself up and drew a deep breath.  With his hands tied closely to his thighs it was difficult to keep his balance. Adam was gently stroking the flogger across his back, then letting it fall with just its own weight so that it brushed Owen’s shoulders.  “Let your breath out. Feel the strands of the leather across your skin.  Now feel where the rope is tight.”  Adam’s voice was opening up Owen’s senses as his body received sounds and touch.  Owen could feel the pressure of the rope against his skin. He could hear the flogger moving through the air.   He could remember the smell of the leather when Adam had caressed his face with the whip. 

 Now the blows were getting harder and new sensations were beginning to rise in him.  His skin tingled and felt warm.  The thud of the whip on his shoulders and ass pushed him forwards as he tried to stand fixed to spot where Adam had put him.  The intensity grew and Owen felt something else. It took him a couple of moments to realize that this was pain, hot and sharp on his body. He reacted instinctively to the next blow and tried to jump out of the way of the whip.

Adam pulled him back and spoke more roughly: “Owen—spread your legs. Balance.  Now keep your feet where they are.  Do not move from that spot.”  The strands of the flogger struck again with a fiery bite.  Owen jumped again.  Adam’s tone was changing and his voice was deeper.  “I won’t tell you again, boy.  If you can’t keep still, you will be retrained.”  Owen took a deep breath and stood still, trying to plant his feet on the floor.

Pleased, Adam began to build up his strokes.  He loved to flog his partners.  Done right, it was a complete bodily experience for both of them, an erotic act in itself.  He enjoyed the rhythms of his own body as the energy flowed from his shoulders through his arm and wrist into the body of the boy.  He prized the point of contact where the sub’s body reacted equally and oppositely.

Owen’s back and buttocks were reddening nicely under the whip. Adam paused to admire them and feel their heat. He ran his hands over them to reassure Owen and reinforce the connection between them.  Owen turned his head, his mouth instinctively searching for Adam’s, and Adam permitted the kiss before he resumed the flogging.  

As Adam very gradually increased the intensity, Owen’s gasps were turning into moans.  It was painful, but the pain was tinged with many other sensations.  He was losing the ability to separate his senses.  The sounds of the whip through the air, the smell of Adam’s sweat as he drew closer, the alternating thuds, strokes and stings of the flogger as Adam worked on him were all assaulting his senses in the most wonderful way. 

 Adam moved round to work the flogger on his chest.  Owen saw he had taken off his shirt.  The sight of Adam with his chest naked, whip in one hand and erect dick in the other was indescribably erotic to Owen. He was filled with a kind of sexual awe and his own cock started to harden.  Adam’s head was thrown back in pleasure—the look of him and the feel of the flogger took over all Owen’s senses and he moaned ecstatically. He dimly remembered what Adam had told about signalling pleasure and said “Thank you, Sir.” 

“You want more, boy?  Very well.”  Adam stepped it up a notch.

Now Owen began to feel the ropes were restricting him too much.  He wanted to move in harmony with the flogger and he shifted sideways as Adam swung the whip. The sharp ends of the flogger wrapped round his side, biting deeply into him, and he screamed aloud with the pain. Adam dropped the flogger and moved quickly to stand in front of him, holding Owen’s head in his hands and talking to him directly.  His voice was raised and hard. 

“This is why you must obey me. If you don’t  do exactly what I tell you, you will find there are unpleasant consequences.”   To Adam, a mis-timed stroke of the flogger was a serious error and he was angry with himself for not restricting Owen’s feet.

Owen was mortified.  “Please, Sir, I’m sorry. I fucked up.  Please let me try again. I won’t move, I promise. I’ll get it right this time.”  He wanted desperately to return to that wonderful, floating headspace. But  Adam, the ecstatic sexual god of a few moments ago, had been replaced by someone much more austere.  Adam’s cock was back in his pants and his look of erotic abandon had vanished.

“No, Owen, that’s not how this works.  When you disobey me you will be corrected.”  Adam untied the ropes that held Owen to the ceiling bar and then unfastened his wrists from his thighs.  He hooked his fingers under Owen’s collar and dragged him across to the bench.  “Get down there. On your stomach.”  Owen’s wrists and ankles were locked to the legs of the bench.  Then he felt something new and different against his skin.  Adam was running something cold and hard up and down his spine.

“Do you know what this is, boy?” Adam asked.

Owen shook his head.  Adam moved the object over his cheek and held it in front of his face.  It was a steel hook with a ball at the end of the curve and an eyehole at the other end. 

“And where do you think this goes?”

Owen had a pretty good idea.  A chill ran through his body.  The hook looked very large, cold and unfriendly.  His ass clenched involuntarily.  “Please, Sir, I don’t know … I mean I don’t think I can …”

“You don’t think you can take it?” Adam’s voice was hard. “Oh, you’re going to take it.  You are going to feel it in your ass. This is going to be a valuable lesson to you in doing as you’re told.  You’re going to learn to keep still when I tell you to.”

Owen felt the cold ball of steel, wet with lube, part his buttocks and press at his entrance.  Relentlessly it pushed against the muscles of the sphincter and through his ring.  Owen groaned and tried to push out his ass.  He wanted to do the right thing for Adam but the steel ball was harsh and uncomfortable.  The pressure continued as the ball of the ass hook passed into his anus.  It felt horrible—alien and unforgiving.  Soon it was inside him. The shaft of the hook lay rigid in the crease of his ass.  He longed for the human warmth of Adam’s cock.  He knew Adam was standing behind him but he felt cold and lonely without his touch or his voice. 

Adam threaded a rope through the eye of the ass hook.  He pulled Owen’s head up by his hair and looped the rope to a ring on Owen’s collar. He pushed down on the small of Owen’s back to make him arch and tied the rope off.   Now he spoke:  “You will learn not to move.   Hold that position. Arch your back. Head up.  Ass out.  Yes, that’s better.  Now stay there until I tell you otherwise.”  Owen struggled to stay in place.  The hook felt unyielding.  His ass felt invaded as the alien steel stretched his anus. He felt the muscles in his neck begin to tire, but if he moved his head down the pressure of the hook in his ass intensified. His back began to ache, but if he tried to flex it the hook dug painfully into him.

Adam had stepped back to admire his handiwork. He loved the sight of Owen struggling to maintain the position.  A shot of pleasure ran through his balls and he released his cock again from his pants, stroking himself meditatively as he watched Owen’s efforts.  The boy was straining to stay still. His ass was pushed out beautifully with a pleasing curve to his back, but he was having to work hard at it.  His legs were beginning to shake as he as he struggled to hold himself up and a sweat was breaking over his back. 

It was time to finish the punishment.  Adam took a cane and lowered it over Owen’s eyes and drew it lightly across his cheek.  “Owen, this is a cane.  It’s used for punishment.  You will receive six strokes.” 

Boys always disliked the cane—its sting was without enjoyment and Owen would learn to hate and fear it.  His first encounter was not pleasant.  Adam dished out the strokes to his ass.  They were not hard but they stung horribly.  Owen felt everything had gone wrong—his legs were about to give way, he hated the cane, he couldn’t do anything right.  All the energy he had built up during the flogging drained from him and he felt small and miserable. He wondered if Adam would give up on him.  He started to whimper as the hook settled more deeply into his ass. He tried to focus on Adam.  This was what Adam wanted and he would try to please him.

Then it was over.  His neck was free and Adam was gently easing the hook from his ass.  He sat Owen up on the bench and moved to sit  next to him with one arm round his shoulders.  He laid the hook on Owen’s thigh.  “You did very well, Owen.  You took this thing in your ass and you stayed still. I know it wasn’t easy and I’m proud of you.”  Owen sighed in relief and snuggled into Adam’s shoulder, his arms clasping Adam’s naked chest. His nose was pressed into Adam’s armpit and Owen breathed him in. “How does your ass feel?” Adam asked.

“The hook was strange.  I’ve never felt anything like that—I couldn’t get used to it.  It just felt wrong in my ass.  It was so cold and hard.”

“That’s OK.  But we will try it again some time. I loved the way your ass accepted the hook. I like the look of these things, Owen, and it’s important that you please me in this way. I enjoyed your beautiful soft buttocks giving way to the hard steel. The way your hole took it in was very arousing for me.  Thank you for accepting it and struggling for me.” As Adam spoke, Owen felt his own experiences begin to change.  He started to see himself in Adam’s eyes.  The thought of his soft ass against the inflexible hook was becoming erotic as well as uncomfortable.  Adam’s voice enveloped him, directing his responses.  Adam put the ass hook in Owen’s hand and closed his own fingers over it.  “You will enjoy it eventually,” he said, “and you will take other toys up your ass for my pleasure.”

Owen loved Adam’s hands with their long, strong fingers.  He found himself wanting to take things for Adam’s pleasure.  But now Adam bent him over his lap and kissed his ass cheeks, licking sensuously along the marks of the cane.  “Good boy,” he said, “you took your first strokes of the cane.”

“It really hurt, though.  The hook was OK, but the cane was bad.”

“It’s supposed to hurt, Owen.  The cane is a punishment.  Sometime when I beat you will enjoy it.  But the cane is there for you to learn, not for you to enjoy.  Have you learnt your lesson?”

“Yes, Sir.”   Owen was instantly submissive.  “I’ll stand still when you tell me too.”

“Good boy, Owen.”  In fact, Adam very much liked to see his subs writhing and squirming in pain under the whip, but it was too early for Owen to go this far.  He had been annoyed when Owen’s sudden movement had caused the whip to wrap around. Adam prided himself on his flogging and did not appreciate being interrupted.

Owen said, “Can we try again?  With the flogging, I mean?”

Adam laughed.  “No boy, you don’t get to choose what you want.  You will be flogged again when want it.  Right now the sight of that juicy ass with a hook in it has given me other ideas.”  Adam’s finger was nudging against Owen’s hole, his fingertip sending all of Owen’s nerve endings into overdrive. 

“How would you like something else in that hot sexy ass of yours?  Are you ready to get fucked?”

“Oh yes, Sir!  Please, Sir!” Owen was definitely ready.  While the horrible steel ball was in his ass he had tried to focus on the idea of Adam’s cock instead.  He very much wanted it for real.

Adam left the rope on Owen’s torso.  He liked the control it gave him and he wanted Owen to learn how rope can distribute pain and pleasure across the whole body.  But he felt that Owen had had enough punishment and he wanted to reinforce his associations of his master’s cock in his ass as a reward.   He tied Owen’s wrists loosely in front of him and ordered him not to touch his own dick. Then he led him to the bed and pushed his head down into the mattress.   Owen’s hole was nicely stretched from the hook. Adam slid his fingers in easily and played with him for a while until Owen began to moan with pleasure.

 Adam loved to tease his boys like this, pushing a finger gently at the opening so that the boy tried to push his ass back just to get his master inside him. He traced the tips of his fingers along the red marks on Owen’s ass as he pressed his cockhead in.  He would treat them both to a long, slow fuck as a reward for the way Owen had taken his punishment. 

“That’s it, Owen, take my cock, relax your ass.”  Owen was growing to love the sound of Adam’s voice.  Just being told to do something made him want to do it even more.”  To Adam’s delight, Owen started to push back on his cock.  “Good boy,” he rewarded him, “that’s right, just like that.”

 Owen’s ass was warm and soft on Adam’s dick.  The caning had drained his natural aggression and he just spanked the boy lightly in time to his thrusts. He bent over Owen and took the rope off his wrists as he continued to fuck him.  The sensation of Adam’s big body bent over him was wonderful to Owen. He kept thanking Adam so that it wouldn’t stop.  He wanted just to collapse on the bed and be overwhelmed by the bigger man, but Adam was speaking in his ear and telling him to keep his ass up.

Adam was feeling indulgent. He flipped the boy onto his back with his legs up.  “Play with your cock, Owen.  If you get near the edge, ask permission to come.”  Adam was ready to fuck for a long time.  He wanted Owen to entertain him.  With Adam’s cock sliding in and out smoothly, Owen was in ecstasy.  He had never enjoyed anal sex so much.  He set to work on his own cock enthusiastically.  The sound of Adam’s breathing getting deeper and more throaty made him even more excited and happy that his ass was pleasuring this beautiful man.  He felt his orgasm building and remembered to ask to come.

“Sir, I’m so close—please may I come?”

Adam smirked sadistically and swatted Owen’s hands away from his cock.  “No.  Control yourself.”

Owen groaned. Adam picked up the pace and thrust harder and deeper into his ass.  Owen’s legs were shaking with frustrated pleasure. He bit his lip and tried to focus on what was going on in his hole. He looked up. Adam’s head was thrown back and his eyes were half closed in enjoyment.  He loved the depth of Owen’s ass—its heat and its tightness.  At this moment everything was worth Owen’s inexperience and the restrictions it placed on Adam.   He would build Owen up in order to break him down.  There was plenty of time.  Owen was a work in progress.  He glanced down at the boy to see his face contort in mixed horror and ecstasy--Owen was coming.

Adam pulled out of Owen’s ass as the boy’s moans of pleasure turned into pleas for Adam to stay inside him.  Adam smiled to himself.  Coming without permission was a punishable offense, but he decided that Owen had had enough formal discipline for one day.  He sat up against the head of the bed and hauled the Owen across his knee.  The boy’s broad, pale ass was perfect for spanking as well as for fucking.

“What did I tell you about coming?”

“That I need permission, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You will be.  Count to twenty.”

This would not be a severe beating.  As Adam alternated spanking and fondling the boy’s ass, he felt Owen’s cock already beginning to stiffen again as it pressed against his leg.  His cock was hardening as his ass was reddening under Adam’s hand.  Adam was very pleased at this development.  He finished the twenty smacks and pulled Owen up to his knees.  He grabbed Owen’s stiffening cock at the base and waggled it speculatively.  “Look at that, boy, Nature is giving you a second chance.  Now service me.  And keep your hands off yourself.  If you come, you’ll feel something much worse up your ass.”

Adam lounged back indolently against the pillows with his hands behind his head and spread his legs as Owen eagerly took his cock in his mouth.  “Get on with it then,” Adam said, “make sure you do a good job.  Start with my balls.”  Adam closed his eyes.

And Owen did do a good job, grateful for the chance to redeem himself. Positioned between Adam’s thick, spread thighs, he felt happy.  He carefully took each of Adam’s balls into his mouth one at a time and used his tongue, feeling Adam’s cock become erect above him.  He moved up to take the beautiful thick cock in his mouth, running his tongue round the head and sliding his lips down the shaft.  Soon Adam was moaning softly and thrusting up his hips to push deeper into Owen’s throat.  The discomfort and difficulty Owen had felt last time he had sucked Adam were replaced by a wonderful sense of the fullness and thickness of the cock in his mouth.  He relaxed spontaneously and opened his throat to take Adam deep.

Owen could not get enough. He moved back down to worship Adam’s balls and sucked them both  into his mouth, bathing each one reverentially with his tongue.  He was learning to listen to the variations in sound that Adam made, and working out what would please him most without being told.   He knew now that Adam liked his balls to be attended to. Adam was groaning now and Owen knew he was close.  He paused for a moment, holding the cock in his mouth, and was rewarded with a big load of cum that shot straight down his throat.  He swallowed every drop and sat up grinning and looking proud of himself.

Adam laughed out loud at Owen’s sense of achievement.  “Good boy, Owen.  You’ve exhausted me.  Now go home and beat off and I will tell you when we will meet again.”   He lay back on the bed, pleased with Owen’s training.  Owen had a big grin on his face as he collected his clothes.  Adam thought it was time to step things up a notch or two.


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