"I'll give you all of me, give me all of it I need all of it to myself" - The Weeknd.

The rush, the adrenalin, the fulfilment never ceased to amaze Stephan after all these years. Him and the pale boys were experiencing what you call 'crimson intoxication' or simply put a blood high. This twisted high was brought on by their just completed feeding frenzy. They left a mess and two expired bodies that had to be taken care off immediately.

It was a simple routine him and the boys agreed on. Once every fortnight they would indulge themselves on live prey, while the remainder of the days they fed on stored blood so generously provided to them by fellow vampire; John Collini who just so happened to be in the board of directors of Bay Cove Hospital.

"Fancy a run boys?" Stephan called out to the excited bunch who were breathing heavily and smiling. "I'll race you!" Wesley stated and was out of the window before any normal human could blink. Benjamin and Matthew soon followed both carrying the limp bodies. Stephan always gave them a head start but in the end he would always win. They all zoomed through the large field, being as normal as vampires could possibly be. Aside from the crazy sex this was Stephan's favourite part of the feeding ritual, he felt free. The guys howled into the night, the strong effect of the blood high still pulsing through them.

As usual, Penn was up by 7 30. He groggily made it into the bathroom took a morning leak and jumped in for an exhilarating shower. He was very giddy and excited since today he had a date with cool guy. He suddenly felt guilty for the way he thought of him last night though, but being a 20 year old meant he was perpetually horny so he just couldn't help it. Today Penn wasn't going to go for a jog, he figured since it was a date he would much rather be presentable instead of smelling like sweat plus he hadn't seen his grandparents so he decided he would go have breakfast with them first then head out for his date.

Penn didn't really care that much about clothes, he would be comfortable in sweat pants and a regular old tee but he had to step his game up a notch even for a casual date. He decided on a nice grey polo and some mid wash fitted jeans and his lucky pair of vans, "there, simple" he said to himself. Penn grabbed his phone and walked down the hallway to the kitchen to get a glass of juice. The hairs on his neck stood up as he was facing the fridge, he got that odd feeling of being watched. He quickly turned to see well nothing, he raised a brow but brushed it off and began to head out.

His grandparent's house was a walking distance from his own house, maybe 20 minutes tops. The fresh air invigorated him and he gleefully walked to their house but again that strange feeling overcame him. He now felt like he was being followed even though he was basically the only one on the street. If push came to shove, he was more than ready to go he thought. He would look behind him occasionally just to see nothing there. Maybe it was all in his head, he did have to dial his excitement down a bit he thought. Anyways, he reached the house and let himself in.

"Gran? Theo?" he called out.

"In the kitchen sweetheart" his gran called back, good they were up.

"Morning guys" he walked up and planted a kiss on his gran's cheek and sat next to Theo who was reading the paper.

"Hey kiddo, you got no food at your place?" Theo cheekily said and punched Penn on the arm. Theo was a very strict man and pleasing him was difficult, but like every strong man he had his very own Achilles' heel and that was Penn. He would do anything for the boy. "Actually Gramps I just wanted to have breakfast with you guys since I haven't seen you in a while" Penn said while taking a sip of Theo's coffee. "You cheeky little bugger! Using the old 'I just wanted to see you guys' as an excuse to freeload!!" Theo said with his famous hearty chuckle and slapped Penn on the back, yup this is why he normally didn't sit next to Theo. "Leave him alone you old doormat, Penn sweetie do you want beacon with your eggs?"

 "Yes please Gran". The breakfast was good and so was the conversation he had with his two bickering grandparents, afterwards he said his goodbyes and left the house.

One problem though he didn't have Stephan's number so he couldn't call him and they hadn't exactly agreed on a time to meet. "Shit" he muttered to himself, he felt incredibly stupid for not asking for his number yesterday. He quietly began mumbling profane expletives under his breath as he walked back to his house.

At his driveway he noticed a car, and in his self rage he began shouting "Hey! HEY!! Just what the hell do you think you are doing?" he spoke with great vehemence. As he got closer he saw the car it was that fancy Aston Martin the one Bond drove in Goldfinger. It looked really decadent. The man in the car stepped out and - as you may have seen this coming - it was none other than Stephan.

Looking as good as ever, Penn's heart raced a mile a minute when he saw Stephan smile at him. "Did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?" Stephan asked with a sly grin, his heightened senses allowing him to hear the humming bird heartbeat emulating from Penn. "It's silly, how are you?" Penn asked.

"Great, what about yourself? Ready for what I have planned?"

"All's good! Yeah let's do it!"

"Wow tiger, how about I buy you dinner first?" Stephan teased a now blushing Penn.

"Whatever! You know what I meant" his eyes rolling in their sockets much to the amusement of Stephan.

"Like the car?"

"Dude its hella sexy, it's the DB5 hey? It must have cost you a fortune!"

"Yes it is. I got this a while ago so I didn't exactly break bank. Since the boys left with the truck I figured it was the perfect time to take her out for a spin." Penn was surely impressed. "Alright so today, I'm going to show you a few things I have on my property! You have seen the swimming hole, a bit of the fields and the house. I want to show you the rest!"

"Cool, I'm excited!" and with that being said Penn got into the car and they drove to the Mansion. Stephan parked the car towards the entrance, they got out and made their way through a pathway that led to the end of the house. "You guys have such an amazing view" it's true, from that vantage point Penn was able to see the whole property which seemed to stretch forever and if you squinted your eyes enough you could also make out the Atlantic. "Come, let's go to the stable"

"You have horses? That is so cool! How many do you have?"

"I have four, one for each of us. Are you familiar with the Andalusian breed?"

"Nope! I don't know shit about horses"

"Well then I can't wait to introduce you to Shadow" The two men then walked along the field heading to the stable, Stephan couldn't keep his eyes of Penn who was animatedly telling him about earlier today with his grandparents and how they always bicker, he found Penn's laugh mesmerizing and wanted to hear that sound every day. 

The stable was moderately sized and made out of masonry. Stephan told Penn that he and the boys built it themselves. At the complete end of the stable in the last stall, a black stallion could be seen. They walked closer to it and Penn was taken back by the horse's beauty. Its mane was dangling in front of its face, its whole coat was raven colored. "This is your horse?"

"Yup, this is Shadow. He is very intelligent, sometimes I think he is smarter than the boys" which elicited a giggle from Penn.

"Wait! Where are the rest of the horses?"

"They must be grazing somewhere on the fields, you want to go for a ride?" Stephan planned this whole thing, early in the morning he let out the other horses but kept Shadow in his stall. "You want me to get on this thing? I've never ridden a horse before!" Penn started to become a little anxious, all sorts of irrational thoughts raced through his mind and of course Stephan could see each and every thought to which he quietly chuckled. "Don't worry Shadow is very patient, just get on the saddle and I will guide him for you!" Stephan led Shadow out of his stall, buckled the saddle and nudged for Penn to mount him.

 "Okay big guy, I'm just gonna get on your back ok?" Penn nervously said to Shadow, he held onto the handle as instructed by Stephan placed his foot on the left stirrup and swung his other foot round and placed it on the right stirrup. "Perfect! That wasn't so hard was it?" Stephan rhetorically said to a tensed up Penn, "Now I need you to relax, Shadow can sense the tension. Just relax and you will see how enjoyable the ride is going to be"

Penn began to take deep breaths and tried to ease his mind, sure enough his grip on the handle loosened as well as the tension in his muscles. Stephan then began to lead Shadow out of the Stable very slowly, "Holy shit! I'm actually riding a horse! " Penn proclaimed excitedly. Shadow under the careful guide of Stephan began to walk at a normal pace, Stephan looked up at Penn who was smiling like an idiot.

 "You're a natural" and with that they began walking through the property, they even passed the other horses that were grazing. "Stephan, you want to switch places? You have been walking the whole way and I'd be more than happy to lead Shadow around"

"I have a better idea" he halted Shadow and proceeded to mount him as well, the pillion saddle permitting both of them to ride. He was directly behind Penn who tensed at the personal contact. "Is Shadow going to be okay? I mean not saying you are fat or anything" Penn said with a nervous laugh. "Shadow is strong enough to carry us both but he is just going to take us to that tree over there and I'll set him free"

"Free as in to go live his life elsewhere?" both laughed at this, Stephan thought it was cute Penn was nervous by their proximity. "No silly, free to go graze and do whatever he wants" Stephan then grabbed hold of Penn's hands which were gripping the handle, he loved the way Penn was reacting to such simple contact as now he was breathing just a little bit harder. Shadow then began to trot and after a while he transitioned into a canter.

Penn was still slightly nervous but he relaxed and let his back rest on Stephan's rugged chest. Stephan's head was directly over Penn's shoulder, he could smell him and it excited him. Penn had three aromas that were making Stephan a little bit wild; his natural scent, mixed with some good smelling body wash and the tantalizing blood that was flowing underneath his skin.

Penn was beginning to really like Stephan, what started as a simple crush was now developing into something deeper. They complimented each other he thought, and seemed like they were moulded for one another. Alas Shadow stopped by the tree ending the ride both Penn and Stephan were enjoying. Stephan was first to get off, and like a true gentleman he reached for Penn and guided him down softly. "That was so much fun!" Penn said while petting Shadow.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it!" Stephan then walked over to Penn and grabbed his hand, it was very bold and romantic  making Penn's cheeks red. They didn't say much and they didn't have to, a connection was made already and was strengthening. They stood staring into each other's eyes, Penn was getting lost in those dreamy brown eyes which made him feel at ease. Stephan could see only the most beautiful soul that hid behind Penn's hazel gems, he felt a stirring like the one he felt yesterday and he wanted to explore it further.

He led Penn to the sole maple tree that sat comfortably like a watchtower, its leaves a brilliant red. Underneath the tree a blanket was edged out and on top of the blanket a picnic basket was set. Stephan had a cute little grin, he was surely proud of himself for still being able to be romantic after all these years. Penn felt it at ease with Stephan and at least for now his troubles were forgotten.

Out on the interstate heading to Portland, the pale boys had parked the truck waiting for the cargo. They were bored out of their minds, it normally didn't take this long for the bodies to arrive. Ben and Wes were outside of the car enjoying cigarettes trying to entertain themselves somehow. Matt sat inside , his mind going back and forth. 

"What does he see in him" he whispered. He was just a silly little human boy, he couldn't offer anything to Stephan. A rage flared within him, mostly caused by his impatience but also his jealousy. He looked at his reflection and that set him off the edge, he punched the side view mirror and shattered the glass.

"What the fuck Matthew?" Ben shouted as glass shards fell on to his arm.

"Matthew I know it's taking forever but there's no need to lose your cool over it" Wes added to a heavy breathing Matt, who got out of the car, slammed the door and mumbled something that resembled a "Sorry". Ben was getting irritated with Matt's recent attitude, last night as they made love on top of a corpse he wasn't his usual self, he was withdrawn. Something was eating at him he could tell, but why wasn't he confiding in him like he usually would? They were best friends and helped each other deal with the horrible truth that consumed them daily, but now his attitude and the outburst left a sour taste in his mouth.

Matthew feared Stephan was falling for Penn, he knew in his gut that if they ended up together it would change everything and he wasn't willing to let that happen. "Guys it's here" Wes said as a prisoner transport vehicle came into view.

Stephan and Penn walked hand in hand, Penn thanked Stephan for the picnic and for the horse ride. "No problem, I was more than happy to do it. You want to go for a swim?" Penn wasn't too sure, he didn't even bring his trunks and he didn't feel comfortable getting naked in front of Stephan yet, but looking into those brown eyes he couldn't manage to say no and nodded in agreement.

They made their way to the swimming hole and immediately Stephan began to undress. Finally Penn saw that magnificent sculpted body, it looked hard as marble, traces of dark hair circling his chest and thinning down to a treasure trail, he really did resemble those Greek statues, they even had the same complexion. 

 Penn stripped fast not even continuing to gape at what hid underneath Stephan's boxers, he became aroused and was slightly ashamed. He quickly dove into the cool water and Stephan followed suit. He started distancing himself from Stephan, trying his best to somehow get his erection to subside but Stephan was a quick swimmer he caught up to the erratic Penn, their faces inches apart.

"Why are you running from me?"

"I'm not! It's just..Ah.. It's so stupid"

"What is?" Stephan gently nudged Penn who was silent.

"Please tell me" Penn looked into those pleading eyes, they somehow darkened and grew wide.

"It scares me" Penn said as a sigh escaped his lips.

"What does?" Penn's mind was raving and Stephan for once couldn't figure out what was troubling the youth.

"How much I like you Stephan" he finally confessed. Under the water, Stephan's arms grabbed hold of Penn and drew him in for a hug. "I really like you too"

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