'If you want to understand today, you must search yesterday'- Pearl Buck

November 12th 1689, inside the walls of the Orléans Châteaux belonging to the Vallée de la Loire a baby boy was conceived. The mother cradled the new born in her arms, cooing softly to the crying infant. "Je vais lui appeler Stéphane" she softly said, the baby's wails echoed through the lavish room. Count Guillaume and Marguerite Viéte were unlike their neighbouring noble peers, not only was Guillaume appointed the prestigious title of Pair de France but his wife and him kept a dangerous secret hidden from the world. They were vampires.

Purebreds were considered to be a rarity at the time. A sole bloodline existed within each country in the Northern hemisphere all stemming from the original vampire. A secret society was socially constructed and its fundamental rule was for the bloodline to continue. But this proved no easy task, most couples who tried ended up with failed pregnancies, the chances of conceiving had dramatically declined and no one knew why.

Thus it is no coincidence that Count Guillaume and Madam Marguerite were paired, they two were born purebreds. Stéphane's arrival was both a great accomplishment and a great risk, people were becoming more and more aware of the vampire existence and the secret society could no longer use its influence to manipulate public knowledge. No longer were the deaths said to be caused by a mere plague, the people now blamed it rightfully on monsters they named vampires.

Rumours began to manifest by the time Stéphane was nearing vampiric-maturity that the Viéte family were in fact blood sucking demons. Their son was hardly seen during the daytime, maids were also disappearing and it was advised not to walk alone during the night near the Châteaux grounds. Marguerite and Guillaume could not do anything for they understood that an immature vampire is basically uncontrollable, the blood lust runs high and they must consume in order to survive. By written code, they were required to keep him completely safe from anything. A purebred immature vampire is especially vulnerable and can easily be killed due to their delicate structure only when they mature do they harden.

The severity of the situation had required Guillaume to break an oath. He had sent many letters to his good friend Count Reinhardt Klaus of Austria begging him to visit him for he had a special favour to ask. Sure enough in the year of 1703 January 2nd Count Reinhardt arrived to the Châteaux, he was greeted by his old friend but as explained he had no time for pleasantries.

Count Guillaume did the unthinkable and confessed to his human friend of the ultimate vice. Reinhardt was flabbergasted by the sudden information, he did not know whether to cower in fear or strike what he had thought was his best friend. He looked at the face of his friend, they had known each other for good 30 years. He knew what he was asking for was blasphemy hell it was suicide, taking a vampire spawn to live with him in Austria? The mere thought was insane! He gulped the entirety of the locally made wine, maybe not being sober would allow him to better comprehend the situation he thought.

Guillaume was very desperate he did not question the fierce need to protect his son, he was willing to sacrifice everything in order for Stéphane to live. He got on the floor and pleaded with Reinhardt, he begged him to house his son for just 4 more years, until he reached maturity. Reinhardt in an act of compassion told Guillaume to get up, he felt uncomfortable seeing such a great man on the floor crying and begging. He knew in his heart that it was the right thing to do, he owed him that much no matter what. They embraced for the last time, knowing very well that death would take him and his wife the next day.

That night, Reinhardt and Stéphane left the Châteaux in haste. He had to secretly transport the boy from France to Austria. It was a grim day for little Stéphane, he did not want to go on 'vacation' as his parents put it much less with an uncle he had never known, he wanted to stay with them at his home. Were they casting him away because of his difference? No that's silly he thought to himself, his parents were like him. So why was he going away without them? He looked to his uncle's face for answers but what he saw resembled fear. Tears fell from his eyes as the carriage began its travels, he cried himself to sleep that night and the many nights that followed.

Reinhardt had decided to change the boys name to Stephan Klaus, he adopted him and treated him like his very own. Although the first year he was afraid of Stephan and his inhuman hunger, he somehow managed to become accustomed to the adjustment of having a vampire around. Initially he would often take Stephan on hunting trips, watch in fascination as he fed on the blood of stricken deer or any other game they managed to hunt. But he quickly learnt that wasn't going to sate the boy, in fact ingesting animal blood made Stephan very sick. There was no other option but human blood in order for Stephan to survive. This forced Reinhardt and Stephan to get creative. They would visit infirmary's in the pretence of preachers coming to pray for the sick, while Reinhardt would distract the doctors or nurses Stephan would be able to drain the fallen who were either unconscious or on the verge of death. For two years they travelled Austria together, their bond strengthening.

However on the 12th of November 1707, it was time for Stephan to leave Reinhardt. It was what his father wanted. He knew Stephan would be fully mature by his 18th birthday, he was now able to control the blood lust and was old enough to be officially accredited into the secret society. This meant that he was secured shelter and assistance if he was ever in need of it as a connection (sort of psychic in nature) had been made with his brothers and sisters all throughout Europe. He could now recognize the difference between vampire and human but the most important aspect of his maturity; he was now able to decide who to kill or who to turn.

Reinhardt looked at Stephan for the last time, what he saw was a striking young man who resembled his father in more than just physical appearance but also with his heart. He loved him like a son and was sad to see him go but he knew it was what had been planned for him, it was set in stone. They embraced for a good five minutes neither saying a word, it was sombre for the both of them. "Good bye my son"

- Years later when Reinhardt died of a failed heart he left his entire fortune to Stephan.-

For the majority of the 18th century Stephan travelled Europe. He was on a pilgrimage to find out more about himself. In every country he had been too, he was always in the company of vampires who pieced more and more information about their kind to him. He gained knowledge on how to survive for a length of days without blood, he learned the history off his kind, he also learned how to read the minds of people, most interesting to him however was the explanation on why vampires don't age. The philosopher who told him this first explained the hunger, he theorized that since vampires do not have souls they have to live on the essence of those who do. This then rejuvenates their own essence, slowing down the process of ageing. He explained that if a vampire had the great luck of living 600 years plus, only then would age begin to show its face. After all at this point in time, Stephan was already 100 years old but looked like he was still 20.

It was also around this time that he first met Matthew. Stephan's travels had found him in London. He was attracted to the buzz of the industrial revolution and Britain was the centre of it all. He arrived when the first steam locomotive began operation. He had always been curious about primitive technology and he was looking for a scholar to explain what was happening. He would read the minds of people nearby hoping to catch at least someone who had a clue. On more than one occasion he ended up with nothing substantial that is until he read Matthew's mind. It was filled with all sort of ideas, about powerful machines and the mathematics behind them. Unfortunately Matthew was still just an apprentice to an aspiring engineer, but Stephan saw more than just potential he saw an ideal companion.

For 100 years Stephan had travelled Europe, he had absorbed the different cultures, different languages, had met the great people we now study in History but alas he travelled alone. His longing for a companion had been an itch he had ignored far too long, his mind raced back and forth on who he would choose. Sure there had been many great human friendships he had acquired throughout his journey but none met the requirements he had constructed in his mind. First and foremost they had to be young, he did not want an older mind travelling with him. They had to be mentally broken, it was easier for him to persuade them to join him if they had experienced hardships and finally they had to be male, in his travels of course met a plethora of noble women who satisfied both his natural hunger and also his sexual hunger but he realized it was only in the company of men could he be truly sated .

Matthew met all the requirements, Stephan had been stalking him for a number of nights now studying his prey. He learnt that Matthew's master was extremely abusive to him, apparently Matthew had joined him a year prior due to his father (his sole parent) succumbing to deaths grip. Not only was he physical towards Matthew but he also rented him out, especially to crude sailors. Poor little Matthew, Stephan thought as he gazed from the outside of their house's window, peering into what happens behind closed doors. Stephan quite fancied Matthew, he was the ideal candidate and it was only a matter of time. Days prior he had approached Matthew and struck a conversation with him concerning machinery and the magic behind them. He looked into those teal eyes which had expertly hidden the misery behind them, but he was not yet ripe for the picking. He had to be truly vulnerable if Stephan's plan were to work, and that was to happen soon since Stephan could feel his mental walls crumbling.

Unsurprisingly Stephan's prediction was correct. Just two days later a young Matthew had reached a breaking point. Stephan observed quietly from the window he had occupied for the last two weeks as the dramatic events began to unfold within the dingy house.

"You fucking ungrateful prancer, I put a roof over your head and feed that little mouth and this is how you repay me? With disrespect? You are going to march to that boat right now! " the master shouted at Matthew.

"No! I won't do it anymore! You are a vile man!" Matthew spat back. This wasn't looking good for Matthew as now his master was in a rage. He flung his heavy set body over to Matthew and began to relentlessly beat him, it was difficult to watch but still Stephan did not intervene. As he really didn't have to since unbeknownst to the master, Matthew had grabbed a butcher's knife and when finally presented with the golden opportunity struck him on his hands. He cried out in pain and fell to the ground. What happened next is quite gruesome. Matthew in his own rage began to chop at the master viciously slicing at him. In the end, Matthew fell into the pool of blood seeping from the butchered body. A wave of guilt consumed him and fear as well, how would he explain this to the constables? The tears in his eyes which threatened to rain earlier had now been unleashed. He wept himself dry.

"Do not worry , you did the right thing" a silent voice emerged from the shadows, Matthew froze in his state, he was afraid the devil himself had come to take his soul. "Who's there?" he cried out.

"A friend" Stephan then emerged from the shadows with a comforting smile.

"You can't tell anybody of what has just transpired"

"I won't tell a soul!"

"Matthew I know how much he has hurt you, what he made you do, and how you feel. All that can change, I can offer you a second chance, a chance to be great. Your fantasies can become reality, I know you are a bright young lad with so much to offer, I saw the potential in you. It is your own choice to make." Matthew had stood up straight looking at the strikingly handsome face, he was confused as to what exactly this man was saying or offering.

"Are you the devil?" he boldly asked, Stephan chuckled at this. Close he amusingly thought.

"No, I am not the devil! I just seek companionship. You see Matthew, I am unlike other men. Entirely different, you could be too. I realize I am being quite vague. Maybe I can show you, I promise I mean no harm." Against all the reluctance emulating from his brain, he felt somewhat attracted to not only what this man was saying but to this man himself. His heart carried a mountain of misery and sorrow and here life was presenting him with an opportunity to start a fresh. But at what cost he thought pensively. Stephan reached his pale hand out, beckoning Matthew to take into his. Unsure but curious he grabbed hold of Stephan's hand signifying his permission.

In a heartbeat, Stephan grabbed him and whisked him away running faster than any human he had ever seen, Stephan raced onto a field and finally stopped .Matthew was cowering in fear, it was a natural reaction to an unnatural occurrence. He was not able to comprehend what had just happened, or what this beautiful man was. "Hush now" Stephan said to a quietly whimpering Matthew who had assumed the fetal position. "I'm not here to hurt you" Stephan said warmly, his voice as smooth as velvet. Matthew sensed that his words were genuine, it was crazy to think that but he did not have a malevolent feeling about Stephan. He did not elicit some deep fear within him; no in fact he stirred something else. Stephan placed his large hand on Matthew's face, caressing him slowly. "I just want to help you" he whispered. Matthew bit his lip, as his erection began to grow in his pantlets. Something about this setting, something sensual was making Matthew react. Maybe it was Stephan's erotic undertones ? How he sensually placed a finger on his trembling lip releasing it from the teeth's grasp, or was it how he was whispering ever so lightly his hot breath on Matthews neck. "I want you" he whispered to the youth again, "But only if you want to"

All the while, Stephan has closed the gap and was now directly on top of Matthew slowly rubbing himself over the youth. It had aroused Matthew so much that a little wet patch had formed where his erection achingly sat confined. The strange mans offer began to replay in his mind, his life had been horrid and there wasn't much to lose anyways. He was more than willing to disintegrate the memories, whatever the price he was ready to pay. "Yes"

In the dark of the night, Stephan's lips stretched into a sly smile. He knew that Matthew just accepted his offer and there was no turning back now. "This is a permanent change, are you willing to take the risk?" he said as he began grinding his erection onto Matthew's errection. "Yes" he purred once more.

"So be it"

He began to undress the youth, picking at his clothes like a mad man. Soon his mouth was on his, invading, taking, possessing. His animal like lust was taking over him and it aroused Matthew a lot more. Stephan began his assault of kisses, raining them down Matthew's taut body. He bit a nipple, taking it into his mouth playing with, arousing it until it too stood erect. His trail of kisses then ventured south, and in haste engulfed Matthews entirety. The youth sucked in as much air as possible as the new sensations pulsed through him, never once had he been taken in somebody else's mouth he was always the receiver never the giver.

Stephan's skilful mouth continued its assault on Matthew's member, swirling his tongue around the head, then inhaling it down his throat where the trachea began its massage. Matthew was in pure bliss, pure sexual bliss. Stephan's fingers traced the youths bum, caressing the moulds in his large hands. His finger also began to poke and probe. Matthew in this state had eased his entrance, in part to his predicament and also to the familiarity of the sensation; he had been fingered numerous times. Stephan suddenly stopped his assault and released the prick from his mouth all the while his finger was still inside the youth. He shifted his position until he was on top of Matthew again. Staring into the half closed eyes.

He guided his own massive member until it was just outside the twitching entrance. His mouth once again was possessing Matthews, in one motion he pushed and his length breached the walls. Matthew let out a pained groan, it's never easy the first time he thought. Stephan began to push more of himself into him, stopping every now and then giving the youth some time to adjust. Then his hips began to move, a slow sensual rocking motion. The ache had disappeared and was now beginning to feel quite exquisite. Stephan breathed heavily onto Matthew's neck, his eyes had already turned to the darkest pits and his fangs were retracted. As Matthew let out a moan, Stephan fangs penetrated the skin aiming for the jugular vein. The moan turned into a scream at the horror of what was happening. Then it became blank. Matthew had unknowingly sold his soul that night, just not to the devil but to Stephan.

The next day Stephan and Matthew boarded a boat heading for America to begin their new lives. It was only after a few years that Matthew accepted who he was now. All what Stephan said and offered was true, Stephan had not only given him a second chance but he had also been a platform for Matthew. He found the power that now resided in him to be irresistible, he was no longer meek and docile he was now stronger than ever.

He was by Stephan's side through it all. They had survived the 19th century together, traveled together, fed together and loved together. Maine had been the ideal place to settle, and with Stephan's inheritance they were able to buy a large piece of land a build a house on it. It was also Matthew who suggested to Stephan that they acquire new comrades. He was the one to instigate the meeting between Benjamin who at the time was a student at oxford suffering from post traumatic stress disorder as he was a soldier during the first world war. Of course he met the criteria, Wesley did as well. Wesley was in even worse shape than the former two, he was a homeless drug abusing runaway.

In a strange way, one is able to witness how much of a fundamental impact Stephan had on these young men. All of them were broken souls, unable to function properly in society, all on the verge of suicide. Yet here came this man, this accursed man with the power to change a person's life and pulled them out of the confines of misery. Although in the end, the pale boys all paid a hefty price they soon agreed their souls were a price worth paying for.



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