The air was considerably cooler than it had been just two weeks ago, autumn has started to creep and take over the warm, friendly nature of summer. It didn't matter to him, summer was fun for the most part but now it was all about starting a new. A new town, new people, new memories and trying to shake off what a horrible year it had been were what mattered to him now. It has been 2 weeks since he arrived to the scenic town of Bay cove just south of Portland, it was a definite change from the buzzing world of New York but a change much needed.

 Anyways for the two weeks he has been here, he has manoeuvred -albeit haphazardly - around town everyday at 9 am looking for the right trail for his routine jog. His gran spoke of the inner fields on the outskirts of town which boasted both beautiful scenery and good tracks. However she was very vague and failed to warn him about trespassing on a certain property.

Eventually he found a good path and his gran was right, it was beautiful in an uneventful way. Quiet except for natures own harmonies, he enjoyed it and much preferred it to the town's slight mechanical buzz. He would stop every now and then to snap a picture and share it on instagram. 

In conjunction with his run to get here and where he had reached so far it was a total of 4 miles as informed by his phone's health app. Not bad he thought to himself, he looked for the nearest tree and carved a symbol so as to remember to stop here every day. On his way back he noticed the second trail which led all the way behind some massive oak trees, he was so entranced by the beauty of the trail that he just had to see a bit more. He followed the path into the woodland and lo behold he discovered a swimming hole.

It was around quarter to 11, although the air was cooler it was still slightly hot. He took a couple more snaps and sent some to his gran, thanking her for her earlier call it was definitely a good call to come here. He pranced around a bit throwing a couple of stones into the cool water and loudly said "Fuck it". First his shoes and socks came off, then his black shorts and finally his hoodie and tee.

 He stood there by the bank, letting the slight breeze nudge his naked body until he messily galloped and finally dove into the clear blue water. Coming up for air every few seconds, he relished the fantastic feeling of the water against his skin. He was in his element, he had the swimmers body as they say tall, broad shouldered, narrow waist and strong legs. He would occasionally dive down as far as his held breath would let him only to shoot upwards, it reminded him of school how he used to mess around with his friends after practice. Finally spent, he swam to the bank and proceeded to soak up as much sun in order to dry up. He glanced at his watch, it was now half past 12 another 20 minutes of rest would do he thought to himself.

On the left side of the swimming hole, behind some trees a person was peeping at the boy who was sunbathing. The person or rather the man was seeing red, he hated when people trespassed onto his property and now this stranger had found one of the many gems his massive property stored and hid away from the outside world. Did this stupid boy not see the sign? Although in retrospect, he should have attended to the placement of a fence and clearing of the path that led to his property a while ago. 

He cursed under his breath, not only at the boy but at himself. He was about 25 meters away from the boy, but he could make out his frame. Quite a fine specimen he thought to himself, the boys warm caramel skin tone, his short buzzed golden hair and his taut body and that smell that pulsed deep within the boy's veins. He repelled the thoughts and decided now was the time to confront this trespassing goon.

As he was silently emerging from behind the tree, the boy's phone began to buzz it was a phone call. He began to talk animatedly about how his run was and how beautiful the swimming hole was. He suddenly gasped and began looking around frantically. "What sign gran? I did not see it on my way here. Oh man, Jesus I hope the owner doesn't get too mad. I didn't know. Right, I'm on my way out. See you" with a loud sigh, he had a sad look on his face. He did not want to leave.

 The man studied the boys face some more noticing his natural beauty. The cheek bones, the jaw line, pouty pink lips this boy was very good looking. He could tell he was mixed race, the sun down here did not allow the fair skinned to acquire such a tan yet it was this boys natural skin tone. Certainly a drastic contrast to what the man was so singularly used to; he liked his boys to have alabaster skin, long almost auburn hair and to be undead. This one was so pure and against his earlier annoyance he was reluctantly drawn.

By the time he was almost a speaking distance from the boy, he had already dressed and was beginning to head out he certainly didn't hear the man who used his enhanced abilities to creep up on him. He placed a hand on the boys shoulder eliciting a yelp and a jump from him, he quickly turned to see a strikingly handsome man smiling at him.

"Hi are you lost?"

"Um not really" the boy had guilt written all over him, he continued "I followed the trail to this beautiful place and I'm really sorry for trespassing" his golden cheeks blushed a brilliant pink.

"Oh it's fine, I really should do something about putting a fence up here" the man said with an endearing smile, the boy felt a lot easier. "My name is Stephan Klaus, what is your name?" Stephan said while extending his hand for a handshake.

"Penn, Penn Monroe nice to meet you and sorry again for the trespassing" Penn said with a sincere look on his face. Penn was definitely taken back by how handsome and striking Stephan was, he couldn't help but check him out. He was built like a brick house for sure. "Don't worry about it, I haven't seen you around so I'm assuming you are new to town and well I can't really hold it against you so please it's all water under the bridge now" Stephan said to bashful looking Penn.

"Well yes actually you could say that, I moved here two weeks back. Well I moved into our vacation home, I'm originally from New York but I needed a change so I'm here for a year. My grandparents live here though, they own the Monroe winery downtown so yeah" Penn blabbed nervously, he wasn't sure why he couldn't compose himself seeing as how he has seen his fair share of good looking men but they all seem so ugly in comparison to Stephan he thought.

 "Ah yes I have met Margaret and Theodore, lovely people" It made Penn smile when Stephan referred to his gramps by his full name, he always did hate that and it was always funny to see him combust.

"Was it something I said?" Stephan asked with a grin, he noticed Penn had quite the smile. The dimples added to his beauty. "Huh? Oh it's just you called him Theodore, and he really hates it so it just made me remember some funny moments" Penn added with a deep boyish chuckle, such contradiction Stephan thought. "I know, he is a good friend of mine. He was here last Thursday for poker back at the mansion. Speaking of which, I really should be heading there I have some business to take care of in town. Do you need a ride?"

"If it's not too much trouble, I would really appreciate it" Penn could of easily jogged back that was originally the plan anyways, but he wanted to see more of the property and to hang out just a bit more with mysterious cool guy as he nick named him. Stephan led the way back to the main house, which was further into the woodland and sat comfortably on a slight hill.

 Penn was enjoying the scenery but also enjoying the conversation he was having with Stephan. He learnt that Stephan's family was really rich and they had left the entire fortune of an inheritance to him, he busied himself with certain projects across his property and was a good philanthropist to Bay cove. Most interesting of all was Stephan's mention of his three cousins that lived with him. He said they were certainly a rowdy bunch but he enjoyed their company.

"If you don't mind me asking you Stephan but how old are you?" Stephan froze immediately he almost forgot he was 325 years old but he couldn't say that to Penn. "I'm turning 26 in two months time", "what about you? How old are you?"

"I turned 20 this year" Penn beamed as if he reached a milestone, Stephan couldn't help but smile at his cuteness. Such youth he pensively thought. They were certainly getting along well, both had an interest in nature, both shared collective ideas on a lot of things concerning the world and both couldn't help stealing glances at each other.

 The house or rather mansion is as you would expect a mansion to be, grand and beautiful. Sure it showed its age with grace but it added to the overall authenticity to it. Penn hadn't seen anything like it back in New York or here at Bay cove for that matter.

The roaring of a car engine could be heard, its fierce roars grew louder as they walked out towards the front of the house. Three boys could be seen with the truck, one revving the engine, the other loading something onto the back and the last boy coming towards them. They all seemed to be Penn's age, all muscular, all pale all very good looking. "Hey Stephan, what you got there? Another trespasser?" the boy asked with a slight menacing tone.

"Well actually Penn didn't know any better, his new to town and wound up on the property. It's all good though because now he knows" the boy looked Penn up and down, sizing him up. Penn didn't budge.

"Matt don't be rude you little asshole" Matt then with an annoyed sigh drew out his hand for a handshake. "Matt, nice to meet you "Penn reciprocated the handshake, he was used to dealing with dickheads, he was resilient. " Sorry about being rude, I just really don't like trespassers but you seem cool"

"Hey Guys! BEN! WES! Come over here!" he shouted to the rest of the boys. The engine was still running as the boys came over to greet Penn and Stephan. "Hey man!" the younger looking one, Wes greeted Penn with a warm toothy smile. "Nice to meet you, you're new to town aren't you? Where are you from?" Ben asked inquisitively.

 The conversation continued, the three boys continued to probe Penn about his life. At first Penn was slightly cold due to Matt's less than friendly welcome but he quickly warmed up to the guys. He was glad he met boys closer to his age, the town was great but wasn't so lively so he was thankful to meet fellow young adults and gosh were they beautiful, oddly beautiful. Now he had friends and a new fantasy to explore late at night, Stephan.

I hope you guys like it :), next chapter is called "Furor"



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