The car ride was boisterous and rowdy, Stephan was handling the wheel while Matt and Penn sat in front with him leaving Ben and Wes at the back of the pick truck. Penn was having a blast, the guys sang every song that played on the radio with great enthusiasm and they laughed at silly and immature jokes even made by cool guy Stephan. However sexual thoughts ran rampant within Penn's mind he couldn't help it as Matt sat by the window leaving him sandwiched by these pale Adonises.

He would cautiously let his eyes linger on Stephan when he thought he wasn't looking, occasionally Stephan would catch those alluring and mischievous hazel eyes checking him out. Unbeknownst to Penn, Stephan could read his mind meaning every single thought Penn had Stephan was able to visualize as well, such a naughty boy he thought to himself. He smiled at Penn and winked at him too, causing Penn to blush once more but also leaving him paranoid as he thought that smile and wink were the knowing kind. The car ride was great.

They drove around town picking up a few things that Stephan and the pale boys needed. Penn did not mind for obvious reasons. After about 40 minutes, Stephan drove to a grungy looking bar slightly hidden from the rest of the picturesque portion of town. Matt and the rest got out of the car and said their goodbyes to Penn, he was slightly confused as to why they dropped off here but bit his lip.

"They work there; part time" Stephan answered the unspoken question. "Their shifts begin at exactly half past 5" he added.

"Oh I never even knew it existed, its cool looking. Here I thought I had to get drunk the sad pathetic way" Stephan raised a questioning eyebrow at him.

"Getting drunk at home by myself" Penn clarified with a laugh and was joined by Stephan.

"I'm glad you trespassed today" Stephan said with a bit of caution in his voice but with a smile as well.

"Yeah me too, I wouldn't have met you guys if I didn't"

"You can jog up there whenever you want, just don't tell anybody about the swimming hole or the many other great things you will find on my land" Stephan lowered his voice as if talking about a conspiracy much to Penn's amusement and excitement, "Really there's more to it? I can't wait. I live just down that little avenue, the complete end". They drove in a comfortable silence, each unable to wipe the smiles on their faces. "Here we are" Penn said as the car came to a halt, both were unsure as to what happens next.

A million things exploded into Penn's mind, he didn't just want the day to end and now he had the perfect opportunity to invite him in. "So um, are you going back home? Or are you gonna muck around town until their shifts are over?" he asked and turned to see Stephan starring at him, he was so incredibly good looking it was making him uncomfortable. "I usually go to the bistro, order some coffee and check my mail" Stephan replied to an anxious looking Penn, "Why?"

"You can come inside for some coffee and check your mail, I have great wifi!" a smile stretched itself onto Stephan's lips. "Sure, I'd like that" and with that Penn flashed Stephan a brilliant smile, which made him catch his breath for a moment. "Come on in" he said as he opened the door for Stephan's very tall frame. In fact he was taller than Penn by a few inches maybe 3, he stood at about 6 foot 3 while Penn was stuck at 6. Stephan let his eyes wonder around the interior of the compact modern villa, it was very sleek you almost wouldn't expect it housed a rampant little youth. "My mother is an interior designer and my father was an architect. They worked on this place together. Up until I moved in we used it as a vacation home. They were immensely proud of it." Penn solemnly said, Stephan could hear his sorrow, he didn't even have to try and probe his mind, the thoughts were loud and clear.

"Was?" he asked.


"Past tense, you said he was?" Penn realizing what he meant now. Stephan sensed he was uncomfortable talking about it. Funny he thought, how when humans become engulfed with emotions, the barriers of their minds become vulnerable. He now knew the reason as to why Penn was feeling sad, and he felt like a complete idiot for coaxing him.

"I'm sorry, please forgive my intrusion." He apologetically said as he inched closer to Penn. Electricity jolted amongst the two fine men, Penn's breathing became just a bit harsher and his cheeks turned slightly pink while Stephan had the most alluring look on his face "damn it" he thought to himself, cursing how he was reacting in Stephan's presence. "It's uh, its fine" he stammered, paused and continued "I have an espresso machine and my mac is on the counter. It should already be connected so feel free to use it." Stephan glanced down at the counter which had an ash tray, the mac and some magazine already opened. "Penn, could I please have a glass of water instead?"

"Sure!" Penn smiled and disappeared into the kitchen. Stephan was thinking about how he was definitely attracted to Penn which confused him greatly! He was already satisfied with the lifestyle he led with Matthew, Benjamin and Wesley. They took care of each other's wants and desires, he loved them and they loved him. They had been his companions for many years, play things that amused him he thought. He decided he wanted to court Penn , he wanted to see where it would lead. Perhaps he would finally find love, it was a long road he thought but it was looking more and more worthwhile as a smiling Penn walked in with a glass of water and handed it to him.

"So what exactly is a 20 year old doing in Bay cove, especially one from New York?"

"I needed a break from that life man! This is basically me soul searching and Bay is a great place for that"

"I see, so are you writing off college?"

"Not really no, I just didn't want to rush into it and regret it later! My mum wasn't so pleased but she just had to deal with it. I want to experience the world a bit and I'm at the point where I can."

"Seems like you aren't too sure what you want to do huh?" Stephan said with a deep chuckle.

"Hahaha not in the slightest! I do know that if I go study something as mundane as law or architecture I would be miserable down the road. It's just not for me and it never will be."

"So what do you want to do Penn?"

"You want to know what gives me pleasure?" Yes more than anything Stephan thought.

"I love painting!" Penn enthusiastically said, "It's what I'm really good at, it's what I enjoy doing!" Stephan's cold entity experienced a slightly different sensation than what he had become so accustomed to. It was an ancient feeling, his mind was working on trying to figure out what it was. It felt like a nudge, a warm nudge at his core. His face showed his peculiar confusion and Penn asked him what was wrong. He starred deep into those hazel eyes, so warm and inviting but they were filled with concern now. "Nothing! I uh wanted to ask you if you are free tomorrow? The boys are going to get some supplies from a bit out of town and if you want you can come over and I can give you a tour of the property?" Penn couldn't believe he was being asked out by this gorgeous man.

"Like a date?" his eyes lit up.

"Yes , if that's fine with you?" Stephan said, he knew Penn liked him but he still had to play it cool.

"It's a date then!" Penn acknowledged with glee and Stephan flashed the most wonderful grin Penn had ever encountered it left him embarrassingly aroused. They sat together and continued to talk about everything and nothing. Time seemed to move slowly for these two, Penn was falling deeper into Stephan's spell. They were so caught up in their own little world that Stephan forgot about the boys shift ending an hour ago. He glanced at the watch that was perched on the wall adjacent from him and noticed it was already 9. "Shit" he muttered to himself.

As he got up in haste, the door bell rang. Penn walked over to open it and was surprised to see the guys standing at his porch. "Sorry guys I completely forgot about you little shits" Stephan said as he brushed past Penn by the door way joining them at the porch, flustering him by the brief contact. Penn could have sworn he felt fingers gently graze him at his hip in the most sensual way possible. "How did you guys find out where I live?" Penn asked breaking free from the innocuous spell.

"We uh, asked around" Wes quickly said.

"It's a small town, everyone knows you are new so it wasn't hard getting directions" Ben added, while a moody looking Matt glared at him and said nothing. It made him slightly uneasy the way he looked at him with accusing eyes. Sheesh talk about jealous he thought to himself. "Well you guys now know where I live! Feel free to come over and play call of duty or anything else I know I can kick your asses at" Penn said , he really wanted them to be good friends and well that's how boys bond he thought. "Oh shit, I know you did not just say that! Challenge accepted!" Wes proclaimed excitedly.

"I know I can dominate all of y'all" Stephan said while deliberately looking at Penn with a cheeky grin.

"This Friday don't make any plans, we are all coming over to play" Ben added, he was also excited by the session and by Penn who nodded in agreement. "Alright lets head out boys" they all walked over to the car while Stephan looked back smiled and waved at Penn. Bay cove was looking better each day Penn thought as he stepped back into his house, shut the door and went straight for a shower.

As the water rushed down his body, Penn's thoughts wondered to Stephan. Never had he met anyone like him, he intrigued Penn and a rush of excitement raged all over his body as images of Stephan filled his mind. His member stood at full attention by the simple recall of their earlier bodily contact, it was so brief so concise but so very powerful. He then begun to fantasize about Stephan, how his body looked like without clothes on - even though he had a pretty good idea -how it would feel like if those pink lips kissed his, how those big hands would feel while they roamed and caressed his body. Penn's left hand had subconsciously begun its sensual massaging of his member as he shut his eyes and continued to fantasize.

A long moan escaped Stephan's lips, he was relishing the tight and familiar space that was causing waves of pleasure to surge within him. He could hear Penn's thoughts all the way from his bedroom, he knew what Penn was thinking about in the shower it's what he was imagining as well. In his fantasy, it was Penn that was underneath him withering in ecstasy as he probed him in the most sacred of places. It was Penn who was moaning, asking no begging for more. It was Penn who had his fingers dug into the flesh of his back pulling him deeper. It was Penn who was kissing him with those pouty lips, it was all Penn that he could see.

Penn and Stephan began to simultaneously feel that familiar build up. That powerful feeling was surging, becoming more and more exquisite more so than ever imagined by the two, until it finally erupted from the both of them. Moans escaped their lips as they each called out their names, signifying who it was that brought them to these new sexual heights.

Reeling from the afterglow, Penn stepped out of the shower with a smile and hoped for once maybe he would have a pleasant dream tonight. On the other end of the spectrum, the hunger came and abruptly dissolved the afterglow of the orgasm Stephan just experienced. His brown eyes changed into the darkest pits and his fangs retracted, it was time to feed.

 Amid the screams that no one would ever hear, Matt stood naked by the window looking into the direction of Penn's house subsequently narrowing his eyes. Ben placed a hand on his shoulder and turned him. His eyes were the blackest pits as well and his mouth was covered in blood "Come here" he said and the two crashed into a kiss.

Thanks guys for reading again hope you liked it, look out for chapter 3: Wicked Games



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