I sat there in the leather harness. It was tight, but not uncomfortably so...

It had some kind of fabric between me and the actual cow hide. Something that let air pass through it so I didn't sweat or get uncomfortable.

I looked over at the little clock on Masters beside table and sighed.

He'd been gone for about and hour...

I got up slowly and felt my bottom burning. I looked down and to my great relief I found no blood... Well... Aside from the now rusty coloured stains my neck bled out when he bit me.

I stretched stiffly and felt my muscles release the tension from laying in the same position for to long. A dull ache throbbed in my lower back. I looked over my shoulder and sighed, as expected, my body was covered in bruises...

Peering around I covered my privates, I could feel eyes on me but no one was in the room. Creepy.

I stopped walking when I realised I had no clothing on aside from the harness and saw my stretchy pants. I rushed over to them but was yanked back by the thick leash that tethered me to the wall. With a goan I reached out with my leg and just barely grabbed the fabric between my toes. I tugged it over to me and pulled them on. I went over to the single tiny window, covered in a black velvet curtain, and looked out...




Dead Tree.




"This is boring..." I whined and went over to the bed. I slumped forward and sat there for a good twenty minutes before I fell back on the bed and buried myself under blankets. I could smell my Master and it was driving me INSANE! I wanted him inside me again! I wanted to scream for him! I wanted to feel him crushing me under him! I wanted...

It felt wrong to think this way but at the same time? It felt good... Could it really be wrong? Could something that drove me so absolutely crazy, really be such a bad thing?

I sighed and reached around to feel my poor hole. It was tightly shut and sensitive to the touch.

That's weird... I would have figured it to be... I don't know... Broken somehow.

But no.

There it was, same as ever. I'll admit it was a little sore and tighter than before, probably because it was healing, but normal otherwise.

I brushed my finger over my entrance and shuddered as a trickle of pleasure leapt from the contact. Imagining my Master touching me. Prodding. Feeling. Teasing my aching body.

I pressed and suddenly my finger broke through accidentally.

A sharp gasp passed my lips and I moaned as I pulled out. The sensation was so raw!

Experimentally I dipped my finger back in and suddenly the heat from before was back. The combination of his lingering scent and my fingering was quickly making my hard. I felt my breathing grow ragged and uneven, my lungs burning as I touched myself for the first time.

I couldn't reach it.

I couldn't get to that point of sadistic bliss. I just... I couldn't bring myself to that mind blowing orgasm my Master forced into me.

I felt tears brim my eyes as I tried desperately to stroke my aching penis. My eyes finally started flooding and I took hold of myself in my unoccupied hand. Nothing I did made me even edge on what he had done to me...

I began sobbing, my body yearning for it but never able to achieve an adequate replacement to the pleasure of his touch.

With a small groan of frustration, I let go of myself and pulled my fingers out. Wiping away the slick liquid my Master had injected into my bum in defeat. My cock returning to its inactive floppy state quickly and I covered myself in his pillows. Wrapping myself around one I imagined it was him, holding it tightly I felt drowsy. My lids sliding down slowly over my eyes...

Suddenly I heard a thump then one of the train car doors open and I peaked out from under the blankets in excitement, hoping to see my Master.

When I saw Luc step into the room I groaned and recovered my head in dismay, still watching her through the folds of cloth that surrounded me. She timidly moved to the bed, dropping four giant bags next to it she looked around.

"Hilflos?" She called gently "You can come out now, he's gone" she murmured.

"What do you mean, 'I can come out', I'm not hiding" I said. She jumped and I sat up.

"I don't know what you did... But whatever it was? I love you for it~!" She squealed and threw herself at me.

"Woah-!" I yelped when she landed on my half nude body, still sore from Masters hands.

"Oh! I'm so sorry Hilflos! I should be more gentle after what he put you through..." She said sadly.

"What do you mean?" I asked quietly.

"Hilflos its ok to talk about it," she said sweetly, patting my hand "I know he took advantage of you but we can get through this"

"I'm ok, He was rough with me but really, I'm fine" I told her with a small smile. She frowned and then held me down, I squirmed and protested as she pulled off my stretchies- afraid she may rape me as well but when she completely avoided my shaft and bum I calmed down a bit.

"Oh my poor baby..." She murmured, lightly touching the bruises that coated my body from Masters harsh sex. I winced and covered myself in embarrassment.

"I feel fine, sore, but fine" I told her. She looked at me with a sceptical expression and I pulled away from her, remembering what she was. Suddenly I gave myself a mental slap. This woman was being a caring person and I shouldn't care what her breeding was!

Weasel or not!

"Thank you for your concern Luc, I'm sorry to have worried you" I said shyly. She sat back and watched me suspiciously.

"What?" I asked finally.

"You were all nervous and feeble before, you wouldn't even look me in the eyes at first! Plus you had a stutter... What's up with you?" She asked. I stopped and thought for a minute.

I didn't feel frightened.

I didn't feel cornered by her questioning.

I didn't feel the need to run as fast as I possibly could from the world and crawl under a rock to hide.

And I felt almost... Carefree?

"I don't know... I just don't feel... Afraid?" I said it almost like a question but that was more from my confusion than me asking her how I felt.

"That's weird... Pardon the pun but when I first met you I couldn't help but think 'Innocent Bunny' and that had nothing to do with the ears..." She chuckled, batting one of my long ears with a small hand.

"Oh thanks..." I rolled my eyes.

"Now! I was told I had to get you dressed before the Master comes to collect you for dinner" I smiled slightly at the mention of him coming for me.

"Alright" I said and got up stiffly, still covering myself. Luc went into one of the bags she brought and I heard her rifling through stuff. I turned away as I started fiddling with the harness buckles. After a little while I finally let out a loud huff of annoyance.

"How do I get this thing off!?" I asked in exasperation.

"Let me do it..." Luc said and unbound me easily.

"But... But I couldn't do that..." I whined.

"Yes well I don't think he wanted you to be able to take it off" She smiled at me and I pouted.

"Your mean!" I snapped half-heartedly.

"I know! Now put this on!" She giggled, throwing me a shirt.

It was long and hung just above my knees... Wait a minute-

"This is a dress!" I cried, ripping the thing off.

"No! Well ok yes but its so cute on you!"

"I'm a boy!"

"So? Cross dressing is adorable!" She giggled.

"And your weird"

"Yes but that's besides the point! Get dressed! Unless you want me to dress you up in stilettos and a tiny lace bra-thong combo for the Master" she said with a gleam in her eye.

"What's a stil... Stile... What's a bra? and what's a Thong?" I asked.

She grinned at me.

"You don't know what Stilettos are?" She asked.

"No" I shook my head.

She did a little twirl and reached into one of the three big bags, pulling out small pieces of almost see though black lace.

Then out came the tallest pair of shoes I'd ever seen!

"I can't wear that!" I snapped.

"Try it on! PLEASE!? He's going to make you wear it anyway!"


"I don't know, he's weird like that!"

"Hey! Arnt these lady under-clothes?" I asked.



"Yes you can"

"But that's... That's not right!"

"Ok just put it on at least once! I'll let you take it off as soon as you want! Just try it on! The Master spent good money on that!" She snapped, shoving the black lace into my hands.

"Don't waste his hard earned cash just because you don't want to feel embarrassed! It will only make him mad! And its not like I care! I've seen you nude, so what's this," she shook the 'thong' in my face "going to do? Cover up a few inches?"

I guess she's right...

I can always take it off anyway...

A few minutes later I was standing five inches taller, in two thin pieces of thin measly fabric. The shoes made my bum stick out and I had to lean my shoulders back just to stay upright. This position was making my back ache even worse!

"You can take it off now! Let's try these!" Luc laughed, pulling out another pair of tall shoes, a beaded red corset type shirt thingy and a strange looking pair of pants with feet, they were almost lacy but... Not lacy?

"What's that?"

"Fishnet stockings!" She laughed.

"No thank you, I want boy clothes!" I cried in annoyance.

"We'll get to that!" She said with a pout.


"Well how about-" she started.

Then I heard a thump.

A click.

And the door to the train car opened to reveal an oblivious looking Tang. He was shaking his head, getting rid of what appeared to be rain.

I stood there in terror as he looked up.

He froze.

He was staring at me, looking over my entire body. Seeming to note every inch of me. I blushed and nearly fell backwards when I attempted to hid my nearly bare body.

Tang looked up from my legs and met my eyes with this weird look like I was a piece of meat or something. I frantically began explaining why I was practically nude but kept skipping over my words. The train took a corner sharply and I tipped over, falling on a bruise I let out a sharp cry and Tang seemed to snap out of his fog. He rushed over and started helping me up. Whilst Luc just stood there with a huge grin plastered across her face.

"Luc! Hello? You in there?" I asked. She nodded quickly and I sighed.

Females- I don't care of what breeding -are so weird!

Tang placed a hand on my thigh tenderly and looked up at me.

"He did this?" He asked, touching a mark on my leg from when Master had held me to force himself in deeper. I looked down, remembering the way he thrust harder when I begged. I bit my lip to keep back a groan as my excitement quickly grew under the meak lace and I covered myself quickly, bringing my knees up to my chin. Tang frowned and tilted my head up to look at him.

"Yes but its ok, look, I'm fine" I said nervously, he was holding my thigh rather tight. His face became a mask of hatred.

"Its NOT ok! He should have been gentler!" He snapped, tugging me to him. I pulled back but he kept a firm grasp on me.

"Tang, let go..." I whimpered. He let go of my thigh but his hand slid up to rest on my waist.

"He... He hurt you bad didn't he?" I turned my head away, and he leant closer.

"He didn't hurt me that bad, look, I'm fine..." I murmured.

"Hilflos, he raped you... We both know it-"

"But I-I asked f-for it!"

"Hilflos please, I know what he's like ok, so don't try to protect that bastard!" He growled.

"'That Bastard', hmm?" A voice called from the doorway. My body reacted immediately, heart beating erratically, stomach doing back flips, my hole tingling in anticipation.

Tang and I looked over to see Master looking completely deadpan. No expression. I tried frantically to keep my body from lunging at him, pulling him deep inside. He looked dangerous, anger practically radiating from him. I dug my nails into the palms of my hands out of frustration, I wanted him to look at me! I wanted him to come over and take me again! Why won't he acknowledge me? Did I do something wrong? Maybe its these clothes! Maybe he doesn't like them on me? Maybe he doesn't want me anymore... What if he really doesn't want me anymore? Did he only want me for sex? Was I not good enough?

"Sir" Tang grunted through gritted teeth, bringing me back from my terrifying questions.

"What I do with my property is my own business, not yours, get to work... I don't pay you to laze around lusting after my possessions" Master growled angrily.



I know he bought me but... I'm not a thing...

Tang stood upright, fixed his tie and looked over at me once more with that same hungry gaze that made my cheeks burn.

"Bunny? What are you wearing...?" Master came over with a smile once Tang left. He turned to Luc who looked away with a frown.

"Maid, Leave us" he ordered.

"But Sir, dinner is within the hour... Shouldn't you be working on a book of some sort or other? We haven't chosen an outfit for Hilflos to wear to dine in as of yet, Would you be so kind and let me complete my task?" Luc asked- well it came out as more of a beg but... Still...

"No. Now leave us" Master turned from Luc to me and tugged at the thong.

"I like this..." He said, leaning down to nip at my neck.

I winced and my head tilted away, looking over to Luc frantically and she mouthed the words 'I'm Sorry' to me. I felt my eyes tear up-


Wasn't this what I wanted only minutes earlier?

Isn't this what I'd been imagining as I lay there in the bed touching myself?

"Master, d-dinner is s-soon" I said as he pulled away the bra. Teasing one of my nipples with a thumb.


"Sh-shouldn't we get r-ready for it?" I stuttered. He laughed darkly and then tugged the meek thong aside with a 'rrrip' I glanced up into his eyes and then to his mouth. He leant closer and I wrapped my arms around his neck to kiss his addictive lips. He slipped into my mouth and started rubbing my already hard shaft.

Suddenly I found myself hanging halfway off the bed, legs spread wide, bent forward with my pert bottom tilted up... I prepared myself for the pain of his lance when I was caught off guard by instead of his dick, his... His TONGUE!?

"MASTER!? That's not-"

"Your clean, I wouldn't touch you otherwise..." He said, returning to his outlandish play. I let loose a startled gasp as he tongued my hole until I was left shaking from the torture.

"Please Master... No more... I... I can't..." I moaned as his tongue wriggled in deeper. He removed his face from my bum and placed his throbbing length at my hole. I whined pitifully as he stood there unmoving behind me.

"Beg" he whispered in my ear. I turned to look up at him.

"I can't stay like this... Please do it! I need you! I-!" I choked on my words and moaned as he slid into me. He grunted when he reached his root, pelvis meeting my bottom with a solid thrust. I curled into myself and he gripped my shoulders. I felt my arms and legs letting go as he grew more forceful. More frantic with each pound of his body on mine.

The lack of lubrication making his jerks burn viciously inside. The friction of his lance buried so deep made me groan, nails clawing at the bed spread.

"Master..." I whispered as he bent to tweak my nipples.

His tongue swept over my neck until he came across the bite.

His arms holding me tighter than I ever thought possible while he fucked me.

"Don't..." I groaned as he nibbled the wound.

"MINE..." He growled, his tone primal.

"Wha-" His teeth bit down gently on my sweet spot and suddenly they were sliding through my skin like a hot knife through butter, back into the bite he'd inflicted upon me an hour earlier.

"OH GOD!" I screamed as an agonising flush of warmth shot through me. His mouth drank down the blood greedily, my head felt fuzzy...

His cock let loose a long steady flush into me and I heard him groan in pleasure. I felt the heat of his seed flooding my insides, his body roughly grinding into me still as he impregnated my tender body.

He didn't just give a few quick spurts of his warm, thick milk either. His dick let loose until I felt it spilling down my legs, little puddles forming below us.

When I felt like he couldn't possibly let loose any more my own cock fired off its shots, body spasming, my hole gripping his length tightly making it spurt even more.

"H-how much c-can o-one man p-produce!" I asked, my voice hoarse. He laughed and slowly his dick decreased in size and he pulled out, sighing in contented bliss. We both fell onto the bed heavily.

I wanted to keep as much of his cum in me as I could but it just kept flowing out...

"Your the first person I've been able to climax with, did you know that?" He said breathlessly. I blinked.

"Climaxed? What does that mean?" I asked.

"I've never been able to let loose inside anyone before"

"You m-mean you've never d-done th-that before... As in ever?" I asked in bewilderment.

"Not inside someone, and I've been trying for the past 260 some odd years" he laughed.

"That's a long t-time..." I snuggled into his chest and felt myself growing hard again. Bottom still trying to hold his seed in.

"Your keeping it all up there... Let some go..." He muttered, his fingers danced down my hips to my bum where he slid a feeler in and started fingering my tense hole.

"DON'T-!" I wailed crazily, grabbing his hand as my body jerked back.

"Why not? Does it hurt when I touch you like that?" He asked in confusion.

"Bind me, thrash me, make me scream... Just please don't tease me!" I groaned, gripping the blankets.

"Oh so it feels good then?" He asked. I bit my lip and nodded, moaning quietly. His finger was joined by another, then another. I reached down and grabbed his wrist, legs raising unintentionally.

He turned to me and nuzzled my neck.

"Your hormones are going to drive me insane..." He growled, fingering me until I was panting heavily, begging for him to fuck me. Pleading for him to drown me in his cum...

I guess that did it because suddenly, he was inside me.

His semen drenched fingers pumping my cock, jerking me with a vengeance.

"Have you ever used this before?" He asked, indicating my penis.

"No..." I said unconsciously, savouring the pain and pleasure that racked my body. He slid out after yet another long jet and sighed.

"I want to do that again..." I moaned, grabbing him firmly. He coughed and pulled my hand away.

"Good god, if I had the strength my pet I'd fuck you all night long..." He laughed.

"Aren't Vampires Immortal's? And aren't they able to stay awake forever?" I asked.

"I'll LIVE forever yes, but I still have to sleep otherwise I won't be able to walk in daylight... Stupid Vamp laws written by stupid Vamp kings..." He growled.

Standing up shakily he whistled three quick bursts and a few seconds later Luc came in. I covered my body in embarrassment as my still raging hard on patted my tummy and cum dripped from my tense hole.

"Maid, my Consort is in need of a bath, tend to him" he ordered, I peeked out and saw him doing up his pants, still breathing heavily.

"C-Consort!?" Luc gasped, her eyes flicking to me.

"Yes, my Consort, now ready him" he snapped his fingers and started towards the door.

"Master, do you mean what I think you mean when you say Consort?" She asked quickly, grinning up at him broadly.

"Yes" he said, his tone smug. He looked over at me and winked.

"Don't worry bunny... We have all night..." He murmured huskily, his voice making my cock jolt excitedly.

He looked down at my failing attempts to cover my assent and laughed.

"See you soon pet" he chuckled.

My face heated, jaw dropping at his egotistical swagger as he walked out.

Slowly Luc turned to me. Her eyes were twinkling, she smiled hugely and ran at me.

"I LOVE YOU!" She squealed, I struggled to breath in her bone crushing hug.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!" She cried happily.

"Er... Luc what are you doing?" I asked, staring down at her.

She frowned and a look of understanding washed over her face.

"You don't know, do you? Of course you don't! You've been on this train for less than a day! How could you possibly know! They say ignorance is bliss but this is to good to withhold!" She giggled.


"The Master is third born Prince Rabia of the northern-western Covens and, like his brothers, he was yet to find his Consort! The one thing that would give any of the princes leave to take the throne! None of them would have guessed Gaunt would be the first to find his Consort, seeing as he was the last to be born... Then you came along!" She scrunched up her nose in another huge grin.

"Coven? What do you mean?"

"Prince Rabia -our Master- is a Vampire prince" she explained.


"Well you've already met the painful end of a Vampires claiming so-"


"When he bit you he laid Claim to your body, its a painful process for anyone so don't be afraid to say as much" she said brushing a finger over the bite he took. Electricity shot through my body and I moaned lowly.

"Oh god... Don't touch it..." I pleaded weakly, covering it with my hand.

"I figured you would know... Or that he would explain the pain so you would be ready for it" She murmured.

"I'm sorry, no I didn't and it wasn't painful... It felt... Really good..." I whispered the last part with a small smile.

"GOOD? Good in what way!? Pleasurable pain like an erection," I blushed, god this woman is so impulsive! "Good pain as in when you take out a sliver or you grow a few inches taller, What kind of pain?"

"No pain... Just... Very good..." I drew my own fingers over it carefully- expecting the electricity -and jumped when nothing happened.

"If your wondering why you arnt feeling anything it only works like that when someone other than yourself touches it" I blinked.

"That way only a lover can make you feel good- usually your Consort aka the Master"

I ran my fingertips over it, it was smooth skin... I looked at my fingers and frowned.

"What is it?" Luc asked curiously.

"The blood... Its dry?"

"Of course, and it seems that the mark healed over very well" he said with a praising smile.

"Healed!? Its already healed!? But he reopened it just a moment ago!" I exclaimed.

"Right well, I'll let Master explain later! Oh this is fantastic! I'm sorry I just can't believe he finally found you! Damn... Since he's a third born he still can't take the throne..." She sighed, suddenly jumping from the bed to spin around happily.

"OH WELL! At least he has you~!" He sang.

"I'm still confused, what's a Consort?"

"Eh...? You don't know what a Consort is?" She rolled her eyes "oh perfect..."

"No, I don't have any idea"

"A Consort is a Vampires equivalent to a WereWolf Mate or a Nymphs tree"


"Your his Mate for life"

"Mate? Like... Like an animal mates?" I asked, cocking my head in confusion.

"No, as in you and him are going to be together forever, what with him being an immortal and all and you being a semi-mortal its a fifty-fifty chance you'll both live about the same life span-"

"I'm going to what!?"

"-and that means he'll never touch anyone else, ever again! Isn't it fantastic!?" She cried.


"Don't you see!? Now that he's found you he'll leave me and Tang and everyone else alone! He won't want us! We won't have to have sex with him! Were safe now!" She hugged herself.

"That's great for you but what about me? Won't my being his 'Consort' make ME his new target!?"

"You'll like the attention... Trust me... Your his Consort after all! Lust is a big thing for Vampires and their Consort's, it gets under your skin if you don't make love constantly! And the sensations never dull so don't be afraid of him losing interest-he never will!" She said and started towards a little door.

"That's what I'm scared of!" I called after her.

"Don't be! You'll want him to want you... You already do!" She said pointing down "It shows, your getting exited just talking about him" she giggled as I covered myself. She went into a cabinet, going through what looked to be a bunch of little bottles.

"Ok let's see... PiƱa colada... No... Strawberry... No... Mint... No... ARG! Where is it! I swear it was here-Chocolate! Found you!" She held up a little tiny bottle only about an inch tall and wide.

"Come on, bath time" she smiled and walked into the little door next to the cabinet she'd pulled the bottle from.

I hopped up and walked carefully over to the bath, scared of any cum slipping free and Luc seeing it.

"Use the bathroom first, I know your holding..." She rolled her fingers in a suggestive manner "'IT' in so get rid of 'IT' and then we can bathe you!" She said shoving me into the room as a bubble bath filled a tub big enough for nine or ten people.

A toilet sat next to it so once she left for a minute I relieved myself of the tiny burden I carried.

"You done?" Luc asked, her head poking through the door as I flushed the toilet, almost missing the feeling of it.

I pulled off the ripped thong and she helped me out of the shoes. The tub was full and water spilled out through overflow holes on its sides, steamy hot water running into a grate in the floor.

"Where does it go?" I asked.

"The water is all cleansed and reused for other things on the train, the Master hates to waste three things money, water and condoms" Luc said with a grin. I stepped into the bath and instantly felt like I was swimming in silk. I scrubbed myself, with some help from her when she thought I was taking to long or to short on cleaning something. I grabbed a load of bubbles and put them on my head.

"I've got an afro!" I laughed as she scrubbed the suds through my hair in a ravenous manor. She unplugged the tub and stood me up.

"Rinse time" she pulled a hand shower from the wall and sprayed me down with a steady jet of warm water.

"All clean, dry time" she hit a button and walked out, holding up her hand to stop me when I tried to follow. I looked around in confusion and suddenly the entire room turned into a whirlwind. I was blasted with warm air from every direction.

I stood there in terror for a minute and suddenly the wind stopped.

I shuddered and stepped out of the tub, dry.

"All good?"

"What WAS that...?" I asked, staring at the button she had pressed.

"Its kinda like a tiny tornado"

"That's so weird..."

"I guess, now! Time to make you taste good" Luc took off the cap of the tiny bottle and the room filled with the scent of chocolate. She put a drop on my neck, a drop behind each of my ears and then, to my surprise one on the small of my back and handed me the bottle.

"What do I do with it?" I asked.

"Put it down there..." She pointed at my privates and I shook my head vigorously.

"No way! Why would I do that!?"

"The Master will enjoy that I figure" she smiled.

"Um... Why?"

"Its flavoured" she giggled. I blinked and swallowed hard.

"Then why would I put it down there... Wouldn't that seem weird?" She grabbed the bottle, put a few drops on her hand and grabbed my dick and rubbed vigorously.

"HEY!" I cried, pulling away.

"There! All done!" She smiled, walking over to the sink she washed her hands and went into the bedroom.

"That was nasty!"

"Your telling me! I just had to touch man junk!" She shuddered.


"I don't mind lady just but men are WAY to creepy man... Not that I have an issue with guys in general, just what's between their legs" she shrugged.

"How did they fit a bathroom into a train anyway? One like that shouldn't fit at all!"

"Very good designers" she chuckled.

"Uh'huh..." I nodded.

She went over to the big bags of clothing that had been shoved over from when Master sexed me. She picked out a pair of jeans and a long sleeved dark purple shirt with spirals of silver on the shoulders.

"Neat..." I commented.

She grabbed a pair of flat sole shoes and a black bucket hat.

"The hat is to make your ears less so much of a sight" she explained, tugging the thing over my ears so they bent around and hid away in my hair.


"Yep, so your all good now, time to take you to the dinning car" she said, kicking the clothes under the bed.

"Ok, um... Will... Will he-"

"Yes lover boy, the Master will be there" she said, rolling her eyes.

"Now, let's get going!" She smiled and stepped through the door. I held down the hat and jumped after her.

I looked up and smiled the rain had long since stopped and now over to my right was a brilliant rainbow.

Maybe this life won't be so bad?

I'll always be wanted and taken care of, I'll have my Master, be able to make friends...

I think I might actually have a life here...

My only issue is what's wrong with Tang?

Why did he act that way...

I'm just some half-breed with half-wits and no right sense... I'm just a teenager...

Oh well...



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