We finally reached the dinning car and a boy of about seven or eight years opened the door with a grin in my direction.

"Hello Luc! Hello Hilflos! Nice day isn't it?" He asked, giddy. Small soft grey ears and a long skinny barely furred pink tail swished back and forth behind him.


He looked over at me and I giggled as his whiskers which twitched when we approached.

Yep. Mouse.

I like Mouse people. Their actually called Musloe but I think mouse people is a much cuter name!

Their sweet and skittish... Kinda like looking in a mirror for me I guess...

"So the secret is already out then? How is your sister?" Luc sighed.

"She's feeling a lot better, when she heard about Hilflos she smiled- SHE SMILE!" The little boy squeaked happily.

"Good for her! We have to be heading off now"

"Wait... He IS the Master's Consort... Isn't he?" He asked with a frown big dark grey almost black eyes glanced at me curiously.

"Yes, yes, of course!" she answered impatiently. He bowed to her and she rolled her eyes.

"Hmm..." The boy looked me over critically and I blushed, inching behind Luc to hide from the boy.

"He's to small!" He exclaimed with a sour expression "Master is going to break him! He almost broke my big sister! Master is going to break him for sure!" He snapped angrily.


"Well look at him!" He whined.

"Tommy, the Master is a meany but he's not going to break Hilflos..." She chuckled.

"But he's so small! Look! I'm almost as big as him and I'm only eight!" He said, compairing us.

"Tommy, Hilflos is special"

"Keida is special to!" Tommy cried.

"Yes your sister is very special... But Hilflos is special, in a different way, ok? Hilflos was made for the Master and the Master was made for Hilflos! They are compatible" Luc said, trying to reason with the boy.

"What does that mean?"

"Their bodies are... Built to be able to handle each others... Parts" she said, trying to find the right words.


"Their like puzzle pieces, their made especially for each other so they don't hurt each other when they have their Mommy, Daddy time" she said gently.

"Mommy, Daddy time? What the heck is Mommy, Daddy time?" I mumbled in confusion.

"Wait... So are they like Daux and Tamara?" He asked.

"Yes, just like that!" Luc said happily.

"Who are they?" I asked quietly.

"Their two Werewolf mates, they work with Tommy's sister Keida" Luc replied.

"Hmph... Well that's no fun! You think he would share him with me?" Tommy asked, fluttering his lashes.

"Uh... I'm not into paedophilia, sorry" I coughed.

"What? What's pead... Pead... Um... Pe-" he said, getting tangled up in his words.

"Paedophilia, it means a big boy like me doing something really really mean and nasty to a little boy like you" I said.

"A kiss isn't mean OR nasty" he laughed.

"Its flat out wrong Tommy, put it out of your mind, Ok?" I said, shaking his shoulder gently to exaggerate the point.

"But your so pretty!" He cried.

Awkward much?

"Tommy I'm a big boy, your a little boy and that's that, you should go find another little boy or girl and be little kids, when your all grown up then you can fall in love with another boy or girl and kiss them all you like"


"No, your a little boy and its WRONG" he nodded his head, defeated, and I stood up strait.

"I still think your really pretty..."

"Hush up Tommy, your weirding him out you little twerp!" Luc said, hip bumping him as she past by. The little boys cheeky smile returned and he bowed to me. I stumbled back and shook my head, the hat nearly coming off when I did.

"Don't do that" I said sharply, a little grin inching its way onto my lips as I tried to act serious.

"Why not?" Tommy questioned.

"Its silly!" I said, moving on to catch up with Luc. I looked down at her and she nodded to the end of the table where my Master saw me and stood up snapping his fingers at a girl near us. She bowed and spoke.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present Hilflos Rabia," she said clearly I frowned, my last name isn't Rabia... I don't even HAVE a last name!

"Consort to third born Prince, Gaunt Rabia of the North Western reaches" she finished and bowed again, returning to her previous spot.

"Luc, what is she talking about? My name isn't Hilflos Rabia, its just Hilflos" I mumbled. Luc giggled and shook her head, nudging me towards my Master.

"Hello Hilflos," he said as I approached. I felt a blush creep onto my cheek as he looked me over and leant down to my ear. He lingered for a moment before speaking,

"You smell different" he murmured "Like chocolate..."

"I... Um... I'm sorry"

"I like it, was that Luc's doing?" He chuckled when I nodded, pulling away shyly.

"This is your seat" he gestured to a chair on the corner next to his.

"Or would you rather sit on my lap..." He asked huskily. I felt my knees weaken and sat quickly in the chair. I stared at my hands in my lap and he sat slowly.

"Continue" he waved a hand to the table, which had grown silent, and stared at me as the nonsensical chatter restarted.

His leg brushed mine under the table and I straitened, covering my lap, cheeks blazing, as my body reacted in the most embarrassing way possible.

Its mocking me! I know it!

"Hilflos, your not going to make me take you HERE are you?" He asked, his hand snaking up my leg.


"Your pheromones are on a rampage... And don't make some lame hormonal teenager excuse" He smiled at me. I gasped and a tiny moan slipped out as his fingers caressed my length through the thin cloth. He grinned at my predicament and rubbed harder. I was soon leaning forward, body trembling, panting hard as he played with my body.

Thank god nobody seemed to notice!

Then to my horrified surprise, someone leant down next to me and asked what I would like to eat.

I tried to speak but it came out as a choked moan as my Master squeezed me firmly.

The person jumped in surprise and I flinched. My head spinning, I nearly melted in the seat. My forehead landed on the table with a gentle thud and I writhed in his grasp.

"S-Sir are you alright?" The girl asked cautiously. I nodded, not trusting my voice, and she asked what I would like to eat.

"He wants something vegetarian I'd expect?" Master asked.

"Mmhm" I whimpered, biting my lip in ecstasy. Eyes shut in concentration on not making a sound.


"We have caramelised carrots with almond slices? Do you want some? I hear Veimen like carrots" she mumbled "not to be racist or anything..." She blushed.

"Sure sure, now go" he snapped. She squeaked and fled from me and Master.

"M-M-Master... Please sto-!" I winced as his fingers slipped under the cloth to trail teasingly over the skin of my manhood.

Stupid! Useless! Pathetic pants! Who's side are you on!?

"Come sit with me and I might stop..." He whispered. I stood, nearly tipping over and he grinned broadly at me. I looked over and he uncrossed his legs. I sat down in between them on the gigantic chair and his hands hooked around my waist, drawing circles around the tip of my hard on. I leant back into him, trying to push his hand away but he ignored me, the high table still covering his actions perfectly. He pulled me into his chest and nibbled at my human ear.

"Am I making you feel good? Is that it? Do you like it when I torment you like this?"

"N-No!" I choked.

"Your reacting more intensely than before... Do you like the risk of being caught?" He asked.

"D-don't do... This... Please! I c-can't-" I groaned.

I could feel his erection pressing into the small of my back and I had an idea. A crazy, stupid, suicidal idea.

I reached back and began stroking him frantically. He choked, his hand leaving my manhood to grab my waist firmly. Grinding into me as I touched his steel-like manhood. He spoke quietly into the crook of my neck.

"Bunny... My pet, stop that..." It was sort of funny, the stoic Master being controlled by his all to willing slave.

His hips ground into my hand with a quiet moan.

Oh yeah, it was totally hilarious at this point. He was desperate in two ways,

One, to reach his peak

Two, not to make any noise or draw any attention to himself

I smiled at a confused looking Luc who's eyes dropped down when I jerked roughly and made the Master give a pained yelp.

Her eyes widened and she slapped a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. Her cheeks going red in the attempt. Suddenly I noticed most of the maids and waiters trying not to laugh.

"Don't... Don't start... Not here... These men and women are... Powerful allies to the throne... So don't... Embarrass me..." He gasped under his breath.

"You should have thought of that before you started in on ME" I giggled, brushing aside fallen hairs to look into his eyes.

"Do... I detect... A hint of... Sass, my pet?" Master asked, squeezing me with a pitiful growl.

"Do you?" I asked, my second hand trailing up his side to his face, keeping my lips just out of his reach. He hissed and bit at my neck hungrily.

"Master are you TRYING to get yourself in trouble?" I asked wryly.

"If you don't stop now, your going to regret-SHIT..." He groaned, sucking at the skin just bellow his bite mark as I sped up my hand. Heads turned but I just shrugged and they went back to their mindless chatter.

The staff were now near hysterics.

I could hear their voices 'What happened to the rough and tough Master?' Or 'Look at him! He's practically falling apart!' Or 'Almighty Prince my ass' And such.

"Does that feel good?" I whispered, kissing gently under his chin.

His moan was like thunder rumbling, the sound rippling through my body.

"Slave... Stop... NOW" He ordered. I sighed dramatically.

"But I'm having fun..." I whined.

I saw a smile flash over his face but it quickly disappeared, replaced by a strained mask of pleasure.

"What... Happened to my... Timid... Little Bunny?" He panted angrily as I slowed the stroking.

"What happened to my all powerful Master" I retorted, laughing quietly. His arms yanked me to him and he grunted, I felt the dampness through my shirt and knew he was done.

"Master, the table isn't a very appropriate place for that now is it?" I asked cheekily.

"I'm going to fuck you-NOW" he growled.

"What-!?" I jumped and he started to stand. I poked his pants where a very embarrassing stain covered his one pant leg.

"A-aren't you F-forgetting something?" I asked quickly. He grabbed a glass of water that had been set out for me and dumped it onto me and him. Covering up all traces of the stain.

Water dripped from my hair and I blinked away the little that trickled into my eyes.

"No" he snapped, dragging me after him by the collar of my shirt, down the aisle towards the door. Luc following not far behind as I fought his grip, my feet dragging behind me.

"You so totally deserve it this time" she laughed. I frowned and started trying to stand, failing miserably each time.

"Have fun" she sang under her breath.

"Good night ladies and gentlemen!" Master called to the startled table, opening the door to the train without looking back.

"I'll bring Hilflos some food later then Sir?" Luc asked.

"Yeah" he grunted, moving faster through the train cars.

Once we reached his train car he threw me on the bed and locked the door, ripping off his wet shirt and pants quickly he got onto the bed and stripped me next.

"M-Master I was just k-kidding around!" His hand fumbled for the bed side tables drawer as he licked at my neck. The heat of his thick wet tongue driving my body absolutely up the wall, he yanked out a bottle from the drawers. Squirting the liquid onto his hand he rubbed my hole and his dick.

"Beg forgiveness" he snarled, thrusting into me roughly. I cried out in shock and pleasure as he hit my G-spot on the first go. My body wrenching back into the bed as he sped up. I felt something weird in my ears and looked up to find them standing strait. It hurt, but it was a good pain...

He gripped my hair and yanked my head back, tongue sliding up my neck erotically.

"OH GOD! I-I'm sorry! I'm so s-sorry Master! Forgive ME!" I wailed. My hands slid down his arms, the remaining water making his skin slick.

"Bad... You were a bad boy, a bad slave" he growled, putting more power behind each thrust as it came down. I was already moaning crazily, drunk from the heated pleasure as he practically ripped me open.

"OH GOD! YES! MASTER-!" I screamed, biting my lip as tears stung my eyes.

I couldn't take much more!

His lance ramming my prostate continuously.

He leant down and bit into my neck, draining me with each collision of our bodies, only pulling away to kiss me. His lips sweet and mingled to a coppery flavour. My long black ears twitched and flopped back over. One hit his head and he shoved it out of the way, making me wince with the force.

"Bunny... My pet you've been such a horrid slave..." He hissed and quickly pulled out.

As soon as I felt his cock leave me I started crying, my own length was screaming for release. He held me down and shoved his throbbing lance in my face.

"Suck it" he ordered.

"A-!?" before I could say anything, he was in my mouth. Shoving down into my throat. I gagged but almost instantly my throat tightened around him and my stomach lurched at the taste.

"SUCK" he roared. I tried to suck on it but its size prevented much of anything, I wriggled my tongue, trying to get him out and he moaned, his head tilting back.

My lip was bleeding slightly, my mouth straining, jaw stretched to its limit.

"Again, Do it again boy" he started moving, thrusting into my face like he did my bottom. His fingers running through my hair. I heard myself moan in unison with him as he released into my throat. I coughed and tried to swallow it but it flooded out of my mouth. I was literally drowning in his salty mess. I couldn't breath, my nose refused to let air in and my throat was currently preoccupied. My vision blurred and I loosed my own load, something about the way he was acting was making my body feel hot.

He pulled away and I shot upright, gasping for air as I coughed up his sticky liquid.

I felt my Masters hand on my shoulder and froze, gulping down air as fast as I possibly could. My lungs welcoming the gusts greedily.

"You ok?" He asked, worry thick in his voice. Once the cough attack subsided I licked my lips. The bitter sweet saltiness was all over them - and I savoured every drop.

"What are you doing?" He asked in confusion as I ran a hand along his leg. I looked up at him and shoved him down as hard as I could. He fell back onto his elbows.

"HEY-!" dropping to my knees I took him as deep as I possibly could into my mouth and sucked, HARD.

I had to have more!

I needed it!

"Holy shit!" He groaned as I ran my tongue along his length. Sucking him so hard I swear he popped a vessel. I wanted more!

I gently nibbled at the sensitive tip and he hissed, gripping the edge of the bed. I kissed down the length and he cursed, my lips recaptured the tip and I slowly bobbed my head over his length. The sudden stretch from before left my throat open enough to pull him all in. I wriggled my tongue over him as he unconsciously began grinding into my mouth.

Finally his seed burst into my waiting throat and I drank it down hungrily, lips wrapping around the tiny slit at the end of his penis. Thin fingers tugging gently.

He might as well have been howling at this point. His moaning was loud and strung together so thickly.

"FUCKING HELL!" He called as I finished sucking him dry, lapping up every drop like a starving man. His seed was so salty, but... There was the slightest sweetness to it...

I fell back on the floor with a pleased sigh.

"Where did you learn to do that?" He wheezed. I looked up at him in a haze and shook my head.

"I've never done it before" I said.

"A natural... Of course..." He muttered with a wave of his hand.

"Well you can use the toilet if you want, you know... To get rid of it" he flicked his fingers at the washroom. I sat up quickly.

"What!?" I cried in horror.

I don't want to!

It tasted amazing! Why would I want to get RID of it!?

"Its ok, I know a lot of people who don't like the taste let alone the thought of it inside them-"

"What! Why not?" I asked, cutting him off.

He stared at me in amusement.

"You liked it?" He asked incredulously. I blushed and he laughed, falling back onto his bed.

"Come here, I want to fuck you" he said, holding out a hand. I whined slightly.

"What?" He asked, looking up.

"Can... Can I do it again?" I asked. Staring at his hardening length. He looked at me in shock and shook his head.

"No. I want to fuck you, not your mouth... Maybe if your good I'll let you try again later" he offered. I crawled up onto the bed and he positioned me up against the end of the bed, hanging part ways off the back so my arms hung near the floor. I gripped the bed frame ad he slid into me. He grunted and spread my legs as far apart as they could.

"Master I -AH!- that's as far as I go!" I groaned, leaning back as he rocked us. I looked down to find my legs bent and hooked around the bed posts, his hands gripping my hips in a vice as he slid in.

"I'm sorry you choked... But you were a bad slave and you had to be punished" he muttered.

"I'm sorry... I-UN!" His cock hit my prostate and I cried out in shock.

"That's it huh? That's the spot?" He asked.

"No more... Talking... Just do me!" I pleaded, reaching around to hold him inside me, firmly pressed against my G-spot.

"Demanding aren't we?" He laughed. His dick twitched and brushed it again and again. The repeated flush of pleasure until finally my length burst again along with his.

"I'm never going to tire of that... Well... I may grow tired FROM doing it... But... Don't expect any vacations, you may be my Consort but your still my slave and its a 24/7 job" he chuckled.

"S-sounds... Good to... Me..." I moaned, bumping into his pelvis to strengthen the contact.

"That's enough for now" he said, sliding himself out to my great dismay.

"Are you tired?" He asked after a minute.

"No, I want to suck you..." I whimpered, staring longingly at his thick ebony wood. He laughed quietly and pulled me over to lay next to him.

"No more sex, are you feeling hungry at all?" He asked quietly.

"A little..."

"What do you want to eat? We have a five star chef on hand if you want something special..."

I thought for a minute and grabbed his prick. I stroked it slowly, staring up at him as he watched me.

"Bunny, you need to eat FOOD..." He said with a grin, pulling my hands away.

"And what if I want to eat YOU?" I asked, rolling on top of him with a groan as my bottom screamed at me.

"Your a Veimen not a Cannibal" he sighed.

"So? I think I like dark meat..." I giggled, running gentle kisses down and around to the nap of his neck.

"You taste good..." I commented, my fingers stretching over his legs as I rubbed his throbbing length against my hole gently.

"No more" he laughed, gently pushing me back.

Someone knocked on the door and we both looked over to see the word 'Dinner?' written in bold letterhead on a little sign in the door window.

"Your naked" I pointed out as my Master stood.

"So are you" he retorted.

"B-but y-your answering the door n-naked!"

"What, is my nakedness to much for you?" He asked, popping his pecks at me. I covered my face as a huge smile spread across my lips and he laughed.

"That's not the head you should be worried about" he said. I peaked out in confusion and felt my length tap my stomach.

"AK! I'm s-sorry!" I covered my self up in a few of the hundred some blankets as he rolled his eyes.

"Bunny, don't do that... I like to know I have an effect on you" he smiled at me and I scowled at him.

"If you want to effect me so badly, then come to bed, I want you inside me" I flipped over and let my back dip, bum still high in the air, looking back to see him staring at me the way Tang had stared at me.

As though I were a piece of meat.

He stepped towards me and I raised myself up for him, legs spread.

"Your worn raw Bunny..." He grumbled. His fingers slid over my hole and I moaned as the tip of one finger pressed through the tight rosette. His fingers were cool inside me, touching every nook and cranny. His lips came down to my tender flesh and I squeezed my bum shut.

"Not again"

"Why not?" He growled.

"Its gross-"

"Your clean Bunny..." He chuckled, sliding his muscled tongue in. I clenched my teeth and refused to make a sound.

"Don't pretend it doesn't make you wild my pet... I can smell your pleasure, you want it" He knocked me forward and spread my legs wider. Mouth wrapping around my sac. I gasped and my body went slack, twitching as his tongue slipped back inside.

"Master... No..." He massaged the hole with his skillful tongue and lips. He was right. It was raw... And hurt like hell- but I wasn't going to tell him that. His hands slipped up my back to rub little circles over my shoulder blades.

He pulled away and flipped me over, his body aligning with mine as he poked at my entrance.

Someone knocked at the door again and he stopped. He stormed over, basically tearing the door off its hinges and glared at the unknown figure.

"WHAT!?" He bellowed. Luc looked in, ignoring him, and saw me. Red faced and writhing on the bed, I squeaked and covered myself quickly. She frowned and held up a little tray of covered foods.

"Thank you, now leave" he grabbed the food and slid the door shut roughly. Setting down the tray of little domes on his dresser he pulled off their metal covers. Setting them aside he made a motion for me to come to him and I held the bed post, trying to stand. Wobbling over to him I nearly fell but caught myself on the dresser, tears stinging my eyes as pain tore at me. My hand slipped off the dresser and he caught me just before I hit the ground.

"You feeling ok?" He asked as he slowly sat us both down. I shook my head with a groan and he frowned. He turned me to look at his work and nodded.

"Its to raw, no more for a while" he growled. Grabbing a small fold out chair he shoved it up next to me.

I sat on it, my bum sore. He pointed at the tray.

"Eat at least half before I get out" he said. I picked up a sticky looking orange slice of something as he went into the bathroom.

I sniffed it.


I popped it into my mouth and the intense sweet nearly had me crawling into the plate as I shoved it down hungrily.

I finished off the entire plate. My straining tummy in pain from the sudden amount of food. It was a shock after so long living off of pretty much nothing.

"You like carrots a lot, huh?" My Masters voice asked suddenly as I sucked my fingers clean. I jumped a little but turned and smiled at him.

"Their sweet... I like sweet things..." I mumbled licking off the residue of my meal from my fingers.

"Huh, well then I guess I'll have to make sure the cooks know to make things sweeter for my sweet, hmm?" he grinned and held out a pile of light pink fleece clothes to me.

I blushed and ignored the comment.

"These are for you" he said turning towards the dresser to look through clothes.

"But their pink" I pointed out.


"That's a girls colour!" I exclaimed.

"It will look good on you" he pulled out a pair of black flannel pants.

"But... I'm a boy..."

"You wore the bra and thong very well" he said with a devilish grin.

"No I didn't... It looked funny! You laughed at me!" I cried.

"Only out of surprise, you looked good in them" he said in a soothing voice.

"Your so mean!"

"Bunny I assure you, you didn't look funny, you looked sexy... I was surprised that someone who looks as innocent as you" his hand tilting my chin up "could be such a turn on, given the right apparel" I felt my cheeks blaze and he chuckled softly.

"Your still mean..." I whispered, my eyes lost in his.

"Well yes I suppose I am" he leant down towards me and I giggled.

"You 'suppose' do you?" I asked. He rolled his eyes and let his hand drop, pulling away.

"Tomorrow we reach the pier and then its about a fifteen minute ferry ride to my island and a few minutes to drive to the main house... It will be nice to finally get home... The economy may be in the toilet but..." He shrugged, I took the clothes and he got out a set for himself.

He looked over and grimaced. I turned, looking over at the crumpled bed and back at him in confusion. He sighed.

"I hate sleeping in wrinkled sheets..." He grumbled.


"I like to feel fresh and new in the morning not messy and plus the bed has your scent all over it"

"Do I smell bad?" I asked in confusion.

"Your scent... Its not bad"

"Then why-?"

"It smells like your in heat"

"'In Heat?' What does that mean?"

"Well... You know, 'In Heat' it means ready to be mated," he paused "Like cats" he shrugged. I cocked my head to the side.


"When a female cat is 'in heat' she is ready to reproduce and gives off a scent that attracts males"

"B-but I'm not a CAT!" I cried, cheeks flaring.

"I know that-"

"And I'm certainly NOT female!"

"Bunny, your scent is different than a male, its... Like a magnet, its what made you stand out to me and those other males at the auction"

"O... Ok?"

"But back on topic, to have to lay in a bed when your scent is so... Intense... Its just frustrating"

"What does it smell like?"

"I already told you, it smells like your in heat!"

"But I'm not-"

"Your body says differently, and because of it I won't sleep at all- well, WE won't, if I have to lay there" He snickered and winked at me.

"I'm sleeping with you?" I asked.

"Of course" he nodded.

Walking to the door he pushed a button and a buzz filled the train car.

"Fix us a clean bed" he said and looked over to the bathroom with smiled.

"I would like to bathe, join me then we can go to sleep" he said. It was less a request and more an order.

I followed him into the little room and he turned the taps. A steaming bath started to quickly fill the tub.

"I haven't gotten the chance to fully enjoy that chocolate, Bunny" he mumbled, leaning down to nip at my ear. I pulled back and he grinned.


"Nothing" I said leaning down slightly to test the water, I knew he was watching my body. I was hoping for it.

When his chest pressed into my back my heart fluttered.

"Master?" I whispered, standing.

"Slave" he set his head on top of mine.

We just stood there. Breathing.

Slowly he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and sighed.

"Your strange" I muttered. Leaning into him.

"Says the boy with bunny ears" he chuckled.

"H-hey! Leave the ears out of it!" I cried, faking anger.

"Har har... Let's get into the bath" he let go and stepped in. Leaving only the space between his legs to sit. I stared at him for a minute and smiled when I saw that he wasn't exited at all.

Not one bit.

I timidly put a foot in, jumping back when I felt just how hot it actually was. My little wispy black tail flicking in annoyance.

"Its to hot!" I whined, crossing my arms.

"You'll get used to it" he laughed.

I huffed but tried to get in again. The water was almost burning hot. My cold toes wriggled under the water, trying to get used to it. Once I did he tugged me to him and sat me down, cupping his hands to pour water over my head.

"Hey!" I laughed, the water tickled as it slid down through my hair.

I looked back and he was smiling slightly. Staring at me with a strange expression.


He was all rough and tumble back in the bedroom now when he's in the tub he's calm and collected!?

Should I be worried?

I splashed water at him and he blinked, his face looked startled and dripping wet. I giggled at his shocked face and soon it turned to full out chime-like laughter. His eyes dancing, he dunked me under.

I came up sputtering water, my one ear went under and so I had to stand to tilt it over and drain.

He stood up with me and began rubbing his hands over me. Tingles splayed over my skin and I gripped the tub ridge. My legs sliding apart as I leant back into his growing erection.

"No. I shouldn't have done that..."

"Please..." I begged, rubbing up against him.

"You need to heal" he said, sitting back down.

I frowned. My excitement tingling in annoyance.

I sat in front of him, playing in the water out of boredom. Waiting for my own length to go down.

It wouldn't...

"What's your island like?" I asked, refusing to acknowledge the little me.

"Huh?" He grunted, as though he'd come from a daze and asked what I'd said.

"What's the island like? Tang said it was in a place called Greece, what's it like there? Is it nice?" I yawned.

"Tired?" He mumbled. I nodded.

"Its very quiet most of the time since were off the main land and there isn't much to do, I have a small village by the sea" he said, pulling me over to him.

"You'll get to see it when we pass through on our way to my home" I started drawing lines on his chest lazily. The pale streaks disappearing after a few seconds.

"That feels good..." He said lazily.

"Go on, tell me more" I mumbled.

"About you or the island..." He sighed. I smiled.

"The island"

"Well, the main house isn't very big but it is livable, and the view makes up for all disrupting details such as the giant pool ruining the peaceful garden..." He grouched.

"Pool? What's that?"

"Its like a bath tub only MUCH bigger and the water is cold, its like the beach without sand" he explained. I nodded.



"What's a beach?"

"Its seems I've acquired an ivory tower doll..." He smirked. I frowned.

"A what?"

"Nevermind, a beach is a sandy landscape by the sea, the sea is like a giant bathtub that never seems to end" He said, running his hands over my shoulder. He started rubbing them absently and I stretched. My legs pushing me into his lap.

It wasn't a sexual pleasure, but it was pleasure none the less. He groaned and stiffened behind me and I got an idea.

"I wonder..." I giggled.

UG! What the heck is wrong with me today!? That was WAY to girly!

"What do you wonder Bunny?" He asked.

"Well we can't do it for now?" I asked.

"Not until your healed fully" he nodded.

"Then... I'm allowed to do this right-?" I moved his hands off me and turned to face him. Bending down, covering the opening to my ears in an attempt to keep water out as I took him into my mouth. Even under the water I could feel his moans. His hands gliding over my back. He tasted so good...

I stroked, sucked and went back up for air a few times before his length burst inside my mouth. I drank it down.

When he finished I realised that, whilst being lost in the ecstasy I was giving him, I'd loosed my own seed into the water.

"I'm sorry!" I squeaked, getting out. He grabbed the sprayer and turned it on. Giving me a thorough soak down and began cleaning himself.

"Master..." I took the sprayer from him and he looked at me in confusion.

"Can I do it?" I didn't wait for an answer.

I started washing him off and he just shook his head with a smile. I watched the water run over the planes of his skin. His dark eyes growing lighter, skin soft and smooth, muscle ridges sharply defined...

"Done" I said reluctantly and handed him back the sprayer.

"Then its off to bed, the maids will be finished be now" he said. I nodded, turned and started to leave. Suddenly he sprayed my butt and I jumped, running out the door. I poked my head back in and glared at him.

"That was freezing!" I grumped.

"Yeah, I know" he nodded. Turning on the tornado thingy.

I went to close the door when he grabbed me and shut it.

"Oh no you don't, your not going to get sick because you don't want to dry off!" He said. Holding me there in the whirling hot air.

I held him tight and waited to finish drying. The wind picked up his shoulder length dark chocolate hair and whisked it off in every direction imaginable. He was staring at me, I began wondering just what I looked like to him when the tornado thingy turned off...

We left the bathroom and I grabbed the degrading pink pyjamas and started putting them on. Once I had the shirt on and began pulling up the pants Master decided to be an even bigger ass and take them from me.

"Well we might not be able to actually HAVE sex, but it doesn't mean I can't admire you" he said tossing the pants aside he didn't put anything on. The shirt hung just above my knees so it wasn't as weird as it could have been... But still...

"Come on now, sleep is important for good health" He said. I pulled back the covers of the freshly made bed and curled up under them. He pulled me over to him under the covers and I felt him pressed against me. A blush formed on my cheeks when I felt him grow hard.

"Shit... Sorry..." He grunted. Flipping over. I looked over my shoulder at his massive form breathing heavily beside me.

"Master..." I whispered, hand sliding over his side to his chest.

"No Bunny..." he said unevenly.

"'No' What?" I asked, feigning innocence as I let my hand drift lower.

"Slave this isn't like the dinner table where you can make me take you by touching me... You need to heal and I don't want to make you go through that kind of hurt..." He said. Pushing aside my hands he rolled onto his back.

"You don't understand just how much pain it would put you through" he said. I know he was trying to be forceful but I also knew he wanted me... And I wanted him...


"Master..." I crawled on top of him. My hands sliding down his chest to his-

"Slave" he snapped "just stop" he flipped us over and I groaned, biting my lip, as his hands gripped mine above my head.

I stared at him. Although he tried to hide it, he was turned on by our position.

So was I.

I wrapped my legs up around him and his length dragged against my hole.

"Master" I moaned, grinding into him. He hissed and lay me down gently.

"I don't want to break you..." He said helplessly.

"I want you inside me... Is that to much to ask?" I whimpered breathlessly.

He looked pained.

Caught between control and lust.

"I need you inside me" I said grabbing his already hard length and sliding the tip in. He balked and I caught my breath. Trying as hard as I possibly could to not cry out. He braced himself above me and I groaned. My body flooding with the familiar sensations of pain I hoped would soon be followed by pleasure.

"Deeper... Please... It hurts..." I whispered.

"We can't... You need to heal... You need to... You need lube" He said faintly.

"Is that the stuff you used before?" I groaned.


"Get it!" I cried, pulling him back out. It hurt. It hurt bad...

He snagged the drawer of the bedside table and grabbed the 'lube'. Gently smoothing it over me. I felt him test my entrance as his other hand stroked me.

I wailed in pleasure when his fingers finally broke through my entrance and into my aching hole.

"Does it hurt" he asked, breathless. I nodded but grabbed his hand, speeding it up. He sucked softly at the skin of my neck and tiny whimpers slipped out from my lips.

"Just take me already!" I cried, legs once again tugging him down to me.

"Temperamental aren't we..." He chuckled shakily. I nibbled along his jaw line and he began grinding into me.

"Do it..." I purred into the crook of his neck.

I held him to my entrance and he thrust all in on one go.

I screamed blue bloody murder. A ripping sensation snaking through me.

"Oh no... God damn it!" He pulled out and I felt something warm slip out after him.

I looked down and saw a little blood. I felt light headed and room began spinning.

"We shouldn't have done this! I'm so sorry Bunny... I'm sorry... Your going to be ok... I'm so sorry..." He picked me up and I clung to him. Sobbing weakly against his neck. This wasn't just pain. This was hell. My body was livid, my strangled cries echoing around the room.

He began panicking.

Rushing over to the wall he hit a button along a small panel and began yelling into it,


"Yes Lord?" A voice crackled over the intercom and I squeezed my Masters shoulders as the blood spilled onto the floor.

"Its Hilflos, Someone get down here NOW!" He bellowed. I groaned and he looked down. My teeth began chattering, aching as the rest of my body started to tremble.

"I-I'm s-sorry Master..."

"For what? Its my fault, I should have controlled myself better..." He said, running a hand through my hair.

"I-I forced m-my-s-self onto y-you" tears were flooding from my eyes.

"True but I'm the adult here..."

"I-I'm eighteen, I'm a-an a-adult!"

"Your a teenager with hormones running rampant, I should have stopped! I KNEW this would happen!" he yelled furiously.

"So? I-I should have st-st-st-" I couldn't finish, the bleeding got worse and he growled.

"Fuck... Its just blood, its just blood..." He repeated slowly.

Then it hit me.

This has to be painful for him to!

He's a VAMPIRE he survives off of what courses through my veins, this must be excruciating!

And what's worse is I didn't see him eat anything when we were at the table and the little bit of blood he took from me can't possibly be enough!

"I'm s-sorry!" I wailed, he was shaking now to. He suddenly moved to the bed and set me down gently. He shot across the room opening the window. I watched as he inhaled deeply, the moon shinning softly in his hair.

"M-Master I'm s-sorry..." I sobbed, covering my face with my hands.

"I'm s-sorry I'm p-putting y-you through th-this..." I curled into myself just as the door opened and a pair of women were instantly all over me. Rubbing something smelly over my bruises which instantly stopped hurting. Taking blood samples. Washing my bottom gently with cloths.

"Lord" one of the ladies called.

"Yes" he growled, not turning from the window.

"Its not that bad, its just bleeding a lot... I understand your discomfort but I'd like to give you the diagnosis?" She said, laying a hand over his arm.

"He has an anal fissure, it is very small and should heal within the next day or so... Be glad it was nothing more severe, ensure he drinks lots of liquids and gets plenty of sleep and don't try that again, let's say about three days of abstinence to be safe" she said sternly. I whimpered and he looked over at me.

"Three DAYS...?" I whined, wincing when a lady stuck a needle in my arm, the nurse who was still treating me told me the injection would slow the bleeding by thickening my blood and I would be fine.

"Right well, he should sleep in a separate bed to prevent any temptation but that's entirely up to you" one of the nurses said, nodding to me.

I looked over at my Master but before he could speak the nurse did.

"This is YOU'RE choice Hilflos, not his" the second nurse said, packing up to leave.

"I d-don't want to keep h-him up all n-night" I said sadly.

"Bunny..." He sighed.

"Well then perhaps you should sleep in a guest car or with a nurse or perhaps Luc? You sound like your getting along very well with her, and besides, she is your maid so-" The first nurse offered.

"My m-maid?"

"She was assigned to the Lordships Consort wasn't she?" The nurse looked over at my Master and he nodded.

"Well then why don't you stay with her?" She asked me.

"Sh... Sh-Should I?" I looked at my Master sadly. He looked torn.

I'm not sure between what, but he did.

"Good night ladies, and thank you" her said, closing the door for them as they left.

"I d-don't want to g-go..." I sniffled.

"Slave, I think its best if you did... I don't want to fuck up again... I'm sorry but I'll ask your maid to come and collect you" he said with a flat-line tone.

"I-I'm not a th-thing!" I cried. My bottom ached and I groaned, rolling onto my side with a whimper.

"Slave! That's enough!" he snapped "I bought you, you are my property! If I say your to sleep separate from me, DO SO!" He snarled. I winced and felt tears brimming my eyes. I sat up slowly, trying to keep myself from crying out. He turned from me, leaning on the window frame.

I went over to him and set my hand gently on his arm.

I was about to say 'I'm sorry' and 'I'll leave' when his hand swung out and he slapped me.

I landed on the ground with a THUD. Slowly I looked up at him, tears spilt from my wide blue-grey eyes and he glared at me. I didn't move. I couldn't. I felt a stinging on my cheek when my tears slid over it and reached my hand up.


I looked back up to him but he turned back to the window and I got up, grabbing the discarded pyjama pants I ran to the door and stumbled down the train cars.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. He's right. He bought me. I'm just a toy to him. A possession. Luc was wrong, he isn't anything more to me than the man who drugged and raped me. Nothing else. No special connection. Nothing but an item to lust over...

I hopped onto another car and suddenly I could hear Tang's voice. He sounded angry. REALLY angry. He was yelling at someone...

I peaked into a little room off to the side of the train and he was talking into a phone. He hung up and I turned to leave. Just as I was grabbing the door handle someone grabbed my arm gently and turned me to face them. I was staring eye to eye with a human. He frowned. Glossy golden hair and sharp blue eyes stared at me. He was at most an inch taller than me but his glare was plenty enough to make me want to run full tilt back to the Master.

"Hey Boss, we got a peeping tom, well, ok so she's a peeping rabbit but whatever" he pulled me along after him towards the door where Tang stood looking confused.

"I'm not a peeping tom!" I said angrily.

"Ok sure, whatever you say babe" he snickered, pushing me towards Tang who grabbed my shoulder.

"Hilflos? What are you doing here?"

"Her name is 'Helpless'? Seriously?" The boy started laughing.

"Shut up Andre" Tang growled.

"Bite me!" The boy growled back.

"Hilflos, Why aren't you with Gaunt? Are you alright? Your bleeding! Are you ok!? Woah, hey-!" I threw my arms around him and hugged him close.

"You know this runt?" The golden haired boy asked quizzically.

"This 'Runt' is prince Rabia's Consort" Tang turned back to me.

"Woah, this chick isn't any better than the last ones!"

"I'm a boy!" I cried "and I DON'T look like a girl! So why is everyone confusing me for one!?"

"You smell like a girl" the boy said, frowning.


"Hilflos is male Andre, yes HE smells like a female but HE is a BOY" Tang said forcefully.

"Prove it!"

"How?" Tang snapped.

"I don't know! Your the one trying to tell me my nose is lying to me!" the boy- Andre -quipped.

"We'll talk later Andre"

"Whatever" the boy waved a hand and went back into the room Tang was in.

"He hurt you again" it wasn't a question. He sounded even more mad than when I'd first entered the train car.

"Its ok" Tang gently patted my back, cooing quietly. I pulled back quickly and saw a damp spot from my tears on his shirt.

"S-sorry... I'm s-sorry" I sniffled. I stepped back and he pulled me back to him, holding me tight.

"Its just a shirt..." He held me at arms length and looked me over, wincing when he looked back at my cheek. I knew I had a cut on it, it stung...

Tang leant forward and tilted my head up, I blinked. He bent down and licked me.

He freaking LICKED me!

I jumped back with a scowl.

"Why did you do that?" I asked, the cut began to itch.

"I'm a Palup, there are chemicals in my saliva that nullify pain receptors in the body" he said, pointing at my cheek. I froze. The stinging in my cheek was gone.

"T-Thank you!" He grinned at my flustered expression.

"Your cute when you stutter" he commented and motioned for me to follow him.

"I'm cute?" I blushed and a tiny smile crept onto my face. He frowned.

"Er... Yes?" Scratching the back of his neck he shrugged.

"Thank you..." I hid my face behind my hair and he led me along down the train car.

"Tang, I don't get it, your so nice! Why doesn't Master like you?" I asked, grabbing his arm and making him look at me. He shook his head.

"He's worried I'm going to try and steal his Consort" he sighed.

"You mean me?"

"Yeah" he smirked "blood sucking asshole" he snapped. I frowned.

"Would you?" He looked down at me and shook his head.

"Don't look at me like that!" He said, turning away.

"You can sleep in my bed tonight" he muttered. I stopped and stood where I was.

"Hilflos? What's the matter?" He asked.

"You didn't answer my question Tang" I said, my eyes staring at my bare feet.


"Master says I have to keep my guard up against men who might try and mate me since I have a weird smell or something" I explained quietly. He stepped closer and his hand came to rest on my shoulder, I shrugged him off.

"Is it true?"

He didn't respond. He just gave me this helpless look.

"If you had the chance," I gripped the front of his shirt and pulled him closer "If I let you" his breathing was uneven and he had on a pained expression "If I asked for you to take me..." He was close, his lips so close to mine I myself was struggling not to kiss him. He smelled of cologne. Not to much, not to little... But enough to make my body hum lightly with arousal.

"If I asked for it, Would you?" I asked, he swallowed hard.

"Yes" his voice was thick and his eyes glazed slightly. I pulled away, he didn't look mad, just... Frustrated.

"But I didn't, did I?"

Ok, now he looked mad. A childish expression formed on his face and I laughed lightly.

"That wasn't nice Hilflos" he grumbled.

"But it was funny" I said wryly. He shook his head and started down the hallway. I ran to catch up and out of the corner of my eye I saw him smiling to himself.

"What?" I asked. He stopped and pushed me against the wall, his lips caught mine and I let out a muffled yelp as he kissed me. His lips were soft over mine and I groaned, wishing Master would kiss me like this.

It was hot.

It was passionate.

It was fast paced but his lips still moved softer than silk against mine. He bit my lip, hard, and I took a startled breath. His tongue dipped in and I moaned, my mouth moved against his and suddenly he was kissing down my neck.

His hand clapped over my lips just as his mouth began sucking on Masters mark until I was close to screaming against Tangs hand. My legs dropped out from beneath me, arms clinging desperately to his solid form, nails digging into his back as my body trembled with delight. He growled and I felt the sound flood through me. He caught my waist and hiked my legs up over his hips. He began grinding into me until I was left cooing weakly into his hand. He moved his hand from my mouth to my chest, his thumb brushing my nipple.

"Tang... Please..." I moaned into his shoulder as he bit playfully on the mark. He let my legs go and turned me around, still sucking on the mark, he slid his hand into my pants and pressed gently on my entrance.

"Do you want... Me to take you?" He asked, his fingers pushing in deeper. I choked, my body tense from the pleasure.

I wanted him inside!

I needed it!

"Tang... Please-" Then it hit me.

THIS isn't Master!

THIS feels wrong!

THIS must stop!

I shoved Tang back full force and he stumbled slightly, he was breathing heavily and I slid to the floor. I sat there, hands clutching my sides.

"You didn't say not to" he chuckled. I stood and he came closer. My legs were immediately in motion and I took off up the train car. I rushed through a door, crashing into a maid as I did so. I looked down at the girl beneath me and a wave of relief flushed my body.

"Please! Do you know Luc?" I asked quickly. She nodded.

"Take me to her" I pleaded. She nodded again and slowly got up and started walking.

"Hurry please, its an emergency!" She started running. I ran after her and she stopped, out of breath, at a door. I looked to it and she wheezed.

"This... Is... Lucs... Room..." She gasped.

I thanked her. Opening the door I saw Luc sitting at a desk full of papers.

"LUC!" She whirled around, falling from her chair.

"WHAT!?" She shrieked, clinging to the fallen chair.

"I-I think I'm a... A..."

"A what!?" She asked frantically.

"A whore..."

Out of the few derogatory terms and swear words I learned from Solace Market, 'whore', seemed the most fitting for this current situation...

As soon as I finished explaining Masters behaviour then Tang's 'attack' she started laughing so hard her face went purple and I had to hold her upright as she choked back laughter.

"Oh Hilflos! Your not a whore," She laughed "your a playboy bunny" she cackled hysterically.

I stared at her for a minute, still having NO idea what she was talking about until she explained- in great detail -what a playboy bunny was...



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