"Well, It says here your name is Hilflos" the Dog-eared man who'd been writing notes for the one who bought me, said.

"Yes" I whispered.

"No last name?"

"No last name..."

"Ok then! Well Hilflos do you have a nickname?" I paused, looking the man over.

Bright candy apple red hair, big grey eyes, full lips and a lean build.

He was... I suppose the term would be beautiful... But men can't be beautiful! That's just weird...

"Flos" I said finally.

"Cool, Well my name is Tangeluric, call me Tang its nice to meet you" the man said, holding out a hand for me to shake. I sat there. Staring at it.

"You can shake it" Tang said, humour edging his voice.

"Ok" I nodded. Quietly turning back to look out the window. The train car we sat in sped on, the beautiful scenery outside. Full of old winding Montpelier maple trees, Pine and a strange tree I couldn't name...

Tang sighed and sat back.

"Its lovely, don't you think?" I asked.

"Huh? Out there? I guess... Its just a bunch of trees" Tang muttered, writing more notes.

"Its a nicer veiw than the cage I was living in anyway..." I said under my breath.

"Good point" I jumped.

Wait... He heard me?

"I'm a Palup," he said with a chuckle, "I have good ears" his laugh... It was gentle, good-natured... Like Amrek's laughter.

Nothing like the man who bought me...

Which reminds me!

"Hey, what's his name?"


"The man who bought me, what's his name. I want to know what to call him..." I said, looking back over at Tang.

I like his name... It reminds me of citrus fruits... Tangy...

"The Masters name? I... I actually don't know if he'd like you to call him by his first name..."

"Well then what do I call him?" I asked curiously. Running my finger over the red velvet lining of the train car. It was softer than silk and had a thick bar of brass running through it, spinning off in little thin tendrils, like climbing ivey.

"The staff just call him Master or Master Rabia..."


"Yeah... If you ask any of the other men or women in his staff though you'll probably hear them call him Master Rabid" he said with a smile.

"Your one of them?"

"Maybe..." Tang said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. I think I may grow to like this man...

"So where are we going anyway?" I asked.

The train ride had already taken at least an hour or two and we hadn't slowed once.

"The Masters estate in the South"


"On an island, in Greece"

"Grease? Why would someone want to live in grease? Its so oily and smells bad!"

"Not cooking grease, Greece as in the place, in italy"

"Italy... I like that word!" I smiled, pronouncing Italy with each syllable.

That's a neat word...

"Where in Italy?" I asked excitedly.

"Near Oia Santorini, the Island was removed from most Maps but the locals all know about it, It has some rather disturbing legends surrounding it but I figure that's all they are, Legends" he sighed.

This struck me as interesting, A secret island... The eery ring that came with the idea of the island being a secret, something hidden or out of sight was to tempting to pass up. It reminded me of what I'd seen at Solace, a little girl was doing Magic Tricks just outside the main doors when I first arrived. She was pulling things from a tall hat. She was using secrets to make the audience 'Oh' and 'Ah' for some small change.

"Like a secret? Like magic?" I asked.

"Well the island is rather magical in a sense..."

"A magic island" I murmured under my breath.

"I suppose" Tang smirked at my fidgeting form and I had another question.

"Um... Hey Tang?"


"What kind of legends are they?"


"Hilflos?" A voice called, interrupting Tang. I looked up at the door and saw a girl in a navy blue suit with a pearly white trim, a little clipboard hugged to her chest.

"Um... Yes?"

"His Sirness would like to meet with you" she said in a slight Romanian accent. If I didn't know better I could have sworn I heard a hint of pity in her voice.

"Already? Can't he let the boy alone? You know, to adjust? He's probably never left a cage in his life!" Tang griped.

"Don't you get snippy with me! I'm just the messenger!" She snapped. Tang slumped back into his seat with a little growl.

I frowned and spoke up.

"I was let out of my cage at least once a week, into the Pit!" I said defensively.

"P... Pit?" The girl looked at me oddly.

"You know, the feeding Pit, where the guards let us out to eat. The other Veimen weren't exactly the nicest and I didn't like them b... But..." I froze.

"I...Uh..." I stammored, hugging my knees to my chest. They were staring at me weirdly. Like I was an experiment or something...

"Would you give us a minute?" Tang asked the girl. She left quickly and slid the door shut.

"Alright look, the 'Pit' probably won't be anything like the Master seeing as he didn't buy you for your strength obviously-" he winced "No offence intended"

"None taken" I said and he continued.

"He's going to want one of two things" Tang explained.

"Like what?"

"Well... One, For you to run him an errand, but he has other staff to do that as you saw with Luc so..." Tang grimaced.

"Are you um... Have you ever... Damn, well this isn't awkward, nono not at all..." He said sarcastically. I stared at him in confusion.


"Have you ever had sex before?" He asked so quickly I barely caught it. I stared at him for a minute before finally busting out laughing. His expression was of complete bewilderment, it only made me laugh harder, bringing tears to my eyes.

"Wh-What!?" I asked, choking on giggles.

"I know it sounds weird but... Have you?"

"Um... No, I don't plan on having kids" I said, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"I meant with a man..." He grumbled.

"Tang, Guys can't have sex with each other" I said smiling. Silly Tang, boys don't make babies!

"Yes they can" he said flatly.

"Can a man have a baby? Does a man have a vagina? No, so boys can't... They can't have sex"

"What do you think sex is?" Tang asked.

"Um..." I was caught off guard by this,

"A man and a woman coming together to make a baby" I said bluntly.

"That is one reason..." He admitted.

"ONE reason?"

"Its also for pleasure"

"Well duh! A momma and a poppa gotta love each other to make babies!"


"Ok... I'm confused, what does sex mean to YOU then?"

"Uh... Having sex means lust, desire and passion between two people, a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman"

"But... Guys and guys-"

"Can feel good together to" he said forcefully. I stared at him in confusion.

"Have you ever tried?" I asked crossing my arms. I figured I'd won the argument. Until, that is, he said,


"What!? How!? Do you have lady bits!?" I asked curiously.

"No... I have everything you have" he said with a frown.

"But... Then how? And who?"

"I... Um... That's not really any of your business" he murmured. I frowned.

"But HOW? I don't understand! H-"

"I'll take that as a 'no I've never had sex with a man before' am I right?" He asked.

I blushed.

"I can't have sex with a man, I'm not a girl and I don't have a vagina"

"Shit" he said and thought for a moment.

"Look, if I know anything about the Master and his preferences, then he's going to want to have sex with you"


"What he likes"

"Um... What?"

"He wants you because your tender, your weak, your helpless and innocent, you look easy to control, you have a small, apparently virgin body which only makes him more ravenous-"

"Ok, ok! Jeez I get it already" I grumbled. He'd spoken weirdly, slow like he was enjoying what he was saying...

Creep... I'm not as easy as he thinks!

"But how the heck do I have sex with a boy?" I asked.



"The Master,"

"What about him?"

"He's not a boy... He's a Man" he said with a slight smile. I stared at him cautiously.

"Ok, how do I have sex with a 'Man' then, I don't have lady parts and I don't even know how to have sex with a girl!"

"He can teach you that part..." Tang said and then frowned.

"He's not going to be gentle with you, I guarantee it, and its going to hurt, ALOT" he said and stood.

"Why are you telling me this!?"

"Because your going to want to prepare yourself for it"

"Well this isn't helping!"

"He won't be happy if he's left waiting much longer- you need to go"


"Go" he said pulling me up and shoving me out the door.

"Luc can show you the way" He said nodding to the girl from before.

"Follow me" she said and started walking down the hall briskly.

"Hey! Wait!" I called, running after her. She had tiny round fuzzy ears, a long bushy tail and a curvy figure.

"Not to be rude but... What type are you?" I asked.


"Woah, good to know!" I stared at the girl, she was slightly smaller than me- which is saying something as I'm only 5 foot 3 or so.

"I'm not going to eat you" she muttered. I followed her at a distance now.

Even small weasels could rip me to shreds and I couldn't really do much...

"He's waiting through there..." Luc murmured as we came up to a door linking the two train cars.

"Just go through carefully and he'll be waiting" she said and bowed.

"Uh'huh..." I swallowed hard.

"Hey Luc?"


"Have you ever... You know... With him?" I asked, she blushed furiously.

"Um... Did it hurt?" She stared at me.

"When he... Look, just don't make any noise unless he tells you to or it'll hurt a hell of alot worse..." Then she took off down the hall.

"That can't be a good sign..." I whined. I gripped the handle tightly.

What would happen if I just... Left?

No... They would hunt me down like they did that other Veimen that tried to runaway from Solace...

I opened the little door, wind whipped my hair in every direction possible.

"ITS FREEZING OUT HERE!" I cried, my voice cracking.

I swear puberty has it in for me...

I hopped daintily over to the other car, groaning at how girly I must have looked, and hung onto the door handle.

Before I could knock, the door slid open and I came face to face with HIM...

"Y-you wanted to see m-me?" I said nervously, shrinking into myself when he smiled. He was shirtless, his broad shoulders and taut muscles bold against the wind. I stepped back.

"Took you long enough..." He said and grabbed my arm. Yanking me into the car he tossed me aside like a rag doll, twisting my wrist painfully in the process. He slammed the door shut and walked over to me.

I lay on the floor groaning. My arm hurt like hell...

"Ouch... Why did you do that?" I asked and started to stand, he knocked me to the side with his foot.

"Don't bother getting up" he said, his voice thick.

"Hey-!" He grabbed my arms and slammed them down, squeezing my wrist tightly.

"Let's get that thing off of you" he said, tearing away the frail lacing of the corset with one hand. I yelped when it came off, his hand pressing on a bruise the tight fabric had given me, but tried not to make any noise like Luc warned. Tears built in my eyes as he dragged his gaze down my body. I myself was surprised, the way he had me pinned made my waist seem sickly thin, even more so than the unhealthily tight corset he'd just stripped from my tender flesh.

"You're smaller than I thought..." He said and grabbed my crotch, pinching, tweaking and twisting the sensitive pouch. I bit my lip, trying desperately to make as little noise as humanly possible. Tears forming in my eyes.

"Oh no, don't do that, let's hear it..." He chuckled darkly.

His fingers were hard and felt funny on my shaft.

"L-let go!" I said, desperately trying to push him away. He just growled and started to rub my length harder. I kicked out, my heel connecting with his shin.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you..." He said, his deep voice rumbled above me.

I twisted from his grasp and started crawling up and away from him when his arms snagged me; he flipped me around so I was on my knees bent forward under him.

My face heated and my arms struggled to pull back.

"Stop!" He pushed my arms above my head and tugged the stretchy pants down an away. Off my legs to show my limp shaft. He sneered.

"Like I said... Smaller than I thought" he laughed, I blushed. Feeling overtly ashamed at the way he forced my legs open, grinding against my bottom.

His one hand was tugging at me while he kissed and sucked on my neck.

"N-no m-more!" I whimpered.

He stopped for a minute and undid his pants. I heard the belt buckle clank when it hit the hardwood floor of the train car. His hands were suddenly back on my body as though they'd never left, sending funny feelings through me. A flushing chill making my body curled into him, a painful erection growing from between his fingers.

Something bumped in between my legs and I froze. Looking down slowly I saw his pecker-

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed and fought against him harder, kicking, flailing, shoving his gargantuan penis away.

"Stop that, don't make me hurt you..." He growled. I kept fighting and he gripped my hadron tightly, a scream stripping from my parched throat.

I started crying, finally realising what he intended on doing.

Seeing as I only have two openings in my body and he was nowhere near my mouth... I was smart enough to realise what would come next...

"Let me GO! Stop! NO-!" he shoved something into my mouth, a little red ball of some sort, and tied it around my head. My muffled screaming continued until I felt something brush against my bum hole.

"Since you decided to fight, you'll have to pay the price..." He said, his voice thick and husky. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably but I could only make unrecognisable mumbles through the gag in my mouth.

"Shush... It's ok... So have you ever done this before?" He asked. I shook my head crazily and I could almost hear him smile.

"Then I'm your first time..."

AND LAST! I thought in terror.

"Don't worry Bunny it'll only hurt for a little while..." He murmured. I could feel him set his cock at my hole, pressing hard, and my pleas started up again. Begging for him to let me go. The tip pressed and slid in slowly, I felt myself tearing open to accommodate the crown of his shaft and jerked to the side awkwardly.

I could never fit the whole thing! It had to be at least 14 or 15 inches long!

I screamed. My body wrenching back, head slamming against his chest, my bottom burned.

I choked on the ball gag, the feel of his cockhead within my silky insides was overwhelming my senses.

He pulled back and I fell away, my arm slipping free.

I started beating my fist against his side.

"Enough of that..." He snapped. Standing up he grabbed my arms, he hefted me onto the bed. I sank into the cushy blankets, crying my eyes out... Trying to pull off the gag only to have my hands bound together by the man.

In the middle of the mattress was a handful of strange looking items. Each one more unusual than the last.

He picked up a little square of foil and a syringe of some sort. I stared in horror as he ripped open the foil and slid something clear and wet onto his length and tied my arms above me with a strange black fabric.

"This might make you feel a little better, hmm?" He said taking a large shiny clear pill from a bottle next to me. He pushed it into my bottom and I jumped, it felt weird!

Slowly, coolness built from within me. My eyes widened and I curled, flailing frantically as I tried to pull my arms back to get whatever was inside of me, out.

"Looks like it's working a little faster than anticipated..." He murmured. Slowly the cold subsided even as my body continued thrashing about. A strange second wave of euphoria clouded my eyes slightly.

I stopped moving, my body felt... Weird...

My teeth bit down into the rubber ball gag and I cried out in shock as my body started burning with a crazed lust...

My bottom didn't ache anymore from where he'd shoved his lance into... It felt... Good...

I suddenly wanted very much to have the man inside of me again. Feel him deep in me. Panting. Growling. Fucking my brains out.

The feeling was overwhelming. A need so strong.

So strange....

"You like that? It's a new chemical my company came up with just for me, it makes you feel really good doesn't it..." He asked, his voice hoarse.

Sliding a finger into my hole he pulled it out, repeating the unusual anal assault, adding a digit or two once and a while so I was loose enough to insert the syringe. I felt the heat from the liquid, the chill from the pills and then his fingers again.

He fingered me roughly. Ramming my hole with his hand until I was left whimpering through the gag. Silently begging for him to touch me...

My body was craving him. I wanted him inside...

"You want this?" He asked, placing his cock at my hole I groaned as he inserted the tip-Only the tip...

I felt like I was going to EXPLODE!

My head was swimming, eyes watering, body moving at its own accord. He took off the gag and smiled at me.

"Beg" he growled erotically. I felt sick with need. Like I was going to die without him inside me!

"N-no! Get out! GET OUT!" I wailed. He looked surprised. Then confused. Finally his face grew dark and angry.

"What the hell!?" He snarled.

"Must be a faulty pill..." He said in frustration. Pulling away he took out another clear pill and popped it in, another one, another one... I lost count after a while. I stared at him in horror as he shoved the final one in as deep as he could.

"Don't worry you can't overdose on this stuff" he said.

My body started to feel warped. It felt so different. I was shaking, slick with sweat. My ass hole leaked the weird liquid from the syringe and I felt it running down my bottom, disappearing into the bed.

My dick was throbbing, I could feel the pulse of my heartbeat in it and it hurt!

I kept on groaning. The man leant down and started sucking me, HARD.

I cried out. Breathing heavily my voice climbed. Its volume crashing through octaves.

"N-no More!"

"Beg me to stop then..."


"Do it..."

"P... Please! Stop!" I cried, my heart felt like it was ripping along at the same speed as the train we rode in.



"What's my name?" He said, pushing his shaft into me, slowly going deeper and deeper.

I screamed and started twisting. The bed was whining as I yanked on the ropes that bound me.

"You will address me as, Master" he snapped. I shook my head in defiance. He made a tsk'ing noise and rammed himself into me nearly to the root. My voice finally broke and I felt like my throat was bleeding.

"I don't want to hurt you Bunny, so beg" he whispered.

"Master..." I spat the word, "P-please Stop It! L-let me g-go!" I cried.

He pulled back and plunged in again. I expected pain but...


Nothing that jolted through my body once he hammered into me after that felt anything like pain...

I screamed again- but it wasn't from fear, or because he was hurting me...

I lay there, staring at him in confusion.


"Do you like that?" He asked with a grin.

"No" I shook my head and looked away.

But I DID like it. I DID and I wanted MORE.

I just couldn't admit it... I wouldn't...

"No" I said again.

"Yes you do" he chuckled and started crashing into me fiercely. His grip on my hips increasing.

I heard myself moan. The loud, pleasurable sound shocking me. I'd never made a sound like it before...


"That's much better, Bunny..." He said and pumped himself into me harder.

"Jesus Christ... Would you loosen up a bit?" He said. I kept using the same words of, 'Stop' and 'No More' but he ignored it.

My moaning grew louder with each earth shaking thrust. Dark hair falling into his eyes as he pushed my legs upwards. He held them there, rubbing the tender skin of my thighs in little circles.

He was holding me so firmly I was sure I'd have bruises by tomorrow.

"You like that?" He asked again, slowing down to a torturous pace.

"N... No..." I wept honestly. I wanted it faster... It hurt worse when he slowed down...

My eyes locked with his and he smirked.

"You'll feel good soon enough..." He chuckled.

Even as my body begged for more I couldn't let him know I liked it- I COULDN'T!

I threw my head back, feeling the toxic lust vaulting through my core.

He covered my lips with his and forced his way into my mouth. Dominating me completely and totally. His tongue did things to me... Strange... Pleasurable things...

I turned my head away.

"I don't want this! I don't! You can't do this! You have... To... Stop..." I felt my body curve into his as his lips reconnected with mine.

I didn't want to! I really didn't... But...

Before I knew it... I was kissing him back...

Our tongues moving in sync. I whimpered into his supple lips as he ground himself further into me.

He yanked himself almost all the way out then plunged back in, my body bucking up to meet him.

My hands were clenched so tight my knuckles were white, a dark hungry lustre gracing his intense chocolate eyes.

I bit down on the fluffy pillow beneath me and started crying uncontrollably.

My body was filling with a tormenting passion that both terrified and seduced my sense of right and wrong.


"Going to cum for me" he said, his hands running along the base of my small erection.

"But-!" He let go of me and pulled out. Sitting back to admire his work.

I lay there, able only to writhe under his cruel gaze. He smiled and undid my arms from the headboard.

Thin purple and red lines wrapped around my wrists where the fabric had been. He pinched my nipples, leaning down to suckle on one I covered my mouth. Panting heavily as he bit, licked and twisted it in his teeth. He sat up, gripping my one arm he kissed my slim fingers. His own strong hands seemed to envelope my tiny ones.

I pulled my legs up and away from him. I can't believe I'm saying this... But... Tang was right... I am small and weak... Easily controlled...

The man flipped me onto my stomach, lifting my rear end to meet his cock once again. I looked back and saw him smile.

"Ready?" he asked. I looked away as he sank into me. My weak arms lifting me away from his vicious form, he pulled me back and drove me down deeper into the mattress. I began begging whoever would listen for it all too just... End...

My arms now free I gripped the blankets and covered my head, bawling into them as he fucked me mercilessly. My screams warbled to the beating of his body on mine.

I felt myself breaking inside.


"I Can't-Oh God!" I moaned as he started picking up speed.

"Just breathe..." He said and ran his hands up my back, tracing my spine with hot fingers.

He grunted as he forced the giant cock in again, pulling my hair as he did so. My head bent back painfully and my moans turned to chokes of tortured desire.

"More..." I whispered hoarsely, my body twitched, convulsive under his dark mass.

"What was that?" He asked in genuine surprise. He leant forward, stopping to listen. When I didn't respond he started up again.

"More...!" I croaked again.

"Wrong" he growled, though I picked up something new in his tone, almost... Giddy...

"Master please! M-More!" I screamed. My body rocking back to meet his hips as they stroked his man meat into me.

He moved slightly and I felt his hot breath tickle my neck.

"Beg... Beg for me to make you mine" Shivering I reached up to touch his face.

"Please Master... Take me! I-AH!" I was cut off by his body colliding with mine.

"That's it Bunny, Beg for it..." I felt my shaft stiffen up and I groaned.

"I-it hurts..." I whined.

"I know it does... Would you like me to make it feel better?" He asked, grabbing my hips he nearly crushed me under his body as he leant forward to pound me at a new angle.

"Yes" I said breathlessly. He released my hair and wrapped his hands around my small prick, still pounding into me.

"Like this?" He asked, biting my ear as he rolling the tip in his fingers.

"Y-ye-" I pulled at the blankets, craving the release I felt snaking up and filling my sensitive body.

"Cum for me Bunny..." He whispered into my ear, hot breath washing over my neck.

I looked down just as the tip of my own cock shot off a white creamy liquid simply from the sound of his voice. My back arched violently, arms shooting up to grab my Masters neck behind me, my body practically vibrating as I came for him. Tears streaked down my cheeks, the explosive power that fought its way out of me making me feel even weaker-if possible...

Then I felt something tap my stomach and I looked down to see myself still fully hard...

"What...? But... How" I whimpered as he pulled out.

His arms lifted me up easily onto his lap where he once again placed me over his dick. He slid me down slowly over him.

"OH GOD!" I wailed as my back craned sharply into him. Dragging my nails down his back I... I needed... More...

"That's it Bunny... Good boy" He chuckled, bouncing me on his lap. His hands slipped up to inter lock our fingers as he thrust to meet my decent.

"Please Master! Harder!" I moaned loudly once the pain ended.

"Good, but not good enough, scream for me" He murmured, I felt like I should be ashamed... The way I was acting... It just wasn't like me... He pushed me upwards and tugged me back roughly for one solid, bone crushing ram-and my god did I scream!

My voice ripping from my lungs. A screech of pain, pleasure, lust. My Master jumped in surprise, something hot slicing through my hole when he did.

His face nuzzled into the crook of my neck and shoulder and he laughed.

"Alright, you've been a good Bunny, I'll make you feel good..." He said and hammered me harder. His tongue slid over my shoulder up to my ear.

"Tell me what this feels like Bunny..." He whispered, his teeth grazed my sweet spot and he bit me.

His teeth breaking through my snowy skin easily.

Suddenly something... Something odd began spreading from my neck. My head lolled to the side and I felt my body go limp.

"Master...!" I gasped.

All the while he didn't stop bobbing me up and down on him. His lance hitting my bruised prostate again and again- it just wasn't enough!

"Master Please! MORE!" I begged shamelessly. Within an instant he was back crouching over me, my knees wobbling to keep myself up, arms dead tired, my fingers still locked with his. Only now on my penis. His hands guiding mine.

He started sucking. Drawing my blood into him, I felt it running down my side, spilling onto the sheets.

"MASTER!" I cried, my body tensing up everywhere he touched me.

"Does it feel good?" He asked, pulling away. I couldn't answer. His shaft was burning inside of me, making my body feel like jelly...

"Tell me Bunny... Does it feel good?"

"Yes Master!" I called as he ploughed into me. I felt him jolt a few times before twisting my neck to the side painfully- I loved it...

"Look at me!" He snarled. My head tilted back to stare at him.

My wide sun-burst blue eyes were instantly caught up in the heady intensity his alluring dark chocolate ones held.

One last animalistic growl leapt from his lips as he bit down into me and thrust. I felt his cock bottle rocket us both to the stars and back. My eyes rolled back as the pleasure flooded through us viciously. Somehow we were linked for that final moment of absolute bliss. I felt his strong arms slip up around me, legs flexing, head burying itself in my neck...

And it faded. The room stopped spinning, my head was pounding, my eyes refocused and he leant back from my neck. Still holding me tightly as his cum flooded into the little thin skin that prevented his seed from spilling into me. I wanted to feel it though...

Feel him let loose inside of me...

Take my body in any way he wanted...

"Good boy" He panted, His body shuddering as he calmed himself.

"Master..." I whispered.


"I feel funny..."

"Understandable after what I just did to you..." He laughed. We sat there for a few minutes, he would occasionally grind against me. After a while he ordered me to stand on all fours and he pulled out slowly, sliding the tip back in to tease me before exiting my body entirely, my back dipping with a long, low moan, as he did.

Once he'd finished toying with my body some more, he got up and opened a dresser drawer.

"Be a good Bunny" he said with a crooked grin, holding up something black. I strained to lift my upper half. I stared in bewilderment at the odd mass of... Something... He held up.

It took a good twenty or so minutes before the thing actually fit around my thin form but eventually he stood up and nodded in satisfaction as I tugged at the leather harness. The harness was attached to a lead which hooked onto the wall next to the bed.

I frowned as I fiddled with the cow hide. I just couldn't understand how exactly it fitted together and I was even more confused as to how I would escape such a contraption...

"I think I'd like to take a walk" he said, slipping into a pair of slacks and a button up T-shirt.


"You're to stay here until I come fetch you for dinner" he ordered. I leant back into the cushy bed and he waved a goodbye before leaving me there in a train car smelling of his heavy cologne and aftershave.

My body flushed with the oddest forms of emotion... The after-effects of sex clung to my teen body firmly and I felt myself growing aroused just by the fact that his scent was all around me- yet I was still caught up in the disturbing reality that I was just raped into a state of utter delirium by a man I hadn't known for all of five minutes...

And after everything I'd done to deny it...

In the end?

I liked it...



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