When I woke up it was to the sound of the train wheels squealing as the massive machine slowly halted. I sat up and looked around. The train car I was in was filled with bunk beds containing passed out women.

And if that wasn't weird enough, Luc was wrapped around me like a topless koala bear. Boobs hanging everywhere.

I shuddered at the sight and rubbed the sleep from my eyes. Stretching, a slight pain in my back made me jump. I placed a hand on the small of my back and winced when I felt just how sensitive it was. It was obvious my Master had taken me to roughly and here I was, bearing the consequences...

Luc snorted in her sleep, scratching her bony side and I smirked. Leaning back slightly against the headboard of the little metal framed bed.

She likes to talk, A LOT. This I learned last night when she wouldn't stop going over what kinds of clothes she and the girls would be dressing me in this morning. Now I was debating sneaking away whilst they all slept soundly. The girls aka the crew of maids, who were thoroughly exhausted from last nights wardrobe excursion, were all female. This I found strange but didn't question it when I was told.

I went to stand and fell to my hands and knees. My body felt weak...

My head was dizzy and I was absolutely whipped clean of all energy even though I'd only just woken up. I could tell this had nothing to do with the late night I'd had.

It was something else...

I felt restless but foggy at the same time.

"Flos? Whacha doin baby doll?" A girl named Anne asked sleepily. She was hanging halfway off the bed, her face buried in a random girls chest.

"Good night?" I asked cheekily. She beamed at me as the girl below her stirred and woke up slowly.

"Woah! Sorry Anne! Wait... Why are you in my bed?" The girl asked, her cheeks flushed as a look of understanding flashed over her face.

"Well that was fun..." Anne giggled, kissing the girl who's cheeks only turned a brighter shade of red from the affection.

I went to stand up again and fell back down, my whole body was screaming at me, but not so much as my lower back. Anne jumped up and grabbed me before I hit the ground.

"It hurts..." I groaned, gripping the bunk bed I'd been sleeping on for support as she helped me into it.

"I'll go get you a hot bag and some tea" Anne smiled softly at me and I could only nod stiffly.

"What's a hot bag? Well ok duh, its a hot, bag, right? But what is it for?"

"It has beans in it that you heat up and put on whatever hurts you so you feel a bit better" She said, got up and left while I sat back on the bed from whence I came.

"Hey..." Luc mumbled quietly. I nodded in reply and she pulled me to her.

"Your soft..." She sighed, pulling at the laced and beaded collar of the purple and white spotted plush night gown I wore. The girls had taken the liberty of dressing me up in their girlish clothes- without my permission -and proceeded to take pictures and snuggle me until I was practically screaming for Masters company over their 'love'...

*cough* torture *cough*

Though it was nice to be fussed over, I just didn't see girls in the same light as before...

I sighed and snuggled down next to Luc. Her tiny round ears flicking as I tickled them with her hair.

"Here," I felt something hot touch my back and I winced, leaning into it.


"You guessed it doll" she chuckled, I sat up slowly and she handed me a lightly steaming cup while holding the hot-bag to my back. I sniffed the tea and she smiled.

"Its chocolate mint tea" she explained as I took my first sip of the hot broth "I grow it all myself!" She giggled, brushing off some runaway dribbles.

"Mmm! Its good!" I drained the cup and she took it from me.

"If you want I'll show you my garden when we get to the mansion?" She offered.


"You've certainly gotten attached to the staff, haven't you babe?" I turned to face the door and saw the golden haired boy. He was smirking at me.

"Don't call me babe!" I snapped at his smug mug.

"Anne called you babe" he pointed out.

"That's different!" I snapped, he scoffed.

"Andre! I haven't seen you in ages! Do you need something?" Anne asked walking over to him. Luc shifted beside me but went back to sleep quickly with a snore.

"Boss told me to tell her," he nodded at me "that he wants to talk or something" Andre said, and left.

"I'M A BOY!" I called after him.

"Sure you are babe!" He called back. I huffed indignantly and stomped my foot.

"Little creep!" I hissed under my breath. Anne sighed and went into a closet across the room from Luc's bed and pulled out a pair of flared cuff jeans and a tank top.

"Throw this on and go see what he wants!" Anne sighed.

Luc shot up, not even looking to be awake yet and got out of bed.


She sort of fell out...

But that's not the point!

She then, picking herself up off the floor, moved swiftly over to a big chest. Anne frowned and cocked her brow at Luc as she rifled through the chest.

Finally Luc threw something at me. I pulled the thing from my face only to have another thing smack me again. When I looked down at the clothing I looked up in confusion at Luc who nodded calmly before falling over onto an unconscious woman in another bed with a snore.

I looked down at the acid wash jean mini shorts and then at the long sleeved baby blue corset coated in tiny frills.

"I'm not wearing this" I stated. Luc must not have been asleep because as soon as the words left my mouth she was on me.

Her eyes were bagged and dull. Her voice was deep and cruel sounding.

"You will wear this or else I'll lock you in a room with Tang and tell him to fuck your brains out... Repeatedly" She growled. I sank back deeper into the bed, trying to hide. She pulled away and flopped down next to me.

I looked over at Anne who's expression of fear mirrored my own.

"She wouldn't..." Anne swallowed hard.

"Naw, sh-she's still half a-asleep! She wouldn't actually-" Luc cut me off.

"I will unless you put it on..." She growled through gritted teeth.

"Creepy..." Anne snag under her breath.

I pulled on the oddly comfortable shirt and let Anne lace it up. Before I could pull on the shorts something hit my side and I looked down at a pair of black lace panties.

"What is it with you and trying to turn me into a girl!?" I snapped at Luc.

"Huh?" She rolled over and blinked at me "Those aren't mine..." She whispered before drifting off again.

"Nope! Their mine, now hurry up and GIT!" I looked up and saw the girl Anne was sleeping with smirking at me. I blushed and shook my head.

"Well you have to wear something under these shorts or you'll get a rash! And that's neither attractive nore comfortable!" Anne sighed. I frowned at her and pulled on the black lace then the shorts.

"How do I look?" I asked. Anne frowned and looked me over before leaning down and reaching under her bed. She pulled out a pair of boots and held them out to me. The boots were a pail beige and looked soft.

"Their deer hide, and really comfy... Sorry about the height..." She helped me get them on and I looked down at the heels. They had to be at least four or five inches tall.

"Their platforms but their not to hard to walk in so just try them out," she helped me up and we walked around a bit.

"They fit?" She asked.

"Yeah, and their ten times better than those stupid stiletto things Luc had me wear..." Anne grinned and took me to the door, telling me to go up a three train cars.

I nodded and was on my way.

As I walked down the hall men kept turning to stare at me. I jumped when one tried to pinch my butt and slapped him, running straight for the door. As I jumped onto the next train car I crashed into someone. I looked up and my eyes widened.

"M-Master!" I squeaked.

"Hello Slave..." He drawled, I saw a woman under his arm clinging to his side like a parasite.

"Oh! So this is your new toy!" She turned from me and trailed her fingers over his chest.

"Why don't you and I go and play? I'll bet I can satisfy you better than this..." She glanced at me and her nose bunched up in disgust "child".

I felt like I'd been slapped.

Play? As in what he did with me?


I though I was supposed to be the only one he wanted?

"That outfit suits you..." Master said, the heat in his eyes when he looked at me made me shudder. I looked down at my outfit and bit my lip.

"Luc m-made me wear i-it... I-I'm s-sorry..." I felt a blush creep into my cheeks and he chuckled quietly.

"No Bunny, it looks good, I like it" he kept staring at me...

"Bunny? Master? What on earth are you talking about Darling?" I jumped.

"Darling?" I looked up at him and he brushed the woman off, rolling his eyes.

She frowned at him, big flat brown eyes a parrot nose and age spotted skin showed just how old she was.

"Get lost" he snapped. She left with a huge scowl and I stayed glued to the spot.

"Bunny, go see if Keith needs anything before we get off the train, he's the head chef if you can't find your way, just ask one of the maids to take you" he muttered, walking around me to get onto the next car.

I went to stand but saw my shoe lace untied. I bent down to get it when I felt someone grab my hips and grind against them.

I yelped and struggled against the unknown person.

"Bunny, don't act as if this isn't driving you crazy..." Master rumbled behind me. My knees wobbled, weakening at the sound of his deep, silky voice.

"M-Master... Please..." I pushed back against him and my arms went back to link behind me.

His hand reached around my front and my head snapped back, my entire body clinging to him in desperation. He sighed against my neck and I melted back into his arms.

"I... I feel hot..." I groaned, my body was flush and even his cold hands weren't helping...

"I heard that Tang touched you... I took care of him... Don't let me hear about anyone touching you again" he growled into my ear, kissing his mark. I moaned and let him have his way, not that I could stop him...

A man down the hall of the train car froze at the door, staring.

"I'm not going to give you what you want, this is your punishment" he pulled away from me and I slid to the floor, clutching my body with an agonised groan.

"M-Master... D-Don't leave m-me l-like this... Please!" I begged as he left.

"Don't let anyone touch you, ever again..." He said, straightening his tie, he sauntered off. Leaving me to crawl over to the wall, my body was so hot... I felt like I was burning up...

I grabbed the handle of a door and pulled myself up and into it. It was an old, seemingly unused closet.

I felt like I was going to boil over...

I shut the door behind me and fell to the floor, opening the shorts in the pitch black closet I stroked my hardness, moaning for my master I reached back and pressed a finger against my hole, it was tightly shut and tender but I still slipped in. I gasped at the sudden flush of heat as my body sucked my fingers in, I forced them deeper and continued to jerk at myself, my peak was so close and yet I couldn't reach it! Just like before... I was left with nothing... I stopped and lay in the closet, crying quietly. I felt something paper-like laying next to me and grabbed it.

"Paper towel?" I used it to clean my hands I stood and fixed myself up before straightening out the clothes and slowly exiting the closet, wiping the tears from my eyes as best I could.

"Hey babe!" I turned to see Andre jogging down the train car to me. I walked over to meet him and he grabbed my arm, dragging me along.

"Boss is getting all flustered, what did you do to him hun? He's all 'where's Hilflos?' and 'why isn't he here yet?' Blah, blah, blah... So how'd you get him so hooked huh? I know you smell great and all but he's not one to get attached to anything!" I pulled back.

"I didn't DO anything, and I have to go see someone named Keith, so-"

"WHAT!? Why the fuck would you want to go and see that creep!?" Andre was staring at me with this look, like I was insane or something.

"Master told me to go help him... I don't know who he is I just know I need to go see him... So if you would be so kind as to point me in his general direction...?" He shook his head and pointed in the direction from whence he came.

"Three cars down and you'll be in the kitchens... Good luck babe, you'll need it" he patted my arm and went to walk off. I stuck a foot out and tripped him. I bent down and glared at him as angrily as I could manage.

"My name is Hilflos, NOT Babe! So quit calling me that!" I snapped. He reached up and grabbed my chest. I jerked back with a yelp and he smirked.

"Well your flat chested but my nose knows what it smells and YOU are a girl..." He said earnestly.

"I'M A BOY!" I cried in outrage.

"Prove it!" He snapped.

"How?" I blinked.

"Drop your shorts"

"NO!" I squeaked, backing up.

"Why not? You want to prove your a boy don't you?" He chuckled. I nodded and held my hands up to push him away but he got closer.

"So you really are a girl then?" He sighed.

"No, I'm a boy you weirdo!" I snapped angrily. He just laughed and shoved me back into the wall, stopping me from moving.

"What are you so scared of Babe, I'm not gonna eatcha..." He snickered.

"Th-Thats close enough" I said, holding up a hand. He shook his head and brushed aside my hand.

"Naw... Not close enough" He gripped my chin, turning my face this way and that and finally leant forward.

"You smell... Weird... Its making my nose itch..." he announced, his head pressed just below my ear. I froze, keeping my breathing shallow as he nuzzeled the crook of my neck just above the Mark. I didn't dare move. If he touched Masters Mark I'd do something weird, I know it...

We stood there for a while. Me, unmoving out of confusion, fear and discomfort at his touch. He, unmoving for some unknown reason. Maybe five or six minutes past with him just smelling me before I spoke up again.

"A-Andre?" I nudged him.

"Humn?" Was his dull reply. He was leaning into me until I was practically holding him upright. When I yanked him back from my body his eyes were off. Pupils dilated and unseeing. Mouth slightly open and breathing heavy. He wasn't really "there" to put it bluntly.

I guess...

I started to panic when his head lolled back and he mumbled something under his breath.

I mean, what would you do if suddenly some guy passes out on you!?

I let go of him for a second and he swayed, falling back with a loud 'thump' as he hit the floor.

"Uh..." I bent down and shook him. His eyes slowly shut and he sighed. I started pulling him after me and he just grunted random things under his breath.

I pulled him over to the closet and dumped him there.

Ok, now to find help...


The sound brought me around and I looked down to see the boy snoozing peacfully.

I smiled slightly until I heard his voice calling faintly.

"...B..." I got down on my knees to hear him better.

"...Babe...Nmmm...That Feels Good...There...Right There..." He moaned quietly, his hands travelling to his tightening pants where my hand had placed itself unintentionally.

I rolled my eyes with a sigh.

"You know what?" I patted his cheek with a tight smile "Your just fine RIGHT here..." I muttered, getting up to close the door.

"Now is NOT the time to 'Play Boy Bunny' my way into any more trouble..." I told myself angrily.

Well this is odd...

I went from never uttering a word to talking outright in public. Acting all cool and such...

Maybe its cause I'm finally 'cuming' out?

I giggled at my own joke then frowned.

Well, my humor hasn't changed... Still as sad and degrading as always... Geez...

Moving on to the next train car I heard the clattering of dishes and froze.

I must have walked quite a ways because when I looked around I found myself in what appeared at be an older train car. I was facing a door that read, 'To Kitchen' when it was opened and I was knocked back a few feet.

I got up swiftly and moved out of the way as two arguing cooks dashed out of the car and onto another.

"Hello? Keith?" I called into the car. I was met with a series of bangs, thunks and smashing sounds as the air filled with a variety of rather colourful curse words.

"Yea?" Was my sharp acknowledgement.

"I-I... Um..."

"Speak up!" The voice called, getting louder as heavy footfall echoed it shortly there after.

"I... Er... I-I was t-told to h-help you?" I murmured as a mammoth man came walking up to me. He was holding a box in one hand and fumbling with the ties to an apron with another. He wasn't looking at me.

"Hold this, kid" he shoved a box of something in my arms. The box jumped and I squealed, dropping it. The top popped open and a bunch of weird looking purple worms squiggled out. I hurried to pick them up as the man did and bonked my head into his.

"Ow..." He grunted.

"Sorry!" I yelped, falling back on my butt. I scrambled into a crouching position and pulled the worms back into the box. I looked up and froze.


This guy has HORNS?

Giant freaking Hellboy horns no less!

And a little gold nose ring... Uh... Weird much?

"Look, don't worry about the bump on my noggin, I've gotta get this shit to the boat and fast or it'll be my ass!" The man said, his tone light and good-natured. When he saw me he froze, jaw hanging on its last hinge the man didn't even ask my name, he just leant forward and sniffed me.

Not again...

"What?" I asked, twisting the hem of my shorts in suddenly jittery fingers. His hands stopped grabbing the worms and he stood.

"Why are you here" he suddenly asked, seeming angry.

I looked up, confused.

"Master... Er... Master Rabia said to help you... So I'm here to help" I said.

"Females are restricted from coming near me, go back to him! NOW!" He growled. I laughed.

"I'm a boy, not a girl!" I explained with a grin. He shook his head.

"Don't care if your a two headed elephant! JUST GO!"

"Keith, be polite!" A voice crowed from the door. I looked back and saw a lady in a giant white paper hat.

"Hello, I'm Hilflos" I stood and held out a hand for the woman to shake, she held up her hands to show some kind of drippy liquid on them.

"Can't shake hands I'm afraid but I'm Hega! So your the Masters consort, hmm?" I frowned slightly and nodded.


"A boy of your frailty shouldn't be in a kitchen! And honestly! Poor Keith over there is probably thinking about jumping your tiny little keester! Careful Keith, this ones taken..." She sang, walking by him.

"I'm not GAY!" He bellowed angrily. She laughed and went into another car.

"Pick up those worms and put them on the boxing cart over there, after that were done and you can leave..." He snapped.

"Ok... I'm s-sorry"

"Huh?" He looked down at me and frowned.

"Why are you sorry?"

"I'm m-making you uncomfortable... I'm s-sorry"

"Its not your fault, its just me... I'm a little messed up... Get to work and go" he rumbled, moving off to the back of the car.

Strange man...


I ran off the boat and onto dry land. My stomach was still clenching and I felt like crap...

I hate boats...

"Hey, you ok Hilflos?" Luc asked as she was ushered up a large staircase with the other maids.

"I-" I coughed and dry heaved "h-hate being a-" another dry heave "RABBIT!" I cried, my tummy kept turning but I couldn't get rid of the yuck inside...

You know how rabbits can't throw up? Yeah, well... Neither can I apparently... And I'm sea sick. Oh happy day! Note the sarcasm...

"Hey! Bunny boy, get your ass over here and help out!" Keith's voice boomed. I flipped my head around and he was glaring at me angrily.

"S-sorry!" I got up shakily and rushed back to help Keith carry boxes of fresh produce.

"Be careful with those!" He scolded when I tripped up the steps of the dock, trying to balance a crate of eggs while dragging an oversized bushel basket of apples up the stairs behind me. This was trip number nine for me, trip number 14 for Keith, up the dock levels to get to the loading station. A slightly smaller, older looking train awaited our cargo.

"Hurry up!"

"Sorry..." I said for the fiftieth time, sweat coating my brow as I worked my hardest. My legs are pretty powerful thanks to my genetics but this was pushing it...

My body just wasn't used to this kind of exertion and I was worn out...

"Look. Go sit up there, I'll get the rest..." He growled at me, I practically fainted when he took the load from me. I sat down for a second, maybe more and then started up the steps with the last of the strength I had.

"There's some fruit juice up on the second step, there's not much left but you can go ahead and drink the last of it... I've got more in the cellar at the mansion..." Keith said as he went back down for another load. When I got to the top, I saw it. It was a clear flask, etched beautifully with leaves and flowers. I lifted the cool container to my lips and let the liquid trickle into my mouth.

It was so sweet!

Not tangy at all and it had no real bite to it to indicate any citrus fruits. It tasted like coconuts. Strawberries. Cherries...

I felt eyes on me and turned to see Keith staring at me, his eyes were red like he'd been rubbing at them or didn't have enough sleep...

"Um... T-thank you... There's still a little left you know, here" I held the container to him and he took it carefully. Downing the last of it he sniffed the spout.

"Its a little off... But that's probably cause its been sitting in the sun..." He muttered, glancing back at me then the flask. He thrust it out towards me.

"Here's a job. Keep this intact on the way up to the castle... It was my moms..." He said. I took it and held it close to my chest, nodding furiously.

"Don't let it get broken! Its real crystal" he warned.

"Ok!" I chirped "you can count on me!" I grinned and hugged it to me as we walked to the train.

"Ok, I've put everything in the end cars, let's hurry up and get on" Keith muttered, helping me on. The stepladder got stuck and he had to lift me up onto the train but besides that there weren't any obvious problems with the old mode of transportation.

"Barbed Wire Mansion, here we come, eh?" Keith chuckled, settling into his seat with a few maids trying to fit in next to him. Casting glances at me and him every five seconds.

"Sure...?" I offered. He chuckled and closed his eyes.

It was kind of comical, his giant mass sliding down into the tiny seat awkwardly.

The mansion came around the ridge and my jaw dropped.

"Its... Beautiful..." I whispered in awe. Keith laughed at my reaction and snorted.

"Its something alright..." He agreed.



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