I was standing at the entrance to the biggest house I'd ever seen...


Try castle!

It shot up from the earth at least a half a kilometre high. Its walls on the outside were made of plain stone, some flecked with slivers of granite or mica that glimmered in the afternoon sun.

Once I stepped inside, I paled. The walls were some sort of dark blue-black stone, small tiles of white marble edged with gold swirled around in intricate patterns on the walls. No one section was entirely covered by the white and blue mixed stone making it look beautiful, even without pictures. The entire thing seemed to amazing to be true...

I was so busy admiring the walls that I didn't realise I was about to walk into anyone when I crashed right into Keith. He pushed me away from him gently and pointed up. Keeping one hand firmly on my shoulder.

"Oh... my god..." I swear my jaw was on its last hinge by now. Mosaics of every assortment littered the ceiling. What appeared to be wolves hid in shadows, branches stretching out from the walls held birds of every kind, winged horses throwing their heads back...

"Words can't describe..." I whispered in awe.

Keith just laughed and patted my back to usher me forward.

"Get a move on bunny boy! The mansion maids will bring up the cargo while WE all relax!" He cried eagerly. A few shouts of agreement from Master's other employees echoed around the massive halls and Keith led me to a window.

"Take a look at the pool, want to go swimming?" Keith asked with a grin "you need some colour anyway, and a tan will do you well" he laughed.

"Um..." I bit my lip and shook my head. He frowned.

"Why not?"

"I... Can't swim..." I whispered making him smile.

"I'll teach you! Hurry up!" He practically ran to the door. He looked about as exited as a kid in a candy store.

"Wait! I don't have anything to swim in" he smirked.

"Those shorts look just fine to me!" He said, nodding thoughtfully as he walked away "JUST fine indeed..."

"What!? That's not right! No! Hey come back!" I jogged after him, his long legs carrying him three of my steps ahead with each stride.

"Master is probably wondering where I got off to..." I mumbled, chewing my thumb nail.

What if he didn't care?

Maybe he didn't want to see me?

"If he wants you he can send a maid! Hurry up kid!" Keith called, rushing out an archway and through a door.

"You sure its ok?" I asked once we got outside. He shrugged and pulled off his shirt and shoes and dove into the water in only his shorts.

"Hurry up!" He laughed.

A girl I didn't know had been swimming around and scowled at him when he got into the water. She jumped out of the pool and stuck out her tongue at him. I glanced between them and the girl ran into the building, frowning at me.

I looked back at Keith who was staring after her with dark eyes. I whistled for his attention.

"Keith! Hello? What was that all about?" I asked. He looked down, shook his head and slipped under water. I looked back to where the girl had gone and was splashed by a mini tidal wave. I screamed and fell back onto the tiled ground, Keith was laughing heartily and I glared at him.

"You sound like such a chick!" He snorted. I took off the platform shoes and dropped them next to me.

"Your going to ruin your shirt if you dive in like that" Keith pointed out. I frowned down at the top and tugged sat it.

Bruises lay underneath... I can't take it off in public!

"Its fine, I'm not going swimming anyway" I said and dipped my feet into the water.

"What? Why not?" He whined.

"Its cold and I don't know how to swim..." I muttered.

"Excuses!" Keith snapped.

I shook my head.

"I'm fine like this" I said as forcefully as I could. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my legs, tugging me closer to the edge of the pool. I was yanked into the water and yelped, my legs gripping his waist to keep out of the water.

"NO! Put me back Keith!" I screamed. He just laughed and waded farther into the pool, I climbed up around him to keep out of the water and hooked my leg around his shoulders.

"Please! Please put me back... I don't like the pool! Please Keith!" I begged. He groaned and went over to the side of the pool where he let me scramble up onto solid ground. I rushed over to where my shoes lay and grabbed them before running into the mansion.

I saw a large group of people surrounding someone and peered into the group.

"Master..." I whispered in relief. I don't know why I was so glad to see him, but I was.

He glanced up, saw me and started walking towards me.

"Hello Master..." I mumbled, glancing at the men and women behind him who were staring down their nose at me.

"Hello Bunny" He greeted, I felt my body tingle at the sound of his voice. He smirked, turning to the group of men and women he said a brief 'excuse me' and pulled me away.

I peeked up at him and caught him staring at me out of the corner of his eye. I smiled a little when he looked away quickly as though he'd done nothing of the sort.

"Where are we going Master?" I asked. He just turned me so I was staring down a hallway.

"Go into the very last room, the one with the obsidian moon on the door"

"A what moon?"

"Its a black stone that looks like glass... When you get inside I want you to take off your clothes and wait for me on the bed, I have some business to attend, I'll be there in a half hour at most... Go" he turned away and I watched him go and reluctantly moved down the hall.

Each door had some kind of symbol on it. I came to a door with a nickel sun and my breath caught. It was made up of tiny flakes that caught the sunlight in the oddest way, glinting off in shimmering bursts. I kept going, occasionally stopping to admire the beautiful symbols.

Once I came to the door with a black glass looking circle I stepped up and started to open it and froze dead in my tracks.

The moon was covered in tiny designs like swirls and loops.

Grape vines!

It was decorated in tiny grape vines!

I smiled at the stone and ran my fingers over its unique surface.

I opened the door and stepped in. The room was HUGE! Every inch of it was covered in an intensely soft carpeting, like fur, but not quite...

Foe Fur?

Well, at least its fake...

I walked down a little ways and my eyes popped. The bed... It... Its freaking GINORMOUS!

I ran at it and flopped down, rolling all over it taking in my Masters scent...

I pulled off my shirt and jean shorts, throwing the shoes down on top of them. My body was pretty much swallowed whole by the bed.

"Soft..." I sighed, sliding under the covers into fleece sheets.

I must have fallen asleep because before I knew it Master was pulling the blankets away and smiling at me.

I nuzzled into his hand with a small smile and he laughed. His hand trailed down my back and I hummed in content, his touch like fire over my body. Making me burn with desire.

"Master..." I lifted my hips to him and he complied by thrusting a finger in. I let out a shocked gasp and rocked back against him.

Did it hurt?

Hell Yes.

Was I going to stop him?


"Please... Don't tease... Take me..." I groaned, my stiffening member rubbing against the sheets as I pushed against him.

"Bunny, I've spoken with the nurses and we've found an interesting compromise..."

"Like what?" I asked, biting my lip as he toyed with me. His fingers hit my g-spot and I craned my body back, gasping for air. Whimpering from the painful entrance the intoxicating pleasure decided to take.

"Your body isn't able to handle my size since... Your bodies condition changed, but, you should be able to take on something slightly smaller..." He said, grinding against me. I turned over and sat up in his lap, facing him. He smiled devilishly and turned my chin up.

"Like what?" I asked. I was officially throbbing, my body yearning for him to plough into me.

"I have a surprise for you... Will you promise to do as I ask for the next hour or so?" He whispered, starting to tug at my length.

"Yes Master" I breathed, pushing my bum against his crotch.

"Eager, aren't we?" He laughed. I smiled but froze when I heard someone chuckle behind him. I looked back to see a tall man with the same jaw and nose as Master smiling at us. He looked like he could almost pass as Masters twin, if not for a slightly darker skin tone.

"Marcus, I'd like you to meet Hilflos, Hilflos, this is my brother Marcus" I hid myself behind Master in embarrassment, but he pulled me back out from behind him.

"Pleasure us Bunny" Master said as his brother came forward.


"You promised to do as I asked... Are you telling me your a liar?" I gapped at him.

"N-no! But-"

"No buts, Marcus, come here" Master gripped my body and set me back in his lap facing his brother this time. He spread my legs to Marcus and I blushed furiously, my penis tapping at my tummy.

"MASTER! Wait-" his brother covered my mouth as he held my legs wide.

"He sure is noisy..." Marcus muttered, prodding at my hole with a gel covered finger. I struggled against Masters grip but he wouldn't budge. After a while my body began to feel the effects of the finger fucking and I pressed myself hard against Master. Turning my face against his neck, I moaned into his hand. His response was a throaty chuckle that made my body shudder. His brother Marcus got onto his knees and lifted my legs higher to look at me. I couldn't move, my eyes wide, breathing shallow as he continued fingering me.

"Nice and clean, what was it you had in mind... Sex wise?"

"Under the bed there is a big grey box, get it" Master said, Marcus nodded and pulled it out, opening it he whistled.

"Damn... Little bro, I had no idea you were this kinky" he laughed. Master reached over and grabbed the lid to peer in with a wicked grin.


I took advantage of my now free mouth and tried to reason with them.

"But y-your BROTHERS! What are you doing!?"

"I'm enjoying your body, you wanted me to drill you into the bed on the train" He said - to my great embarrassment "and I could smell the same want in the foyer, so just enjoy this Bunny"

"Plus he says you can give a blow job ten times better than Nadi, I don't believe it..." Marcus laughed.

"Speaking of which, where is your little doll?"

"I'm here Lord Rabia..." I heard a voice call. A guy looking to be about my age, maybe older, came towards us wide almond shaped grey eyes staring at me.

I stared right back.

He swallowed hard and I took his form in fully. He was taller than me by a few inches and naked aside from a strap around his fully erect penis. His milk chocolate skin and blonde streaked brown layered hair was in an organised mess cascading down just below his adams apple.

I have to admit... He did look like a doll.

His skin was flawless, hands slim and dainty like my own, body petite if not frail looking. His skin was a perfect contrast to the bright blonde streaks in his hair.

It seemed to me that if you were to let him into the heat of sex he'd melt away!

The first thing that caught my eye wasn't his skin colour though... It was everything else... His body for one thing.

He was built like that of a man still prime and youthful with curves in all the right places...

But even though his eyes screamed innocence, the way he carried himself told an entirely different story. Right down to the way he unconsciously swung his hips, making it look like he was dancing across the plush carpet floor, gave the impression he wanted it, and wanted it bad...

And his lips.

They appeared soft and plump. His mouth parted slightly as he breathed heavily. His eyes were aimed directly on me and once I'd finished my gapping I saw his crotch again...

He was bigger than me... Damn... Everyone's bigger than me aren't they...

My eyes shot up when his cock twitched and got a little bigger. He grinned sheepishly and I blushed.

"Nadi is Marcus' Consort... Why don't you two try each other out first, hmm?" Nadi looked up in alarm and I jerked away from my Master.

"Nadi, you must be in pain by now and you weren't kidding brother, 'Bunny' is in heat!" Marcus laughed, gesturing to me. I felt my cheeks flare and I dropped my gaze.

"He needs to be relieved, suck Nadi off before we begin" Master ordered me. I looked over at Nadi, his penis was about six inches long and about three around, the tip wasn't much larger than the actual dick itself. Pretty even all in all.

Nadi looked alarmed, glancing at Marcus, probably hoping he would tell his brother off.

I shook my head and Master smirked.

"H-he doesn't want m-me to... H-he wants Marcus, not m-me" I said, Marcus and Master laughed.

"Looks like your Consort hasn't been properly trained, eh?" Marcus pulled me from Master and forced me to kneel in front of Nadi, gripping my arms firmly behind my back. Nadi took a backpedal into the dresser behind him and I jumped forward in alarm, trying to catch him before he fell. Marcus held tight and Nadi caught himself.

"Sire... I don't need him to touch me, let me please you and I'll be pleased" Nadi said, his voice sounded fearful but also a little angry.

Master bent towards me off the bed and I felt something smack my butt. I jumped forward and landed on Nadi who fell over. Master was grinning, his hand lowering as me and Nadi untangled from each other.

My hand brushed his length and he hissed, his body twitching. I frowned, grabbing the thing wrapped around his tip that prevented him from releasing.

I ran my hand down him trying to find the clasp for the strap around him and he shuddered, falling back with a groan.

"There you go, now suck him" Marcus chuckled. I glared at him.

"No, he doesn't want me" I said simply. Nadi glanced over to Marcus who pointed at me and gave him a look. I'm not sure what it meant but Nadi was suddenly over me, his cock in my face. I gasped when his lips closed over my own dick and grit my teeth.

"S-STOP!" I tried to pull him off but he shoved my arms down with his shins.

"Just do it before Marcus gets mad..." Nadi whispered. I looked over and saw Marcus saying something under his breath to Master who nodded.

"Bunny, don't keep the poor boy waiting, suck him off" I went to argue and Masters jaw clenched.

"Told you Nadi was better..." Marcus murmured.

"Hilfos is just as good as Nadi..." Master hissed back.

I looked over at Marcus who was glancing between us and got a thought.

Was this was some kind of rivalry?

Was Marcus trying to compare me and Nadi?

Was he trying to one up his brother?

Well if that's what this was, he's my Master, and I promised to do as he asked...

I pulled the strap off Nadi who flinched. He pushed me back and got off me. I dropped it and he covered himself, frowning at me, and held out a hand.

"Give it here" I shook my head and refused to give him the strap.


"Just give it!" He huffed and made a grab for it but I held it up and away. I shoved him back down, his head hitting the floor. He groaned and I whispered a quick 'sorry' before slipping him into my mouth.

He took in a sharp breath and I sucked hard. He squirmed and grabbed my hair, trying to pull me away. My tongue slid up him and swirled the tip before I went back down, trying to imagine Master's length.

Nadi was a mess, panting, pulling at my hair, trying to keep himself under control. His hips bucked up and he loosed into my mouth. I sucked him dry and sat up.

The flavour... It was almost painfully sweet... The saltiness was completely masked by its sweet aftertaste.

Marcus was glaring at Master who just grinned at his annoyed brother.

"Good job Bunny" Master whispered, winking at me. I blushed and wiped my lips clean.

Nadi shivered and tried to sit up. I helped him and he smiled cheekily.

"Nice..." He said "...but I can do better!" His hands grabbed me and I jumped up.

"No way! Nuh uh! Not happening!" I said with a grin. Nadi smiled back and got up to grab me. I skipped away from him and was grabbed by Master.

"You boys can play who's the better blow later, ok?" he snickered, Nadi nodded vigorously.

"A rematch is necessary" he agreed. I glanced over at Marcus who was twirling a strand of Nadi's hair in his fingers with a smile.

"I don't mind being a judge" Marcus said. Nadi poked him and I shook my head.

"Not unless Master co-judges" I said. Master laughed and nipped at my ear.

"Why thank you Bunny but I think I'm content with you pleasing me, I don't mind you playing with Marcus, but Marcus?" He suddenly looked serious.


"Don't even think about fucking him... I don't care if Nadi does, but you and anyone else had better keep to your lovers" He said, I frowned.

"Woah, hold up, don't I have any say in who has sex with me?"

"You want Marcus to fuck you?" Master glared at me. I shook my head.

"NO" I snapped. Master shrugged.

"Can we move on? This chit chat is getting boring and I want to play with your toys little brother" Marcus held up his hands.

In them he held two rods shaped like penis', but they had long cords attached to them. He picked up a tube and spread a kind of jelly over them.

"Nadi, bend over on the bed" Marcus ordered. Nadi did as asked and the thing was shoved up inside him. He tensed and gripped the bedside, his legs flexing. Marcus gave a nother push and Nadi sighed.

"Bunny, you too" Master said, jerking a thumb towards the bedside. I shook my head.

"Come on, it doesn't hurt" Master said, pushing me towards the bed.

"No" I shook my head.

Master grabbed my arm and bent me down. His body swaying over me.

"What did I say about the 'N' word?" Master chuckled. Marcus laughed and shoved the fake penis in as deep as he could.

"Jesus he's tight... You sure you've slept with him?" Marcus joked.

"His body just tightens up after I've played with him, its sort of like his body knows I want him nice and tense..."

"Nadi, my doll, climb onto the bed and lay on your stomach, bum up high for me and my brother to see... Oh and you too Hilflos" Marcus directed Nadi up carefully so the fake penis wouldn't slide out.

I lifted my leg to get on the bed and dropped to my knees, moaning crazily as the fake dick pressed against my prostate.

Marcus cocked an eyebrow at me and Nadi flipped his head back to stare at me with curious eyes.

"Marcus" Master grunted, frowning at him as he watched me. Marcus shook his head and started fondling Nadi.

"Bunny, up here" Master smiled, pulling me up into his arms. I reached around to pull the thing out but Master grabbed my arms and pushed me down. I lay there writhing as the thing teased me. Suddenly Master began pulling something up my legs. It was dark and stiff. Like the harness he put on me in the train.

"This should hold it in nice and tight..." Marcus was doing up a strap on a mini harness identical to the one I wore only his was white and mine was black. A stark contrast to our skin colours.

The harnesses held the fake dick in tightly.

"Ready doll?" Marcus murmured into Nadi's ear. Nadi shivered and reached up to drag Marcus into a kiss. Marcus complied and held up some kind of dial. He switched it slightly and Nadi fell back, wriggling around on the bed, arms gripping at his bum as he groaned, grinding the bed weakly.

Master pulled me up against him and grabbed another dial. I frowned and look up at him.

"What is it doing to him?" I asked in confusion.

"You'll soon find out" he said, stroking my penis. My breathing grew ragged, body melting back against Master. He placed a ball against my mouth and tied it tight to my head. I looked back at him and he smiled, tweaking my nose.

"Why would he need that? Don't you want to hear him scream?"

"I think the fact that his scent is already driving you and Nadi mad is enough reason for me to keep him muffled... You know how hard it is to keep men away from Nadi when he's horny... Try keeping them away from Hilflos when HE'S horny... I'm already fighting with enough men over his body, I don't need my own brother interested in trying to kill me for my Consort..." Wait, so men are chasing after Nadi?

Why would they risk ticking off Marcus?

"I don't know if I want to fight you little brother, although it would be interesting to see who would win" He laughed.

"Just be glad you won't hear his voice when he's taken big brother..."

"Ok then, suit yourself... Hey doll you ready for more?" Marcus asked Nadi. Nadi shook his head vigorously and kept begging 'no' but Marcus just smiled and flicked the dial again, Nadi practically flew off the bed. Marcus gripped him and Master laughed as Marcus stroked Nadi. Nadi's eyes rolled back into his head and he whimpered quietly as he came. Three little ropes of semen shot out and marcus wiped them up from the sheets with a small towel from the grey box behind him.

"He's already done on two? Your kidding right?" Master asked in surprise.

"As if Hilflos could take much more!" Marcus grunted, undoing Nadi's cock so he could cum.

"Bunny, you think you can last longer than Nadi?" I looked back at Master who smirked and lifted up the dial. I shrugged and he laughed.

"You ready for this?" He asked, nibbling my ear.

Marcus got up and passed the little strap he had on Nadi over to Master who wrapped it around my cock. He then had Marcus pass him another strip of fabric to tie my arms behind my back.

Master held up the dial and flicked it.

The dial read one and I jerked back, my body was vibrating!

Deep inside me I could feel the fake dick pulsing, vibrating and moving around. I rolled back and fought to get it out but Master grabbed my arms and held the strip of fabric behind me. He quickly flicked the switch again and I felt the thing drilling into me.

He flicked it again after a few minutes and I thrashed about, again and I was on the verge of shooting my load, again and I screamed into the gag, my body wrenching about and Master pulled at himself. Nadi was sucking on Marcus as another setting was turned up.

Master your killing me! I CAN'T TAKE IT! PLEASE!

I felt it get harder and Master removed the gag, my voice was echoing around the room. Nadi jumped and Marcus moaned, thrusting into Nadi's mouth. Master grabbed me and pulled my mouth over his penis. It slipped into my mouth and I melted against him. The taste was strait out salty and made my throat tingle. I felt the fake cock get more erratic and saw the dial read seven.

Master lifted it up for me to see and set it all the way to maximum. I flailed back away from him and onto the floor, hitting the ground with a thump.

Master grabbed me and held me down, flicking his tongue over my nipples. Down my stomach and to my throbbing penis. I screamed again and he tore the thing away, shoving it deep up inside me again and again. He unwrapped my dick and I shot off. I wailed in pleasure as he kissed down my neck, the vibrator still plunging into me. Writhing under Master as he undid my arms so I could hold him.

Marcus was staring at me over the side of the bed and Nadi was riding his dick like crazy. Bouncing on him with each moan I made.

"MASTER!" I cried, his teeth sinking into my neck at the same time as Marcus bit into Nadi.

Nadi looked down at me and our eyes locked. He choked and I heard him whimper before Marcus groaned and buried himself into Nadi roughly. Nadi's eyes widened and he moaned as his lover released.

Marcus fell back with a sigh and Master sat there trying to catch his breath.

I could barely move...

My body hurt so much...

Nadi smiled at me and pulled Marcus out of him, flopping over his lover.

"Well... That was fun..." I said, my voice hoarse. Nadi started laughing and I rubbed the small of my back. Master had this huge smile on as he used a little hand towel to clean my stomach of semen.

"Marcus, we should probably help these two into the shower so they can clean themselves..."

No answer.

"Uh... Hello? Marcus? You there?" I looked over and saw an unconscious Marcus snoring peacefully under Nadi.

"Are you kidding me? He's asleep!? Is this a usual thing for him?" Master asked, Nadi sighed.

"He gets so worked up and then... This," he pointed at the sleeping Marcus.

"You still want a shower?" Master asked. Nadi looked at Marcus and then nodded.

"That would be nice... But I can't get up on my own, help?" He said sheepishly. I smiled and sat up, my bum burning.

Nadi looked surprised when I slowly got up, my legs shaking a little.

"How are you WALKING?" Nadi asked, I smiled and with a little help from Master, got Nadi out of the bed and into a hot shower.

He started rinsing down and Master left us to it. Saying something about waking up his idiot brother.

It was quiet for a while and I could feel Nadi staring at me.

"So, Nadi, what are you?" I asked after a while of washing.


"What are-"

"No I heard you but what do you mean?" Nadi lathered shampoo into his hair and peered over at me.

"You don't have a tail, or ears, are you a Vampire?" I asked. He shook his head.

"Naw, no such luck, I'm just a human, no special anything over here- well, I'm immune to Vampire bites but that's becoming more and more common these days in humans... Some kind of evolutionary trait to preserve the species..." he shrugged "if you ask me, I think they put something in the water here" He smiled a little at his joke. I shook my head.

"That is so weird... I never thought I'd meet a human, I'm a Veimen but my DNA is mainly Human" I explained, scrubbing out the last of my shampoo so Nadi could clean out his hair.

"Huh, that's odd, do you know why your more Human than rabbit?"

"The people at Solace Market figured my past generations wanted to breed it out of my line... Veimen aren't exactly a 'free people' you know..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked with a frown.

"Their kept as slaves"

"How do you know?"

"I was sold as a slave to Master"

"Oh... Hey, um, why do you call him that? You know, Master" I blushed.

"Why do you call Marcus, Sire?" I asked.

"Because he's to be crowned soon" Nadi said with a proud tone. I shook my head.

"No. Because he asked you to call him 'Sire' just as Master requested I call him 'Master' instead of Gaunt or Lord Rabia" I said as a matter-of-factly. He slowly nodded and his expression suddenly changed.

"Um, do you think your 'Master' was serious when he said we could... You know... Do it?" Nadi asked. I turned back to face him and nodded.

"I think so... But I've never actually done it with anyone besides Master"

"And a dildo" Nadi said with a grin. I frowned.

"A what?"

"That rubber penis with the vibrator in it, you know the thing we just used, well its called a dildo" Nadi explained.

"Ok then..." He stayed under the water, watching me for a while. Eventually it got to weird for my comfort and I asked him what he was looking at.

"Why can't we have sex? Sire hasn't given me permission to have sex with anyone besides you up until now and lord Rabia isn't going to give you the right to choose your partners so why not?" He asked, grabbing my arm. I pulled away and he frowned.

"I'm not interested... Sorry..."

"You sucked my dick, at least let me try one time? I've never done it before, please? Sire enjoys it, and I don't want someone I don't know being my first time-" I cut him off.

"I don't think its a good idea, I just don't want anyone but Master, it doesn't feel right in my head ok?"

"I know what you mean, it doesn't feel the same when its not your Consort but I've given head to groups of men on Sires order, I know I'll never top him but if he says its fine to have sex with you then... Why not? Lord Rabia gave you his permission, and I want to try it, even if its just once so... Please?" He begged. I frowned.

Its not like he's ever going to get this chance again...

And he is right, Master gave me permission...

"I guess... I guess its ok... But only once!" I said quickly. He nodded and turned me around.

"Woah, NOW? Aren't you tired?"

"Yeah, but I really want to try!" He said, pulling my bum near him. I grabbed the side of the shower and he started stroking himself.

"I'm not really big and lord Rabia is huge... You think I'll fit?" Nadi suddenly asked. I shrugged.

"Only one way to find out I guess" I heard him say before he started pushing in. I tensed up and he slid all the way in.

"Holy shit..." He gasped, grabbing me for support. I slipped and we both dropped, his cock ramming me by accident. I dug my fingers into the shower tiles moaning in unison as he hit my prostate. I covered my mouth, trying to keep quiet, grinding back against his six inches.

"Oh fuck... Don't squeeze so tight! Your going to kill me..." He groaned, thrusting up into my hole. I didn't realise how desperately I'd been holding onto him but when he mentioned it I let him go a bit only to have him hammer into me twice as hard. I don't know why but it felt so different from Master. Obviously the boy was smaller but... He was gentler, his body wasn't as rough to the touch, his face was free of hair, his skin supple... Different. Definitely different.

He lifted me off and turned me over so we were clinging to one another, grinding gently into him. He pulled back and started banging into me frantically, I caught his eyes and he smiled. You'd think looking into someone's eyes for so long would make it uncomfortable, but it wasn't...

It was nice.

The smack of skin on skin was quickly drowned out by the constant waves of moans and groans.

"Harder... Please!" I whimpered, dragging at his back with my nails as he pummelled me.

"Ok, ok... Stop squeezing!" He grunted, pulling me down more forcefully. I let my face tilt up to catch the water falling around us and sighed as warm droplets spattered over my pale skin. Nadi shoved me against the wall of the shower, sliding us up as he thrust in.

My moaning got louder and Nadi kissed me hungrily. I tried to hold him to me but my arms (along with the rest of my body) were shaking to hard, my eyes went wide and my back bent, shaft rubbing against his stomach. I choked, my head spinning as he released inside at the same time as I exploded over us. He was coughing, trying to breath as water ran down his face.

His fingers caught my hair and he dragged me to him. I let my lips meet his with a fierce hunger, his dick was still throbbing inside me as we kissed, rubbing against my prostate. I whimpered and bit his lip, sucking his tongue as he explored my mouth. He thrust up and my head shot back. Apparently he wasn't finished!

I tried to pull him out but it only resulted in my crashing down on his cock even harder.

He grunted and I fell away, his cock sliding out a little.

"Damn! That was fucking hot!" I heard Marcus cry. I turned my head to see Marcus practically glowing, his face split by a huge goofy grin.

Master was next to him, rubbing himself through his pants.

"Told you Nadi could top him!" Marcus said, punching his brother lightly. I blushed and felt Nadi pull out slowly. My body burned and I watched as he slid back against the opposite wall of the shower. I pulled myself up and flopped over his tired body.

"You sure this is going to be a one time only thing?" Nadi asked quietly.

"I don't think you have that option anymore" I mumbled, kissing his now raw lips.

"Stop it before you make Gaunt and I jump in there with you two!" Marcus laughed. I blushed and Master smirked.

"I dunno... Marcus maybe we should put them to bed, they look exhausted..." Master said, walking over to wrap me in a towel. He picked me up and I curled into his warm chest.

I heard the shower turn off behind me and saw Marcus with Nadi thrown over his shoulder.

"Time for bed kids..." Marcus said, swinging Nadi around to set him into the bed.

"What? No bed time story?" Nadi joked. I smiled as I was lay down next to him. The bed was all made up and the sheets were new.

Probably Master's doing...

I grabbed his arm before he could go and pulled him close.

"You sure that was ok?" I asked. Marcus was busying himself with Nadi and Master nodded.

"You kidding? That was fantastic, next time your going to do it though, let me and Marcus know, I know he wanted to watch from the start... And I'm kind of pissed that I missed it too" he smirked, pinching my nose.

"Your weird..." I muttered, dragging Nadi from Marcus as he tried to molest him.

"You can have him tomorrow! I'm tired..." I whined, snuggling into his arm. Nadi wrapped his arms around me and it felt...


It felt really good.

Warm, and cozy...

Yeah, it definitely felt good...

And eventually, I nodded off to the sound of Master and Marcus chatting at the foot of the gigantic bed with Nadi hugging into me...



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