The Mogul's general had plowed me almost as deeply as Konan the barbarian had. And before he left, he assured me that now he had enjoyed my 'asset's,' he knew I would be a great success at the Mogul's' court.

When the general was gone, I lay back happily among my cushions with my legs wide, feeling better fucked than I had ever been before, and thinking about my brilliant future. But I also longed to feel the great barbarian Konan's huge weapon plowing me deeply again.

Suddenly, my palanquin shook violently, and I cried out in fear, before lying back exhausted, hearing mumbled voices and groans from outside. But in a short time the curtain opposite me, at the other end of my palanquin, was torn down and I saw the back of my great barbarian tied, spread-eagled against the sturdy frame of my vehicle. His large, full, rippling muscles and great size aroused me even in my tiredness. In a moment the Grand General came behind Konan and knelt to part his muscular cheeks and began to tongue his entrance. The palanquin shook as Konan struggled to escape that tongue, but he was well tied. And the Grand General, I knew, was a fine hand with a weapon, be it tongue or cock, and soon he was fingering Konan's ass with firm, experienced probing and the great barbarian was crying out at a pain I knew he would soon find turned to pleasure.

I began to stroke my own cock as I watched them. And I was right, as soon Konan was moaning and his cries were the ones of a man wanting more. The general entered him with his fine large weapon, and Konan cried out painfully again at the size of it. But it was not long before the general was plowing my great barbarian deep, and Konan was moaning with pleasure. It was a sound I found aroused me more, so that my cock grew to exceptional length and hardness at the sight of them fucking and the sounds they made. The general came inside Konan, and I was almost ready to come myself, when a sudden bloodcurdling scream was followed by another, and I froze in fear, expecting to be killed at any moment.

Two mounted bandits came into view, slashing wildly down at the Grand General and his soldiers, felling the soldiers left and right, before one rode up and freed Konan with a few quick slashes of his sword. I fell back upon my cushions both from my relief to have my great barbarian rescued and at my shock at the massacre happening just beyond the silken walls of my palanquin.

I stayed low, among my cushions, afraid of what may happen to my barbarian Konan, but afraid also of what might have befallen the Great Mogul's general, who had also fucked me well and had assured me of a fine future at court.

Konan returned to my side soon after and looked down at me, and I was pleased to see the desire in his eyes and his cock growing even as he looked at me.

'Its time to leave,' he said, and taking my hand, he pulled me up and led me outside, where I had a rude shock.

The Grand General lay in the dust of the road, bound at wrists and ankles, with half a dozen of his men lying about him bloody and dead, and I felt ill to see my mules gone and my palanquin damaged. I was at Konan's mercy, and though I wanted his great weapon sheathed deeply in me, I was suddenly lost and worried about my future.

* * * *

I had the naked young nobleman up before me on my horse, his fine ass resting against my naked manhood, as we departed from the scene of the massacre and headed into the surrounding hills. In little more than a mile, I had hardened again, and my cock wanted to be buried inside the fine passage of the young nobleman resting against me. I reined in my horse under a lone shady tree, then set my hand between the young nobleman's shoulder blades and pushed him forward, over my horse's' neck.

'What are you doing?' he asked, turning his face to look at me.

'Do you want to ride this fine weapon of mine again?' I asked, holding my cock and stroking it.

'Yes. I have not told you, Konan, as you left me so suddenly, but I have never had such a great, wonderful, weapon inside me before, and almost more than anything I want to have it fill me again,' he replied, which pleased me and was as I expected.

His hole was visible between his fine, full ass cheeks, and he moaned loudly as I tested it with my fingers to see how loose and wet it felt.

'You will take me easily,' I told him with pleasure, finding him still well stretched and lubricated. So, I did no more than push him further forward and hold my cock head to his entrance then pull him back onto me. My young nobleman cried out and tried to open himself for me as I lowered him, and my weapon drove up into him. After his earlier use, he accommodated me more quickly, though he still cried out and groaned loudly as the hair about my manhood reached his entrance. Now I held him there with an arm about his waist as I urged my horse into a gentle canter.

'Oh no, I can't take it like this,' my young nobleman cried out, arching his back as the motion of my horse moved my throbbing tool about deep inside his passage.

The motion of my cantering steed worked my cock extremely pleasurably inside him and he was soon moaning and gasping, pulling up his knees to open himself wider as he rode me, held firmly in place by my strong encircling arm. The feel of his channel embracing me and the loud frequent sounds he made were a very pleasant accompaniment to my ride.

I came three times inside him before we arrived at my camp, each time filling him with my hot cum and making him moan with great pleasure, though he moaned a great deal in between as well.

Uran and Siri had arrived before us, and I reined my horse in near where they were seated about a small fire. The Mogul's Grand General was still bound and now tied to a nearby tree, and the young nobleman's pack mules were tethered to several others, their loads removed and stowed safely inside a tent. Seeing all was well, I pushed my young nobleman forward again until I could free my cock, and it made a pleasant sucking sound as it left his hole, leaving his ass slightly gaping from its long stretching on our ride. I slid from my horse and helped the groaning young nobleman down, having to support him, because his legs were too weak to hold him up immediately.

'You have ridden me so hard I cannot stand,' he said, falling against me and moving his mouth to mine, so that I took him in a deep kiss and stroked his cock until he came again up my hard flat belly. I knew he had come before on our ride, and I was pleased at his obvious virility.

I then set him aside. 'Go to the river to refresh yourself,' I said to him, turning him to face the fresh, clear stream that ran through the valley beneath the shady trees where we had made our barbarian camp. 'I will join you there soon and we'll see how well you like taking my weapon in the water,' I said, pushing him toward the steam and watching him stagger as he walked toward it.

I spoke briefly to my companions, Uran and Siri, and then went to the Grand General and knelt and inspected his bonds.

'You will pay for this, barbarian,' he said through bared teeth.

'I think not,' I said. 'I think it shall be you who pays, my fine general,' I told him, having some good idea of how he should be made to pay for his treatment of me and for his release.

Then I stood and went to the river, where I saw my young nobleman lying on his back in the shallow water. I approached him and said, 'Stay floating as you are.'

I took his feet and pulled him out into deeper water until I could kneel on the sandy bottom with only my head above water. Then I spread my young nobleman's legs wide and pulled him toward my mouth before pushing his belly down lightly. This set his cock at a level so I could feed it into my mouth, and I sucked strongly on it as I played with his balls. Then, when he was moaning and hard, I released his belly letting his hips rise slightly in the water before resting his thighs on my shoulders and moving my mouth to his hole. I found it slightly open still and slipped my tongue inside it, to his sudden moans and splashing, as he quivered from the feel of it entering deep into him. Finding him so ready, I stood slowly, letting his legs loose so that they opened wide and fell to my sides, and once standing, I ran my hands under his hips and held him up. Then I had to do little more than slide my engorged weapon into his eager open asshole as I moved to stroke his body and cock and work his nipples.

He began another long session of moaning and crying out as I plowed him deeper than I had before, and for far longer. Eventually I roared and came, filling him again with cum; then I helped him by wrapping my hand about his own manhood, so we both shared the pleasure of jerking him vigorously off.



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