I knew it was a dream. The spirit of sleep takes me to strange places sometimes, and this was most definitely one of the strangest of them. I knew, as one does in dreams, that this was some future place, which explained the fragile-looking building - not of stone, or wood and stone, but of some thin-cut timber perhaps. Very square and neatly made, but easily overwhelmed. No matter.

I had opened my dream eyes and found myself lying on a soft patch of grass beneath a tall, spreading tree in full leaf. It was warm, and I was happy to be dozing there in my dream and closed my eyes again. Hoping the dream took me to some more interesting place.

'Ecusxe em, mu, owh rea oyu?' a voice called out from not far away, and I opened my eyes and lifted myself up on an elbow to face the direction the sound came from.

A bare-chested man with a short beard and wearing some strange bright red-colored loincloth stood by the fragile-looking building, looking toward me.

He was not young, but not old either, lean and well formed, with his chest and legs showing firm muscle. In my dream I had woken with my weapon filling, and now it lurched as if wanting to conquer this stranger, and I squeezed myself lightly and saw the stranger's eyes follow my hand.

'Good day to you, stranger,' I replied to him.

'Waht rea oyu doing in my garden?' the man asked. (Fortunately the magic of dreams finally allowed me to understand his speech.)

'This is my dream, friend,' I replied, laughing. 'And if this is your garden, and you do not like visitors - well you will have to take that up with the spirit of dreams,' I added, getting up off the soft grass and moving to investigate him.

For this dream man had whatever it is a man must have to interest me, and my weapon was growing under my loincloth in recognition of this. And as I stood up, the dream man lowered his eyes to what I was now showing between my thighs before looking up and asking, 'Who . . . what . . . ?'

He appeared to be confused, his urges warring within him. 'I am Konan,' I replied, 'the great barbarian.'

'Well, whoever you are, this is private property. So, you had better leave,' he replied.

I reached him and, tucking a finger into the waistband of his loincloth, I pulled, drawing him closer to me and wrapping my other hand about his back and pulling him in even tighter.

He struggled against me. 'I think you . . . you should go,' he gasped, 'or . . . or I will . . . will call the police,' he stammered, but I could feel his own organ rising as it was pressed against my thigh.

And in my dream I wanted the release his body could provide me, and having no care for what friends of his might be called to join us or to fight me, whichever these police he wished to call were, I rubbed my engorging manhood against his. And he did not call out to those police.

'Ahh,' I sighed, as he quivered and moaned to my touch as I stroked his chest and twisted the nipples hidden in the tangle of glossy hair on his chest, which continued down to beneath his soft, red loincloth. 'You are a fine looking man,' I said, 'and of fine size also,' I added, reaching my hand down and feeling how long and thick his own weapon now was as it pressed higher on my thigh.

'Not here. Not here,' he gasped and waved an arm to the side, and I looked about and saw that the small, roofed enclosure near us had furniture inside it, and I released him and allowed the man to lead me toward it.

As he passed through the doorway into the small shelter, he stopped and turned to me. 'You are a giant in every way, but you cannot be Konan,' he said and hesitated there as if he now didn't want to enter the building with me.

I shrugged, not caring what he thought, for I know my name and what sort of man I am, and I just lifted him up and lay him over my shoulder and carried him into the pavilion, with him kicking and beating at my ass.

'Ahhh,' I said, seeing in there items of furniture and knowing what would suit my purpose best. As I put him down by the back of a wide, low chair, I stripped off his red loincloth, which was not of the usual type, being closed at the sides. Then I turned him and lay him over the back of the chair, which was so wide it was perhaps a throne in this future place. But it moved away from me as I lay his weight across it, and then it swung back. I smiled at this for it suited my purpose admirably.

But the future man struggled now and twisted about to face me and muttered, 'We need protection. A condom. I have some in the house.'

'If we need protection, I have it here,' I said drawing my sword from the scabbard that lay across my back. 'This is the only protection I have ever needed, my sword and my wits.'

The future mans eyes went wide, and his own manhood, which was already most interesting and well filled, stood higher, obviously impressed by my fine steel sword.

'From the land of the Great Mogul,' I said, showing him the ivory inlaid grip, 'and made of the finest steel.'

'Yes. It's . . . um, very fine,' he replied, impressed, 'but you don't need it. Not here,' he assured me, 'I meant protection from diseases, a condom, a sheath a . . a French letter?'

I knew not what he talked about, as I had no sickness, and I ignored him, instead turning him back around and pushing him over the back of the chair. He moaned as I quickly plunged a finger into his ass. By the way he took it, I knew he was no stranger to such treatment. But the chair's swaying unsteadied him. So in spite of his struggling and cries of, 'No. You can't do that, not here, no . . . No,' I found some smooth cord, and tearing it from the items it was attached too, I bound his hands to the arms of the chair with one to each side, wide apart, and I bound his legs to the sides, spreading them very wide, which opened his ass to me in such a way that his cheeks were parted and his hole was visible in his crack.

Now my hands were free to run over his body and explore him, as he was now well restrained and held in place for me. His muscles were well defined, and I was unsure of his age, he was so firm, the gray in his hair gave him an air of wisdom, while his body spoke of passion and lust, and his own tool was a very goodly size and thickness for a mortal man, and his balls full and heavy. He was a most satisfactory companion to find in a dream.

Then, while I held his cheeks fully parted, my tongue dug briefly at his hole to wet it and open it and ease my entrance into him, and his rim twitched at my attentions. Hmmmmmmmm. My fingers dug again into his channel, and I ran them about till I found that place he wanted to have rubbed most, and he moaned. 'Yes, there. Oh. Yes. Oh. Fuck me.'

I smiled in anticipation, knowing I would fuck him long and hard in many ways, and I moved my cock head to his hole, and he lurched and cried out. I reached under him and rolled his balls in my palm and found his engorged pole pressed hard to the back of the wide chair. I pulled it back to me and fisted it as I pressed my cap to his rim; then I released him and, instead, pulled his cheeks wide and pressed in, feeling his resistance and hearing his cries, a sudden loud cry from him signaling that my cock head had passed the ring of resistance trying to keep such a huge, thick weapon from conquering and possessing him completely.

I was almost oblivious to his cries now, inflamed as I was with lust and need and knowing only that he could take me, as I sunk myself slowly into his center.

He writhed against his bonds, and I stroked his manhood as it spouted his seed. Then he slumped forward and moaned, and I continued my journey to his heart. He opened readily for me then and took me manfully, finally groaning and moaning as I began to move inside him, sliding in and out and working his tight channel for my pleasure as he moved his hips about, giving me access and fine sensations.

I soon began to rock the moving chair back and forth and worked my hips in rhythm with its rocking, as did he, and we continued this for some time till he was hard again and I was ready to fill him with my seed. Then I slammed into him, deep and hard. And he cried out all over again at being torn apart as I flooded him with my first load.

Then I untied his legs and lifted them and drove straight into him again, his ass tighter now, and fucked him more before pulling out so I could untie his hands. Then I was entering him again and pulling his body up and his head back to mine so that we kissed, his mouth sweet and giving as I used my hands under his ass to support him and lift him up and down on my throbbing weapon till I came again. My cum was now running out of him and down onto my own thighs.

Without withdrawing from him, I moved about the chair and sat in it with him in my lap and rocked him on my manhood as it hardened again and then had him ride me, first leaning forward so I could see my great tool moving in and out of his tight hole and then facing me so that I could tongue his body and suck and nip his nipples and taste his pits as I stroked his throbbing tool to a third spouting.

He was a fine man and gave me great satisfaction, and I filled him yet again with my seed and left my weapon dormant in him as he collapsed against my chest, moaning softly and sighing happily as I lost my size within his passage.

I must have drifted off into the world of sleep then, as I sat there rocking gently on that wide chair with him lying against me. For the next thing I knew was awakening on the deck of the pirate boat, being rocked upon the Ionian sea.

Ahh, yes, it was a strange world I had visited, but a very fine man I had taken as my lover there.



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