When I finally arrived at the Great Mogul's court. I had proudly and gladly entered the household of the Mogul's Grand General as his adjutant and his personal favorite. I now lived in the general's wing of the Mogul's great sprawling marble palace, with its glittering white domes and cool colonnades, its tiled courtyards, enclosed gardens, and splashing fountains.

It was a fine and luxurious life, and I had also been put into training immediately for a high position under the Grand General in the Mogul's vast army. And I had trained hard and was fast becoming more muscular and athletic than I had been before I arrived, working hard to prove myself worthy of the high position the general had made available for me. Because in spite of being the Grand General's current favorite, I knew I would not keep my high military position for long unless I proved to be a satisfactory commander.

I now saw myself making my fortune through the plunder I could take and the rewards handed out to those who led the Great Mogul's victorious armies into battle against his enemies.

When I was not sweating and proving myself to the Grand General upon the training grounds that lay in the valley behind the great palace, I proved myself to him upon his couch inside the palace. And in every way I lived a life of great comfort, physical exertion, and much pleasure.

Now at the end of a hard day's training, I stood on the fine, brightly colored mosaic floor of the marble bathing hall with its finely worked pictures of plants and animals, and a lean but muscular bath attendant poured scented water over me to rinse off the sweat and dust of the training ground. And while I was bathed, I thought further about my situation. Having helped the Mogul's Grand General to escape humiliation at the hand's of the mighty barbarian Konan, I had assured myself of gaining my present high place in the Great Mogul's court.

But I sometimes wondered if I had made the right decision.

Yes, I was sure there had been nothing but a rough and dangerous life ahead of me if I had stayed with Konan and his barbarian companions. But I had never been taken so well as the great muscular Konan had taken me, nor felt such pleasure as his massive weapon had given me. Nor had I ever trembled and writhed, or cried out and moaned as he had made me when his great weapon was driving in and out of me.

Not that the Grand General did not satisfy me. He was a finely made man of large appetites and with a goodly sized weapon, which he took great pleasure in exercising inside me. And he had introduced me quickly to the other pleasures he enjoyed, and I had thanked the gods for the virility that let me enjoy them frequently.

He enjoyed particularly working his weapon inside my passage while I worked mine in some other fine young soldier's channel. And often he ran his fingers into me beside his pumping weapon to gain extra pleasure, and I still cried out with passion when he did this. I had arrived at court already well used and was now so open from good use that I was able to take any man in the Mogul's court with ease.

Many young men of the Grand General's company were also well equipped and showed their considerable experience in the way they handled their weapons when working them inside me. But I felt a hopeless longing for one man's weapon still. I longed for the great barbarian Konan's great meaty sword, plowing me deeply. None could match the great length and thickness, as well as the stamina of that muscular giant of a barbarian who had first taken me in my palanquin on my journey to the Mogul's palace.

My thoughts had stiffened my own weapon and the muscular bath attendant, knowing my desires well, had dropped to his knees behind me, separating my cheeks so he could get his mouth to my well-used entrance. He tongued me eagerly, and I leaned forward against a nearby marble column and sighed and made happy little noises as his tongue speared inside me. Then I moaned and wriggled my ass back to him as his tongue shared my loosening opening with his long fingers.

A passing young commander of good physique observed that my own long, hardening tool was unattended and stepped in beside me and ran his fingers about it in a way I had never felt before, as he brought his mouth to mine for a kiss. I was well engaged now, and all thoughts of the barbarian Konan had fled. After some dueling of tongues, I pushed the young commander to his knees as the man behind me finally fed his weapon into me. Once he was buried to the hilt, I rocked my hips in time with his pumping of me and made good use of the young commander's face, quickly filling his throat with my juice.

I then saw that the young commander's own weapon was erect and throbbing as he knelt beside me on the brightly patterned mosaic floor of the hall. I pulled him up and sucked him into my mouth and showed my pleasure at his hardness by taking his creamy juice and swallowing it gladly as my own tunnel was being given a final thrusting filling by the attendant behind me.

But once the attendant had withdrawn his weapon from my passage, I could only think of Konan's huge size, and knew I needed more than the attendant had to offer me to be truly satisfied.

I left the bathing hall and walked naked through the cool corridors of the palace to my fine apartments, where I collapsed on the down-filled silk pillows of my canopied bed. I sighed, knowing that the Grand General himself would soon arrive, having had to speak to his commanders before he bathed and relaxed with me. He was not Konan, but he always worked his weapon well inside me, and I lay there stroking myself in readiness, but dreaming of Konan as I waited.

Suddenly, there were noises and shouts in the passage beyond the fine gauze curtains at the archway that led into my apartment, and I lifted myself up to pay attention. I thought I heard a familiar voice, and my heart leapt and my cock throbbed, but I knew I only imagined it. For I believed he was dead.

The noises got closer, though, until suddenly there was Konan, yes Konan, alive, being led into my chamber in chains. He was struggling with the guards leading him, but then he stopped, as if frozen, when he spied me lying naked among my silken cushions.

Konan fixed his eyes on me, raking my body from foot to head with his glance, and his eyes burned with anger but also with something else. I had believed it when I had been told that he was dead and was overcome by the sight of him.

'So, my fine young nobleman, again I find you lying indolently among your cushions. But this time I am a prisoner dragged into your presence, not a bandit waylaying you,' he said with arrogance. 'So, why have you had me brought here?'

'I was told you were dead,' I said foolishly, as he quite obviously wasn't, but I was not able to think clearly and answer him sensibly.

Konan's body was gleaming from the sheen of sweat filming it, and I saw his great muscles were as full and round as ever. He was breathing heavily from his exertions, and this was making his chest swell and fall, the golden muscles shimmering with each breath.

I rose up on my bed, kneeling with my tool in my hand still hardening and lengthening, my thighs spread wide, and my ass pushed back in anticipation. I was immediately filled with lust and unable to lift my eyes from Konan's huge, partly engorged weapon. It hung between his great muscled thighs like a club, and I desperately wanted it to beat its way inside me. I moaned at the memory of how well it had filled and pounded me a few months before.

'Well I am not dead,' he replied, stepping forward, 'and I ask you again, why does the fine young nobleman who betrayed me to the Mogul's Grand General have me dragged before him naked?'

'I did not ask to see you,' I replied, confused, knowing how I had ached to see him though I had been told he'd been killed after I had aided the Grand General's escape from the barbarian's riverside camp.

The guards, I suddenly realized, were linking Konan's chains about the nearest of the slender delicately carved marble columns that circled my chamber supporting the domed ceiling.

'Ahhh,' Konan sighed, now eyeing me all over in such a way that not only was my weapon hardening, but my breathing also was becoming uneven and my rim twitched.

Konan moved his arms, testing his loose chains and moving toward me as he did so. The guards stood back smiling, and I was afraid of what Konan might do to me for having betrayed him. But I was unable to move away and remained kneeling among my cushions. The great barbarian stopped at the foot of my bed before reaching out his arms to grip my thighs and topple me over backwards among the soft down pillows. Then he was gripping my ankles in his great hands and pulling me toward him.

The barbarian had lost none of his strength, and moving his hands to my hips, lifted them easily. I trembled, knowing that even as well used as I now was, I couldn't take his great weapon inside my slick passage without some preparation. But lifting my hips higher, he slid my ass off the bed and up his belly, closer to his face, and I widened my thighs, and my legs flopped back so my feet rested against his shoulders.

Then Konan's mouth was on my entrance, and I pawed at my cushions and silken sheets and cried out in small cries as he roughly wet me down and opened me. I kicked my legs about and he stopped and, grabbing an ankle, twisted one of his chains about it, holding it wide; then he caught my other ankle in the same way. I hung now from the chains coming from the columns, my ass level with his great pecs, my arms still pawing at the bed to steady me as I hung, swaying, from the chains.

Then his tongue was rimming me, and his great fingers were entering and probing me as I moaned and tried to steady myself against the bed. But his fingers plowed me, shaking me about, and he rocked me back and forth on the chains as he rotated and spread his four fingers in my passage. I was soon moaning with pleasure, hardly aware of the pain of the chains digging into me. Then he flipped the chains off my ankles, dropping me on the bed and, with a great grunt, came down over me, biting at my nipples and then my neck as he pressed the head of his huge tool at my entrance.

'Yes, Konan. Yes!' I gasped, even as I pulled my thighs wide and wrapped my legs about his hips and steeled myself for the pain of his entry.

I screamed as he pushed his cap past my rim and entered me. I wanted him still, but I was certainly not well prepared. He stopped and bent to kiss my mouth and grasped my weapon, my hands trembling as I used them to tease his own big hard nipples. Then he moved in deeper, and I wailed and twisted about, trying to widen myself for him. Finally, he had taken possession of me, and I groaned and cried out as he began to move inside me. He used my hips like handles, gripping them in his great hands so he could twist and rock me, while his huge weapon moved about inside my channel as it never had before, reaching and testing hidden parts of me, straining me so I thought I might be torn apart. I yelled and moaned with pleasure to have him stretch and stroke me so, quickly coming in fountains of cream across my belly and my fine silk pillows and still he worked himself inside me.

'So, you moan for this giant as you never moaned for me,' I heard the Grand General's voice say angrily as a final pulse of juice spilt from my weapon.

'Oh, no,' I cried, 'No, I moan as well for you,' I gasped. Then the general's tool was in my gaping mouth, and I struggled to suck it as he took my head between his hands and pulled me back and forth.

For a moment I had wondered at the general's words but was immediately lost in my sucking and opening my throat for the Grand General's own large tool. Both men worked me hard, my body rocking back and forth, and soon I knew they were each trying to outlast the other.

My jaw was beginning to cramp up and my entrance throbbed as my gut spasmed when I heard the pounding in my ears as Konan pressed his thumb into the slit in my cock head, seeming to release my pent-up juices again in a sudden flood, while the general spurted his seed down my throat. Once the general withdrew from my mouth, I cried out and moaned as Konan continued to plow me deeply.

'It seems only this barbarian can truly satisfy you,' the general said angrily. And I could do no more than paw at my silken pillows and roll my head in mindless ecstasy in response.

'Did you think otherwise?' Konan replied in a deep, rumbling voice, his hands stroking my body as I rocked with his pounding rhythm.

'I do not want a man who cannot be satisfied by me,' the general said. 'If only this great barbarian can satisfy you young prince, then you may join him in the dungeons.'

I caught the general's words and wanted to plead with him that he was man enough for me, though my arching, writhing body and loud helpless moans of pleasure made it clear I would be lying. Konan finally chose that moment to fill me with his own hot seed, and I was unable to get the words out anyway, because his weapon throbbed inside me. I moaned loudly as I felt his juices flood deep inside me, and my entrance closed on his huge weapon and held it as it pumped another spurting of his hot seed into me.

'Take them away,' the general ordered.

Konan pulled out of me with a soggy slurp, and able to move at last, I turned my head. 'No. No,' I cried after the Grand General's departing back, seeing my fine life and great and prosperous future fading fast. 'No. No!' I screamed in an agony of despair.

Konan bent and gripped my chin and kissed me deeply, then winked at me, and I wondered if he had gone mad, or was glad I would be joining him in the palace dungeons. Which was also madness from my point of view. But then he stood and flexed the great muscles of his chest and arms before suddenly jerking his fists together. Nothing discernible happened. Then he jerked his arms together again, pulling on his chains, strain showing in his face, and I heard a great crack.

I rose up among my silken pillows, still recovering my senses as his juice ran out of my hole and down my thighs, and I saw the stone columns Konan had been chained to broken in several places and beginning to fall apart. I gaped in awe at this proof of his huge strength. Then I saw the guards were looking up at the marble dome of the ceiling, which seemed to crack and shudder as I stared up at it with them. A sudden great cracking noise sent the guards fleeing into the passageway, yelling in panic.

Konan grabbed my arm and pulled me up, 'Time we left here, my fine young nobleman,' he said, smiling, and I jumped to the floor and stayed close by him as he heaved his chains free, wrapping the loose lengths about his shoulders as we ran for the walled garden beyond my apartments.

Konan climbed the garden wall easily and pulled me up behind him. But at the sound of a great crash, I turned to look back, only to see the dome of my fine apartments reduced to a cloud of white dust, which quickly spread out and engulfed us.

'Now to get rid of these chains,' Konan cried, as we dropped from the wall, and he ran like the wind along the deserted pathway behind the wall, pulling me along behind him in the direction of the stables.



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