I was on my way to the court of the Great Mogul and had left my family's home only days before, when my adventures began. My father, a prince with little more than his ancient title, was sending me to court to further my education and hopefully to improve my station in life. Fortunately, I had grown into a very fine-looking young man of good health and education, and at nineteen years of age, I was looking forward to going to the court to make my way in the world.

No expense had been spared in setting me up so that I would arrive at my destination in a manner appropriate for a young nobleman of good family. I rode in a palanquin with six bearers, all of them good-looking men. My fathers' lands were not particularly large, but the men of our land were all well made and strong. We presented a fine sight as we passed along the road, with several mules following behind bearing my possessions.

I lay back in the cool shade of my curtained vehicle, thinking about my brilliant future while being gently rocked by the steady rhythm of my bearers' swaying strides.

It was the fourth day of my journey, and I knew that that night we would be at the last stop before my destination. I was daydreaming about the court and about the fine men and women there, and I admit, tugging at my cock idly in accompaniment to my pleasant thoughts. This happy activity was occupying me, when I became aware of a sudden jolt and a stagger among my bearers. I frowned at the intrusion. Then my palanquin stopped moving and I heard raised voices.

I stuck my head out between the silken curtains and looked about. But I immediately pulled my head back inside. What I had seen in that brief glance outside was not good. A great barbarian on horseback had a sword to my chief bearers' throat. I found my own sword buried among the cushions and grasped it, then pulled the curtains aside.

'What is the meaning of this delay?' I demanded in my most commanding voice.

There was a sudden silence, as everybody looked my way. The barbarian, with his huge rippling muscles glistening in the bright sun, lowered his sword from my bearers' throat and slid nimbly from his horse. He strode over to me, his muscles playing with the light as they moved beneath his golden skin. My cock lurched at the sight of him and was making a noticeable statement when he stopped in front of me. He looked me over, running his eyes from my head to my crotch, where my interest in him showed clearly in the way my fine silk pantaloons were tenting.

My sword arm seemed frozen by his presence, and I was dismayed at my helpless state. Then I gasped, open mouthed, as he laid a huge hand on my chest and pushed me back into my palanquin, where I fell among the cushions, with him joining me and my sword fell from my hand as I felt the palanquin dropping to the ground under the extra weight.

'I am Konan,' my attacker announced, as he tore my fine silk pantaloons from my lower body. He eyed my hard, throbbing weapon, rubbed his huge thumb over its cap, and pressed it into my already-leaking slit. I groaned and trembled, automatically tilting my hips and spreading my legs wide to show him my asshole.

He laughed at me and leaned forward, covering my mouth with his, and I opened my lips to him, almost overwhelmed by the masculine scent of him. Then he wrapped a huge strong arm about me and lifted me up to him, as he tore my coat off and fastened the fingers of his other hand to a nipple. I bit his lip as he worked the hard lump of dark skin, sending shivers down through me to my already-aching manhood. I had my hands on him as we kissed, running them over his incredibly hard, full muscles. I found his nipples and squeezed them both and then lowered a hand to his loincloth, seeking his weapon. I shuddered when I felt a mammoth tree trunk there, hard and standing proud and tall. I moaned as I slid my hand up and down it, guessing at its length and trembling at the thought of it possessing me. Because I had no doubt this was what Konan intended his weapon to be used for.

Konan moved his mouth down from mine to my chest, biting my nipples in turn so that I cried out, then moving his big tongue over me, wetting me and arousing me more. His mouth finished on my cock, and he swallowed my eight inches as if they were nothing. I thrust my hips violently at his face as he sucked and tongued me. Then he dropped me back onto the cushions, and I lifted and spread my legs for him and he grabbed my butt and lifted it to his lowered head. I reached out wildly to steady myself as I gasped for air, my hands finding the uprights at the corners of the palanquin's frame. I grasped these and held myself steady for his mouth to work my ass. His strong tongue slobbered over my tight, but well-used entrance, pushing into it while his huge hands enveloped and spread my cheeks wide. I moaned as I gripped the palanquin's frame and bore down on his hard probing tongue, helping it enter me, making me moan loudly.

Konan moved his mouth briefly to my balls, and I moaned even more for him.

'You are a very fine young nobleman,' he said, as he moved his mouth back to my hole.

He lowered my butt then and turned to straddle my face, and I gaped at the huge tool he was lowering to my mouth. I could take only a small part of it in comfortably and not more than three quarters of it even with great difficulty. As I sucked and caressed that huge weapon inside my mouth, he leaned forward and pulled my thighs back under his arms to give himself perfect access to my anus, I was choking on his huge rod and bucking my hips as he poked his thick fingers inside me and worked me open with them, sending me wild as he stroked me in there. Finding the spot that set my cock dribbling copiously.

I wanted him to quickly go on to the obvious conclusion and moaned, 'Yes, yes,' loudly when he removed his huge weapon from my aching mouth and turned himself to kneel behind my butt. I looked down as he wiped his huge rod over my inner thighs and over my own manhood before positioning it at my wet, slightly gaping entrance. I knew I wanted his cock fucking into me, and I reached down and held the tip of it just behind the nob, keen to help him guide it in.

Konan threw his head back and laughed loudly. 'So, my fine young nobleman is eager to be taken by a huge barbarian, is he?' Konan asked.

'Yes,' I replied panting in anticipation, 'Yes, fuck me Konan. Yes. Yes. Yes,' I gasped wildly, pushing my ass down while pulling his huge poised cock to me.

Konan pulled my hips down to him. He pulled me onto that great rod, and I cried out at the pain of its entrance, and then again, and gasped as he pushed in over my most sensitive spot, slowly working into me deeper and deeper. I cried out repeatedly as he continued to drive himself in, overcome by his size and wondering if he was going to tear me apart. But that huge weapon continued its relentless journey of discovery inside me. Going where nothing human had been before.

Many men had been in there before Konan, but never so far in, nor fit so tightly. He chewed at my neck as he worked himself in deeper. I writhed in pain again, gripping the frame of my palanquin as I tried to open my ass wider for him. After a while the pain of him entering me had lessened and I was feeling incredibly overfilled instead. My own hard cock was throbbing and dripping as I moaned and breathed raggedly. He moved himself deep inside me, and I cried out briefly again. Then he moved again, and I moaned at the pain and the incredible feeling of being massively stuffed and stretched by him.

He massaged my gut by fucking me, so I opened up for him, and soon I felt waves of pleasure run through me from his cock sliding slowly in and out of me. Then he was pounding my ass, and I was crying out in wild abandoned ecstasy. He added his cries to mine before he roared like a great animal and arched back, driving himself hard into me, and I cried out at the feel of his cum flooding me.

I came up my own belly in huge spurts and jerks until I was spent and lay back almost senseless. Konan collapsed across me but left his massive tool buried as I wrapped my thighs about him, wanting to keep him deep inside me, now that I had accommodated him.

Konan soon hardened inside me and pulled my legs free and moved out till only his cock head was still inside me, and he worked that in and out over my spot so that I moaned and writhed in pleasure, desperate to push myself back down on him.

Then Konan stopped. 'No don't stop,' I cried, before I became aware of a commotion outside and my palanquin's curtains were parted. I turned to the intrusion as my ass was emptied and Konan grasped his sword and made to attack the intruder.

Konan's size behind his sword's sweep pushed the intruder aside and Konan leaped from my palanquin. I lay there stunned and panting, my legs spread wide and raised up, showing my abandoned cum-slicked gaping asshole, and my hard and throbbing cock. Before I could recover myself, the intruder had returned and climbed in below me. I moaned as he dropped his armored skirt, and I saw a more than adequate cock standing rigidly to attention for me. In a moment that weapon filled the barbarian's place, not so fully, but well enough, and I was again holding the frame of my palanquin, grunting loudly and working my ass to the intruder as he plowed me deeply.

When he had come, he sucked my balls and then worked on my own throbbing organ, taking its measure. 'A fine piece of equipment you have here,' he said. 'And whose fine cock do I have the pleasure to be sucking?' he added, holding my cock to his mouth and forcing his tongue tip into my slit.

I was crying out and moaning so I was hardly able to answer him with my father's name.

'Ahh,' he said, between sucks on my now purple cock head, 'So, you are the young nobleman coming to court to make his fortune?' he mused.

He paused for a moment, again taking the measure of my now rock-hard cock, which I doubted had ever been larger or thicker. 'Well, I am the Grand General of the Great Mogul's armies,' the intruder said, 'And now that I have tried these fine assets of yours, I assure you that you will be a great success at court. In fact, I myself need a new adjutant to serve me and hope you will accept the post.'

And with that, he finally let me come, my juice spouting across my palanquin in thick streams. Then he began to plow me again, and I grasped the frame of my palanquin as I moaned loudly and sighed happily at my good fortune in rising so high so quickly and the wonderful fucking I was having.



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