My weapon had remained sheathed inside the fine young nobleman while we kissed. He lay back among the cushions of his curtained palanquin, while my muscular barbarian body covered him and my hands roamed all over the full rounded muscles of his chest and his flat, hard belly. I was well on the way to being recharged and about ready to begin plowing him deeply again when I was distracted by a commotion outside.

The young nobleman moaned and moved himself on my buried weapon, his passage caressing me to greater size and hardness even as I struggled to regain my senses. Then the curtains of the palanquin were suddenly parted, and I beheld a finely dressed intruder wearing glittering armor, but of sudden and greatest concern to me was the long curved sword he carried at the ready.

My cock disengaged with a sucking sound as I grasped my own sword, lying among the cushions. I threw myself at the armored intruder leaning through the curtained opening, but my mind wasn't on it. That was still stuck back with the feel of my recharging cock buried inside the passage of the muscular, golden-skinned young nobleman I was leaving behind me.

The young nobleman's cries of, 'No. Don't stop. Don't stop,' followed me even as the intruder met my slashing sword with his, and my arm shook from the impact. Unfortunately, this man was no fancily dressed amateur, and I was still regathering my strength as well as my wits.

We joined in a fierce battle of brutal swordplay that took us from the shelter of the palanquin's curtains, and then I saw that, unfortunately, the finely dressed intruder was not alone. But I was. My two barbarian companions were nowhere to be seen, but my opponent had a dozen uniformed soldiers encircling us with their curved flashing swords at the ready.

The intruder was a skilled swordsman. I, being a tall, broad, muscular barbarian, relied greatly on my strength, so when several of the bodyguards joined on my opponents side, I was hard pressed to save myself from being killed. I had no wish to be cut to pieces, and the matter of whether I might escape was settled when my sword went spinning from my hand as the result of a badly placed strike that saw me unbalance and crash to the ground.

I was briefly stunned, shaking my head as I recovered and looking up to find half a dozen steel blades pointed at my throat and chest. I lay back in apparently helpless submission, with my mind turning to a later clever escape rather than trying for an unlikely one now.

My opponent, the armored intruder, came up to stand over me and ordered that his men tie my hands. 'I am the Mogul's Grand General,' he said to me, 'And you, barbarian, have caused me much trouble and have now dared to attack a nobleman on the road to the Great Mogul's palace.'

The general continued looking down at me for some moments, seeming to eye the weapon I had lately sheathed so pleasurable inside the fine young nobleman's channel.

Then the Grand General turned to a slightly built soldier beside him. 'Come, what do you think of this barbarian's great tool?' he asked, and the man stepped up and reached down and stroked my weapon, then cupped and squeezed my balls as if measuring them too.

'Very fine,' he said admiringly, having tested my equipment.

'As long as he is safely tied, you may do as you wish with him till I return,' the general said, and turning he went over to the palanquin and entered it. I saw the curtains close behind him and had no doubt what he intended to do in there.

Two soldiers were kneeling by me then, one on either side, one taking my balls in his hand, the other my cock in his mouth. I was soon growing for them and grew even more at the sound of the young nobleman's cries of pleasure coming from the palanquin.

Then a man raised my legs and made to finger my hole. I stopped being quiet when I felt him and struggled and kicked. But my captors had me well tied, and those not enjoying me had their swords ready still. So, now they tied ropes about my ankles and pulled me up and dragged me hobbling to the palanquin, from which the general was just emerging.

I was spread-eagled at sword point and tied fast at ankles and wrists against the frame of the palanquin, inside which I had so recently enjoyed plowing the handsome, well-endowed young nobleman. And in spite of my anger, my cock hardened more at the memory of his tight, willing passage enclosing me. He was a fine young nobleman indeed, as the Grand General now standing before me had confirmed for himself, I was sure, by taking him and fucking him after I had been forced to withdraw.

Now I was at the general's mercy, and I raged and tore at my restraints, throwing myself about and violently rocking the well-made palanquin. I heard the young nobleman inside cry out in fear, and my unsatisfied lust for him increased my rage.

'Stop,' shouted the general. 'If you destroy the palanquin, I will finish you with my own sword.'

I looked at him and bared my teeth and roared, but I stopped my violent shaking. It had achieved nothing so far, and there were a dozen men of his about me with their swords drawn. Silently, I cursed my two companions for abandoning me so.

'Cowards,' I thought, angrily spitting in the dust to show my disgust at their abandonment of me.

The general moved in and worked my cock himself now, running his hands along it, over its veins and ridges, and teasing the slit in my huge head, almost getting the tip of his little finger in to it.

'Lets see how big this weapon of yours is, barbarian,' he said, stroking me to make me grow. His hands were not unwelcome, but he was, until I saw something that made me encourage his attentions.

'Come, why don't you feel that inside your ass?' I said to him, 'Or is it too big for you?' I cried out rudely, taking the attention of all the men there, many of whom were laughing at me now.

'If anyone's ass is to be filled, it will be yours, barbarian,' the general replied, encouraging his soldiers' laughter, as he showed me his own respectably sized cock, which he pulled hard and throbbing from his fine robes.

Then the general tore down the curtain at my back and stepped in close behind me, though I struggled and roared abuse. I was Konan, the great barbarian, and no man touched my ass. But I couldn't stop the general from parting my cheeks, and though I struggled and raged, I soon felt his mouth exploring me. I tried to resist the feeling of his tongue at my hole. I tried to deny the pleasure I was feeling from it as he circled and teased my rim. I raged more, but soon I was wet enough that he could begin to explore me deeper with his fingers, while one of his soldiers fell to work on sucking my rod.

The soldier had a fine, firm sucking mouth and squeezed my balls in a most pleasurable way. I was caught between the mouth at my engorged weapon and the fingers seeking inside my passage, and suddenly I groaned, unable to resist the pleasure the general and his man were giving me.

And now I also finally saw what I had been hoping to see, what I had only had a glimpse of earlier. So that though I had resisted before, now I willingly moaned encouragingly for my molesters. The Grand General opened me up with his fingers, working them firmly in me, so that I cried out at the unwanted invasion, feeling a stretching and opening I had never felt before. He seemed to fill me so much I wondered if I might be feeling his whole fist inside me. But then he withdrew his fingers to replace them with his cock. I cried out in agony as he worked that large weapon of his into me. I knew that it was a fine, large piece of equipment and feared my tight, unused ass would have trouble taking it.

I roared in pain as the general groaned with pleasure and moved in deeper, but he was soon pulling out again, before making me moan and whimper as he moved back in. I cried out and then groaned, as my passage resisted his efforts to go deeper. But as he worked himself in and out of me, I must have opened, as my moans became ones of pleasure, and it felt surprisingly fine. He moved back in, and I felt a great sensation of pleasure such as I had never felt before and realized that he was as fine a swordsman with this weapon as he was with his fine steel sword. I moaned at the feel of his cock going deeper and cried out as he began to plow me with long strokes.

The soldier at my own cock had me in a tight muscular sucking embrace inside his mouth, and I soon roared as I filled his throat with my hot, angry cum. The general plowed me deeply and furiously took advantage of my orgasm, and I moaned with pleasure, tightening my ass on him in my ecstasy. He flooded me with his hot cum, and I took it with surprise. Then he withdrew, and I sagged on my bonds and moaned.

The soldiers standing about laughed, but their amusement was cut off by a piercing scream, and then another, as my two companions returned on horseback, raining savage lethal blows on my captors. The general grabbed up his sword and swung about with it, raising and meeting Uran with a great clanging strike that almost tore the steel from the hands of both of them. But Uran was on horseback, and the general had no chance, and a second jarring blow had his sword falling to the ground as he grasped his wrist in agony.

The general's soldiers were all soon dead, or dying, or had managed to escape, and Siri rode up and cut my bonds with four clean slashes. I pulled free and smote the general to the ground with one sweep of my great right arm. He lay there in agony as I recovered my sword and pointed it at his throat and his eyes glittered with hate as he looked up at me.

'You will be hunted to the farthest corner of the Great Mogul's domain,' he cried in a rage.

I shrugged and then bent to tie his hands together, ignoring his cries as I used his damaged wrist roughly.

My companions, Siri and Uran, finished off the injured soldiers and suddenly the road was quiet. Quickly Siri took the leading rein of the loaded mules and left with them. And I went to the damaged palanquin and found the fine young nobleman lying there almost as I'd left him, naked among his cushions. I could have had him again immediately, but I knew that it was time for us to leave.

'Come,' I said to him, taking his hand and pulling him up, seeing his cock already half engorged at the sight of me. 'You are coming with me,' I said gently.

'But I have to go to the Great Mogul's court,' he replied haltingly, looking confused. And he was even more confused when he stood outside his curtained vehicle and could see the dead soldiers and the bound general lying there on the dusty roadway.

'But all my possessions?' he cried, looking about for the vanished mules, 'My palanquin, my bearers?'

'Gone, or ruined,' I said bluntly.

Uran had the general standing and was helping him onto a spare horse, and I whistled for my own horse, which came trotting up to me. I jumped up into the plain saddle and pulled the fine young nobleman up before me, resting his naked butt against my naked manhood, my loincloth ruined, where it felt very fine.

When Uran had gathered what booty there was to take from the dead, we left, riding toward the nearby hills and our hidden barbarian camp.



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