The days went quickly after that. While I continued my recovery, I tried not to think

about Saturday. I had come down for a one-week vacation, and was scheduled to return to the

states on a flight leaving on Saturday afternoon. Early afternoon. Almost exactly one week

after I arrived in this island paradise.

Things had slowed down since that first day out of the hospital. When I awoke on Thursday,

Jayson made arrangements to show me some weightlifting exercises with free weights that would

build up my biceps, triceps and pecs. After we were done, he gave me a world class massage,

minus anything sexual. Then he and Jake showed me around town, avoiding the seedy areas that

might bring back terrible memories, and they introduced me to a new restaurant that served local

foods that tasted as good as they smelled. We finished the afternoon swimming in the lagoon

below the health club, and sunning on the beach. Jake and Jayson both shed their suits for the

sunning, so I did too.

"Why do you sun in the nude, but swim with your suits on?" I asked. "I mean, a thong isn't

covering much anyway."

Jayson looked at me and offered only one word, "Fish."


"Yeah," Jake added, "You don't want them to think that your dangling piece of meat is

bait." He smiled that sly grin that he was so good at.

I wanted to ask where Jay was, but I already knew that he was in town to get supplies, and

then had to drive to the other side of the island to arrange advertising for the health club.

I missed him.

I chose to eat alone in Jay's bedroom that evening, and fell asleep rather early. I woke

up sometime during the night, and felt Jay climbing in next to me, but not touching me. As I

lay there, falling back asleep, I could hear the quiet, almost undistinguishable sound of

sobbing. It sounded just like the sobbing I had heard in my dreams in the hospital. If the

nurse was right, it had probably been Jay. How I wished he would ask me to stay! I would say

'yes' in a heartbeat, but the decision was not mine. This was his turf, and I was not going to

intrude where I was not welcomed.

When I awoke on Friday, Jake took me to the health club and showed me some easy-to-follow

exercises for delts, calves and thighs. He gave me some fun, easy ways to do squats without

making them into the exercise I had always dreaded, and he showed me how to do crunches for my

abs using an exercise ball, so that I didn't need to get down on the floor, another thing I

loathed. After our workout, he treated me to a fantastic massage, minus sexual contact. I was

convinced that these guys just needed some good PR, because they really knew their stuff when

it came to massages. But they could also use a talking to, because they were frustrating me

sexually. It was like they all had secretly agreed to not touch me to see if they could drive

me wild. Or maybe they were afraid. Afraid of getting hurt by getting too close.

Again today, the guys took me around the town, and then decided to give me a tour of the

entire island. We stopped in several places to swim, but decided the best place was right at

the hotel, right on the beach below the health club. Mental note to self: more PR needed about

this beach, too!

We ate at another great local restaurant for brunch, then grabbed burgers at the Mickey D's

at the airport for a late afternoon snack when we stopped in to check on my flight for Saturday.

The boys seemed really quiet, too quiet, at the airport, and they wouldn't make eye contact. I

would let it pass until we got back to the car. In the meantime, I missed Jay. He had to take

an island-hopping trip to Martinique to arrange for a few new pieces of gym equipment, supplies

for the massages, and more advertising. I had no fucking idea why those trips couldn't wait

till I was gone. I craved Jay's presence, and again thought about how much I wanted him to ask

me to stay. What a fuckhead!

When we got back to the car, I was steaming. I got in and slammed my door shut.

Both guys looked at me and asked, "What? What's wrong?"

"You tell me!"

They shared a glance, then Jake looked in my direction, but not into my eyes, and said,

"I don't know what you mean."

"Asshole! You are almost as fucked up as your brother. For the first few days, you guys

couldn't keep your hands off me, now you treat me like I've got a disease. Nobody touches me,

nobody talks to me. Oh, you talk 'at' me, just like Jake is looking 'at' me now, but not really

looking at me. Just enough to be convincing, right?"

Both hung their heads, and neither talked.

"So, what's going on?" I insisted, "Or do I need to beat it out of you?" Like that would

happen. Either one of these guys could take me with one hand tied behind their back.

Jayson looked at Jake and began to cry. "I can't tell him,' he blubbered.

Jake looked at me, into my eyes for the first time since we'd gotten into the car. "You

can't tell Jay that we told you, because he'd kill us. He doesn't want you to know. We're

putting the health club up for sale. That's where he was yesterday, trying to work out a deal

with a hotel on the other side of the island that's been trying to get a foothold over here.

And he's on Martinique today, sitting with a real estate agent, putting the club on the market."

Jake stopped, then looked away from me as though it was too painful to look at me and still

say what had to be said. "It seems he's fallen in love. In love with a wonderful guy that

we've all fallen in love with. But he feels so fucking guilty, like he's an anchor in the

guy's life, dragging him down. He doesn't think he's any good for the guy. So when the place

sells, he's going to leave the island, leave the hurt behind, and go back to Chicago. He can

probably find a job as a gym rat somewhere, given all the experience he's got."

"And you two?" I asked, not really wanting to hear what I knew was coming.

"Yesterday, when Jayson was working with you, I was at the airport getting tickets for me

and Jay. Figured that I could be a gym rat, too." He paused. "He's all I've got, him and

Jayson. And you."

Jayson couldn't handle the uncomfortable pause that followed, so he jumped in to continue

the conversation. "This morning, when Jake was with you, I was down at the real estate office

putting the bungalow back on the rental market. And making arrangements to sell all our stuff

to a resale shop."

"But where were you going to go? Aren't you from here?"

"No, just moved here as a kid when I was ten, when my parents divorced. I've been on my

own since I was fourteen, when Mom died. I've got my Dad and his family back in Miami. You

know how Cubans can be, taking in family." He tried a little humor to lighten the situation. I

wasn't having any of it.

"So when were you going to tell me?"

"We weren't," they both mumbled. "Jay made us promise to not tell you," Jayson shared

quietly. Then Jake finished, "Once you were on your way back to the states, it wouldn't

matter. You could go on with your life, and we'd go on with ours."

I looked back and forth between them, looking them square in the eyes, and I spoke slowly

so there would be no misunderstanding my words. "What makes you think I have a life anywhere

but here?"

The silence was unbearable, even for me. Jake and Jayson were both crying now, and I

could feel tears begin to course down my cheeks.

"I won't tell Jay that you told me. But I have to say, the two of you surprised me. I

had begun to think of the two of you as men, but I guess you both are still little boys. I

thought for sure that you, Jake, could stand up to your brother when he makes a fucked up

decision, and I thought that you, Jayson, loved these guys enough that you'd straighten them

out if they were too fucked up to see that they were throwing away a wonderful life here at

the health club. I guess I was wrong. You're both as fucked up as your dumbass brother.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Jayson. He's not your brother, but if you'd treat him like one, like I saw

that you could do when I first got here, then maybe you'd stop him from being so stupid. And

while I'm being honest here, Jake, have you ever told your brother that you're in love with


Jake choked on my words, and tried to mount a feeble defense. "In love with him? I'm not

in love with him."

"Why don't you just keep all your bullshit to yourself, okay? Nobody believes it, least

of all me. I've seen the way you look at him, how your mood changes whenever you're around him.

You even said the very first day that he didn't realize just how good, how fulfilling man-to-man

sex could be, as though you would be willing to show him. Well, show him! Show him that, and

more. Maybe going back to Chicago will help you guys get real with each other. You'll need

something to do during those long, cold winters."

I was finished. I clammed up, and didn't say another thing till we got to the bungalow.

I sequestered myself in Jay's bedroom, alternating between crying and packing, and the packing

didn't go well. I was so fucking mad that I put too much into one suitcase, and when I tried

to force it closed, one of the hinges broke. I kicked the suitcase hard with my foot, and it l

anded against the wall, putting a small hole there. "Fuckin' serves him right," I said under

my breath.

I didn't eat that evening, having lost my appetite. With everything packed as good as it

was going to get, I turned off the light and crawled into bed. I probably was going to cry

myself to sleep. What would Sylvie say if she saw me? She'd probably call me a fucking loser,

just like she had for years.

I was yanked out of my mental fog by a knock at the door.

"It's open," I deadpanned. I really didn't want to see anybody.

"Can I come in?" Jay asked from the other side of the door.

"I said it's open."

"That's not what I asked. I didn't ask if the door was open. I asked if I could come in."

"Then you are asking for permission, so you need to say, 'May I come in?' Didn't those

schools in Chicago teach you the difference between 'can I' and 'may I'?" I was getting

annoyed. There was silence for a few seconds, followed by a voice just above a whisper.

"May I come in?"

"Yes. Get your fucking ass in here!" I had officially arrived at annoyed.

Jay came timidly through the door, walked over, and gently sat on the edge of the bed. He

did that thing that his brother did, looking 'near' me but not looking at me. "I wanted to.....

I reached over with my hand, grabbed his chin, and redirected his gaze, so that he was

looking into my eyes. "Now that you have my attention, Jay, you may continue."

"I wanted to give you a going away gift, if I can. I have to tell you that the last few

days have been difficult on me, knowing that you'd be leaving, and I tried to think of

something I could give you that would mean something." He stopped, and looked away. I reached

up, grabbed his chin, brought his gaze back to my eyes, and told him, "Continue."

"I want to give you my cherry."

He had stopped me dead in mid thought. I was speechless, for the first time in a long

time. My face froze, except for my jaw, which fell to hang open. I just stared at him.

"Did you hear me, Max? I want to offer you my cherry. Not have you take it, but

voluntarily, like in the pool on Saturday when you voluntarily dropped the thong and gave

yourself to me."

"But the pool is so far away." Now it was my turn to bring a little levity to the


"No. Right here. Right now. Totally yours, anyway you want it."

I thought for a moment, then gave Jay an answer that I don't think he was expecting.

"Sorry, I can't accept."

Jay's face showed both shock and pain at my answer. "Why?"

"Jake," I shouted as loud as I could. "Jake, get in here, right now."

"You didn't need to yell so loud," Jake said as he opened the door and walked in. "I was

listening right outside the door." A sheepish grin showed me that he was telling the truth.

"Jake, please tell your brother why I can't have his cherry."


"Jake, please tell your brother why I can't have his cherry." I glared at him, and he

looked down.

"You fuckheads! Does anybody in this house have a brain?" Jayson asked as he popped his

head around the corner, but when I shot him a withering glance, the smile on his face

disappeared, and then so did he.

"Jake, look at your brother and tell him who deserves his cherry. Who's been in love with

him for years. Who's been aching to get that cherry for so long that it hurts, way deep inside.

Tell your brother who his cherry belongs to."

Jake mumbled, as he continued to stare at the floor, "It belongs to me. Your cherry is


"Look at your brother and tell him. Tell him like you mean it. Tell him like you feel it!"

I was shouting again.

Jake looked up at Jay, gathered his thoughts, and said, "I have loved you forever. I

loved you when I beat you at a contest, and even more when you won. I wanted to love you when

you got divorced, and the kids got ripped away from you. I can't tell you how many times I've

looked at you with envy, with lust, and with love. I can't tell you how many times that I

wanted to throw you down on the floor and fuck your brains out. I took the job here working

with you as you built the health club just so I could be close to you." He paused, and looked

down again, then whispered, "Your cherry belongs to me."

"And that's why we're going to make that happen, right here, right now. Both of you,


Jayson's head peeked around the corner again, not knowing how I would react. "Get in here,

buddy. We can't leave you out." Jayson came bounding into the bedroom, jumped on the bed and

landed next to me. He planted a deep, wet kiss on my lips.

"There. I feel better. No more leprosy," I said.

I gazed up to see the twins undressing not themselves, but each other, eyes frozen in

laser-lock, only seeing each other. I hated to interrupt, but had to ask, "Jay, is this bed

rated for over nine-hundred pounds? Otherwise, we can't all get on here."

His gaze never moved from his brother's eyes. "Fuck it, I'll buy another one."

That was fine by me. Jayson and I began a sixty-nine, and Jake and Jay followed in the same

fashion. We tweaked each other's nipples, and they followed in the same fashion. We munched on

each other's balls, and they followed in the same fashion.

I looked down my body towards Jayvon's face, and his eyes told me that we were having the

same thought. We stayed in the same sixty-nine position, but maneuvered ourselves into position

to begin chowing down on each other's ass, eating like starving men. I glanced over to see what

the twins were doing, and it looked like they didn't miss a beat. Jay was proceeding more

slowly than Jake, but was making fine progress for a novice. Then the noises began. Jay

started to moan and groan like a cheap whore. One look at Jake told me that he had a finger up

Jay's love chute, and he was searching, searching.....

"Oh, my fucking god! Fuuuuuuck!" Jay yowled.

"Found it!" Jake exclaimed, as though he had doubted that he would. We knew now that it

was only a short time until Jake would be ramming his man meat into Jay's ass, turning his guts

into mush. And they didn't need Jayson and me to model it for them. As a matter of fact,

Jayson and I stopped, and stared at the glorious scene unfolding before us.

"Fuck me, you big stud," Jay proclaimed breathlessly.

"Oh yeah, bro. Gonna breed you hard and long!"

"Harder, harder! Fuck me harder, Jake, or do I have to do it myself?" With that, Jay

began thrusting back onto his twin, as though he wanted to force Jakes's whole body up into his

anal cavity. And the way they were going at it, I didn't doubt that it could have happened.

But just then, Jay exploded a load out of his cock that nearly hit the ceiling. It landed down

on his chest, splashing all across his abs. Jake thrust his thick cock deep, then creamed the

walls of his twin's love canal. Jay continued to shoot, and when he rocked a little in our

direction, he sent a shot that landed on my hand. Jayson and I looked at each other, then both

dove in to lick it off.

Jay was panting, as though he couldn't catch his breath, and then began sobbing. Jake lay

his body full on his twin, sobbing as well. Jayson and I watched for a few minutes, and then I

interrupted the scene.

"Now that it isn't cherry anymore, it's my turn."

"Mine, too," chimed in Jayson, not wanting to be left out.

"The way it looks to me, Jay, you've got at least two more fucks coming."

"What about me?" Jake asked, pretending to have hurt feelings. "Don't I get to have my ass

split on that slab of meat that my twin has been denying me?"

"Me, too!" exclaimed Jayson.

Jay looked up from the bed, still lying on his back, and told Jayson, "I've already fucked

you. What are you whining about?"

"Not today!" Jayson's face lit up like a Christmas tree, and he began to laugh.

"No time for laughing, guys. If we're going to get in all this fucking......."

"And sucking?" asked Jayson.

"And rimming?" asked Jake.

"Rimming? What's rimming?" asked Jay.

"We'll teach you as we go. Let's just say, you know what it is. You've just done it!"

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, if we're going to get all this sexual

activity completed before morning, we need to get back to work. Anybody got an engineering

degree? We might need some planning to get a few of these ideas to work together."

"Fuck the planning, let's just dive in," Jake offered.

"Agreed!" Jayson and Jay chimed in. So we got to work.

I got behind Jay, who maneuvered into a sixty-nine with Jayson, and Jake got behind me.

Jake and I set up a rhythm that allowed him to bottom out in my ass, then I'd spear Jay while

pulling off his cock. Then I'd withdraw back from Jay's ass, impaling myself on Jake's cock

until he pushed in, taking control, and bottom out in my ass. The feeling was thrilling for me,

and Jay seemed to be enjoying his end, from the amount of groaning he was doing. We kept

increasing our speed until both Jay and Jayson came, followed by me, then Jake.

We changed positions so that Jayson was fucking Jay, who was fucking me. Behind Jayson was

Jake, and we moved like a well oiled machine. Jay moaned continuously as he was filled by the

thick ebony cock, and When we all came, it was in a crescendo of groaning and moaning. Jay

apologized for giving me such a small load, but assured him that since it was the third time

cumming for him, that it was okay. I also told him that shooting blanks was also okay, as long

as it still felt good.

So now it was Jake's turn. While we were waiting to hook up, I turned to Jay and told him

what I'd been thinking about fisting, that maybe I would be willing to try it sometime, but not

tonight. Jay shot a glance at his brother and Jayson, trying to determine if they had let the

cat out of the bag. Both looked elsewhere, trying not to look guilty. Jake broke the silence.

"Well, I've had experience with fisting, and had been stretched many a time." Things were

looking up, I thought.

"But not tonight. I want to try something else." So much for things looking up.

"I want to get double-fucked." Dead silence.

Jay spoke first. "I have no idea what he just said."

"Yeah, we figured as much," chimed in Jayson, "but we said we'd fill you in as we go. In

this case, we'll be filling in your twin." He laughed at his own joke.

"What Jayson is trying to say is that we're going to fuck him, two at a time."

Jay's face began to show signs of fear and pain.

"It's okay, bro. I love it, and I want it," Jake assured him. "When you feel how exiting

is it to be in my ass with another guy, you won't be able to help but enjoy it. Trust me."

"So how do you want us?" I asked.

"Let's start with Jayson on the bottom, and I'll sit down on that telephone pole. Then

I'll lean back onto his chest, and you can enter me, Max, and I'll be able to watch you. You

cum first, then pull out so that Jay can enter me. When Jayson cums, all three of us will roll

over so he's on top. Then he can pull out, and you can get back in, Max, spooning my back, and

we can work on Jay's cum with him on the bottom. I'll be able to look at his face while he gets

what I guarantee will be his biggest orgasm ever. And with him waiting till last, he should be

recovered enough to breed his brother, right, Jay?"

"And you said we weren't going to need someone with an engineering degree. Well, let's get

this fucking tangle going!" I was really ready to try this.

The moaning and groaning rose to fever pitch several times during the next hour. We took

turns pistoning back and forth across another guy's cock while deeply embedded within Jake's

fuck chute. I came first as planned, and then Jay tried to enter. He was hesitant, trying not

to hurt his brother. Jake must have felt his hesitancy, because he pulled Jay in with his heels

planted against Jay's asscheeks. I helped guide Jay's cock, even giving a little push. My cum

had slicked the way, and Jay slid in. He gasped, and I swear he almost came right then. I

kissed him hard on the lips to take his mind off his cock, wrestling his tongue with mine, and

after he settled in, he began to thrust back and forth, really getting the full effect. The

full effect! Now it was my turn to chuckle to myself.

When he came, they all rolled over, giving Jayson the chance to pull out, and I climbed

right back in. It felt like heaven to be rubbing against Jay's hard cock, and I secretly wished

that we never had to stop. I reached around Jake's head, and pulled him in for a deep kiss,

then reached down and did the same for Jay. I was in heaven. I reached between the twins and

grabbed Jake's throbbing cock. He hadn't come yet during our tangle, but with a little help,

that would be remedied soon. His breathing became irregular and jagged, and soon he was moaning

and writhing at a whole new level. I increased the speed and intensity with which I was jabbing

into Jake, and rubbing against Jay at the same time. I could feel Jake's chute clamping down on

both our cocks, and feel Jay's cock swelling at the same time. All of a sudden, without warning,

I felt my own cock, hard beyond reason, belching out still another load as I thrust my cock deep

and threw back my head in a blood curdling squeal. But I don't think anyone except me could

hear it, because I was being outdone with the noise coming from the Hock brothers. It sounded sounded like great sex!

I'm not sure when we fell asleep, or how we untangled, but I awoke the next morning to the

sound of the alarm clock. Good thing I had set it, because it would have been easy to sleep

right through to the afternoon, and then we'd be late to the airport.

I got up and fixed a good breakfast of eggs, bacon, English muffins and melon, but I was

the only one with an appetite. The other three were in a somber mood, and everyone knew why,

even though no one would say anything. The dreams of four people were reaching an end, and

dreams die hard.

When I finished, I informed them that I was going to put my suitcase in the trunk of

Jayson's car. I figured that they would find a way to secretly stow Jay and Jake's luggage in

Jay's car. Jake had arranged for Jay, at his request, to fly out right after me, on a different

flight. Then Jake would leave a little later, not able to book two seats on his brother's

plane. Jayson would stay behind and tie up loose ends, like selling the vehicles, delivering

their belongings to the resale store, etc. How did I know all this? Jayson couldn't keep a

secret if his life depended on it.

So off we went to the airport. We needed to be there before noon, since the plane took

off shortly after one. We pulled up to the drop off area, and exited the cars. We all stood

there, preoccupied, not knowing what to say or do. Well, they didn't know what to say or do.

I did, so I spoke up.

"Jay, aren't you going to take your luggage out of the trunk?" I looked directly at Jay,

and he returned a look that reminded me of a toddler who had been confronted with a full diaper.

"And Jake, you might as well get yours out, too, buddy. It'll save time later."

If looks could kill, Jake would have been dead, because Jay shot him a look that seemed to

shoot right through him. Jake looked at Jayson with the same look, and he withered under the

look from his friend.

"Who the fuck told him? Who the fuck told him we were leaving?" Jake demanded accusingly.

"Yeah, Jayson, who's got the big, fucking mouth and can't keep a secret?" Jake was just

as mad.

"Well, it wasn't all my fault. Jake started it," Jayson shouted, trying to defend himself.

Jay looked back at his brother with another withering glance. "Fucking big mouth. I knew

I shouldn't have told you anything."

"Well, you couldn't fucking wait till he was gone, could you? You wanted to run back home

to Chicago, tail between your legs......."

"I should shove my fist down your throat and pull out your voice box so that you can't

fuckin' squeal on me anymore, you pussy! Just like when we were kids!"

Jayson tried to get between them, and got smacked by both of them for his efforts.

"Bye, guys," I said, as I climbed into Jayvon's car and began driving slowly away from the


They all stopped dead in their tracks for a moment, then began running after the car till

they caught up. They pounded their fists on the trunk and the sides of the car, imploring me

to stop. So I did. I put the car in park, got out and asked, "What?"

"Where are you going with my car?" screamed Jayson.

"What about your flight?" questioned Jake, showing a little more calm than his buddy.

"What the fuck is going on?" asked Jay, like he was trying hard to grasp what was happening.

"Well boys, I'd like to stay and see you off, but I've got an important meeting with a real

estate agent about a nice bungalow that just come on the market. It's real close to a health

club that I've been thinking about buying into."

Not a word. I was beginning to think that they didn't hear me. Then Jake asked, "What

about going back to the states?"

"Fuck that. Why would I want to go back there? I can fly out of Canefield to go anywhere

in the world, with connecting flights, to do my teaching and lecturing? Why would I need to go

back to the states? Besides, I hear there are some really hot guys on this island, and I wanted

to check them out. You know, maybe get down and dirty with them, even two or three at a time,

maybe in a hotel pool.

"No. No checking them out. No down and dirty." Jay sounded pretty sure of himself as he

set down the rules. As he walked toward me, he added, "Pools are okay." He reached up, grabbed

my shirt collar with both hands, and ripped my shirt open, popping all the buttons. He dumped

it unceremoniously to the ground. Then he reached down, slid his hands inside the waistband of

my shorts, and pushed them down, hard. I'd gone commando, so there was nothing else but my


"Really, Jay? Out here in public? You're going to get me naked out here in public?"

"Already did. And not just naked. And not just you," he panted as he removed his own

shirt. His eyes raked over my body, up and down, like a wild animal viewing its meal. While he

removed his jeans, he added, "If you are a little shy, I think we've got a red thong around here

somewhere that will provide you with a little coverage." And with that, he wrestled me to the

ground. Good thing I had gotten far enough down the drive. Jay was tackling me just barely at

the beginning of the lawn. But I don't think that sidewalk or asphalt would have stopped him.

I know that I wasn't about to.

"Hey, watch the head. It still hurts!" I pretended to be hurt.

"You'll need to watch the head, but look quick. It's gonna be pushed deep into your butt

by a big hunk of man meat that can't wait to soak in your channel. And it ain't gonna hurt;

it's just gonna be pure pleasure!" With that, he brought his mouth down on mine, in a

passionate, deep kiss, and he started to get busy.

Jake and Jayson just looked at each other and smiled. "Nothing illegal here about public

nudity, but if we move just a little to the left, no one in the airport terminal will be able to

see the 'nasty dance' going on," Jayson said.

"What? And deny everyone a view of true love? Where's the video camera?" Jake headed back

toward his car to look to look for the recording equipment.

"You know, Jake, the name's gonna have to be changed. There were three of us with 'Jay' in

our name, but now we've got a 'Max.' The name 'Jay's' just won't do it anymore." Jayson

waited for confirmation of his statement.

Jake thought for a moment, then said, "How about 'Muscles United? Think that would be


Yes, I thought to myself as I lay there on the ground, being impaled on the cock of my

lover and my friend. Muscles United. That would work.

.....the end.......



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