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"Afternoon at Jay's"

Part 4

I decided to eat first, and rest later. I exited the lobby out onto the street and

turned to make the short two block walk to the restaurant. As I approached, I saw the familiar

sign advertising "Marco's Island Oasis." I wondered why I hadn't been able to remember the

name. I suddenly recalled that on our first trip here, Sylvie and I had commented that 'oases'

are usually found in the desert, not on a tropical island. Now, years later, as I slid into a

booth near the back of the restaurant, I could appreciate what a tranquil, safe "oasis" this

place could be. Here, a person could blend in and become anonymous, sitting with their

memories or problems, surrounded by the spicy smells and the friendly smiles of staff and

patrons, and realize that no matter what the problem, everything would work out okay.

I had both memories and problems. Sylvie and how she had dragged me to hell and back,

then taking me for just about every penny. My self-esteem and how low it had fallen. This

island, this hotel and haunting memories of previous good times that would never return.

But all was not bad. I had come here for cleansing, and been helped in the process by

three young men who could only described as angels. Well, I guess they weren't really young,

just much younger than I. And in reality, they were more devilish than angelic, and they made

me think and do things that would never earn me a halo.

I ordered my favorite, the seafood paella, and while I was waiting, nursing a tall

merlot, straight up with a twist of lime, my mind was filled with thoughts, rather naughty

thoughts of Jay, Jake and Jayson. I was replaying in my mind the events of the afternoon. I

glanced at my watch and realized that I had only landed on Dominica eight hours ago, and I had

already had more sex than in the last two years.

In my mind, I pictured the slightly hairy Jay, sleek, slim and toned, with that mop of

blonde hair topping his gorgeous face. And I thought of his nine inch tool, slim but not thin,

just like the rest of him. I pictured his twin brother Jake, with muscles on top of muscles;

totally hairless; a slightly shorter cock at eight and a half inches, but half again as thick as

his brother's, making entry into my ass most enjoyable as his girth massaged all the walls of my

love channel as he went in and out, repeatedly. His shaved head framed that delicious smile

that he shared with his brother, and that ever-present tongue, oh, that tongue, and how he used

it to eat my manpussy into a frenzy.

I didn't realize that I was groaning under my breath until one of the servers approached

me and asked if I needed assistance. He said he could call 911 if I was having a medical

problem. I blushed and sent him away with an explanation that I was having indigestion, and

that I hoped that I could eat the delicious dish that the chef was preparing. I was wondering

what he was going to think when I ate the whole thing without any problem. Indigestion, my ass!

I just needed to be more careful.

Before the food arrived, thoughts of Jayson also crossed my mind. An ebony god. That's

about the only way to sum him up. I dare not focus on too many of his attributes, like his

muscular arms and legs, and that third leg between the others, stretching to a veiny 11 inches

and topped by a large plum head! Yum! What a walking wet dream!

Just then the waiter arrived, and as I looked at the delicious meal being placed before

me, I saw beyond the platter that another patron, an elderly lady, was staring at me with disgust.

I guess I had begun to moan again. Thank god the food finally got here. I could eat, then

leave all these people to wonder what the guy dining alone was dealing with. If they only knew!

The seafood paella was as good as I had remembered it. There are stories that it serves

as a natural aphrodisiac, but Sylvie and I hadn't needed that early on in our relationship, and

had no use for it later, so I wasn't sure if the stories were true. I just knew that I liked

the taste, the textures, and the smells. I liked everything about it.

Back at my room, I lay down on the bed for a short nap, but my mind was racing a mile a

minute, replaying the afternoon's events over and over again. I had come to Dominica, to this

hotel, for rest and relaxation. Instead, I had been put through a workout, a wonderful workout,

and really didn't get the expected rest or relaxation. But what I got was probably what I needed

more. Jay, Jake, and Jayson had helped to restore my self-confidence, my dignity, my manhood

which Sylvie had spent so much time tearing down. I wondered, half out loud, if I would be

taking my new sense of well-being with me when I left the island. I only had about six more

days of vacation. Six more days! Could I take six more days of non-stop, mind-blowing sex?

More importantly, would my body take it? What a delicious dilemma!

I must have dozed off for a little while, because I dreamed all four of us were in my

room together, and there was a heated discussion about who would get to fuck me. But it was not

over who would go first, but rather, how the three of them would help each other to pleasure me.

Finally, Jay and Jake each grabbed Jayson's huge tool with a hand and guided it to my ass. They

helped to pull apart my ass cheeks, and the efforts of all three propelled the gigantic tool in

quickly. The twins pinched my nips while Jayson slapped my ass with every thrust. Then the

twins picked me up, and slammed me onto Jayson's cock while he stood there, leaning toward me to

lick his tongue up and down my abs. When he bottomed out, he was close enough to bite at my nips,

driving me insane.

I woke up gasping, and my cock was as hard as steel. At a full eight inches, it was

sticking up well beyond the top of the red thong. I needed to get that thing under control, and

back into captivity in its red covering or I wouldn't be able to go for that swim that I was

craving. You can't go to the Caribbean without spending at least sometime in the water, right?

To lose the hardon, I tried thinking of all the things I disliked—-income taxes, liver,

my third grade teacher, Mrs. Broadax, who had a hairy mole on her chin—-but the thing that worked

best was thinking of Sylvie, my ex. I should remember to send her a thank you note for her

assistance. With my spongy tool back under control, I grabbed a towel and headed out.

As I walked to the pool, I looked down at the thong. It didn't cover much, which was

probably why Jake and Jayson like it so much. It was certainly going to take some effort to be

nonchalant while walking to the pool feeling almost naked. Then I thought about my comment

earlier about dessert. What was in store for me? Would the boys be back around to check on me?

Secretly, I hoped so.

As I approached the pool, I realized that I shouldn't have been so self-conscious. All

the men and women there were wearing swimwear much like mine, or even skimpier, if that was

possible. One young lady was topless, and no one seemed to care. I guess I had never taken the

time to check out the pool in previous visits. It was the beach, the bedroom, the restaurant.

The beach, the bedroom, the restaurant. Back and forth. Not much else.

I dove in, and the pool water felt warm but invigorating. On one side of the pool,

outcrops of rocks arched over the edge so you could actually float there to get out of the sun,

not that it would matter much today as the sun was preparing to set soon. Opposite that side

was a sandy area, and a path that lead down to the beach. I wondered how they kept all the sand

out of the pool. Against one other wall were a wall of mirrors, which made the pool appear

much larger than it was. It seemed to go on to infinity. The fourth side of the pool had

tables and chairs, kind of like a patio area where people could eat, drink and converse.

Several employees of the hotel were busy bringing drinks out of the bar to patrons at the pool,

and still others, like the topless vixen, were lounging by the side of the pool. Only a few

people were in the water. I suppose some were at the pool to be seen. I just wanted to relax.

I floated for a while, then swam a few laps, then floated again. I had no feeling for

the passage of time, but I wasn't the least bit concerned. I had eaten; I had nowhere to go,

so I just relaxed. I closed my eyes and let all my worries and stress, if I had any left after

my massage, just drift away in the warm water.

While lying there floating, I thought I heard a voice that I recognized. I opened my eyes,

but with dusk approaching, lights around the pool had been turned on, and were shining in my eyes,

causing me to blink. Focusing was difficult. Again I heard the voice, much nearer to me, on my

left side. I turned just a little, and found myself about 6 inches from Jay's handsome face.

"What did you say?"

"You must have water in your ears. I said, 'Hey, beautiful.'" With that, he bent over me

and kissed me full on the lips.

"Careful," I hissed quietly. "We're out in public. Do you want everyone to see us?"

"As a matter of fact, I do!" He said. He turned a quarter turn, raised his voice to

nearly a shout, and blared, "Hey beautiful, how about a kiss?" When Jay was sure that everyone

at the pool was looking at us, he turned to me with his sly grin, planted a huge kiss right on

my lips, then grabbed me and pulled me under the water with him in an embrace. He kept kissing

me, jabbing his tongue into my mouth, and we stayed under the water for at least thirty seconds

before we came back up for air. We were greeted by cheers and clapping. He gave me an evil

wink, then shouted again, "We're on our honeymoon." More cheering. I think I must have been

totally red in the face by then. "You look gorgeous when you blush. Did you know that?" he

whispered so that no one else could hear.

"I could use a drink."

"What do you want? I'll get it."

'You seem to know so much about me, Mr. Psychiatrist, why don't you order what you think I


"First of all, it's not Mr. Psychiatrist. It's Mr. Psychologist. I got my degree in

Psychology. Maybe that's why I have a good insight into people who come in for a massage. But

I do make better money as a masseuse than I ever did as a psychologist. And let's see, based on

what I know about you......" He stopped to think for just a bit. He will never get this, I told

myself. I don't know of anyone else who drinks Merlot with a twist of lime.

"A glass of Merlot, room temperature.........with a twist of lime!"

Fuck. How did he know? He had to be a mind reader.

"Jake tends bar part-time in the bar off the lobby, and he asked the bartender what you

were drinking earlier."

I hauled off and slugged him, hard. Fuck, it hurt me far more than it hurt him. He

chuckled, then turned toward the steps to exit the pool for the bar. He made a half turn back,

then added, "We also know the bartender at Marco's."

As he climbed the steps, I was treated to a gorgeous sight. He was wearing a T-back string

thong, and it showed everything on his tanned posterior. I didn't see any tan line. I wondered

where he laid out, and if I could watch him without being seen.

He gave my order to a bartender, then turned around to re-enter the pool. My God, the

neon yellow fabric in the pouch looked like stretched nylon, barely able to hold in his total

package. I was no longer self conscious about the red thong. I was easily wearing twice the

amount of fabric as Jay.

"I see you were admiring my suit. Want to take it off?"

"Excuse me?

"Do you still have water in your ears? I asked if you wanted to remove my suit from my


"Are there laws here about public nudity?"

"First of all, we're below water, so no one will see, even with the pool lights on.

Only we will know, unless you decide to wear it on your head like a swim cap. Secondly, no,

there are no laws against public nudity. The locals don't care, the tourists don't care, the

shopkeepers don't care. Well, unless someone is really ugly. Just kidding!"

We shared a good laugh, then a tight embrace. Jay broke away from me and began swimming

laps, and I decided to join him. He was in much better shape than I, so I quit before he did.

By now, everyone else was out of the pool, and most had left the area. Jay floated over to the

corner of the pool where the rocky outcrops joined up with the mirrored wall. I floated over to

be near him, and we ended up spooning, with me in his arms. I had not felt such joy in a long,

long time.

He quietly leaned forward, nibbled a little at my ear, then whispered, "Well, do you?"

"What?" I was beginning to think I did have water in my ears, or maybe some medical

hearing problem.

"Want to take them off?"

I turned around, kissed him gently on the lips, then reached down and ran my fingers

between his thong and his skin. My hands reached the mounds of his ass, and squeezed. Just

like firm melons, I thought. I ran one finger down his asscrack, between the thong string and

his puckered hole. I slid the strands of fabric down under his cheeks. Then I reached around

the front, poked my fingers down inside the tiny pouch, and peeled the fabric away from his long

cock, which was beginning to thicken.

"How did you manage to get all of this in there," I asked quizzically.

"If you get the real stretchy nylon material, and you buy one size too small, it

literally hugs you so tight that it won't let go. But it leaves absolutely nothing to the

imagination. You can see a mole or a pimple, but who cares. I wear them because they make me

feel good. And it is no one else's business."

I took a breath, dove under the water, and pulled the suit from his legs. When I

resurfaced, I laid it up on the edge of the pool. "Don't want that to get sucked into the

pool filter." In reality, I wanted to take them home as a souvenir of my vacation.

Jay pulled me back into his arms, face to face, and he began rubbing his body up and

down against mine. He turned me around so that we were spooning again, and he continued to rub

his body against mine, but now he also was rubbing his hands across my abs and my pecs, tweaking

my nipples from time to time, just enough to keep me gasping. He was pushing all the right

buttons, getting me hot. I could feel his man meat swelling, and it was rubbing into my asscrack,

which caused the string of my thong to rub up and down across my rosebud. Occasionally, he'd

reach down and run his hand across my cock and balls, held firmly within the pouch of my thong.

"Do you want to take off my thong?" I asked him, just above a whisper. Turnabout is fair

play, right?

"No, that's okay. I think I can enter you without removing the thong." Jay seemed

perfectly okay with leaving the thong in place.

"You can take it off, if you'd like." I tried to not sound insistent, but I really did

want him to remove the clingy fabric and free up my manhood.

"No, that's okay. The boys told me that you felt a little overexposed in this suit, so

I don't want to push you into doing something just to make me happy."

Dammit, the boy was beginning to make me mad. Taking my own words, and turning them

against me! Here I was, getting hot for him, and he was playing it cool. I knew it would be

hotter to fuck naked in the pool. He knew it would be hotter to fuck naked in the pool.

And he was already naked, but I apparently wasn't going to get that way. Well, fuck him,

the suit was coming off.

I looked him directly in the eyes, and never broke eye contact as I reached under the

water and removed the thong. Being only slightly looser than Jay's, it came off easier, but not

without effort. When I had it off, I slapped it up onto his shoulder, and still not having

broken eye contact, I asked him, "Are you going to fuck me, or do I have to do that myself, too?"

I threw those words right into his face as a challenge, and he recoiled as though I had

slapped him. Unfazed, I took the initiative, grabbed his neck and pulled him into my face,

engaging him in a rough kiss. I figured that I could force a kiss as good as the next guy.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, reached down below me, and grabbed his cock. I guided

it, none too gently, to my hole and proceeded to sit down on his cock as hard as I could.

I knew that in the pool, with no lube, there would be friction and pain, but I was

determined that I was going to fuck myself on his cock, and I made it happen.

As I rocked forward and back to work my ass up and down on his cock, I continued to rape

his mouth savagely with my tongue. I slammed my ass repeatedly onto his cock, never once

worrying about how it felt for him. The thought did cross my mind that If I wasn't careful,

maybe I would break it in half. Something to look forward to, I rationalized as I bottomed

out one more time, and then began the return trip.

Somewhere during my actions, the balance of power began to shift and Jay took over the

thrusting. Hw wrapped his arms around my body and shoved his hands between the mounds of my ass.

He anchored his hands there, using them to pull my cheeks apart, providing easier access for his

slab of meat. After a few minutes, he moved forward and to the right, backing me up

against the mirrored wall. He moved his left hand to my face, and roughly pushed my head back.

He brought up his right hand to grabbed my hair, tangling it around his fingers, and held me in

place with his hand against the wall. There he proceeded to fuck me roughly, slapping my

asscheecks up against the wall as though trying to nail me to the mirror. I pulled his body

into mine, using my heels to pull him in. My hands, no longer needed to hold his body to mine,

grabbed his hair and pulled him back, then forward to mash our lips together. Delicious tongue,

I thought. But rather than waiting there, I moved on to his shoulder, where I bit down hard,

causing his body to jerk. I withdrew my mouth, and realized I had left a deep bite mark.

Good! Let's see him explain that to his buddies tomorrow! Finally, I pushed his upper body

away from mine, and grabbed his nips, one in each hand, and twisted as hard as I could.

Jay howled out in pain, but his pistoning into my love channel never ceased, never

slowed down until he was depositing a huge load into my guts. I could feel the squishy

warmth flooding into my body. I knew that he had not worn a condom, and I secretly was glad. I

wanted to carry him around inside me. I guess I was finally over my anger.

Jay drew me in to a tight embrace. I hadn't come, and he mentioned it to me. It seemed

to bother him. I leaned in close to tell him that I'd already cum three times today, twice

more than usual, and that three times was a world record for me, so he needn't be worried; I was

completely satisfied.

We floated in the pool for a short while, then decided to get out and dry off so that we

could go for a drink. A little pool of cum had escaped my ass, and floated after us as we

worked our way to the steps. I grabbed my thong, but just wrapped in a towel. Jay decided to

put his thong back on, and I saw just how hard Jay had to work to get his entire package inside,

but he winked and said he liked the way it fit. So did I. And I liked that he did not wrap up

in a towel as we walked.

I had turned toward my hotel room when Jay reached out and took my hand, leading me in the

opposite direction. "I've got a special place I want to show you," he said with a sly smile.

"It's the other bar here at the restaurant, but not a lot of people know about it. It is kind

of a closed club, only open to the privileged few." He took me to a hallway just in back of the

check in desk, then to the end and through a door. We walked down a flight of steps, and

through another door. A sign greeted us, announcing this as the "Bottom Bar."

"Interesting name for a bar. I guess maybe they called it that because it is below the

hotel, right?" I asked.

"That's one way of looking at it, I guess," Jay responded. "Want another merlot?"

"Sure," I said absentmindedly. I was looking around the bar, and the large aquarium in

back of the bar caught my eye. I was surprised to see such a large aquarium, but it wasn't

filled with fish. As I continued to watch, I saw people swim into view. As they came up to the

glass wall, I could see that they were engaging in sex. My god, was this the pool that Jay and

I were just in?

"Hey, congratulations, stud," said the woman standing next to me. "We saw you qualify a

little while ago. I'll bet my husband and I had sex in that pool a dozen times before I

qualified. Nobody knows that they have to voluntarily give up their swimsuit bottom, rather

than have someone else take it off, and no one is allowed to tell you. Now my husband and I are

down here all the time. Don't forget to get your key to the bar before you leave tonight.

And if you're not too tired tonight, you can stop by room 207 and fuck me for a while, you

animal." She gave me a dirty wink, and went back to sit with a group of people, one of whom

must have been her husband.

I had sex in front of a two way mirror, entertaining all the people in this bar, and I

did it willingly, taking off my own thong. As I looked around the bar, every person acknowledged

me—-thumbs up, smiles. One lady blew me a kiss. And one young couple, both guys, had been

licking their lips seductively, as though inviting me over.

And Jay knew all along what was going on. He knew I was acting like an animal, like a

fool, and he let me do it.

"Here's your merlot, with lime,'" Jay announced from behind me.

I turned and shouted in his face, "Fuck you!" I threw the wine his face, and slammed the

glass on the nearest table as I turned to leave the bar. The glass fell, smashing on the floor.

"Wait, please!" he yelled after me.

"Why, have you thought up some other way to embarrass me for your pleasure?" My voice

was dripping with venom, and for the first time, I hated someone more than Sylvie. I opened the

door to climb the stairs, and as he tried to grab me, he stepped on the glass with his bare feet

and he crumbled.

Serves him right, I thought. Fucker!

I had only the towel wrapped around me. I should go get clothes from my room, but I

needed to walk and think. So I walked. And walked. And walked some more. I kept going over

and over in my mind what had happened. I thought these people were my friends, but all they

really wanted to do was use me. The farther I walked and thought, the madder I got, and the

madder I got, the farther I walked.

When I finally began to take note of my surroundings, I realized that I had wandered

into a part of town that I was not familiar with. Oh hell, I was unfamiliar with almost the

entire town. All I knew was the airport and the hotel and that restaurant. I stopped to figure

out which way I had come from, and tried to think about how to retrace my steps. Many of the

streets curved, or broke off from others, so it was impossible to backtrack in a straight line.

Well, I thought, if I can find a store, I can call a taxi or the police, and they will help me

get back.

I became aware of someone following me in the shadows, about half a block behind me. I

began to pick up speed, but really didn't know where I was going. I came around a corner and

ran square into a man with a knife.

"Well, my good man, how kind of you to run into me. I seem to need a little cash. Can

you spare some?"

"I don't have any money with me. You can see that I just came from the beach." I lied,

hoping that it was more believable that telling him I'd come from a hotel and I was a tourist.

"Well, what do you have under that towel? Maybe some jewels that I can sell?" I could

tell from his tone of voice that he probably meant either kind of jewels, and pimping me to earn

some money was still a way for him to get cash. He ripped the towel from my body. He roughly

grabbed my cock, and pulled it to the side. The he grabbed my balls, turning them over in his

rough hands, commenting, "I think I can make a few bucks with these."

Out of the shadows came a dark figure, running toward us. "Run, Max." It was Jayson.

He was going to help me get away.

He was almost upon us when he was grabbed from behind by two smaller men reaching out of

the shadows, and between them they began to subdue him. Then a felt a heavy thud on my head,

and everything went black. be continued..........



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