Jay made himself comfortable down between my legs and proceeded to massage the inner areas

of my thighs. Who was I kidding? He was making me comfortable, more comfortable than I could

ever recall. As I gazed down at him, his eyes met mine, and he broke out in another sly grin.

He seemed to be a master of that move. I must have looked like a star-struck preteen to him,

gazing at him with my big, puppy dog eyes.

"No, you look like a guy who needed just what I gave you, a good fucking!"

Damn! He had to be a mind reader!

"No, I'm not a mind reader, just good at recognizing human emotions. It's something that

comes in handy in my line of work."

"And what would that line of work be, exactly? Drilling new assholes? Giving people out-of-body

experiences? Fucking someone just short of insanity?"

"Thanks for the compliment, Max. My line of work is massage, you know that, but all the

others come in handy to meet the needs of my clients."

"You mean 'm-e-a-t' the needs of clients, don't you?" I asked seductively.

Jay began to laugh again. His laughter sounded like music to my ears, one of the best

sounds I had heard in a long time. I only wished that someday I would be able to hear myself

laugh even half that beautifully, but that would require a lot of time. Damaged goods don't

repair themselves overnight.

"Turn over on your stomach, and put the headphones back on. We've got some serious munchin'

to do here." Then he bent down between my thighs, spread my legs, and drew his tongue hard

across my pucker. I gasped. I think I was closer to the brink of insanity than I had thought.

It wasn't going to take much to push me over the edge.

As I turned over on my backand settled in, the tempo of the music picked up just a bit.

More sax, less guitar. Could this be heaven? The expert hands began to pull and knead at my muscular

mounds, and first one index finger, then the other, began to trace smaller and smaller half-circles

around the entrance to my hole. I could feel an occasional swipe of his tongue against my pucker.

Soon, there was less fingers, more tongue. He was laying down a layer of spit, in anticipation

of pushing in with either his fingers or his tongue. I was anticipating either one, or both,

maybe both at the same time! Even though I had recently cum, I could feel my cock plumping up

below me.

I was drifting with the music, and I almost missed his tongue breaching my entrance. Jeez,

that felt good. No, better than good. He pushed in, then pulled out, then repeated the action.

He took turns inserting one, and then 2 fingers, only to pull them out and replace them with his

tongue. It wiggled like it was searching for something. Then he inserted a finger in next to

his tongue, poking it in all the way past the second knuckle. Maybe he was looking for......

"Whoa!" I lurched up off the table, just like before. Yeah, he'd found it. My love nut.

I pushed back onto his face, trying to push his tongue further up inside of me. I groaned,

wishing that he'd push more fingers in, maybe his whole hand. I needed to tell Jay that maybe,

just maybe, we'd take fisting off the 'please avoid' list later in this vacation. Or fuck it,

maybe he should take it off the list right fucking now!

I was rolling around on the table like a cheap whore. I pushed backward even harder. I

couldn't get enough of him into my hole. I couldn't hear myself with the headphones on, but I

know that I screamed, "Fuck me again! Fuck me now! Fuck me hard!"

Within seconds, I could feel that familiar piece of glorious meat, reaming out my asshole

and the pubes smashing into my glutes. I was sliding around, up and down, side to side, on that

muscular tube of steel tenderloin that it took a few seconds for my brain to register the fact

that I really wasn't feeling any pubes. And the cock felt thicker. Was this the same Jay?

I turned over, ripping off the headphones, and sat halfway up, on my elbows, staring face to

face with the man fucking me. "Who the fuck are you?" I shouted.

"Hello. I'm Jake." He held out a hand to shake mine.

The gardener! When did the gardener get in here? And where was Jay?

Jake smiled at me with a brilliant smile, and opened his mouth to speak. He hesitated just

a moment, then began, "I told Jay that you'd react this way. Let me answer all those questions

I see showing on that gorgeous face." He pulled the rest of the way out of my ass. I was surprised

that he had been able to keep the head in when I sat up so quickly, but my question was answered

when he pulled completely out. Ow! The head was huge! Bigger than Jay's! And the cock was

hicker than Jay's, too!

"So start talking, fucker!" I wanted to know why he was spoiling my massage.

"Jay had to leave; another appointment. He must have known he was gonna run over, 'cause

he told me to be here right about now. I came a little early to relieve him." He blushed a

little. "Well, you know what I mean. I'm Jake, one of the owners. Jake Hock, from Chicago."

He reached out his hand again, trying that handshake thing once more.

"Don't you think it is a little late for a handshake, asshole?" I was furious! I suddenly

felt like a chump, like I was being passed from one guy to another like a cheap whore at a


"Let me explain, please?" His eyes seemed to be pleading for me to listen. So I sat back,

naked before this man, not really ready to listen but willing to humor him for a minute or two.

"Clock's ticking, fuckhead!" I surprised myself at how mad I had become, and how I was

treating this stranger. I hadn't felt like this since court with Sylvie. Oh god, now my mood

was really fucking totally destroyed! This guy better have a silver tongue, or I just might rip

it out of his head!

"Jamie is my twin brother. We've always been competitive. I was born first, but he arrived

less than a minute later, and all our lives, we've been vying for the opportunity to be first in

everything. Jay got the girls, I got the athletic scholarships. Jay got the grades; I won the

homecoming football game. Jay's cock is longer, but mine is thicker." Yeah, he didn't need to

tell me that last bit of information!

"When I was out in the garden, and saw you walking to the health club, I knew I had to have

you. So when you were out of sight, I ran to the office to get a coupon. I ran into Jay, and

with a sparkle in his eye, he told me that he'd already made sure that you had gotten one.

Beaten to the punch, again, by my own fuckin' brother." With that last statement, he broke out

into a sly grin, just like his brother was so good at.

"Well, Jay said that he was sure you wanted the 'Level One' treatment, and since he's not

into eatin' butt, I knew I'd get my chance!" I must have frowned at that, because he face

suddenly fell into an embarrassed blush.

"I meant no disrespect. Jay's just not into eating ass. He's bi, and ass munching is just

one of those things most girls don't like much, so he's not figured out yet how enjoyable it is,

for both parties. Me, I'm 100% into man-to-man sex; anything goes. Well, not scat, but anything

else. Rough, raunchy, rockin' and rollin', especially if the guy's looks trip my trigger. So I

love me some butt, as often and as long as I can get it. I was about to take you to the next

level, but you seemed pretty insistent when you ordered me to fuck you, and you know, the

customer is always right!" The smile was back. And it was beginning to melt my apprehension.

"So you are twins. Anything else I should know about the two of you. I really don't think

I can live through too many more surprises."

"Well, Jay's got 2 kids, but he's divorced and doesn't see them very often.

"How old is he--er--are you guys. I didn't think he--er--the two of you were much past college age.

"We're 27; you know, young enough to party hardy, but old enough to know better!" That smile.

I knew it would be the death of me yet!

Jake continued, "I've never been married because Mr. Right has never come along. However,

open auditions will be conducted this afternoon, if you're willing."

"Wait a fuckin'minute, bud. Licking my asshole and fuckin' me doesn't give you the right....."

"I was just jokin'! Just jokin'! Jeez, Jay said he thought you were a pretty mellow guy,

based on his first impressions of you. I'm not so sure."

"Maybe my mood is the result of the person whose fucking around with me, and I don't mean

sex-wise." I was about to get up off the table.

Jake put out his hand and put it up against my chest. I recoiled a bit, so he hauled it

back just a little. "We've gotten off on the wrong foot, or the wrong something" he said quietly,

just above a whisper. "I wish that you would give me a chance to try this over." His eyes no

longer met mine, but stared at the floor. I sat there for a moment, and then moved forward just

enough to gently touch his outstretched hand to my chest. He didn't move. It was as though he

was waiting, giving me total control of what might happen next. I leaned in just a little

harder, pushing back on his hand. Still he didn't move. His eyes never left the floor.

I reached up with both of my hands, and took hold of his. I remembered how muscular he had

looked in the garden, and now I was holding the hand which topped the tattooed arm. For the

first time, I looked carefully at the tat on his left pec. I began to feel tears welling up in

my eyes. There, tattooed on his left pec, over his heart, resting under the paw of the cougar,

was a small picture of his twin, Jay, complete with dazzling smile. The man with whom he had a

constant rivalry was right here, next to his heart. That picture spoke more to my heart than all

Jake had said so far. I could feel my apprehension melting away. In their own unique way,

these brothers had both captured a piece of my heart.

I gently moved his hand to my breast. I grasped his index finger and thumb, placing them on

each side of my nip, and I squeezed, first gently, then stronger until I gasped. I let go, and

leaned into Jake even further, reaching for the side of his face, and I planted my tongue in his

ear, giving it a quick bath with my eager tongue. When I was done, I pulled it out, and softly

whispered, "Please fuck me." I leaned back and searched his face for a reaction. His eyes were

closed, but tears were streaming out of them. They opened, but they contained a questioning

look. Was I feeling sorry for him. Was I playing with him. Or did I really mean it?

Now was my chance to play mind reader. "Yes, I mean it. Please. Please fuck me." I was

still whispering, but my words sounded more like a plaintive cry in my own ears. Would he?

"I can't."

"Can't what?"

"I can't fuck you."

"I don't understand. I'm asking you to."

"I can't fuck you. I could only make love to you, if you will let me."

I leaned back, scanning his face to see if he was now playing with me. All I saw was

repentant sincerity. I leaned back, and then in the sexiest voice I could muster at the moment,

I purred, "Have at it, big guy." I know I had heard that same phrase somewhere recently. A huge

smile crept across my face. These Hock boys were definitely going to drive me insane!

Jake dove in like a starving man into a plate of food. I was sure that after he was done

eating my ass, I was going to tip the scales at considerably less weight. The man was insatiable,

and he only gave up eating at my crack as he prepared to fuck my brains out. And that's just what

he did. Slow, then fast. Long strokes, then quick jabs. I lay there on my back, unable to move

as he took total control and stimulated me on so many levels that I lost count. I blew another

load all over myself. It was smaller than Jay had coaxed out of me, but the feelings connected

with my orgasm were just as vibrant, just as mind-blowing, just as fulfilling with Jake as they

had been with his brother. I could feel him throbbing inside of me as he pistoned as deeply and

as quickly as he could, and as he climaxed, he leaned over and sucked all of my cum up off my abs

and into his mouth. He looked straight into my eyes, and with gusto, he made a huge slurping sound

as he swallowed all of my man seed. Then he licked his lips, and reached up to kiss me deeply.

When he broke the kiss, he also pulled out of my ass. He reached down and stripped off the

condom, but unlike his brother, he didn't offer me a choice. He brought the bulging condom up to

my lips, upended it, and emptied its contents all over my face. He drizzled a little over my lips,

onto my cheek and even onto my nose. I stuck out my tongue, and he drizzled some there. He threw

the rubber on the floor, and proceeded to lick my face and devour my mouth, sharing in the offering

he had just placed there. Our tongues wrestled with the cum till all was gone. We rested just a

moment, and then he backed away from my face, and asked, somewhat seriously, "May I ask a question?"

Now what? Was something wrong? "Go ahead," I said with some trepidation.

"Would it be okay if I asked to eat your ass again?" he said, grinning.

"Fuck, yes. Yes! YES!" I shouted.

"Yes, I can ask, or yes, I can eat out that delicious butt again?"

"Whatever you want, Jake. Whatever you want." I was laying there on my back, unable to put

forth any effort to do anything. Whatever he wanted to do, as long as he had the strength to do

it all by himself without any help, was just fuckin' fine with me!

There was that candy store look again. He put the headphones back on my ears, kissed me gently,

and proceeded to kiss his way down my body, being careful to avoid my already plumping cock. How

on earth did it have the ability to start getting hard again? If I didn't know better, I'd say

some young man's cock had magically appeared between my legs!

Jake arrived at his destination, and he raised my legs up and to the side. He planted the

soles of my feet next to each cheek of my ass, as he pulled me to the end of the table. This way,

he wouldn't have to hold up my legs as he feasted. And feast he did. If he had driven me crazy

previously, he drove me about half a mile further down that road this time. I was a blubbering

mass of gelatin. I was so engrossed in what he was doing, licking up and down my anal canal and

jacking my cock, that it barely registered when he moved from my ass to take my hard cock into

his mouth. He drove his mouth up and down on it, as though he had a time limit to make me come. And I almost did, as he pushed his cock back into my hole as he continued to blow me.

Wow! He must really be turned on. His cock is even bigger now than before. I lazily

opened my eyes to gaze at that beautiful hunk of man between my legs. What I got was a huge

shock. No, gigantic was more like it. My mouth shot open, and I don't know if it was in surprise

or pain, but nothing came out. Not a sound.

Jake spoke first. "Max, this is Jayson, our other owner."

A huge smile spread across Jayson's face. "Hello again. Cum here often?"

.....to be continued.......



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