Fuck. All I could remember was that I had come to this island---which island? I couldn't

remember—and I just got here and my vacation was already over...and things went black.

I woke up wondering why Mom hadn't woke me up. She knew I couldn't be late today. If we

weren't at school for a full day, we couldn't participate in sports. That's the rule! She knew

that the bowling tournament was tonight, and if I did really well, the coach might....and things

went black again.

I woke up with a headache. I had been having headaches non-stop, ever since Sylvie's

lawyer had delivered the divorce papers to me during a class! A University class that I was

teaching! During fucking class, the bitch! In front of all those students! And I wet myself,

just a little, and then that cocky jock in the front row started to laugh and point...and things

went black again.

I could hear voices, but I couldn't hear what they were saying, or figure out who was

talking. I wasn't even sure where the voices were coming from. First it sounded like they were

over on my right side. This direction was right, right? Or was it left? Was I confusing

myself? Or was someone else confusing me?

My mouth felt like it was filled with cotton, and as I tried to swallow, I began to choke.

I kept choking, Oh god, was I going to choke to death? I felt someone try to lift up my head,

my shoulders; trying to elevate my upper body. I felt ice chips being wedged in between my lips

and into my mouth. And it sounded like someone was crying. Mom? Is that you mom? Where's

Dad? Things went black again.

I was alone, standing on a cliff. I was looking out over a scene of paradise, a tropical

paradise. I could see the beach below, and beautiful trees swaying in a gentle breeze. I felt

like I was home, but I knew this place wasn't home. Home didn't have that fresh, tropical smell,

the warm breezes. I felt to my left, then my right, and felt the solid, metal feeling of the

metal door frame, holding open the glass doors. Behind me, in the room, was a table, and on the

table was a heart-shaped bouquet of flowers. I turned back to the open door and breathed in

deeply of the refreshing smells. I knew I was home, but I also knew I wasn't home. Why was I

feeling so confused? Why did my brain feel fuzzy? Maybe if I just focused on being home...being

home...being home...but I wasn't home. I was on Dominica. Dominica. Yes, YES! I was at the

hotel on Dominica!

My eyes flew open! I opened my mouth, and said, "Dominica!" Actually, what my ears heard

was, "Daamghiffghaaaa. Cough, cough, cough."

The nurse came running into my room, followed by faces that I was sure I knew. They sure

looked familiar. Were they family? Well maybe, except for that dark skinned god who entered

into the room last. The other two, they looked like each other, and they sure looked familiar.

Were they my brothers? No, I'm sure I didn't have any brothers.....

None of them spoke. They all seemed to be holding their collective breath. The nurse

busied herself in checking all my tubes, my monitoring equipment, and then looked me straight

in the eye and asked if I needed to pee. I felt a warm feeling spread over the bed below me,

and with a juvenile smile, I replied, "Not anymore." Hey, the power of suggestion was working;

when would all the rest of my body functions catch up?

She left the room in a snit, calling for an orderly to "clean up room 6, AGAIN!"

Apparently, I must have done this before. While waiting for the orderly, I was alone with

these three guys. I searched their faces for clues. Who were they? How did I know them? I

looked at the shortest one. Boy, was he built. I hope that I knew him well. It seemed that

his name was floating out there in my memory, just out of reach. I tried to speak, but could

only cough. I must have had a tube down my throat recently. How long had I been here?

"Hoooow loongg?" I voiced weakly. The all held up three fingers. Three weeks? How could

I have missed three weeks? My face must have shown horror, because the dark-skinned guy said,

"Days. Three days. Just three days." Well, that cleared up a little.

I looked back again at the short, muscular guy. I tried to mouth the words, "I know you,"

but I'm not sure if they came out that way. Then I tried to tell him that I thought that his

name began with the letter A. I pointed at him and said, "A."

He broke into a broad smile and said, "That's right. Jake. I'm Jake."

I shook my head a little, indicating "no." Not Jake. Wait. Yes, he was Jake. And the

other guy, the dark-skinned god, he was...he was..."Vwawn."

"Juan? Do I look Latino?" He feigned unhappiness, but then broke into a smile. "Yes,

Son...what else?" He was trying to coax it out of me.

"Kwayvwon. Jhayvwon."

"Jayson! He got it" he exclaimed as he gave a knuckle bump to Jake. "Jayson! Yeah!"

Where was the other guy, the third guy. I tried to strain my neck to look around these

two to look for...for...what was his name?

Jake and Jayvon realized that I was trying to look past them, and they turned around to

look, too. "Where the fuck did Jay go?" Just then the nurse came around the corner, and both

guys apologized for the language they were using.

"The other guy, the one who's been here the last three days? I saw him heading down the

corridor toward the parking lot," the nurse stated. The guys pushed her out of the way as they

took off down the hallway, yelling for Jay.

The nurse came over to check my tubes again, and asked if my voice had returned yet. I

nodded and said, "Yefp, mamb."

"Those guys, they your friends? They seem to really care for you. Especially that taller

one, with the blonde hair. Is he your boyfriend? He was here every day when I left at the end

of my shift, and he was still here when I got here each morning. Cried his eyes out over you,

he did. Kept telling you that he wished he could change places with you. When you weren't

doing so well, not responding, he'd get mad at you and yell at you, and tell you that if you

didn't make it, he was gonna kick your ass from here to the hotel and back. Then he'd get real

quiet, like he was praying. He whispered a lot into your ears. Too quiet for anyone to hear,

but it seemed that each time he riled you up, or whispered to you, you'd come a little closer to

the surface. He went three days without sleep, and he didn't eat much. Good thing you made it,

or we'd have another one to bury besides you."

She looked down at me, and saw tears pouring silently from my eyes. "Why you crying?" she


"Because somebody loves me." And the words were clear as a bell.

"Hey, we got him," they blurted out between gasping for air. Jayson and Jake pulled Jay

into the room behind them, then gave him a shove toward my bed. He almost landed on my legs.

He didn't look at me. The nurse had put a few pillows behind my back and head, so I was

seated up just a bit, allowing me to reach out and touch his arm. The touch of his skin sent

shivers through my body.

"Jay. Look at me." I was weak, but the words were clear. But he didn't look.

"You know, I'm keeping a list, for when I file that OSHA complaint. I keep getting banged

up around you guys."

"Banged up! Get it?" Jake laughed at Jayson when he made the comment. Jay finally turned

around, and I saw tears streaking down a face that showed days of misery etched into it. I

reached up and wiped away a few tears, then reached for him to pull him close. He fell over

into my arms, and broke down, sobbing uncontrollably. Jayson, Jake, the nurse, we all just

let him cry. He needed to get it out.

"I could have lost you," he spoke between sobs. "I almost lost you. I'm so sorry, so, so

sorry." And he buried his face in my chest again, and the sobs began again.

Jake and Jayvon indicated to the nurse that they were going to wait in the hallway,

possibly get a bite to eat at the tiny restaurant just outside the hospital door. The nurse

finished her tasks, then prepared to leave. Just before she left, she came back to my bed and

rested one hand on my shoulder, one hand on Jay's back. She looked straight at me, and said

with emphasis in her voice, "Don't you dare let this man get away. He's good for you, and

you're good for him. I've been going to church all my life on these islands, but I don't care

what the church says about two guys in love. What I saw in the last few days—I only wished that

I could have had that sometime in my life. And if you let him get away, I'm gonna come find

you, and I'll kick your ass from the hospital to the hotel and back." Her face broke out into

a broad smile, and she leaned down and planted a kiss on my cheek, then Jay's head. "And don't

you dare tell anyone what I just did. I have a reputation to uphold in this hospital.

Chief bitch, day shift!" She turned and walked out of the room.


No answer.

"Jay? You awake?"

"Just barely."

"Jay, take me home and fuck me, okay?"

He raised his head, and for the first time since I woke up, he smiled. He reached up and

kissed my lips, then proceeded to lick every part of me that he could find.

"Ouch! What happened to my head?" I asked as I reached back to feel where the pain had

originated. It was all covered in a large gauze bandage.

"Where do you want me to begin, babe?"


"If I'm gonna take care of you for a long, long time, I gotta have a pet name for you.

Max seems so impersonal."

"Okay. Mind if I call you fuckhead?"

Jay jabbed me in the ribs, and I jerked, which again made pain shoot through my head.

"It all started back at the Bottom Bar. Do you remember that part?" I nodded. "You

ended up in the bad part of town. I tried to catch up with you, but I was hobbling on

bloody feet. Remember the glass? Anyway, I thought you were heading to the hotel, maybe to

get some clothes, and I lost you. I called Jake and Jayson, and the three of us headed out in

different directions to find you. Jayson, being almost a native, took the seedy side of town

and found you wandering the streets. He'd just parked the car, and was trying to catch up to

you when you ran into that guy who tried to mug you. What he thought he was going to get from

a guy wearing a towel, I don't know. Jayson tried to get to you, but two other thugs grabbed

him. He'd given Jake a quick call when he was parking, so we all converged on the area. We

got to you just as the guy was trying to get you into his trunk. He'd hit you on the head

with a pipe, and was picking you up, trying to get you in. He saw us coming and dropped you.

That second hit almost killed you. The doctor said that you suffered a major concussion and

your scalp split open when you hit a rock as you landed. Then the guy reached down, grabbed

your nuts, and tried to remove them, maybe as a souvenir. If Jake had hit him a second later,

you'd be singing soprano for the rest of your life. As it was, you have three stitches in your

scrotum. But everything survived."

I gingerly reached under the covers and checked myself out. Feeling the stitches made me

go light-headed.

"Nurse! Orderly! Somebody!" Jay yelled. The orderly came in, and gave me some medicine

to make me sleep. He said it was the fastest way to get me back under control.

"You get some sleep. We'll be back tomorrow to get you out of here. Oh, and the guy

sliced his own fingers bad when he tried to hurt you. Serves him right. He can keep his

fucking hands off my guy!" He smiled, then backed out the doorway, blowing me a kiss on his

way out.

The next day, all three guys came to bring me back to the hotel. They gathered up my

things, and then they took me to their bungalow, just down the road from the hotel and health

club. They made a big deal out of kicking Jay out of his room, and setting it up for me.

Jayson volunteered to change the dressing on my scrotum, and Jake and Jay tackled him and

punched him till he cried, "Uncle!"

Jay got the hotel to refund all my money, and he had it put into a bank draft that I

could cash when I got back to the states. Jake checked with the airlines, and discovered that

I could redeem my ticket after the doctor gave me the okay to travel. It was the first time I

had bought the travel insurance, and good thing! I wouldn't be out any money from having to buy

a new ticket. Now I just needed to recuperate, and get back on my feet.

Jay came to the bedroom door as I was settling in for the night. "I need to apologize to

you for the thing that happened at the Bottom Bar. I was way out of line. The guys had told

me about the red thong, and how you had said that maybe they'd be lucky enough to get you out

of them. Well, stupid me, I thought I could beat Jake at his and Jayvon's game, but when I got

you in the pool, I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to be able to rub it in Jake's

face that I didn't have to get you out of them, but that you'd gladly take them off for me.

And in my warped mind, I thought you'd get a kick out of joining the Bottom Bar club at the

same time. I just didn't have time to tell you before you found out. And worst of all, it was

only after you walked out that I realized that I had let my childish game with Jake get in the

way of the best thing I ever had. I told Jake yesterday that I don't ever again want to try

to "out do" him in anything. We really need to work together, not work to "one-up" each other,

and he agreed. And I promise you that I will never, ever, let my immaturity ever put you in

danger. Our friendship is way too important to me."

Secretly, I had wished that we had more than a friendship. Maybe a really good friendship

is all I could hope for.

"Jay, will you finish the job?"

"What job?

"Well, you got me home. Now will you fuck me?"

"Are you sure? Do you think it will be okay with the doctor? What if I hurt you? You

could pull out stitches, or start bleeding....."

"I asked the doctor this morning, and he said that as long as I don't land on my head,

anything else should be fine. I need to be careful to not pull on any of the stitches, and

listen to my body. It will tell me if I need to be careful about anything."

"Well, okay, if you're sure." He proceeded to carefully undress me, and position the

pillows so that I could rest my head. He touched me tenderly and slowly, and I felt the need

to jab him in the ribs.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"I'm not a china doll! I didn't ask you to touch me with your fingertips. I asked you to

fuck me. Now, if you're not going to fuck me, I'll go find Jayson or Jake. I know they'll

make it feel good." Then I winked at him.

He reached up, grabbed my nipples with his fingers, and gave a good twist, causing me to

groan in pain. "Now that's what I'm talking about, Jay. Let's see what else you can do." He

gave me some of his best moves that evening, and was working up to a fever pitch when my head

began hurting from all the rubbing back and forth that my body was doing on the bed.

"Hey, Hercules, I'm not a rag doll either. Can we find a happy medium?"

Jay looked at me quizzically. "Sounded like you were enjoying it."

"Yeah, until my head decided that it didn't like it. Maybe we can do it 'KC-style,' you

know, 'do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight'?" Even with my head hurting, I

gave him a sly grin.

"Oh man, for a minute, I thought you were gonna call it all off. Sure, I can ratchet it

down a few dozen steps. Just guide me as I go so we can find middle ground. And remember, 'get

down' doesn't include..you know..."

"I know. You don't have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable."

He looked at me, and I could see tears forming again. "Jeez, what's with the waterfall?

I'm beginning to think...."

Jay put his hand up to my lips and press gently. "You think too much. Just enjoy."

He began a rhythmic dance between my legs, massaging my thighs while he entered my love

tube gently, deeply, insistently, then pulled out ever so slowly. He kissed and licked my abs,

then took my cock deeply into his mouth. He picked up the speed of his thrusts, all the while

stroking my thighs, then pushing up my knees to near my face and massaging the globes of my ass.

Then he'd slow down, munching on my nutsack until I began to wiggle around on the bed in sexual

frenzy. He varied his speed, his depth, his angle, all while making love to my cock, my balls,

and my navel. He never got higher than my nips, which he twisted occasionally. I rose higher

and higher in that sexual frenzy until I could barely put together an intelligible thought.

"Fuck me, Jay. Please, please fuck me." I sounded like I was pleading. I WAS pleading.

"No way, babe. Not going to fuck you tonight. You're going to need to figure out how to

cum slowly. Almost in slow motion. I can just imagine you impaling yourself on my cock, and

cumming, shooting straight up in the air, all in slow motion, so that I could reach out and

gulp your gift right out of the air, sucking it in, then reaching down to kiss your luscious

lips, all before you shoot again, and we do it all over again."

That mental picture was all I needed. Fireworks went off in my head, and I stiffened,

then shot so hard I thought my nuts were going to cum out through my stiff prick. I had my

hand over my face because I was so overwhelmed by my feelings that even the dim lights in the

room seemed to hurt my eyes. I must have cum five, maybe six strong shots, or maybe even more.

I gathered my wits, removed my arm from my face, and focused again in the dim light. I

looked down my body at Jay, and he sat there with a Cheshire cat grin. I scanned down to my

abs, expecting to see pools of cum, and saw nothing.

"Where did all the cum go?" I asked incredulously.

Jay just grinned even harder, opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue. There it was,

all safe and sound. He crawled up my body, pressed his lips to mine, and shared his precious

gift. We swapped back and forth till there was none left, then searched each other's mouth for

any we might have missed.

Jay's weight felt good pressing against my body, but I became aware that he was still hard.

"You didn't cum, did you."

"Not to worry. There's always tomorrow. Or later, if you want a midnight snack."

"How about RFN?"


"Right fucking now!" I pushed his head away from mine with my left hand, and reached

between us with my right, grabbing at his manhood and pulling it toward me. I maneuvered us

into a sixty-nine position, and swallowed his cock straight down my throat. I felt like a

starving man who had just been offered a steak!

"Do you think you can cum again?"

I had to pull off his massive cock to answer. "Where are your manners, boy? Didn't your

momma ever teach you to not talk with your mouth full, or ask a man a question when he had a

mouthful? As to whether I can or can't, you're the one down there. Check and see if my nuts

are still blue, or if they've returned to their natural color. I've had almost four days

without sex, and I think my body can muster up a little more cock honey for you, if we ever

finish this conversation!"

"Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" Jay gave me his best Marine imitation, but I didn't want a

Marine. I just wanted him.

Jay chowed down on my man meat and before long, we were both cumming and gulping. I swear

he tried to drown me, because try as I might, I could not keep up with his load and I was

running out of air. We finished and lay back on the bed. He maneuvered around so that we were

side by side, both looking at the ceiling.


"Yeah, babe?"

"Will you sleep with me tonight. We can spoon."

"Fuck, I thought you'd never ask. Do you think you'll get any sleep?"

"Oh yeah, I'm ready for sleep. But I got this kid whose been bugging me, who wants my

body, and if I can get him to quiet down and fall asleep, I think I can get in a few good hours

of rest."

Jay pulled me into a spooning position, my back to his chest, and he rested his softening

cock into the valley between my ass cheeks. "Kid? Who's a kid? Not me! Ten inches of cock

and a fistful of balls! Who you callin' a kid?" He burst out laughing almost before he was

finished talking.

I chose my words carefully, and spoke softly. "I still don't totally understand what you

guys see in me. For god's sake, Jay, I'm almost old enough to be your dad. You're what, 27?

28? That puts almost 17 years between us." I looked back at Jay to see how he was taking what

I had said, but he was staring off into the distance, with a stupid grin on his face. I jabbed

my elbow back into his ribs. "Earth to Jay, come in."

"Sorry I was just thinking about what you said. It presents an interesting picture. I

could be fucking my dad. Boy fucks dad. Actually, man fucks father!"

He began laughing hard with his big, belly laugh, making his abs jiggle. I thought he

might fall off the bed, he was laughing so hard. I pulled away, reached around and pinched his

tit as hard as I could.

"Ow! He screamed, but he kept on laughing.

"You fucker!" I shouted, beginning to laugh myself. I pushed him forcefully so that he

did fall off the bed with a thud. He immediately got up on his knees and asked, "Daddy, may I

sleep in your bed tonight so I can fuck your brains out." With that, he began to laugh again

hysterically. I was laughing almost as hard and I reached over and grabbed him into a hug, me

on the bed, him on the floor. It was then that I noticed, looking over his shoulder toward

the door, that both Jake and Jayson, stark naked, were standing at the doorway, looking like

they couldn't understand what was going on.

"We heard a thud," Jayson said.

"And we thought maybe Max needed some help, but I guess not."

"Nope," I said, reaching down to take hold of Jay's cock. "Got all the help I need, right


"Jeez, Max! In front of my brother, your other son?" He began laughing still again.

"Maybe you guys could keep the antics down to a mild roar," Jayson deadpanned, "so that

the rest of us can get some sleep. Okay?"

"Can't promise anything, buddy. You know, father-son bonding sometimes gets rowdy and

raunchy." And with that, I turned over, pulled my ass cheeks apart, and winked my rosebud at

them, not knowing if they'd be grossed out, or if they'd ask to join in. I should have known

better than to wonder about their choice.

............to be continued.........



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