I didn't know if I should be happy, mad, pleased, upset, or just stunned. I guess it

really didn't matter. Today was unlike any day that I had previously lived. I had found myself

at the center of more attention than I could have ever imagined, and it was increasingly

difficult to figure out what was going on, or where the day might lead.

Here I was, laying flat on my back on a massage table in a foreign land, with a breathtaking

landscape cascading just outside the windows of this room. I was working on my third orgasm of

the afternoon, and currently had one gorgeous hunk pistoning a telephone pole in and out of my

ass, while another gorgeous hunk worked my nipples, and sucked my cock right down to the root.

It took everything I had to try not to cum. And yet, had I mustered all my strength to force

myself to cum, I don't think I could have succeeded at that either.

Jake was twisting my nips, and attempting to suck me into oblivion. He was getting way too

close. He changed up those mindblowing actions with deep French kissing, and I thought he might

either tear out my tongue, or possibly shove his into my stomach. Then back to my cock and nips.

Just feeling the sensations that he was orchestrating in my body would have been enough, but

being able to lift my head just a little, and gaze down at him manhandling my mantool was......well,

it was indescribable. Being worked over by this little god....Watching that body toil in the fields of pleasure, muscles straining,

sweat dripping, and mouth suctioning, working to pull from my body the pleasure that had lain

hidden for so long. If this was a dream, may I never wake up!

At the same time, Jayson was alternating between long, insanely slow thrusts deep into my

gut with his 11 inch cock, and short, jack hammer type thrusts that stirred my guts until they

had to be mush. The force of his actions was propelled by a body that was damn near obscene.

His ripped torso worked with his muscled arms to hold my legs immobile, stretched out to allow

him unfettered access to my most private place, and his washboard abs, thick thighs and striated

glutes worked in harmony to propel his veiny cock into that place that seemed too small to take

it. Each entry stretched me to new levels, and he continued to bottom out deeper, and deeper,

and deeper, or so it felt.

This could have been going on for 30 minutes, or hours....I couldn't tell time any more.

All time seemed to be shoved to the corners of my brain because there was little or no room for

it, all the room being taken by orgasmic pleasure. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over me,

as though I were drowning. Each wave seemed to build on the previous one, and take me to a place

just a little higher, till I wasn't sure there was anywhere left to go. When Jayson slowed to

change speed, or Jake shifted attention to focus on a different pleasure center, it seemed as

though my body was suspended by electric currents in midair, waiting, waiting, waiting, and then

my body, my emotions, my being was vaulted up and over to some higher place that hadn't existed

a second before. I had been panting for air, but now I was gasping to fill my lungs, and I

didn't have the breath to scream for help. I tried to open my eyes, but didn't have the strength.

I reached up one hand, but couldn't tell if it was my left or my right, and removed the

headphones, just in time to hear Jake tell Jayson, "Time for Plan B."

I remember wondering what the fuck was plan......Oh! Oh! Oh! I began to scream at the exquisite

unbelievable cascade of feelings that were carrying me farther, farther away from reality.

And then sharp orgasmic surges in my body brought me right back to that table, and I was feeling

every nerve in my body relaying messages to my brain, threatening overload. Jayson began hitting

my prostate on each entry, battering it repeatedly and hard. Jake had pulled off my cock, but

continued to jack it with his hand as he used the other hand to stuff both of my balls into his

mouth. He began to suck and chew on them, and for the umpteenth time today, my body rose

involuntarily up off the table. A wild guttural choking sound, at a pitch between a scream and

a roar, erupted from my body. It sounded too painful to be something good, but too pleasurable

to be pain.

My body began to push back towards Jayson in animalistic lunges, trying to draw him in

further, and at the same time, trying to hump up to meet Jake's hand. I could hear Jayson's

breathing get ragged, and he picked up speed, burying his dick as hard and deep into my body as

he could, farther than even I thought possible. His cock exploded into the condom, and I could

feel the heat of his cum in my love chute. I rose up off the table one more time, pulling Jake

off my balls, and shot a tiny load up into the air. It came down onto Jake's upturned face,

almost covering one eye lid. Lucky he closed that eye.

I lay there, unable to hear anything. Maybe I had lost my sense of hearing. Maybe I was

dead. All I could think of was that if I was dead, it was a helluva way to go. I took my time

coming down from what had to be the best orgasm ever in the history of the world. My senses

returned just in time to discover that Jayson seemed truly satisfied, maybe smug, as he kissed

his way up my chest, and planted a soft kiss on my lips. Then he leaned over and licked off of

Jake's face what little cum I had managed to shoot. He offered it to him in a passionate kiss.

When they broke the kiss, both smiled at each other, and almost on cue, both said, "Sweet and

tangy!" Then they both leaned down and engaged me in a three way kiss, one of many firsts that

I had enjoyed today.

"Was all of this part of 'Level One' treatment?" I finally was able to ask.

"Absolutely!" the exclaimed in unison.

"And Plan B?" I asked.

"That wasn't part of the original plan," Jake began, but Jayson finished, "but we had talked

about that and it just seemed to fit the occasion."

"Well, I want to let you guys know that I'm probably going to need to file an OSHA report

against the health club because you guys have made an invalid out of me. I can't even fucking

move my little fingers.

Jake and Jayson burst out laughing. "Jay is gonna be so happy that 'Level One' works,"

Jayson gushed. Jake added, "Even better than we'd planned."

"So how many people have been the beneficiaries of this 'Level One' treatment?" I inquired.

Both were silent. Finally Jake spoke up. "Actually, you're the first. We've never had

anyone as hot as you that we wanted to try it on."

These guys had to be kidding. Me, hot? What a time to be playing mind games with me.

"Come on now, guys. Cut the bullshit. How many?"

"Really," Jake stated emphatically, "You are the one and only. At least, so far."

"And the 'hot' comment. What was that supposed to mean?" My tone let them know that I was

not going to be tolerant of their sarcasm.

Jayson got right down into my face as I remained flat on the table. He looked a little

angry. Maybe more than a little. "Apparently you look smarter than you really are. I don't

know too many people with even average intelligence who can't understand when they're being paid

a fucking compliment." His voice was raising in intensity, and he was beginning to get really,

really mad. Fuck, he looked even sexier when he was mad. And more masculine, too.

"Sorry," I said with sincerity. "I'm just not used to getting compliments."

"Yeah, and I'm getting tired of having to defend myself every time I tell you what a hunk

you are!"

I reached up, pulled him down into my face, and smashed my lips into his, sucking his tongue

into my mouth at the same time. It didn't take long for his mood to change and he began to rub

his muscular body up and down all over mine.

"Hey, where's mine?" Jay asked. And with that, he climbed up on the table to join us in

rubbing his body over and between ours.

When I realized that all three of us were on the table, I asked, "How many pounds are these

tables rated for? Will it hold three of us?"

"Don't know," volunteered Jayson.

"And don't care," chimed in Jake.

"Well, guys, I'm on the bottom, and I really do not want to file that OSHA claim." So I

pushed them up and off me, and got up off the table. I surprised myself that I could still gather

that much energy. I struggled to my feet, as best as I could, and slowly ambled over the chair

where I had placed my clothing much earlier in the afternoon. It seemed days ago since I had

entered this room, but it had been just one glorious afternoon at Jay's.

"So, any encore, boys, or are we done?"

"Jeez," Jayson mumbled. "You make it sound like we put on a cheap, sleazy show."

"I sure hope so!" added Jake. "Don't want to spoil our reputation as the island's bad boys!"

Jayson reached over and slugged him, and Jake feigned an injury, holding his arm and coming over

to me. "Will you kiss it and make it better, Max?"

"I'm afraid if I kiss it, I won't get out of this room until morning."

Jake smiled that sly smile that seemed to be a family talent. "I checked the schedule on

the way in, and the room is not being used until tomorrow afternoon."

"Absolutely fucking not!" I pretended to shout. "I'm fucking tired! Of fucking!" All

three of us broke into raucous laughter. Then we drew each other in to a three way hug.

"Honestly, I need to get some food, then relax. Real sit-on-my-ass-and-do-absolutely-nothing

rest. Maybe a swim later.

"Nope. Ain't gonna happen." Jayson seemed to be pretty sure of that.

"Why not?"

"Because I kidnapped those god-awful dork shorts that you had in your suitcase. Did you

have to go looking hard for swimwear that ugly?" Jake broke out into a belly laugh again.

"And just why were you in my suitcase?" I demanded.

"Protecting you from yourself," Jayson stated simply. "You could get a bad reputation from

wearing something that ugly."

"Maybe his 'ex' bought them for him to make him look and feel bad." As soon as these words

were out of Jake's mouth, he realized how cruel they were, and unfortunately, very true. "I'm

sorry, Max. I was way out of line."

"Jake, where are your manners?" Jayson butted in. "A remark like that deserves a peace

offering. And I've got just the thing. Wait right here, both of you." Jayson raced out the

door, but was back in less than two minutes, something small and red in his hand. "Here," he

said, shoving his hand out in my direction. "From us."

I took the red piece of material, gave it a shake, and held it up. "What am I going to do

with ladies undies?" I was perplexed.

"It's a thong. Hottest thing on the beaches here, but they should only be worn by people

who pass the test." Jayson winked at Jake when he made the last comment, and Jake smiled back,

thanking his friend for bailing him out.

"The test?" Again, I was confused.

Jake reached out, touched my chest with a single finger, and made a sizzling sound. "Yep,

he's hot. He can wear them." Again, that sly smile crossed his face.

"I am not wearing these. I'll be showing off everything my mama gave me."

"That's the idea, fuckhead!" Jayson insisted as he rolled his eyes.

Jake added, "You don't have any other suit, as of right now, so it's that or skinny-dipping'."

"I can't go out in public naked. I WON'T go out in public naked!" I insisted.

"Good, so you WILL wear the thong! Glad you like it. Now, go try it on for us." Jayson

was beginning to be a pain.

"First, explain to me why you continue to tell me I'm hot. I just don't see it."

Jake and Jayson looked at each other, not knowing who would start. Finally, Jake took me

by the hand and led me out into the hallway, down the corridor, and into an office. He

positioned me in front of a full length mirror, and stood behind me, off to the side. Jayson

took up a position on the other side, slightly behind me.

"You've heard that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' right. Well, there is a lot that

a 'beholder' can look at, or look for, when searching for beauty. The world says that 'beauty is

only skin deep,' and for some people, that's all the farther they want to look. But real beauty,

Max, is through and through. It's on the surface, and also below the surface." Jake went on.

"What we have before us looks like a good specimen of a healthy man. Well groomed, clean, and a

physique that could use a few sessions in the weight room, but still showing some definition.

Nothing freakishly good or bad about this specimen. A great package, nice low hanging balls,

just enough to make a mouthful. Nice long cock. Eight inches, right?"

"Close enough."

"And of decent thickness, enough to bring pleasure to anyone willing to take the plunge.

All of that in itself, put together, would make you an eight out of ten. Maybe eight and a half."

Now Jayson took over. "All of that can make you hot, but that's not ALL you've got going

for you. Jay didn't see your body when he saw you in the lobby. Jake didn't see your body in

the garden. I didn't see your body, well, not at first, in your room. What we saw, what drew

us to you, what makes you off-the-charts hot, is your sincerity, your friendliness, your

vulnerability, your intelligence. The way you carry yourself. The way you treat others with

respect. You're never putting yourself up, or putting others down. You, my man, are the total

package, what every person is looking for in life. I don't know where the fuck your ex had her

head, well, I think I do know where she had her head—--up her ass. Anyway, she couldn't see what

we couldn't miss. You are off-the-charts hot! Yeah, I agree with Jake that we need to drag you

into the weight room, but man, I would let you drag me anywhere!

By the time he was done, I was blushing, and a few tears clung to the corners of my eyes.

As I stood there, I struggled to see what they saw. I couldn't see it, but maybe all I needed

to do was trust those who could see it.

"So do we get to see the thong?" Jake asked quietly, winking at Jayson. I stepped into it

right there, and pulled it up, jockeying it into place. Even though it was stretched obscenely,

it barely covered everything. "What size is this? Is this a small?"

"Here, let me adjust that for you." Jayson reached for me, but I moved to stay just out of


"No touching!" I insisted.

"No touching? Well, fuck that. If you're not going to play by the rules, we want it back.

Take it off."

"Nope. Not going to take it off." I pulled my jeans on over the thong as I continued.

"Maybe, if one of you is lucky, you'll get to take them off, or maybe talk me out of them. But

maybe not."

Both Jake and Jayson groaned, pretending to be grossly disappointed. I walked over and gave

each a deep kiss on the lips. "We'll have to see how you boys behave."

I walked out of the health club, a little sore, but reveling in the best day of my life.

............to be continued........................



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