Chapter 5

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I was shy entering our bedroom and I timidly told Mark I would do whatever he desired. He said he wanted to do many things with me and he knew now he could do anything he wanted. I still saw him a dominant man and I told him I would be his slave.

-I don’t want a slave but a hot intelligent man as you are with your whole personality.

-Mark, I was thinking whether I should tell you but I cannot help saying this to you now: I’ve fallen in love with you.

His response was taking me to bed so we could both be comfortably sitting there and he caressed my whole body. He kissed me for a couple of minutes. I could not believe he was so sweet. Then I was surprised at his answer.

-Phil, I’ve loved you for three months now, since that day I was visiting you.

That was what Danny said Mark would tell me. All of them knew.

-When I was in your house, your smell made me discover my sexual orientation and I knew it was definitive and I had to smell like you or more. I finished Law and my parents fulfilled their promise of bequeathing a house to me. Since then I haven’t washed. I suppose I will have a shower every three months. My house is clean, though my scent is everywhere and my parents often reprimand me and tell me to wash. I have told them I have a strange allergy to soap, and that’s why I have few showers. I don’t know if they believe me, but I want to live like this. I never thought it was possible you reciprocated me, but you do. I am sorry if you have thought I am a dominant man. I was absolutely nervous before you and was forcing things little by little seeing you accepted everything. But I have lived a big state of anxiety today being before the man I love. Kiss me, Phil, please.

-What are we going to do now, Mark? –I asked in the midst of an endless kiss.

-Are you sure you can stand the way I smell and the dirty things I do?

-I love your smell and there’s nothing dirty you have done that I have not done too.

-I think after now we should be a couple, Phil. You love me and I love you. I have a large house. You see, Evan and I are rich. Your son and you are Rich. You may come to live with me.

-I am twenty years older than you, Mark. It makes no sense. I could die soon.

-And I will die now, knowing you love me, if you are not by me. You’re too young. My life would not be worthwhile after now if I don’t live it with you.

-And would we live all our lives being as pig as we are now?

-I can wash more often if you ask me or else I will wash every three months. I would even like to get a whiff of you with three months unwashed.

-And will we play with excrements?

-Whatever you choose. I’d love to.

-Then I think, Mark, my love, we should live dirty and play with excrements and we should try. But do you know tomorrow night I will go to bed with Danny and on Sunday with Evan?

-You can cheat me, Phil. And I will cheat you or not, depending on what you decide. But you have a cute and wonderful son. He’s one of my best friends now. We have spent months talking of my love for you or how he desires you. And after what he’s seen of you this Friday he may desire you even more or maybe love you, I don’t know.

-I love you but he is the person I love most in this world. I accept him as he is and he must be happy with me and if he is happier having sex with his father, he will. I’ll be completely sweet with that wonderful man, my son Danny. And you can cheat me. So, I accept to be your boyfriend, Mark. As long as you want to live with me, I will be your boyfriend and if you want me to live in your house, I will tell Danny to stop the car for me in the same place he stops the car for you. I will spend that night with you and the next day I can move my things to your house.

-I will tell my parents that I have a boyfriend. Evan and Danny will also live together. And David is my neighbour. I live on the third floor; he lives on the fourth floor.

-I want to go to bed with David too.

-I already have. Now we can both go up to his house or he can come down to ours. I am so happy that we are engaged now.

-So am I, my love.

-But now, please, let’s go to the bathroom and have some dirty sex. Then we may return to our bed and have tender sex for hours.

We kissed again to make our love firmer. And we slowly entered the bathroom. He suggested we could first piss each other and asked me please to be first. I did and he praised the taste of my pee. His was a longer stream and dirtier but I told him the dirtier the better. Then he asked me please to shit him. I confessed I had been saving my shit for him in case he wanted, with just one turd for Danny. He ate with an appetite and said he would like to taste my shit every day. He told me he had had needs to tell Danny he was in love with me. Danny confessed to him he wanked over me and I was his object of desire and he had a boyfriend and a friend besides who together with both of them made up the club of dirty gay men. Of course that man was David. He, Mark, was invited to their weekends at The Acacias. He had not tasted any excrement so far, but that first weekend here he tasted everything and enjoyed everything and became one of them. They often talked about me and they decided to take the risk and invite me. And I turned out to be a great success. He told me all this and asked me if I wanted more diarrhea and of course I said I did. I tasted then a new amount of that disgusting brown river, not so disgusting now I tasted again the dirtiest of my new boyfriend. He asked me then to please puke in his mouth; I had already tasted his puke but he had not tasted mine yet. I said I would puke him if he wanted but it would also have diarrhea. He said that would be the dirtiest thing he would ever have tasted and asked me please to puke. I did, kissing his mouth a lot as I puked. He loved it. I didn’t mind knowing now he would vomit my puke back with diarrhea and his own puke. They were five dirty minutes in which we were savouring the best of our dirty stomachs. Then he asked me to open my mouth and he blew his nose there. Then we were three minutes spitting in each other’s mouths, pissed each other again and went back to our bed. But he asked me not to brush my teeth.

-Mark, you have a wonderful scent in your cock, your feet and your pits. If I don’t brush my teeth I will not lick anything, for I will stain that part of you with the taste of diarrhea and puke, nice flavors, but I will lose the flavour of your scented pits, etc.

He agreed, we brushed our teeth and we went to bed. To feel his hot dirty body under the sheets was glorious. Finally I had gone to bed with the man who would accompany me the rest of my life. We were in no hurry. We had decided to tell everyone in the morning but now the night was for us. We were kissing and touching each other slowly for five minutes. Then I had to blow him again. I loved the taste of that dick which would be mine every day and had to give my boyfriend a perfect blowjob. This time he resisted for ten minutes. I swallowed his cum again, with love now, and had no time to say anything else for he began to suck me next. “I love you, Mark, I love you” was all I could say. We were building our future with our constant orgasms. Finally he told me he was going to fuck me, and I reminded him he had promised to fuck me hours earlier and I had spent all day desiring his cock in my ass. I had already had Danny’s cock in my ass. It was a perfect day: two wonderful men: Mark and Danny, who desired me. Now it was heaven to sense Mark sweet rather than dominant, working my pleasure in my ass. I moaned and tried to stroke him but it was difficult in that position so he prevented it and kissed me instead, saying: “now, feel me, my love, feel me inside you”. He was fucking me for a quarter of an hour. Fortunately my moans were low for I didn’t want Danny and Evan to hear me from their room. But Mark could notice in my yells how much I loved him. “I have to cum, my love”, he finally said and my ass soon felt his white substance filling it. Now it was my turn. He lied on his stomach so I could see again his beautiful buttocks and get horny.

I was hornier than hell watching that wonderful sight, his hot naked body. I thrust my cock inside and madly started to kiss him constantly saying “I love you”. It was the first time I fucked that guy I would share my life with and I had to resist. In fact I think I fucked him a longer time than he had. Fucking a scented man you don’t only have pleasure with your dick; everything is implied and your nose helps pushing your heartbeats. The melody of our future life was sounding in our two naked bodies, surrendering to each other. We started to talk to each other sweetly knowing now we belonged together. Finally I cummed again. How many times I have cummed with you, my love. How many more times I have to cum yet with you.

We embraced then. We were exhausted and spent two hours talking of our future projects, kissing, caressing, surrendering to each other; sometimes licking our feet and pits to have a beginning of a scented future. The ripest fruit I have ever tasted, his pits, which I had been all night sniffing, helped me finally to sleep, the secure sleep of a baby who had now his dummy. I think he got asleep shortly after me. So together we began a dirty and passionate new life, insofar as we liked the same things, we could have a successful future.

He woke up at three in the morning saying he needed to shit again but he would go and feed the toilet slave who he was sure wanted to taste it too. He went downstairs, was absent for a quarter of an hour and came back saying he had only had to tap David’s shoulder to wake him up, had shat diarrhea to him and David even had eaten and savoured it saying he liked it. He’d pissed him too. But he had not told him we were engaged for he hoped it was me who told him tomorrow. Embracing again, we were soon asleep.

When we woke up at about nine, we woke up at the same time and kissed for a couple of minutes. Then we went downstairs. Danny and Evan were not there yet but Mark told me they would be there soon and we should prepare breakfast. We made coffee together and took some cakes to the living room just in time, for they arrived then. They had a happy face and Danny was luminous. They sat down. I had to speak.

-Danny, Evan, I have something important to tell you and Mark has wanted me to tell you. We have become engaged and we are going to live together.

-Congratulations, Dad. Now you can express your love, Mark. Always love each other.

-I am your stepfather now, Danny –said Mark.

-And I am your stepson.

Evan also congratulated us. We were all talking for a quarter of an hour, knowing that now we were all the same family. Danny told me shortly after.

-I will move to Evan’s house, The Acacias, Dad. Of course we want to be lawyers one day, but Evan’s family also own a bookshop. We want to turn it into our own bookshop and we have decided to call it Oedipus. I think Mark and you could also work there, and even David. But maybe you want to continue in the carpenter’s shop.

-I will keep on running the carpenter’s shop but I can have a new job with you, though I know nothing about books. You should first tell me. We could all be working there.

-Then let’s toast for Oedipus and the fact that we are now the same family, the four of us. After breakfast Danny and I will take both dogs for a walk.

-You have two dogs?

-I mean Jimmy and David, Mark. They often go for a walk together and Jimmy and it sniff each other. Jimmy likes David’s smell of excrements and they play together a mutual game of sniffing as they are walking.

-I have to use the human toilet slave first, Evan. I want to fuck him, shit him and puke him. Can I?

-Of course, father-in-law. Go to the toilet first and have fun with it.

So I went out. The air announced that Saturday would also be torrid, but it was so good coming out with a naked body. I finally came to the kennel and David greeted me.

-Good morning, Master Phil.

-Good morning, David. I have come to use you but I also want to tell you a couple of things. But I can tell you as I fuck you.

He turned immediately and I saw again his beautiful ass. I thrust my cock in and told him as I was fucking him.

-There are some new things I should tell you. I want you to know what all of them know now. I am Mark’s boyfriend –I was so moved that I said this crying all the time-. He and I will live together cheating each other and being two great pig men and we will live downstairs from you.

-Congratulations. I am also glad for Master Mark, who I knew was in love with you. You know, I hope I am allowed to visit often my new neighbours.

-Of course, and you can call me Master Phil here and I will call you it and use you. But in the town I want to be only Phil. But I want to ask you something. I think you know that tonight I am going to bed with Danny, and tomorrow night with Evan. David, would you also like to come to bed with me?

-I’d love to.

-I suppose you will be having a shower on Monday morning.

-I will.

-I love your smell, so would you like to come to bed with me next Thursday, before coming to The Acacias again?

-It would be so good, Phil. I suppose you want me to call you Phil in bed. Danny, Evan and Mark won’t get jealous, I know. So that would be wonderful.

-Do not have a shower from Monday to Thursday, please. And now I am going to cum. I have a condom for I knew your ass would be shitted. I will piss, shit and puke you before you go for a walk with Danny, Evan and Jimmy.

I finally came. Then he turned again and of course I started to fill his body, very dirty and smelly now, with more pee, and he also opened his mouth. Then I said I was going to shit. I wanted to stain his body first and then shit a little in his mouth. I knew he would like the taste of my shit now, after having eaten my boyfriend’s diarrhea. I was for five minutes shitting his foul body and I shat a turd in his mouth later. Then I reminded him there was more yet. I told him to open his mouth. I was gonna puke in his mouth so he didn’t starve and could have some food in his stomach. I enjoyed seeing how David liked to eat excrements and liked the taste of any substance no matter who it came from. Danny and Evan were already here. They put him a dog leash, and they moved away from the kennel to the right where Jimmy was expecting them, overjoyed and barking. He sniffed for a long while David’s dirty body, even Danny’s and Evan’s, really pleased. David was on all fours, barked and sniffed Jimmy’s ass too. He stroked the dog and they went down the steps, right of the terrace, and went away to the countryside.

I saw Mark was close to me then. He didn’t want to miss the show of seeing both dogs starting their walk sniffing each other and barking to each other. You could see David was all the time walking on all fours and was used to Jimmy and he even seemed to have learned Jimmy’s language and David with a leash, Jimmy without it, Danny and Evan taking care of them, they bent on their right, and we couldn’t see them now.

-My love –said Mark-, I want to take you on the left of The Acacias, so you can know all of this large land. There is even a little lake two kilometers away, and some hidden trees very close, near some lavender shrubs. Do you want a naked stroll with me around The Acacias?

I accepted and we walked together calmly for five hundred meters. It was wonderful to walk naked beside Mark feeling his smell and every now and then stopping somewhere to kiss. There was a hidden place surrounded by lavender everywhere. Mark told me to sit there and without a word started to blow me again. It was a place which now had all perfumes. Lavender and Mark’s pits, Mark’s feet and so on. The smell of nature, even Mark’s smell was caused by nature, made me hornier and I cummed soon. Then he asked me to piss him and I did. Now it was my turn to blow him. He pissed me during the blowjob. I sucked again that wonderful gun my boyfriend had, so gloriously high and scented. I loved him and continued to give him perfect blowjobs for he cummed soon. Then he asked me to shit him there. He wanted to get to the lake with shitted mouth. I said there was no toilet paper and he told me he would wipe my ass with the lake water later. So I shat him there and many flies wanted to enter Mark’s mouth then. He asked me if I wanted some diarrhea again and of course I answered I did. He shat me a new mouthful of his diarrhea then and with shitted asses and mouths, we continued walking to the lake. That place surrounded by lavender is since that day our private toilet in the country.

It was such a wonderful experience swimming naked in the lake with the man I loved. He was for two minutes wiping my ass, and then it was me who wiped him. We were swimming for half an hour and then he suggested we could come out of the water, and in a quiet place nearby we could fuck. We got out and fucked each other again. We came back after two hours in the country. We saw Evan had made our lunch, vegetable stew now. We sat all four together and ate telling one another our mutual experiences in the lake or in Jimmy and David’s walk. I said I liked David’s smell now he was so full of excrements. Evan suggested that after lunch the four of us could play dirty Parcheesi. I asked what that was. He said we would play and any moment one of us entered a piece in the home square, he can choose any mouth to piss in, and finally the winner would shit on the floor and all the others would eat that shit together. I suggested he who captured a piece could spit in the mouth of the owner of that piece. They all enjoyed me being so pig and told me they would accept this new rule, so four dirty men started the game.

I was the first to leave my starting point and all the time I thought I could win, but it was a close game and I preferred we would eat again some of Mark’s diarrhea. All of us spat in every mouth. We tried to be fair and piss everybody but finally it was clear either Danny or I would win the game. He was first to have all his pieces in the home square. He had won the game, and not thinking twice, he squatted on the floor and shat. All of us felt again the wonderful smell of Danny’s poop. And it was a pig picture to see three dirty men together eating what Danny had shat. We even kissed all three while we were eating. I was brave then and told Evan I would also like to please Jimmy. I didn’t want him to fuck me but I would blow him later. He answered that neither his boyfriend nor mine pleased his dog, but he was glad I wanted to do it. Then we all went to brush our teeth, all stained with Danny’s delicious shit. And later Danny made another coffee and asked us to wait for him at the terrace again. We went outside and sat, waiting for him.

Soon I saw something happened to Danny. He served our coffees and when he finally sat he broke down and started crying. I asked him what the matter was with him and he couldn’t help but say.

-I’m sorry, Dad. It will be awful for Evan and Mark too. I’m afraid I have fallen in love with you.

I immediately stood up, went to him, kissed him and caressed him.

-I want to fall in love with you. But fuck, does it matter? We could have sex together at least once a week. People wouldn’t understand that we were a couple. You are the person I love most in this world, Danny, and I don’t want to see you crying. Now you know how I am and I know how you are. Evan and Mark should talk, but you will always have me.

-I don’t care Danny has fallen in love with you. You may come to The Acacias now every week and have sex with him whenever you like. What is fidelity good for? Danny would stop loving me if he could not have you, Phil, so I prefer you have sex once and again. You still love me, Danny, don’t you?

-More than ever, my darling.

-It’s not a problem for me either –said Mark-, I have just met my boyfriend today but I knew this could happen for I knew how much Danny desired you. I will even love you more, Phil, if you keep on having sex with your son.

-Danny, sweetheart, now you know what both our boyfriends think. I would like to fall in love with you but that would not change anything. You will have Evan and I will have Mark and both of us will have each other, constantly swapping partners in bed. We are all the same family and a strange family where everyone makes love to everyone. So don’t cry, my dear, I will always be with you.

-Thanks, Dad. Thanks, Phil. Now we can be all happy. And thanks Evan and Mark for your understanding. I cannot help loving him now.

We were a good while at the terrace, having coffee and I asked them to teach me the things I would need to learn to work with them in the bookshop. After two hours Mark told Danny to come with him to the library to have some sex there, telling him last night he had made love to me and tonight he would be with Evan, since Danny and me would be having sex together, so he felt like pleasing his stepson and friend now.

Meanwhile as I was alone with Evan I told him that would be a good moment to please Jimmy and as the dog was still at the terrace, I would please him there. I cajoled him to come to me and I started stroking his cock and I started to suck him before his owner. His cock was clean for Evan told me he washed his cock every day knowing it would end up in his mouth. It took him ten minutes to cum in my mouth. The taste was different to that of men’s cum but I liked it too and told Evan I would blow him more often now. Then Danny and Mark came out.

-You have a wonderful boyfriend, Dad, and I have a wonderful stepfather in Mark. He has pleased all my body and calmed me down telling me once and again he would always be happy to see his boyfriend having sex with his son.

-I have to shit again –Mark said-, Evan, you are the only one who has not tasted my diarrhea yet. Would you like to try?

-I do. Shit me right here, Mark, in front of everybody.

Mark shat him but it was too much for Evan. He could eat some diarrhea the first time but he couldn’t help but puke the second time. He stained the floor with a delicious mixture and Danny and me had the same impulse and squatted on the floor to eat it.

-Do not worry about your diarrhea, Mark. There will always be somebody who wants to eat it.

-Well, I have tried –said Evan.

-You have eaten enough, Evan –said Mark-. Now all of us have tasted it.

The rest of the evening passed with all of us using David for sex and excrements; we talked about literature again and from time to time we had sex with anybody. I told Danny that I would not have dirty sex with him tonight. I would only give him the best of me with all my sweetness and affection. But I told him we could enter a toilet now and we could do anything we wanted with each other. We did and pissed, shat, puked, spat, farted and everything for an hour. Both our shits were softer now because both of us had tasted Mark’s diarrhea and we smiled and said we would all end up that weekend with diarrhea. But any taste of Danny’s shit would be great for me. He liked all excrements that came from his father and more now that my excrements had the taste of some boys’ excrements too. That weekend all was a constant recycling.

I prepared dinner that night. I had seen Evan had a lot of fish in the fridge, and with Mark’s help I filled two trays with fried fish, one with whitefish and the other with oily fish. We spent dinner talking of tastes, not only of the fish we were eating but also of men’s tastes, smells or excrements. Then I knew we could talk of whatever thing we liked, even puke or diarrhea, as we were eating. Then Mark offered to do the washing up as I told Danny.

-Come to bed with me now, Danny. Let’s have fun and show each other how much we love. If ever I have been sweet, I will be sweet for you now. -So we said goodbye and both with enormous erections went up to the bedroom on the left now. That on the right would be for Evan and Mark tonight. We went to bed at once and there we stroked one another with the sweetest kisses I have ever given, for my son.

-Remember you don’t have to worry about anything and here in bed I am Phil. You can call me Dad sometimes if you like calling me Dad as you are having sex with your dad, but mostly Phil, please. I have to ask you: what do you like most?

-Blowing you, Phil.

-I may cum many times tonight, and you can start blowing me, then we will fuck each other and then I will blow you, and if you still desire me, you can blow me again. Remember I am now your lover; I want to know what you feel pleasure with and we can repeat all you want. I’ll be all night groping you all over, even your erogenous points. Do you want to start blowing your father?

-Yes, Phil.

And he started. I stroked all his body then sweetly and slowly. I was in no hurry. The night was ours to enjoy. He moaned as he sucked my dirty cock and two hands were not enough for me to touch all of Danny’s hot body. I stroked his hair, caressed his nipples and after ten minutes I had to cum in his mouth. I knew he liked the taste of his brothers and filled him with them. Then I kissed his mouth intensely and turned so he could fuck me. I repeated once and again I liked having my son’s cock in my ass. He stroked me all over now and kissed me, always telling me he loved his father and I was a respectful sweet hot man as his dick was deeper and deeper in my ass. Five minutes of intense mutual tenderness and he came in my ass. We were two men who understood perfectly each other’s needs and that night were learning to become dad-son lovers. Then I learned that whenever he came in my ass, he turned at once, eager to be fucked by daddy. I did not think twice and fucked Danny again. It was not only my cock inside his hot body; it was my soul inside his soul. I had seen Danny crying in the afternoon and that would not happen again even if I had to fuck him every day. We would turn Evan’s family’s bookshop into Oedipus and when it was ready we would work there from Monday to Friday and all Friday afternoons we would come to The Acacias. Mark also had a car and would take me here all weekends so I assured Danny at least he would have me three days a week. And if that was not enough, every day, but I also wanted him to continue to love Evan. I told him I was not only fucking his body now, but his mind, his heart, his soul. My cock had to transmit him that everything would be ok between us always. I was fucking him for five minutes only for I was really moved seeing how tender and sweet we were becoming. Kisses never stopped. I was Danny’s lover now and we still had an endless night ahead to do whatever thing we liked. Now I had to blow him.

It was Danny’s taste rather than the taste of his cock. I knew that cock would be mine forever just as my dick was his. In a single blowjob I had to convince him that I was both his father and his lover; his friend, even his workmate soon. My son tasted deliciously. It was his manhood, dirty and tasty. I did not have to learn how to suck a cock; I only had to remember my best blowjobs and promised myself all my senses would always surrender to Danny. Saying “Dad, I love you”, he yelled and shot his load of grandchildren again in my mouth. Then we were for half an hour tasting our pits and feet. We said we could give each other black kiss other days and we didn’t that night. But we savoured each other greedily, and of course soon my son was sucking his father’s dick again. “Go on, Danny, my manhood is yours any time you want to taste it”, and he moaned and told me “this cock has given life to me more than once. I am so grateful to it for the life you are giving me right now”. I could resist now for ten minutes, ten more minutes for Danny’s pleasure and finally I cummed new brothers into his mouth. Then we hugged under the sheets and said sweet things to each other and I repeated I was his father and if ever my son had needed me, it was now he was in love with me. I promised I would always be sweet with him, and he would always have me. We felt asleep, his face in my pits, mine in his mouth. We had had the first night of dad-son sex. May the beauty of the world be always with you, Danny, I remember I thought and surrendered to sleep with my son’s naked body surrounding me.

As it had been with my boyfriend I had the same awakening with my lover son. We kissed for some minutes and went downstairs. Evan had made coffee and we four sat again in the living-room. They noticed Danny’s shining face and congratulated us for our sweetness and mutual desire. Evan and Mark’s night of love had also been intense but it was not the first. They told me again all of them went to bed with all of them and now they would always include me in their partner swapping. We had a very happy breakfast and the rest of that Sunday was very similar to Saturday. Everyone had sex with everyone. We were all the time using David and including him in our sex games. We had another salad, but I suggested we could season it with both gobs and piss now. They all told me I should have been invited earlier so I could teach them new dirty games. We all spat and finally all our cocks pissed in the lettuce. Then we ate it and finally sucked our fingers, sometimes somebody else’s fingers. We also played dirty Parcheesi again, spat and pissed one another often and it was finally me who won that game and of course I shat on the floor. Nobody hesitated afterwards and Danny, Mark and Evan squatted on the floor and devoured my shit, kissing one another and praising the taste of my shit. Mark was the cook for both meals that Saturday and we ate as usual talking of literature, of how our lives would change with Oedipus, and of course of sex and excrements. Evan remembered then to tell us he had finally been able to eat Mark’s diarrhea without vomiting and now he would get used to the flavor for the moment me or Danny had diarrhea too. At night I took Evan to our bedroom, that on the right again and I knew that on the left room would spend the night together my son and my boyfriend. Evan and I approached the bed.

-Always love Danny and may he love you forever. I love him but I also like you very much and I know you are perfect for him. With my son’s fetishes, he needed to find a man like you. You are tender and respectful and understand him and me. But enough, Evan, I am here with you because I also like you and want to have sex with you.

-We will always love each other, Phil, don’t be frightened. Danny and I won’t lose our love. And my father-in-law is also a hot man to go to bed with. The four of us, including your boyfriend, are linked now and we will make one another happy.

-I must confess I have been with many dirty men before, but never with one who had the smell of a dog. It’s original. I like it.

-And I love the fact that you want to please Jimmy with me. I was here on Tuesday with Danny and I had sex with Jimmy too, and that’s why I have this smell on me.

-I love it. Now kiss me, son-in-law.

We sweetly kissed for a couple of minutes and then I started blowing him. His cock was less dirty than Mark’s and Danny’s but it was the only one with the taste of dog saliva. A new and hot experience. I knew I would please that cock every so often and that first blowjob I gave my son-in-law was also perfect judging by his moans. He came in my mouth soon but he had resisted for five minutes. Now his turn was to taste his father-in-law’s dick again. This second time he was as good as the first time when we were eating Mark’s puke by the car but I was less surprised and could resist longer. Then I asked him to fuck me and he also put his soul in that fucking. Drops of sweat ran down both our bodies as he fucked me, but he finally cummed. Then it was me who fucked him, showing him the way I had treated Danny last night and sweetly asking him to always fuck Danny with that very tenderness. Exhausted, I finally gave my son-in-law more brothers of his boyfriend. Then of course we had to lick our pits and feet and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

On Monday morning, we all went to the shower after coffee, but the four of us entered together and washed our own bodies or somebody else’s. Then we asked David to come in and he had his private shower. He wasn’t working yet and he didn’t need to go to any job now and have a cleaner smell. But he confessed to me that on Mondays after coming to The Acacias he had as many as three showers for the smell of excrements did not easily abandon him. But he told me he would not have a shower on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and he was looking forward to come to bed with me. We waited for Spencer to arrive and take care of Jimmy till Friday. He was a cute man but knew nothing of our gay lives. But Evan bravely decided to inform him that he was engaged to Danny. I told him I was Danny’s father and was glad of their love. Then at about nine we all entered the car again, sitting in the same place we had sat last Friday. All passengers but not Danny the driver had our cocks out all the time. But it was Mark now who blew me. Then I blew him, but Danny said please no more blowjobs. It is difficult for me to drive. So we resigned. The car was not now a bottle of sweat, but some of the smell there was on Friday remained. We stopped at the same service area, but I asked Danny please not to jack me off there. He knew he could do it now any moment anywhere, and it could be dangerous to jack me off there. But I gently stroked his crotch as we were having our coffees. The last kilometers we decided we could compete and jerk off all of us together but Danny and four horny men wanked at the same time. I know it is futile vanity but I was the last one to cum then. David ate all our cums then and said that when we stopped he would also eat Evan’s cum so the car floor was clean. Finally we reached the town again and first Mark and I left, and also David who was our neighbour. Danny and Evan continued to their destination. He would be in Evan’s home tonight and go to our former home tomorrow to take his things to The Acacias. We had appointed to meet every day and talk about Oedipus. Mark and I began our common life and as soon as we were home we took off our clothes and kissed and had sex for hours. So it was that every night we built our love and got used to living together.

I awaited Thursday night to go to bed with David. Mark encouraged me and said he would sleep alone but gladly knowing his boyfriend was making love with a hot man upstairs and maybe he could even hear the noise David and I were doing. David was a tender man and it was great to discover also his beautiful personality when he was not being used. I was Phil all the time and did not call him “it”. I said we would take him to The Acacias every weekend and there he could fulfill his other self and would always be our toilet and slave. That Thursday I was getting to know an extraordinary human being with his own fetishes but with undoubtedly a great personality.

Oedipus only took two months to be ready. Since then all of us: David, Evan, Danny, Mark and I have been working there and we have showers more often, even Mark who now washes once a month, but even so customers must think we stink. But the business is successful. I have learnt with them a lot of things about literature and my boyfriend really praises me. Every Friday afternoon we return to The Acacias, now the home of my son and his boyfriend. We have sex every now and then and David or “it” as we like calling him is always our toilet slave. We consider ourselves a big family of four members who constantly has sex with one another, and we are so fortunate that we even have our human toilet. I think David has fallen in love with Danny now so we should have to make our family bigger. All of this happened one year ago, and Mark and I are really happy. I make love every week at least once with Danny. I keep on having incestuous thoughts with him, more now that I know he loves me. I think I will fall in love with my son soon. Meanwhile I keep on wanking over him. I cannot help it.


Daniel Berasaluce

[email protected]


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