Chapter 2 – Sex in the car.

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We went back to the bottle of sweat and of course we all sat as we had been sitting before. But this time Danny took off his t-shirt before starting the car. I thought I could not stand his beauty: I had seen his cock in the restroom and now I could see his chest. I wondered what his ass would be like. I would have many future masturbations with him after this trip. But soon all of them imitated my son. David and Evan took off their t-shirts too. Mark was already shirtless. So I had to do the same: I took off my shirt and I think I saw how David stared at my naked chest, he got an instant hard on and put his right hand on my left knee. He dared to move his hand slowly up my trousers to my crotch. My God, could all this be happening? I had no time to think. David also pulled down my zipper, took out my cock and started blowing me! That simple. Well, my son was gay; obviously his boyfriend too; David was sucking my cock, so he should be. What about Mark? I was desperate to know. But I heard Danny talking to me.

-Have fun, Dad. David likes giving pleasure and it is so good at it. We have all been blown by it –Had he said “it”?

So they all knew what was happening and what’s more, I saw my son-in-law took out his cock and started jerking himself off before everybody. I had already seen Danny’s cock and Evan’s cock. Were we going to an orgy or something? I wondered what my son had invited me for to this trip. But they were all free men and I loved that. So I felt the urge of coming out of the closet too so they could all do whatever they pleased this weekend. But I needed Mark to know and I said.

-I have been blown before by many men. In fact, I am gay, Danny. I never cheated your mother; I didn’t know. The moment I found out, I told her and we divorced.

-Welcome then to our club of gay men, Dad.

Did that include Mark? I was thinking of this, enjoying Evan’s cock which I could still see jacking off and also enjoying David’s blowjob when something unexpected happened. Suddenly Mark took off his sneakers. He wore no socks. The sudden stench of Mark’s feet caused me to cum in David’s mouth. But he continued to suck my cock as if nothing had happened. I didn’t care now. They apparently were a club of gay men. Evan was jacking off; my son has jacked me off before; David was blowing me. I thought nothing I could say now had any importance and I had to show Mark who I really was. So I said to him.

-Mark, you can do either of these things. But it necessarily has to be one of them: either you put your sneakers back on or you will know the pig I am and I will have to lick your feet.

-I prefer the second option –he said unmoved.

So he put his right foot on his left knee and I didn’t hesitate. I approached my nose and started to sniff and then I began to lick the dirtiest foot I have ever taken to my mouth. It was stronger than me. I came for a second time in David’s mouth. But “it” swallowed my semen and “it” continued again. He was milking me dry. Would he never stop? How many times did he want me to cum? It was so pleasant to be blown as I was enjoying Mark’s stench. But I was feeling a great urge to pee. Would I ask them to stop the car somewhere so I could piss? But if I did, I could lose the chance of continuing to lick Mark’s stinking foot or of having David’s mouth in my cock. But it was so urgent that some piss unintentionally escaped my dick into David’s throat. He said nothing, made no hint of taking his mouth off my cock and continued blowing me as if nothing had happened. I made a new attempt, and this time I pissed a little in David’s mouth on purpose. He seemed to like my pee just as he liked blowing me. So I said to myself I would go on and would stop if I saw in him any sign of disgust. I continued peeing in that cute urinal. No reaction, so more secure now, I pissed him all. It took me a couple of minutes to empty my bladder. This was new: I had a urinal blowing me.

But a sound similar to a little explosion surprised us all. Mark had told me this could happen to him. He had suddenly started to puke in the car. It was a long river of yellow puke. I couldn’t help it. The sound and the smell of puke always made me cum, so I cummed a third time in David’s mouth. As if he knew I wanted to focus on Mark’s face puking, he left my cock at once, after I had cum thrice and pissed too. Still my cock was out. The stench of puke filled the car completely and now it really was a bottle of smell. I saw that Evan’s cock, instead of going flaccid, became gloriously high again. Drops of semen were on it. He must have cummed but I did not see it. But I looked at the car floor near him and I could see semen there. Mark’s puke was never ending. My God, now we had to drive the last kilometers with that stench but nobody rolled down any window. I thought I could see in his puke remnants of sardines and rot banana. If I hadn’t cummed three times, I would have cummed now. The smell of a hot guy’s puke aroused me so much that I couldn’t help it. The car floor in that spot was soon a lake of yellow puke. Only Evan said something when Mark finally stopped puking.

-It’s only twenty kilometers now to The Acacias. That’s the name of my country house, Phil. There we will clean the car. No need to stop now.

So nobody complained of the smell of puke there was in the car, as nobody had complained before of the strong smell of sweat. Mark’s stinking feet were still barefoot. I pushed my dick back in my trousers but Evan didn’t and continued with his cock out the last twenty kilometers.

-I want Jimmy to sniff it properly when we arrive.

Jimmy? Was there a sixth guy? But Danny soon turned to an earth lane on the right which had a sign where you could read “The Acacias”. It was hardly two hundred meters. We had arrived to The Acacias, my son-in-law’s country house. A large group of yellow trees could be seen everywhere embellishing that landscape. There was a house straight ahead, not too big and not too small. Danny parked and we left. Mark left his sweaty t-shirt inside. It was one of my oldest fantasies to take a sweaty t-shirt home and wank as I smelled a hot guy’s sweat. I wish I could take it with me. But I had no time to think of this. A small black dog came to us, barking and overjoyed, and went straight to sniff and lick Evan’s cock, which was still out.

-That’s my Jimmy –Evan said, stroking the dog-. Come and sniff my cock as you like doing.

Jimmy was glad to be playing one of his favorite games. In that moment I could finally identify that smell in my son-in-law which I had been unable to recognize. He smelled strongly of a dog. But he smelled so much of it that I couldn’t help but thinking they must have sex together. Jimmy was awhile delighted licking his master’s cock. But now Evan pulled down his shorts, and showed his ass to Jimmy. It was a hairy ass. Evan was the only one of us who had a hairy body.

-You can sniff my crack now –he said.

-This is Jimmy, dad, one of my boyfriend’s lovers. I watch them frequently but do not have sex with Jimmy.

I said to myself that I would not get shocked at anything this weekend. You want incest, a lover dog or the smell of puke in the car? You can do whatever you like. You are even freer than I am and you harm nobody. Jimmy was now sniffing Evan’s feet, and later Evan approached him his armpits to sniff too. Jimmy had had an orgy of sniffing and was glad and barking continuously

-We’ll have some fun later –and addressing me now, he said-. Well, Phil, I have sex with Jimmy often but I wouldn’t allow myself to give him any pain. I blow him and he fucks me, but I would never fuck him. His ass is not prepared for that and I don’t want him to suffer. I only give him pleasure. We only play together.

-Good, Evan –I had to say. They harmed nobody and no animal for being such free guys.

We approached the house. It had a large terrace where Danny told me we should all be sitting soon and having a salad. There was a long plastic table with many plastic chairs on the left, and I saw a large kennel on the right. Jimmy’s, I supposed, but later I saw I was wrong. The terrace continued on the right up to more stairs leading to more countryside. We entered the house and started to go up the stairs.

-By the way, Phil –Evan told me as we went up-, this house is not too big and it has only two bedrooms and only two beds. In one of them I will sleep with Danny, of course. The other bed has to be for you and Mark.

What about David? I thought, and I had to ask.

-It needs no bed, father-in-law –Evan answered.

Again they called him “it”. He needs no bed? So, where does he sleep? We had finished the stairs. There was a small corridor on the left with a bedroom and a bathroom. Another room on the right.

-That’s your room, Phil.

That’s the room I had to sleep in with Mark. So hot! A single bed, not too big. But David, or “it”, I don’t know how to call him now came in with us. Was he going to sleep with us?

-Be good and go to the toilet, you doggie –Mark said.

David went to the toilet and Mark and I stayed alone there. He soon told me.

-By the way, Phil. I had the habit of going to sleep totally nude. And I won’t have a shower this weekend either.

So good. I would sleep with the man I loved totally naked and unwashed beside me.

-Phil, be good and show me your ass –Mark said in a commanding voice.

Well, I already knew I would do whatever thing he asked me too. Would Mark want me to be his slave? I had never been a sexual slave, but I would if Mark desired that. But his voice mesmerised me. He had said he wanted to see my arse and I had to show him my ass. Not thinking twice, I pulled down my trousers and shorts; I wore shorts under my trousers, very dirty, and showed him. He started to stroke it and seemed to like it.

-A hot ass. I think I will fuck it tonight.

Incredible! He had said he would fuck me tonight. I was looking forward to tonight. He would sleep unwashed and totally nude and he would fuck me. Well, Mark, if you want a toy, I will be your toy.

I had hardly pulled my shorts and trousers up when I saw the toilet door opening and out came David totally nude! He had a wonderful body. I desired everyone. David, Danny, Mark and even Evan, no pun. But David or “it” had a collar on his neck now.

-Good doggie. Now you know what you must do. Be good and go to your kennel.

David left and Mark told me.

-He is our toilet slave –good, I was not shocked at that either, but wondered many things about these guys-. He would spend the weekend in his kennel. There are two small toilets downstairs, but if you need a toilet, David will be happier if you use him. We order him to be unwashed before coming here. And now he will have to sleep there and he is not permitted to get any clothes on the whole weekend or to have a shower. You will see him increasingly dirty with our excrements. But he is a good doggie and never complains. He loves coming with us to spend these weekends and be used. Ah, Phil, I almost forget to tell you we prefer to spend the entire weekend stark naked. Do what you want, but we will go and eat a salad now and none of us will have any clothes on –he said as he started to take off his clothes and left them on a chair near the bed. I had already seen Evan’s ass and David’s. I wanted to see Mark’s cock and Mark’s ass now, and of course Danny’s later. This weekend was going to be very special. But I was shy to go down stark naked. I was afraid what they could think of me, so I preferred to take off everything but my shorts and take them off later at the terrace if I saw all of them were naked. Mark was already totally nude. Finally I could see his dick. I looked forward to having it in my ass tonight. But I wanted to blow him as I had already licked his stinking right foot. I preferred Mark left the room first so I could see his ass. Hot! I almost cummed at the sight of those wonderful buttocks and imagined how dirty his crack must be. We left and started to go down the stairs. When we reached the top, I could glimpse two more asses. The one on the right was hairy. It must be then Evan’s ass. I saw another ass on the left. I was aroused knowing it was my son’s ass. I could see him the whole weekend totally nude. I wanted to reach the terrace, I thought, as I was coming down with naked dirty Mark.


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