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I couldn’t help it. I had been wanking over my only son, Danny, for more than one year. He was 27 now and had just finished his degree in Law and now he was having a sabbatical year. I am Philip Rich, forty-seven years old. I had discovered I was gay when I was married to Nancy, his mother; and we divorced when Danny was 13. But he had come to live with me because my house was closer to the campus, and he had been living with me since he was 21. He has been living with me for six years then, and I have never before had incestuous thoughts. But years ago my great discovery was to know how I liked the way unwashed men smell. And Danny in his sabbatical year had got the habit of having a shower only once a month or less. I knew he had a good body and was cute and I often thought I would like him if I was not his father, but this year everything in him aroused me and incestuous wanking was inevitable.

I was a lawyer too one day, but that job was tiring for me because I didn’t believe in any of the defendants and I was sad rather than happy when a guilty man was found not guilty. I inherited then my family’s carpenter’s shop and decided to work there. I did not have showers very often for I wanted to have the smell of men always with me. I never knew what Danny thought of this situation but this year he seemed to be imitating me in my hygiene habits.

It was one Friday at two p.m. when I saw him get home, of course as unwashed as usual, and desiring to talk to me. He kissed my cheek and told me.

-Dad, I am going to spend the weekend at my friend Evan’s country house. Evan and two more friends are coming with me and I have thought you might like to spend a weekend in the country with us, so I suddenly thought I would tell you. Would you like to come with us? It must be right now for Evan and David are waiting down there.

-You have surprised me so suddenly. I love spending weekends in the country and I would like to go with you and your friends, but I think I should have a shower first and get some things.

-Don’t worry about that, Dad. In Evan’s country house, 150 kilometers away from here, you could have a shower and so could I, if I needed one –“if I needed one”, he had said. It surprised me. Other men would have said Danny stank. And he wanted his father, also stinking, to go with them-. And you don’t have to take anything with you. You can be the whole weekend with the same clothes and any necessary things like a toothbrush, Evan has. There is enough food. You know Evan’s parents have almost bequeathed that house to him, and he lives there on his own, and invites people sometimes and he would be glad to invite his friend’s father.

So I decided to accept Danny’s conditions. I said I wanted to go, and did not have a shower or take any clothes or anything. So we left home and went downstairs.

His friends were waiting next to the car. It had been my car but it was Danny’s now and he was going to drive. They were two young men. All of them were 27 and had met at college. Danny introduced me to one of them.

-This is my –he seemed to hesitate- friend Evan.

Evan was taller than Danny; he was bald and had a beard. He was wearing a black t-shirt with skulls, shorts and trainers. He had the same smell of sweat as Danny and me, but he also smelled of something I thought it was familiar to me but I was unable to identify. Sweat was running down his forehead.

-And this is my friend David.

David had a naïve appearance and was possibly the cutest one of us all. He was blond, no beard, a white t-shirt somewhat dirty, shorts and trainers too, but with no socks. His feet were smelly. All of us smelled. Later I knew that David had been ordered to smell like that.

We all shook hands and entered the car. Danny was driving and on his right, on the front passenger seat was Evan. David sat behind Danny and I was sitting near the right window behind Evan. It was possibly the hottest day of that summer. All of us were sweating but all windows were closed and none suggested rolling down any window, so the car was now a bottle of sweat where four stinking men were sitting. I soon got a boner. It was caused by that bottle of sweat and soon I saw that both Danny and Evan had a boner too. I looked on my left. David had a hard on as well. But I soon saw David was taking off his t-shirt. It was wonderful. He had a sexy body. I thought I would have a hard on the entire trip. His chest was dirty and sweaty, just as I like men’s chests. It was wonderful to go on this trip with them, but I was wondering what Danny could think of me if he knew I was enjoying him and his friends. But he was talking.

-We still have to pick up Mark, Dad. You know him

-Do I?

-He was at home asking you some legal advice.

I remembered now. Mark! He was a rich guy, posh and snobbish. I wondered what Mark could think of the smell there was in the car.

-His parents divorced a year ago and both have other partners and they have preferred to leave him some estate. He lives on his own now, finished Law but he doesn’t work. He has no need.

The typical life of a rich young man. Rather than a sabbatical year, he would have sabbatical years, if he ever worked. I wondered what Mark could think of me, although I had thought the same three months ago when he visited me. I was dirtier than ever then, but I was giving him advice and he never complained of my dirt.

The bottle of sweat increased when David took off his trainers. His feet smelled two. Sweat was everywhere. All our armpits smelled a lot. Now David’s feet. But all of us had smelly feet.

We suddenly stopped at some traffic lights, near the most beautiful park of the town, St Andrew’s Park. A beggar knocked at Evan’s window. Evan rolled down the window and started to talk to him.

-You can sit behind, close to Phil, Mark.

Mark! What has become of you? And I had thought it was a beggar because he had a clearly dirty appearance. But could this really be that snobbish guy Mark? He sat beside me so I was tight in the middle. Then when I had thought he could have cursed our smell, I found out that he had even a stronger smell than all of us. It could even be a smell I could not bear, so strong it was. Never before had I been with such a dirty man. But he was a complete picture of dirt. He had a moustache and his hair was short, but it was messy greasy hair. Drops of sweat were clearly perceptible in his moustache and when he started to talk to my son and his friends I saw his teeth were unbrushed, though he did not have bad breath. The smell of his armpits was too much. I was wondering when the last time was he had had a shower. But I continued to discover too many things in him. His feet really stank, all his nails were dirty. Sweat was wetting all his clothes. I didn’t know what to think of him. He seemed to have neglected himself. But suddenly he started to talk about mythology with Evan. David and Danny also spoke of it soon. They talked of Zeus’ male lover: Ganymede. They seemed to be four intelligent guys who had very interesting conversations and I was afraid I was not so intelligent or cultivated. I loved these guys, though I still had to decide whether I liked or not Mark’s smell. Suddenly, as we were leaving the town and starting the road to Evan’s house, I thought that I really liked Mark’s smell and I would like to be one day with a guy who smelled like him. He had all the man’s dirt I had always desired. He looked like a beggar but I also liked that. Soon I saw I was discovering too many things about Mark and I didn’t take long to find out I was falling in love with him. Wonderful, in that car were David and Evan, whom I had also started to like, my son Danny I still had incestuous thoughts with, and a man I had just fallen in love with. That man, Mark, suddenly took off his t-shirt. A stronger smell of armpits reached me. I didn’t care and as I could I looked at his chest. It was dirt all over shaping strange pictures with sweated rivers flowing even in his nipples. All his armpit hair was wet. I want a man like him in my life, I thought. He seemed to have forgotten what soap is good for. I love you, dirty Mark; I had to say to myself.

Evan suddenly took out of a bag a tin of sardines. The smell was intoxicating. Mark took a sardine and ate it fast. Then he belched and took a second sardine with his dirty fingers and offered me. I bit it in his very forefinger and had the temptation to smell his dirty finger as I had the temptation to grope his crotch or smell his chest.

-I will have no more sardines –Mark said-. They often make me puke.

Though Evan took out a second tin, I didn’t eat any more sardines. I had enjoyed eating one on Mark’s dirty finger. As he had no shirt on, he wiped his forefinger on his shorts, making him even dirtier. Now he would also smell a little of sardines. I was looking at Mark and I couldn’t be sure but for a moment I thought I could see Danny groping tenderly Evan’s crotch. We had already travelled 80 kilometers and Danny decided we could stop at a service area. He stopped and then we got out. David put on his shirt but Mark decided to enter the place shirtless. When we opened all doors my nose got a last whiff of that marvelous bottle of sweat, my son’s car.

The bar of that service area was not crowded and we could find an empty round table. Danny offered to go to the counter and bring our drinks. All of us asked for coffees. I saw that Mark sat next to me. Wonderful, I could go on smelling him and watching very close his naked chest. David was sitting opposite and Evan was on his left, opposite Mark. Soon Danny came back and brought all our coffees. He sat down and all the guys started to ask me things about my life. They were intelligent, respectful young men who seemed to get shocked at nothing. I was talking of my divorce but didn’t tell them I was gay, for Danny knew nothing. But suddenly I was terrified. I could not be imagining such a thing. I noticed that a hand was erotically groping my crotch under the table. I looked at the table. I could see all hands but one, Danny’s right hand! Was my son groping my crotch? Of course I could not tell him anything in front of his friends but I said instead.

-Go on.

They all looked at me wonderingly.

-I mean you can go on asking me things.

I managed to speak in my confusion in that moment. But the hand never stopped. Now it was clearly pulling down my zipper. And a few minutes later he was searching for my cock, quite erect now, and took it out and affectionately, as if it were the most natural thing in the world he started to jack me off. Of course I could not tell him “What are you doing, Danny? Stop jacking me off, I am your father”, so I tried to speak and what was more difficult, in a way they couldn’t notice my arousal and said.

-I am in heaven. I love it.

-Really? –asked Mark. Did he know what was happening under the table?

-I mean I love the taste of this coffee. –I lied. It was awful.

Danny, was it really him? continued to jack me off. I was so surprised that I thought I could not hold it any longer. I had to cum and it had to be necessarily on Danny’s hand. I cummed. I could not do any other thing.

I saw his right hand at last. It was full of something white. It had to be my semen. It was more obvious when he said.

-Delicious –he was licking his right hand, full of a white substance-, I like my brothers. –It is true he had just drunk the brothers I would never give him.

-What do you mean? –asked Evan.

-I mean it is delicious this white lollipop I have bought, and that you are my brothers and can go on talking.

Mark was looking at him then with a meaningful look. I think somehow he had noticed what had happened. Meanwhile I was thinking I had to push my cock back into my shorts. And quickly. We had all finished our coffees by then and they could not see I had my cock out. As I could I managed to push it back, just as Evan said we’d better continue the trip. It was still 70 kilometers away. I mentioned I had to piss. Evan told me the restroom was on my left when I went out of the bar.

I went urgently to the restroom. There were three stalls in there. I chose the central stall and I had hardly had any time to start peeing when I saw Danny was approaching. He chose the left stall and confidently took his cock out. It was the first time I could see my son’s cock. When he was a baby his mother took care of him and I had never glimpsed it. It was hot to see it. But instantly he grabbed my cock again with his right hand as if it were the usual thing to do to help me pee. His right hand again. He was getting too familiar with his father’s dick. He started to speak at once so as not to give weight to what was happening and we both continued pissing. I even liked to see Danny’s piss and thought I would wank over it when I was alone.

-What do you think of my friends, Dad?

His hand of course was still in my cock.

-They are nice, intelligent, respectful boys. They seem tender and I think they are good friends for you.

I had finished pissing but Danny even shook my cock and tenderly pushed it back in my trousers. He had also finished and then he told me.

-Dad, Evan is not only my friend. He is my boyfriend. We have been a couple for nine months now.

I asked Danny to let me embrace him. We did and I asked him.

-Does he make you happy?

-Yes, Dad. And I try to make him happy too. You know, we often think the same, and we have agreed to cheat each other. He often does and tells me. I do it too, and if he still doesn’t know, I will have to tell him now I have cheated him with my own father.

I smiled and asked.

-So it was you who have just made me cum, weren’t you?

-It was me, Dad, do you mind?

-It’s not the usual thing for a son to do with his father, but you are 27, Danny Rich, I allow you, and we have given each other pleasure.

-So, could I jack you off often, Dad?

-As long as you find pleasure in that, you can. –I smiled again.

I could not believe Danny was asking me permission to jack me off frequently. Well, I am not priggish and I was not thinking of my own pleasure. If my son liked to play with my cock, to give him an angry answer would not be the right thing. We agreed, so why the hell couldn’t he have that fun with me?

I left the restroom thinking I had given Danny the starting signal for incest. Could all this be really happening? I also had to think that now I knew Evan was my son-in-law and I had to welcome him to my family. All of them but Mark were close to the car now waiting for me and him to continue the trip. Mark curiously seemed to be searching for food in a garbage container. I approached Evan and told him.

-I have just known you are my son-in-law. I like you. Make my son happy, please. You seem to be a wonderful guy. I am glad I am your relative now, I am your father-in-law. Embrace me, Evan, and welcome.

We embraced. No matter I could perceive the strong smell of sweat and something else I could not identify of my son-in-law. I liked him and he seemed to like his boyfriend’s father too.

We were waiting for Mark. I approached the garbage container where he was.

-I am hungry –he told me-, I could have asked for something in the bar, but I often look for food in garbage containers. I like different tastes.

He suddenly seemed to have found something to eat. He took it out. It was a rot banana. He broke it in two and offered me. Well, I loved him. I knew too well that I would not disappoint him. If he wanted me to taste rot banana from a garbage container, I would taste it, that’s all.

-I have a cold. Hope it won’t make me sick. I already have diarrhea.

In fact his nose was full of snot.

Everything in Mark made me horny. Even to know that he had a cold and diarrhea. As far as he didn’t talk of showers! Right then we were all ready to continue the trip with my son and his friends. We were again inside the bottle of sweat. What could happen this weekend? So far I had learnt that my son had a boyfriend and he liked incest. And I was in love with one of his friends, the dirtiest man I had ever seen.


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