Chapter 3 – Special desserts.

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We finally reached the terrace. I saw then everybody was stark naked but I could only see Mark’s body. Danny’s and Evan’s were hid with the table. But what could be seen of all their bodies was spectacular. I even liked my son-in-law’ hairy body and still I could not believe I would spend a whole weekend seeing my son totally nude. Seeing all of them were naked, to keep my shorts still on would look like I was reproaching them, so I instantly took my boxers off, I didn’t mind they could see my huge erection now; Mark also had a boner and I guessed my son and his boyfriend too under the table. When I took off my boxers, I threw them away, wanting to get rid of them, but with such poor aim that my boxers ended in Danny’s face. He was not ashamed and started to affectionately sniff his father’s boxers. I could see a lot of piss and shit stains in them. But he smelled them as if he had never before sniffed something that perfumed.

In the table there was a big bowl with a salad, with the usual things: lettuce, tomatoes and onions. They told me as I was sitting it also had salt, vinegar and oil, but they told me it still lacked an ingredient.

-Well, Phil. Here we have this kind of pagan ritual. If you don’t like the salad later, you can eat some now, just as it is, for we have the habit of all of us spitting in the salad first.

-I will do as all of you do. I prefer the salad with as many ingredients as you use to season it.

-So we will begin. I’ll be first.

He spat then and reached one of the tomatoes. It was Danny’s turn now. He was a long while clearing his throat, he was so cute then, and finally reached the lettuce farther from me. I tried to remember where he had spat. I wanted to eat my son’s gob later. Now Mark offered to be next. He hit some lettuce close to me. It was phlegm, greenish and with some throat snot. Everything was rot with Mark and of course his had to be the dirtiest spitting. I was last to spit but having seen all of them spit I was not shy. I cleared my throat as Danny had done and reached a tomato near him. The salad had all ingredients now. We started to eat. Danny went straight to the tomato I had spat on and ate it. So I started with the lettuce he had spat. It was wonderful to know that though I had not touched anything of his body yet, I could taste one of his products. It was delicious. Before anybody approached it, I had to take some of the lettuce Mark had spat. That delicious and dirty greenish phlegm had to be mine. As I ate it I watched Mark getting some of the tomato where my spit had been, not completely eaten by Danny, and ate it. Then he took with his very dirty hands some more of the lettuce with his phlegm and with his own hands offered me. I was not shy and ate again in his dirty fingers.

We continued eating. There was too much salad and too much spit yet. I would have liked they went on spitting but they stopped. They had seasoned our salad and thus it remained. Mark suddenly stood up and said.

-I must go to the toilet.

It was a pity I could not see him well or else I would have to turn my head, but the toilet, of course, was “it”. It was the first time one of them was going to use the human toilet slave. Mark was now in the kennel and with no previous words he started to piss calmly on David’s chest. They were watching, so I moved my chair to watch too. David’s chest was wet and they assured me again “it” was not permitted to have a shower. David opened his mouth so Mark could comfortably piss in there. He drank again. Well, I had been the first to piss in David’s mouth and when Danny told me I could use his mouth to piss, I had to confess I had done so before in the car; he had already tasted my pee.

-My father-in-law is wonderful –I heard Evan.

Well, I was twenty years older than all of them, but I wanted to show them that if they wanted an older colleague they would have one in me. Mark finally returned and offered me another morsel of lettuce which still had some of his phlegm. I was eating it when Evan said.

-Later we will have our special dessert. I know you are wonderful, Phil, but I still wonder if you would like it. But you can just watch us and do nothing.

What could that special dessert be? I wondered.

-It is awaiting us in the car.

I had seen Evan had taken his bag to the house, so what could it be? There might be something he kept in the car glove compartment. No salad left. Evan said then.

-Come with us, Phil.

That was the first moment I could see both Evan’s and Danny’s full nudity. I almost cummed when I glimpsed for the first time my son totally nude. His boyfriend stroked his entire body in our way towards the car. Then they passionately kissed each other. It moved me to see them like that. They cheated each other but they loved. They had their own rules. I was glad to see Danny so happy.

We had arrived to the acacias and the car. Evan and Danny were still kissing and touching each other. I had to talk to say something.

-I love to see you both like that. My God, you must teach me a bit about freedom. But I like to see your love. You can go on. I won’t get shocked at anything.

Just then Evan opened a door, but it was the rear right passenger door. I could again see and smell it.

-This is our special dessert, father-in-law.

Their special dessert: Mark’s puke! I couldn’t believe I was invited to eat that substance I so desired to eat, and they would take part too. Mark was the first to insert one finger in the puke, and taking it to his mouth he said.

-Back to my stomach.

-It is delicious, but I have a good reason not to eat it now. Keep something on a bag for me to eat later, my darling –Evan said to Danny.

Then it was my son the next to pick up some puke and eat it. He seemed to like it. Before I could pick up some, Danny took some puke and offered me to eat in his finger as if it were the most natural thing a son could give his father to eat. I did not hesitate and ate, tasting a bit of the sweat in Danny’s finger. Now it was my turn to let my fingers into the puke and eat some more. I was glad they could see I would eat now anything they ate. But before I could do it, I couldn’t believe it was happening again, I had a mouth at my cock blowing me again. Now it was Evan! That’s why he did not want to taste the puke, so as not to stain my cock. With no time to think I heard Danny’s voice now.

-Give him a good blowjob, my darling. Show my father how we suck cocks. Welcome him to our family just as he welcomed you before.

-I didn’t welcome him like this. But thanks Evan –he was giving me a perfect blowjob. He did not forget to lick my balls-. And thanks, Danny. I am moved that you don’t get jealous and want your boyfriend to please me. And the fact that it is so natural for you to see how they blow your father.

The pleasure now was wonderful. I was having sex before my son, with no other than his boyfriend, and at the same time eating Mark’s puke. He, Danny and I were eating with an appetite.

-The best way to clean puke from a car is eating it, Dad.

-We have to leave it very clean for the road back, Danny. You see I eat anything, but it is not the first time. I have enjoyed puke many times.

-So have I, Dad. I can’t believe I have such a hot father. Are you enjoying my father’s dick, my darling?

-A lot.

-Do you feel like cumming, Dad? We have almost finished the dessert. And I also have to keep some puke in the bag for David to taste.

-I want to cum. I will surely not take long now.

Then Danny started to stroke my nipples. That was so much pleasure I immediately had to fill his boyfriend’s mouth with semen.

-Delicious –said Evan-, the same seed that gave life to my boyfriend.

-Now the car is clean enough, Dad. I will take these two bags to keep some puke for my darling and our slave. I am sure he wants to taste it too. Now we can go back to the terrace. Evan will prepare a coffee for us.

We went back to the terrace. Danny and Mark sat on two of the many chairs the terrace had. I approached the toilet slave. I had to piss. Evan came behind me.

-Hello, David. I won’t call you “it”. I am glad you are the toilet slave. Well, I am gonna pee. You know the taste of my piss already.

I soaked him with my pee and after half a minute the slave opened his mouth and started to drink my piss again.

-Delicious, Master Phil. Please be all weekend giving it to me.

-Well, I can be Master Phil if you like. But how do you feel for being the toilet slave?

-Proud. I know I was born to be a toilet. And to know this makes me proud.

-You are really brave, David. Go on enjoying this weekend –and turning I said-. Your turn, Evan.

-I am going to shit.

I didn’t want to miss that show and remained there. I could see for the first that weekend somebody shitting. David was being used again. It was so hot to know that he must continue all weekend unwashed. The smell of Evan’s shit was disgusting, even for me, but David seemed to be really thankful to Evan for the gift. Only two turds, but the slave started to smear it all over his body and from time to time he picked up some shit and ate it. Then came Danny with the bag of puke for him and he ate something too.

-I hope I eat no other thing that your excrements this weekend. So, please, Master Phil, you have to use me so I have enough food.

Evan started to eat some puke from the bag then.

-If he does not have enough dirty food, we give him some standard things to eat, Phil. Do not worry about him. He will not starve.

Then Danny and I went back to the terrace and Evan went to the kitchen to make coffee. Danny had no time to sit, for Mark approached him and said in his commanding voice.

-On all fours, Danny.

Mark had a very defiant glance in that moment. No wonder: he had started to fuck the son in front of the father. My God, this weekend I was going to even see how my son was fucked. And having Mark’s cock inside him, Danny started to jerk off! Wonderful, I could see my son wanking as he was having gay sex with the dirtiest of men. I was divided, not knowing whether to look at Danny as he was being fucked and masturbated in my presence or to look at Mark’s face. He was so cute in that moment, having gay sex and sweating, and his eyes said so much. He was staring at me as if he were saying: “First I will fuck your son; tonight I will fuck your very ass. Hope you like watching how I fuck Danny, for it is not the first time”.

-When you notice my cum, you will cum too, Danny. Let your father see how you cum.

Would Danny be bottom? Mark’s face now was insolent, looking at the son and the father as if he were saying: “I will do with both of you anything I want”. I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted to be Mark’s toy and I would even spend a night with David at the kennel if he ordered me to. If that was Mark’s desire I would fulfill his every desire. It was so hot to see him fucking Danny. In that moment Evan came out with a tray with our coffees, which he put on the table where we had eaten our salad. He saw his boyfriend being fucked by Mark, said nothing, sat on a chair and started to jerk himself off again. I saw him at it again, though I preferred to keep on looking at Danny’s hot naked body and at Mark’s defiant face fucking him but looking at me as if he was fucking me. He was so cute with that face. But soon I saw his face reaching orgasm and he ordered Danny to cum. I saw my son cumming, an image I will never forget. And Mark must have blasted his load in his ass next. I could deduce it in his face. Then he boldly inserted a finger in Danny’s ass, stained his finger with cum and approached me and put his dirty finger in my mouth to taste the flavor of his cum mixed with the sweat of my son’s arse. I ate that wonderful mixture. Mark sat beside me and Evan told Danny to keep on all fours, and then it was him who fucked him.

I could see my son being fucked again and wanking one more time. Mark was sitting very close; he was jacking off looking at me and he suddenly asked.

-Do you like watching your son being fucked?

What could I say? I could do anything this weekend but could I show Mark my incestuous thoughts? It was dangerous. So I gave a prudent answer.

-I like to see him happy with his boyfriend.

But Mark would not have enough with that answer and asked again.

-He has a hot body, doesn’t he? Why don’t you jack off?

-I am glad he has a good body for his boyfriend. He will enjoy his sexual life more with a hot body.

-Danny has told us very often he likes his father’s body and smell.

Has he? Oh, Danny.

-I like my son’s body and smell too.

-He says he has wanked over you very often. Why don’t you do the same now and wank over him as I am doing?

I was finally defeated. It could be dangerous and my cock was exhausted but I could not disappoint Mark. He expected some incestuous wanking and damn, I was dying to jack off with my son in my son’s presence. So I finally started to jerk myself off beside Mark, who was doing the same. I had to praise my son’s body. That was what Mark was expecting.

-You have a wonderful cock, Danny –I cried so Danny could hear me.

-Thanks, Dad. My God. I knew I had a hot daddy, but you are the hottest man in the world after my boyfriend. This is to you –and he wanked looking at my body.

I was so hot that I had to do the first attempt to touch something of Mark. I put my hand on his knee, and seeing he did not refuse my hand, I dared to move it up his thigh. I was near his crotch now. I had to be brave. I timidly touched his dick and started to jack him off.

-Be careful what you do now –Mark’s commanding voice said-. If you start something, you must finish it.

So I jacked him off. He told me to look at Danny now. He was cumming again. Evan soon cummed and took his cock out. I had to do something more. Never could I be hornier than this weekend. Well, he would fuck me tonight and I was already jacking him off. But it was not enough. I had to taste his dick.

I sucked him. Of course I was not gonna stop: the dirtiest cock I had ever tasted, good enough for me. Before you taste Mark, you can feel disgusted, but once you know his taste, you know very well you don’t want to taste any other cock but his. I was wondering if he had cockcheese; so dirty it was, when suddenly a stream of hot rotten piss fell into my throat. You even want to pee in my mouth, Mark? Well, whatever you want. I have no choice now but to drink it. I had already revealed my incestuous desires to him so now he could do anything he wanted, for I would please him. I was not expecting his cum, but I must have been very good for he did not take long to cum in my mouth. Finally I could taste Mark’s cum.

-Let’s go now to drink our coffees, Phil. But as we are drinking it, I want you to lick my arse.

So I drank half of my coffee and started to lick his ass. I knew Danny and Evan were jacking off as they watched me. It was also the dirtiest ass I had ever licked but I expected Mark’s ass to be like that. I considered myself Mark’s toy and if he was having fun, I would give him more fun. Suddenly a rotten smell announced me that Mark was farting in my mouth. But shortly after there came a little stream of diarrhea right into my throat. It was the most disgusting thing I had tasted in my life. Of course the others were capable of feeling that stench and I heard Danny say.

-So hot, Dad. I’m so proud of you now.

Danny was proud and I was glad after now Mark finally knew he could do anything he wanted with me. And all of them knew now. The stream of diarrhea never stopped. He had so much! I was eating his putrid brown river knowing I had to eat the entire amount he wanted to shit me and I never stopped licking his dirty ass and he never stopped farting. He was talking to me.

-Hot shit-eater. Good boy, Phil. We all like you.

That was my reward. Well, unable to decide yet if I liked or disliked his diarrhea, which was something I had never tasted before, I knew very well I had to eat it all. I could not lose now the good opinion I was earning. I wanted all these young men to be my friends for life. So I continued swallowing his liquid brown substance, thinking that I had to eat diarrhea now as many times as Mark desired me to. Better to be here smelling him, seeing his hot dirty naked body, eating some of his puke, blowing him, tasting his pee and his diarrhea. Definitely he finished. I had eaten all of the dirt of his stomach, via mouth or ass.

-So good –Mark said. Then he sat on a chair with his ass dirty with diarrhea. Well, Evan had done the same and he still had shitted ass. I finished my coffee with my mouth full of diarrhea and coffee had now a delicious taste. Danny came to me then and sat beside me, congratulating me. He said he wanted to kiss my mouth now and I said.

-Don’t do it now, Danny. You know my mouth is full of diarrhea.

-I would right now, seeing how brave you are, Dad. I hope Mark has some more diarrhea this weekend for I also want to taste it. I could taste it in your mouth now, but I want to lick you and don’t want to stain your hot body with shit.

And at once he was on all fours on the floor and bravely started to lick my left stinking foot.

-If you allow me, Dad, I want to lick all your body.

-Danny, listen to me again. We are both old enough, we both consent; you wank over me and I must confess you I have been wanking over you for a year now. This is incest, but if you are sure that we both can have some fun with it and you will never have a trauma, you can do with me as you please. Enjoy me then. I am sure your friends are not going to get shocked either. Do they all know you have been wanking over me?

-They do, Dad, I could not help telling them. I have wanked over your for thirteen years now. The way you smell is so hot that I cannot help but going to the bathroom many times and masturbate.

He never stopped licking my left stinking foot, each one of my toes, my nails, everything.

-So, Danny, they are all jacking off with us now, even David in his kennel. Let’s give them a good show. You are allowed to do with me anything you want.


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