From Aaron: Hey readers I'm sorry for ending the story at part 4 but do to the fact of real life... It just seemed like the best thing to do at the time. A Gift Turned Into More was written for very dear friend of mine, one of her wishes were for me to continue to write and push on with my life and to do what I love.

Thank you for your emails and different point of veiws on where the story should go and how it should end... thank you again and hope you love the new AGTIM.

'Things have not been the same since Ty was nearly killed over me. Even now I see the changes that Ty is going through. Its been 10 years and there is a list of things...' I take a deep breath, 'Why do I have to do this Father? Its pointless and everything that is wrong is already documented.' I stop the video log and turn around to face Drake.

'You know why... as his life partner, we want to make sure your needs are met and hope we can help in anyway possilbe.' Drake takes a drag of his cig and continues on, 'Besides we want to see and hear your thoughts on what is happening to Tylor.'

'Sorry Father, but I'm done for today. Its four hours til Ty's birthday and hes turning 33.' I got up from my chair and left HQ. On the ride home I began to cry. Whatever happened 10 years ago is still a nightmare to me. Ty has aged rapidly and even though he is 33 now he looks to be 50 plus years. I still love him and that will never change but there is a feeling I can not shake and that is losing him.

I gather myself and put on a happy face and smile. As I walk into the house I sense something is wrong... 'Whos there? I know your there.' I raise my voice also drawing energy to prepare myself.

'Gees calm down cutie... its just me.' said Amanda as she comes around the corner. I rush to her and pull her into a bear hug, immediately I begin to cry all over again. 'Okay gees... Aaron please I can't really breath.'

'Oh my god sorry!' I put her back down on her feet and wipe the tears from my face. 'What are you doing here? Sorry, god I missed you so much. Sorry, I forgot about you, oh and sor...'

'Say sorry again and I'll make you cry again but this time from pain, got me?' Amanda raised her fist to me.

'Yes missy. But what the hell are you doing here? Come on lets go into the kitchen you have to be thirsty or something.' I lead the way and pull out a couple cokes from the frig. 'So spill it, what you doing here?'

Amanda takes a drink and lets it all out. 'Okay I don't have much time but here it goes.' She clears her throut and looks me square in the eye. 'Aaron... Ty is going to die by night fall. I don't have an exact time but hes going to move on and there is nothing you are going to do to stop it.'

Her words hit me like a ton of bricks. I understand what shes saying but you just can't and don't want to believe it. 'WHAT?'

'Aaron breath... but what I say is true.' She takes another drink, 'Aaron we have been friends forever and we are like brother and sister... but there is something that you should know. I'm just like you... I'm gifted just like you.'

'Yeah.. umm what are you talking about?' there is no fooling Amanda, I should have remembered that.

'Cut the crap kid... Listen up.' Amanda finishes her coke, 'One: your lover is going to die. Two: we both have powers. Three: I knew your father two years before you where born. Four: your lives are going to end soon also. Five...'

'Wha, hold on, you knew Joseph?' I come around and take a seat next to Amanda.

'Yes I did, your father is the person who started this. Your dad found out about people who are gifted with powers and I was one of the first to be tested on. Aaron the people that are in your life are not who they say they are.' Amanda gets up and starts pacing. 'Joseph was the person who wanted to get everyone who was gifted to join together and protect the world. Kinda like super heros, you can say. But his partner or should I say brother, had over plans. Your uncle is the guy who began to kill others like us and drain them of their gifts and put them into others.' Amanda sites back down and takes my hand. 'Its a lot easyer if I just show you. Close your eyes and clear your mind.'

==Amanda's Past==

'Joseph we need to move... Hes coming!' yelled Amanda, who still likes the same as she is now.

'I know, I feel him.' spoke my father calmly. 'I just need to get this last... where are you?'

'Joseph hurry please!' said Amanda rushing to his side.

'Got it! The last infomation I need, lets go!'

'No please stay and enjoy the fun.' laughed out my father... wait my father was a twin? 'Please stay I don't want you to miss the show.' In came my uncles men... as I look at the group of men I see some familiar faces. Kyle, Erick, Jake and last but not least Tylor.

==Back Present==

'Fuck no... you mean to tell me everyone I know is the bad guys? I'm in love with the enemy?' I got up and got a cold beer out of the frig.

'Yes sorry to break it to you like this... but I had no choise. I just...' Amanda stop talking and got up and looked into the hallway towards the front door.

'You just? Just what, Amanda?'

'They're here' said Amanda taking hold of my hand again.

'Yes we are.' Out of thin air appeared Drake, Kyle, Tylor. 'Nice to see you again... Amanda.' spoke Drake.

As I look at Drake then Kyle, they both have aged from Amanda's past memories. But Tylor did not, he was back to the appearance of when I first met him. Ty met my gaze but quickly looked away. Before me the man I loved, the man I gave my heart to could not even look me in the eyes.

'Its been awhile Joe.' said coldly by Amanda

'Oh please you are still hurt that I killed your friend?' laughed Drake.

'Aaron, your father was killed by your uncle, Joe aka Drake. Joe killed him for power.' spoke Amanda. I could feel her pain of death, the pain of losing a friend, my father.

'Oh please, I killed that dead beat because he thought he can hide the key to making perfect humans. It took some time but I now hold the key to limitless... well everything.' laughed Joe.

'Why Ty? Why take something that can't be taken but only given and destory it?' I asked Tylor with tear in my eyes. 'You killed my father and now you killed apart of me.' I dug deep inside of myself and projected the pain of my heart. Both Joe and Kyle couldn't take the pressure. They fell to their knees and grab their chest as if they were having a heartattack.

'Aaron, Stop!' yelled Amanda.

Her voice was but a whisper to my ears. Tylor looked me in the eyes and began to shake. 'I'm sorry.'

'Not yet your not.' Before Tylor could blink I slammed Ty into the wall behind him, shaking the house. 'I loved you! I gave you eveything I had to give... and what I get back is lies. I know now I'm they key. I'm the one being used by eveyone! But not any more!' I look at his face, I remember the love we shared.

The day we first had sex flashed back into my mind. Ty push his cock into me and I remember Tys cock was bigger than I expected and the pain was overwhelming. The pain lasted a breif second due to Ty healing me from the pain. When we kissed Ty thrusted the remainder of his cock into me causing me to moan. I remember using my power and made Ty feel how good his tool was inside of me. Ty bite my shoulder sending me over the edge and climaxing which also made Ty to cum also. As the memory fades I see Ty trying to heal from me knocking him into the wall.

'You are not strong enough! You think you are god but you are not, neither am I! Where is your father now?' My anger over takes me and last thing I remember is holding Ty in my arms as he said, 'I'm sorry but I still and will always love you.'

Amanda was right. Ty, the man I loved, died by night fall and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

'Aaron its time to go. We have to find the rest of them and stop them.'

'No there is no we. I have to stop them.'



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