"I told you babe. I don't want to ever hurt you again. You are my world now. I love you and nothing will ever change that." with those words he kissed me passionately. As his tongue found mine, Ty thrust the rest of his cock into me. I broke the kiss to let out a moan. As Ty pulled back and plunged back into me his cock danced all around my prostate. I let out an ever bigger moan. 'God if he keeps this up, I won't able to last long.' I thought to myself.

"Again Ty, I want you to take me." Again Ty pulled back, but this time he pulled all the way out and slammed back into me, all the way to the hilt. I was now in a trance for the pleasure Ty was give me. Ty keeps the rhythm up and he was forcing me over the edge every time his cock touched my prostate. I tapped into my gift again and I sent my emotions to Ty.

"Fuck babe. Oh Fuck... Aw... Yeah!" Ty picked up his pace and no longer pulled all the way out. Ty leaned his head out next to mine and bite down on my shoulder. That was it, I came, my cum coated both of our stomachs. With my climax going off, my ass muscles squeezed around Ty's cock.

"Aw fuck Aaron! I'm going to cum too." He thrust hard into me and shot his man cream deep inside of me. I felt every pulse of his cum shooting into me. I came again and Ty noticed also.

"Oh you're coming again." Ty began impaling me again. Ty pulled me up as he sat on his feet. I took over and rode his cock for everything it's got. I kept up my speed for another five minutes.

"Babe your ass is so tight and slicked I'm not going to last much longer." said Ty in between our kisses.

I slammed myself onto his cock and I tightened my butt muscles. This made Ty moan louder than me. Ty pulled me closer into his body as he emptied another load deep inside of me. It seemed this time he shot more cum than the first.

"Ty, I don't want to be with anyone in this world, unless it's with you." I kissed him.

I woke up with the bed soaked in sweat. I climbed out and ran to the bathroom. I bent over and threw up everything I ate the night before.

"Aaron, what is wrong? I felt you with emotions so high as if you were making love. But now you are in pain." rang Amanda's voice inside my head.

"Hang on." I spoke out to her. I cleaned myself up and brushed my teeth, while asking myself why. I took a few more minutes to clear my head and regain control over my emotions. "Amanda it was a nightmare. It was about him..." my words broke off.

"Say no more little one. Try to get some more sleep. You got a big day ahead of you come sun up." Amanda's voice faded away from my thoughts.

I looked over at the clock, 12:15 am. God I was only a sleep for two hours. I got back into bed and the coldness of my sweat closed all around me. It has only been two weeks since I have been back and set foot off that plane. But now it was time to end all this. Amanda has been watch over Tylor and he is still in town and living in my old house. I drove by a few times and didn't see him but felt a part of him inside the house. I rolled over on my stomach and easily fell back to sleep.

The alarm was blaring as I woke up. "Time to get up and put an end to the Tylor story" I spoke out loud. I grabbed a shower and packed all the clothes I had. "That's everything..."

"Ok everything is planned and your ticket is at the airport." Amanda was in my head again. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"I came this far and I'm not going to leave until Tylor is out of the picture."

"Not that. You sure you don't want to stay and start over here?"

A tear rolled down my cheek. "Amanda, don't cry you will always know where I am. Besides you can come visit me any time." I said to her as I set out to where it all began.

---------- Tylor ----------

The pain was more powerful this time. Its seems death its self is breathing down my neck. I made my way to the bathroom and started the shower. I looked into the mirror at the reflection on the man who may not wake up tomorrow. There is still no sign of Aaron and it seems everything is lost. I will never get the chance to explain everything to him. I wish to help the man I have fallen in love with and hope he finds peace with what I have to say. I turn and climb into the spray of water. The pain returned, I leaned against the shower wall, gripping my chest.

"Aaron... my love... I... " my words cut off from the surge of energy washing over me. The pain in my heart all but vanishes and I feel young again. There is no mistake.

"TYLOR!" yelled his voice.

Aaron is here.

---------- Aaron ----------

I ran into the master bedroom and yelled out to him.


I look around and the essence of Tylor slowly fades away. The shower stops and the bathroom door opens. Out steps a man wrapped at the waist in a towel. The man was my height (6'6) and built like a brick shit house. Broad shoulders, smooth carmel skin covering hard muscle, short dark brown hair with eyes to match. Everything about him screamed screw me here and now.

"Who the hell are you?" I found my voice.

"Baby, its me... Tylor" spoke the sexy god of a man.

"Bull, where is he and answer my question. Who are you?"

"Baby... its really me."

"You are not Tylor. Besides HE called me Babe not Baby. I'll ask you one more time... Where Is He?" I quickly look into the past and search for his man.

"Okay. My name is Eros' like A.R.R.O.W but everyone calls me Kup. I was cursed with your ex's blood and now force to take the form of him."

"You where first a signed to me as Tylor. You learned later that you had to kill me, so you refused to take the mission. So they injected you with the elixir, but you did not bond with it and slowly began to die. Some how your body reacted and you evolved to with stand any kind of power or gift, but my powers a lone work on you." Kup was nerves and maybe scared but I calmed his emotions and continued on. "You learned everything you could about me and fell in love with me. You where no more than a camera shot away. The more you stayed close to me you fell in love. Am I right?"

"Yes, you are. I am in love with you." Kup moved closer. "Tylor was dyeing and he found out I love you. He injected his blood and over toxins to form a deadly poison into me. In doing so he cursed me and my body changed into mimic his. I think his plan was have you kill me for you will never feel love again." Kup was right in front of me, he took my hand and place it on his chest over his heart. "If you will have me. I will always protect you and keep you in my heart and soul. Like you I will give you my heart and know you will never break it. You can basically say I was made just for you..." his words broke off as he placed his lips on mine. With that one kiss I was whole again. With that one kiss I knew I truly found my soul mate.

Kup's hands slid up my shirt pulling it off to quickly return to my waist to take off my pants. "You don't have to use your gifts on me. Just make love with me." Kup easily picked me up and placed me on the bed. He kissed every inch of my body before raising my legs and began french kissing my anus.

"Please... I need you in me now." I moan.

"As you wish Love." Kup let spit drip onto his cock head and aimed it to my hole. His lips returned back to mine as he thrust into me. Your moans combined could have been heard from the heavens. Kup rest his forehead on top of mine as he slowly began moving in and out of me. "I love you Aaron..." spoke Kup as he push his hard steel deep inside of me.

"I love you too... now and forever." I pulling Kups in for another kiss of pure passion and love. "Make me yours..."

"Now and forever." Kup finished my words.

Kup picked up the pace and held me tighter. I could feel gallons of precum lubricating my inner walls. So I clamped down around Kup's cock causing a sexy roar to break our kiss. We made love all threw the morning, noon and evening. We only braked for food but even then we couldn't finish our meal before one of us was back in the other, sending each other back to the stars. I guessed Amanda found out what was going on because not once did she speak to me. It was near 11 at night and numerous climaxes later that we finally fell asleep in each over arms. I woke up once to only find Kup's right arm holding me tight and him still hard and throbbing inside of me.



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