I woke up yelling and covered with sweat. I was sitting up in bed naked with the sheets sticking to my lower half of my body. I look over and see Ty was not there. I get up out of bed and run down stairs and still could not find Ty. The one person I need right now was nowhere to be found.

'Was it all a nightmare... or did it really happen? God what is going on with me?' I spoke out load.

'Did what really happen?' asked a voice from behind me.

I turn around and see Ty closing the door behind him, showing he was just getting back from somewhere. I run to Ty and pull him into my arms, laying kiss after kiss on his lips, forehead and neck.

'Babe, calm down... are you okay?' Ty asked worried.

'Sorry I had the most horrible dream. It felt so real and when I woke up you were not there.' I pull Ty tighter into me.

'Babe, I'm here now. I'm not going any where. I was at HQ and had to do a few more test to make sure I was in top shape. Come on... lets go to bed.' Ty kissed me and guided me back up stairs to your bedroom.

We kiss again but as the passion grew, I slid my hands under Ty's shirt and pull it over his head. Ty quickly drops his pants and his member springs up and hits his addomen. I drop to my knees and greedly suck his cock head into my mouth. Ty lets out a moan as his hands wrap around the back of my head.

'Go for it Babe, take it all.' Ty says looking down at me.

I didnt need any further encouragement. I slowly sucked every inch of his very thick cock. Eventhough Ty was an couple inches shorter than me, he made up with his huge mushroom head and unbelievable thickness. I sucked Ty all the way to his trimmed pubs and pull back just to his cock head. This time I hum and slid his monster back into my throat.

'Fuck Babe, your going to make me cum too soon. But not until I have a peice of your ass.' With that Ty pick me up and we fell together on the bed.

I lock my legs around Ty's small waist. Since his cock is naturally lubed up with my saliva and his precum he breaches my hole and begin the descent into a bottomless pit.

'Fuck Ty, you feel so good inside me.' I moan.

'Well Baby you will love this.' Ty slammed the remainer of his hard steel into me and quick withdrew and impaled me with more force. Ty kept up his fast yet hard rhythm causing me to yell in pleasure. Ty fucked me for what seem like ages without slowing or showing exhaustion. We changed into different positions but ended up with my favorite, doggy style.

As Ty held on to my waist, pulling me onto his love tool, I arched my back and Ty nibbled on the nape of my neck. This sent me over board and sent me into a powerful climax, inturn making me to clamp down tight around Ty's cock.

'Fuck... I'm Cumming...' yell Ty into my ear.

I was so drained from your love making I collapsed on the bed with my lover on top of me. as I begin to fall asleep I now remember, its only been a month sense the whole Ty was taken and the fight to get him back happened. Ty lays on his side and pulls me into his chest. As his heart beats soundly I drift off into sleep with no worries or nightmares.

I woke up suddenly. It was daylight out and I felt rested but what woke me up. My greek god like lover was still holding me and was quietly snoring away. I got a jolt of emotions that hit me like a ton of bricks; saddness, worry and stress. I quickly reached over to the night stand pick up my cell phone and just then it rang.

'Yeah Amanda... what happen?' I spoke first.

'Aaron... its... its...' Amanda was crying.

'Amanda breath, now slowly and calmly as possible tell me whats going on.' I felt her calm down alittle but her saddness was still there.

'Aaron, its your parents. Your mother is dead and your father is nowhere to be found.'



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