Chapter 4

One... Two... Three... Nine years later!

"Aaron, wake up its time" whispered Amandas voice inside my head.

Its been nine years on the run and well its my birthday. I forgotten how old I am since I do not age anymore. Everything has changed so much. From finding a lover to almost losing him to running from him and hiding. Its not fair on how my cards were dealt.

While in hiding I have depended on my powers to keep me alive. Thanks to Amanda and her training on how to master my gifts. I am now stronger than ever and out for blood. I have taken care of the others who were after me except Tylor. The little worm slipped threw my fingers and is now in hiding also. Ty has seek the aid of others to find me and put out a bounty for my head.

Thanks to that I can only stay in one location for about six months, thats about the time I begin to be noticed. I have moved to almost ever corner of the world and still its sickening that I cant not start anew and regain my life. But there is no life to turn to. The only one who knows where I am is Amanda.

"Aaron, get moving they just entered town." spoke Amanda.

"Got it mother... But can I keep one to get intel?" I ask.

"No, there is no need. We found him already."

"What?! When were you going to tell me?" I yell inside my mind.

"No time kid. I said move it, you got twenty minutes now. You know the drill now go!" yell Amanda making my head throb.

I grabbed my bag and jumped in my car. I start the engine and head for the airport.

"Ok where am I going?" I speak out to Amanda telepathically.

"I a world...Home." said Amanda calmly.


"Like a said home. Hes here he bought your old house and well has been hiding here along."

"You sure its not a trap?" I asked but felt stupid for even asking it.

"Aaron my kid you know better. Anyway I have done what you have asked and everything is ready. See you soon kiddo. I felt her smile eventhough we are miles apart.

I grabbed the last flight out and was on my way home.


"I understand. Well thanks anyway." I hang up the phone from a searcher. Aaron has fleed again and with out a trace.

Its been eight years and I still can't find him. Aaron has been moving and gotten smarter. But what he doesn't know is not I'm the person or "Thing" I should say anymore. All I have left is the power to feel the presents of another. Unlike Aaron I cant feel emotions just that I know someone was here not to long ago while I was out. Its funny nothing was taken and nothing was disturbed. I just hope to find him soon and tell him I'm truely sorry and I do understand if he can not forgive me.

"Aaron, please come back to me." I whisper to myself as my teary eyes close.

----one week later----

"Aaron, wake up" spoke Amanda.

"Finally home!" I stretch my body in my seat.

"Welcome back kid."

"Ok stop it already I know your here. How is the little one beside you. Still asleep?" I smile.

"You have now surpassed me. Yes the little brat is still asleep, thank god. He talked my whole ear off the entired flight." said Amanda coldly.

"Hey, I liked his story about his older sister taken care of him. Remind you of a couple people? Besides be nice, hes going to be eighteen in a couple days." I said to her as I waited for eveyone to get off the plain.

"Haha very funny. Wait he didn't say he anything about his age or if he was going to have a birthday. What you playing at?" asked Amanda.

I got up and walked ten rows to the front of the plain. "You slipping missy... That was the first thing I picked up." I told her as I looked her face to face.

"Yeah I guess I am... Its good to see you again my kiddo." beamed Amanda with a smile.

"Hey sport the plain planned and its time to go."

"Oh, thank you sir. It was nice sitting with you." waved good bye by the boy rushing off the plain.

Amanda and I got off the plain and headed for the food court.

---- Tylor----

What is going on? I gripped my chest, my heart is beating so fast. Am I having a heart attack? No, is my body giving out finally? I curl up in a ball in pain.

"Aaron please come to me soon. I don't want things to end this way.

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