'Aaron, its your parents. Your mother is dead and your father is nowhere to be found.' Amanda's voice keeps replaying over and over in my head as I leave the airport. I made plans to have Amanda pick me up.

I told Ty that I was needed back home and I would return as soon as possible. Ty wanted to come with me but I wasnt sure if that was the best idea since he just got back to full health and he still had testing to do. I left without a word to the Dark Rogues.

Outside the airport I saw my car. As I made my way over, the door open and out stepped Amanda. Amanda was 5'11', a blonde all over. She had honey colored eyes, light fair skin and well long blond hair. She still looked 25 as if she has not aged at all.

'Aaron!' yelled Amanda as she ran over and gave me the tightest hug she could give.

'Hey girl' I hug her back and lift her off her feet. 'God I missed you.' I set her back on her feet and we both get in the car with Amanda driving.

'So what and who have you been doing? ask Amanda as she drove to her house (my home when I came out to my parents).

I told her everything, the Dark Rogues, what I become, Tylor and the events that tooken place resently. Amanda didnt react to none of it like she knew already. I didnt want to say anything about her reaction until we got inside, behind closed doors.

We got burgers and finally got home. Amanda went up stairs to change and I put my bags in my old room. Everything was there like my old room was never touched aside from being cleaned and dusted.

As I came back into the living room Amanda got the food out and we sat to eat. I notice a shoe box sitting beside her.

'Whats that?' I ask.

'These are records I've kept and thought maybe you should look at them.' said Amanda calmly. she handed me the box.

The first thing I saw as I open the box was a picture of me and Ty out side our house. 'How did you get this?' I ask, showing Amanda the picture.

'That is one I took. Before you ask questions, look all the way through the box.' Amanda go up and went up stairs.

I went through the box taking everything into account. There were pictures of me through out my life. Documents of data that I didnt understand. Towards the bottom of the bax were two pictures. Both were family pictures of when I was maybe two years old and the other was when I say maybe five. The photo when I was five was me, my mother and father. The other was me, my mother and another man, at two years old.

'This one is your step father.' said Amanda, pointing to the photo when I was five. 'And this one is your real father. He died when you where almost three. You mother remarried when you were five years old. Aaron, there is one more thing you should know about me before you ask any more questions.' Amanda handed me a small folder and sat back down.

'Why dont you just tell me what is in this folder.' I put the papers back in the box.

'Okay well first things first. I'm gifted like you. I wasnt give the Elixir you were given. That was made only a short time ago. But my gifts from mastering them and some were ones I was born with and they come at different ages in my life.' Amanda takes a drink and continues, 'Aaron, I'm alot older than you think I am. My body heals itself keeping me from aging. I have other gifts but right now thats not important.'

'Okay well what is?' I ask.

'Well your real father worked for research and development for the military. He found out about people with gifts like you and I, and so he found away to extract those gift from our dna and put them into non-gifted people. But the bonding procces went wrong and some of the testers went mad and others couldnt make the bond so they died.' Amanda got up and took the folder from my hand. 'These are the tested they ran on me and so thye took my gift and copied it and tryed to bond it with others. But they all slowly died and so they tried another approach. Your father injected himself with different gift-dna and well here you are. Your father slowly died but before he did he found out about another group sneaking in and stilling dna along with data. He hid his research and you and soon everything was lost. The program that was running the whole thing for your father shut down and everything was destroyed.'

'Hold on... It cant be I'm working with Drake and the program is still up and running. How can it be shut down when the everything and I are the results?' I process everything but that made no sense.

'Well the group that was stealing the dna and data was funded by a man who was near death. But with his help they found away to give him a second chance. He not like us he still human with no gifts but...' Amanda looked away from me.

'But what?' I asked.

'The man found away to make both non gifted and gifted people more powerful. You already know this person and he is your step father's brother. The man who is doing this goes by the name Father or you might know him as Drake.' Amanda open the folder and pulled out papers showing what she said is true.

'So the Dark Rogues are the bad guys? What about the Purifiers? What about Ty?' I ask falling back into the couch.

'Both the Purifiers and Dark Rogues are bad guys. They fight over power and the gifts we have. Tylor on the other hand, I'm not so sure about. I cant find anything on him. Not even where he was born or if he is who he says he is.'

I begin to cry and remember my nightmare. Its all going to come true. Amanda holds me and trys to calm me down. Amanda's phone rings 'Its just a text.' Amanda opens it, I also see the message.

They are coming. Hour away. Leave Now!



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