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Zack Randall has been doing porn for quite a few years - he was Freshman magazine's Man of the Year in 2007 - but he's not one of those guys who is popping up every single week. He's a good-looking guy who sports an 8 inch cock, and he can also suck his own dick. He's filmed for some well-known porn sites, and now he has a site of his own.

Zack Randall appears both clean shaven and with face scruff, and his body is mostly smooth with just a light patch of fur on his chest. He's in good shape with an athletic body. His site profile says that he's 20 years old, but that age isn't realistic as Freshman magazine named him their Man of the Year in 2007, so realistically he's in his mid twenties. He's got a deliciously thick uncut cock and packs a healthy pair of nuts.

The site mixes up the action between solo jack-offs and hardcore sex, as well as the occasional solo piss session. And it's not all Randall. He appears in a couple of videos every month, but the site also features other guys. They're a varied collection of guys in their twenties, some still looking like twinks and others are well-built muscle hunks. But most of the guys are jocks, hipsters and regular studs with smooth and furry bodies.

Zack Randall appears in 41 of the site's 125 videos, and they're a mix of jack-off sessions and sucking and fucking with other guys. With his 23 solos, Zack mixes it up with indoor and outdoor shoots; sometimes he plays with toys or jacks off in the shower, and he often shows off his self-sucking abilities. He's only featured in five action videos himself. The rest of the videos on the site also have guys in solo masturbation scenes, and full-on sex with other guys, although one guy does get dildo fucked by his girlfriend.

There are 125 videos in the member area and you can download them in five sizes of MP4 from 320x180 to 1920x1080 (there's one specifically for mobile devices) and two sizes of WMV (640x360 and 768x432). You can also stream the videos in an embedded player at 630x360. The streaming player does have a full-screen option and you'll get varying results. I found a lot of the videos had lighting issues since they appear to be filmed with mostly natural light, which means some of the action happens in shadows.

Each video comes with a gallery of pictures that are a mix of screencaps and digital stills. They range in size, but always seem to be 1000 pixels on the long side. You can view them in galleries or watch them in hands-free slideshows, and there's a downloadable zip file for each set so you can easily save the galleries you want.

The site has continued updating once a week, which is good news. As I mentioned, Zack only appears in about a third of the videos, a little less frequently in the new releases.

The site has added six more bonus sites, bringing the total to eight; there's also 38 bonus videos for a total of 964 bonus videos in a variety of niches including foot fetish twinks, skateboarders getting (and giving) spankings and piss play, not to mention more solo stroking, guys sucking cock and getting fucked.

Are there any deal breakers? Not really. If you're buying a trial membership you'll only get limited access to the latest three videos. I already mentioned the lighting issues in some videos; they're not unwatchable, but some segments of these videos are less than desirable. Also, I wish the site had more personality. I wanted to know more about Zack, I wanted to hear from him and maybe watch some personal videos where he tells us what's happening in his life. Even a blog would be helpful. But the site's video descriptions are written in the third person, i.e. "Zack is always horny," so aside from his actual presence in the videos, this doesn't really feel like Zack's site.

Zack Randall is a cute and sexy guy, and foreskin hounds like me will be happy to watch him playing with his thick uncut cock in some creative jack-off sessions - and who doesn't like seeing a self sucker in action? But you have to know going in that this is mostly a masturbation site with more solos than videos featuring hardcore sex, and a total of 125 vids with a new one added once a week. I think Zack Randall fans will be pretty happy with his own offering of videos. And with bonus access to two other sites and almost 400 videos, you won't be lacking for lots more stuff to keep you excited.

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