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Straight Naked Thugs review updated on 24 Dec 2018

Straight Naked Thugs focuses on guys from the streets, skaters, and other rough-looking white and Latin guys. Contrary to what you might expect from the site title, the majority of the guys here are white Americans. Most of them are amateurs in their early twenties, but there are some who are a bit older. They're straight, and most have tattoos and plenty of attitude. Although the guys try their best to act tough, some of them are actually cute twinks but others aren't cute and are definitely rough around the edges. Their builds are slender, average or athletic, and while the majority of the guys are pretty smooth, you'll also find plenty of guys with facial hair and natural body hair. Good news is that some of the guys here sport some pretty big cocks.

Inside the site you'll find lots of solos as well as a handful of duos and threesomes, and the action varies from boys jerking off - alone or together - to guys sucking each others' cocks, although there are definitely lots more solos than duos or trios. There's almost no anal action, but we do get to see some of the performers having fun while they fuck a Fleshjack or a blow-up sex doll. You will also find some naked wrestling and self-sucking. Something I noticed is that the performers seem to have a good time.

Straight Naked Thugs has grown to 488 exclusive, DRM-free videos. The videos are offered in MP4 format and can be downloaded DRM-free. The newer vids are usually offered in full HD at 1920x1080 plus 3 smaller sizes; the smaller vids should be compatible with most mobiles including iPhone while the older videos are sized at 640x480 or 640x360 plus one smaller size. The videos are fairly good amateur quality or better with clear sound. There are also streaming MP4s available in multiple qualities, and the largest sizes of the newer vids enlarge to full screen with very little loss of quality; the oldest vids don't fare as well but are still decent.

Each video comes with a picture est. Some sets contain good amateur quality digital stills sized at 750x1000; the rest offer screencaps sized at either 750x1000 or 640x360, the newer at average quality, the oldest at unimpressive quality (some of these screencaps are dark or unfocused or pixelated). While there are no slideshows offered, you can navigate from pic to pic easily and can also download each picture set in a zip file or save individual pictures.

Straight Naked Thugs is part of a gay porn network that offers members access to 11 bonus sites and a few bonus videos for a total of over 2,400 videos. Most of the other sites inside the network are twink sites offering hardcore porn videos and even some fetish stuff such as bondage, smoking and spanking. There are three to four updates per week including the updates from Straight Naked Thugs, which works out pretty well. There were 15 network updates last month and 16 the month before.

Let's talk about updates. Last month and the previous month the site added two videos per month; the months before that there were three to four updates each, so it appears that updates are slowing a bit. And today is December 10, and so far there have been no updates at all this month, but hopefully the site will be adding new content soon. In the meantime, there's enough videos to keep you busy for a month or two, and there are all those bonus videos, too.

There are a few issues here. Three day trial members can only view seven to eight scenes while seven day trial members can watch nine to 11 vids for the duration of their trial memberships. At the top of every page is a large ad with a movie trailer; at the bottom of every page are two rows of animated thumbs, and these are actually an ad for a third-party live cam site. There are also plenty of blinking ads on the member home page.

There's one last thing worth discussing. Most recent vids are solos; of the 12 most recent updates, 11 are solos and one is a mutual J/O session, and of the 12 videos before that, 10 are solos and there's also a duo J/O session and a blowjob session. While not a problem on its own, the tour accurately lists the newest videos but then shows the member favorites and most watched videos, and these are all duos or small group sessions, which might lead to the impression there's a lot more non-solos than the site actually has.

Straight Naked Thugs features bad-boy white and Latin thugs, even though some of the guys are way too cute to look tough. I believe that most of the performers are really straight - and while some are definitely rough, others aren't as bad as they want to come across. You'll find plenty of solos as well as some duos and threesomes, with a focus on masturbation as well as some oral and sex toy play but no fucking. The 488 exclusive videos are available to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and the site added seven updates last month plus members get access to a good sized gay porn network. I liked the switch of seeing urban bad boys who aren't all black, and the amateur thugs and thug wannabes at Straight Naked Thugs are hot to watch as they stroke, mess around and shoot their loads.

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