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Workin Men XXX is a unique site focusing on rough and rugged masculine men from around the southern United States. The site owner and director is really into rednecks, blue-collar workers, farm boys, truckers and other rough-looking types; you'll even find the odd ex-con or homeless man. And except for the ones who have filmed a number of repeat scenes, these men are first-timers who have never unloaded their nuts on camera before. And believe me, you won't be mistaking the men here for porn stars or models.

The guys range from their twenties to right up into their fifties, and some are some older than that. They're largely average men, some clean shaven others with mustaches or beards. I saw a couple men sporting big bushy, mountain-man beards, but others are more neat and tidy, although you won't see much manscaping here. Some of the men have decent bodies with some muscle definition or strong bodies that got that way through hard work, but many more of the men have average bodies, sometimes with a few extra pounds around the middle. If you like hairy men, there are a lot of them here, but you'll find smooth men, too, and most of the men have untrimmed pubes. Long hair, short hair, grey hair, ponytails, bald - you name it. Also there's a good number of tattooed men thrown in the mix.

While the site is called Workin Men XXX, not all of these men are laborers or blue-collar workers; quite a few are described as homeless, down-on-their-luck men, and there are also ex-cons just out of jail. It's not always a pretty sight; in fact, some of the men are downright ugly or missing teeth, lots of rough hands and dirty fingernails, and some are in desperate need of a bath, but variety is the spice of life, they say. A lot of these men are shy and have no idea what they're supposed to do. Some look like the proverbial deer caught in headlights and rely on the director to put them at ease and tell them what he wants them to do and when.

There are a lot of jack-off sessions here with men sitting back and stroking their dicks. And while most of them are doing it solo, there are side-by-side jerk sessions, too. In the latest 20 newest episodes, there are three with men sucking dick, and the rest are solo masturbation; in the next 20 videos there's only one blowjob, the rest are masturbation scenes. There is the odd session with men fucking, so hardcore action exists, but they're not easy to find as there are no categories, so you'll have to dig for them. I also saw some gloryhole sessions.

These videos are amateur productions filmed in the site owner's home or in motel rooms, so the lighting and sound isn't always perfect, but I'd be disappointed if these men were sitting in pristine porn sets with perfect lighting as they'd look very out of place.

In the two years since we last reviewed Workin Men XXX, it's added 307 videos. There are now 961 downloadable videos in the member area, and the site adds a new one every two or three days. They're offered in MP4 format; the old ones come in two sizes at 480x360 and 640x480 while newer ones are available at 480x320 and 540x360. But I have to say with so many videos, there may be other sizes, too. You can stream the videos, too, and they play at 640x454. There is a full-screen mode, but the results aren't always great. The videos are mobile compatible, and they should work on most handheld devices.

Since we last reviewed the site they added picture galleries. There are 376 sets of screencaps, so not one for every video episode. The quality is average and most display at 480x320, but there may be bigger sizes, too. There are forward and back controls on the picture viewer, and you can save the pics individually or download a full zip file, but there's no hands-free slideshow offered.

There are lots of bonuses with your Workin Men XXX membership. First, this site is part of a 32-site network and you get access to it all. While you won't find the same kinds of men on the other sites, there are a couple of other sites with mature hairy men. There are also lots of straight guys, Asian and Latinos, Euro boys and some twinks. And you also get access to 62 third-party video feeds that give you a wide variety of content from bears to twinks and both solo and hardcore action. Last there's a DVD theater with more than 1,000 videos.

Workin Men XXX and the CJXXX Network have cleaned up their tours and improved the member areas so they've taken care of many of our past complaints. There's now a home button and a dropdown menu to help you get around and visit the other network sites, and the issue with the dates has been fixed. They have also added pictures galleries, and there have been new sites added to the network.

There are still a few issues to tell you about. First is that a one-month membership costs $20 more than the monthly recurring option, so save yourself some money and buy the latter, as you can cancel it anytime, even after a month. Also at the bottom of many pages in the member area are rows of thumbs of hot guys; this isn't content (although it could be mistaken for it) - the thumbs are actually an ad for a third-party live cam site. There are no prices shown on the main part of the join page, although don't worry - they do appear on the billing page, as well as in the fine print near the bottom of the join page. And last, as already mentioned, is that there are no categories or tags, which can make finding particular things a bit of a chore.

Workin Men XXX really shines with the variety of amateur men in their videos. You just don't see men like this on other sites, so if you're into rough men, truckers, and rednecks, or if you've ever popped a boner for the mechanic who worked on your car that time it broke down in rural Georgia, you'll love the men here. They're regular guys who haven't been gussied up, many are uncomfortable or nervous in front of the camera, and many of them are real straight men, not gay-for-pay or guys pretending to be straight, but the real deal. With over 950 videos, updates every second to third day, 31 bonus sites, and 62 video plugins, your dick will fall off before you run out of stuff to watch here. I definitely recommend Workin Men XXX if you want to let your inner redneck out to play.

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