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Stew is a 40-something daddy who loves sucking dick, and he's still at it nearly two years after launching his site, GloryHole Hookups. He gets off servicing men so much that he installed a gloryhole in his apartment, then he invites guys over and sucks them off. He's a horny fucker who has amassed a collection of over 400 videos, and his site is a part of the CJXXX Network - Stew's is site number 32 - and I really got off watching him gobbling dick. It's been almost two years since we last looked in on the site, so let's see what's been going on.

Stew is a beefy man with grey hair and a handlebar mustache, and he's an extraordinary cocksucker. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur in the art of giving head, but I sure could learn a thing or two from this daddy. Stew himself usually wears a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses or sometimes in earlier scenes he wears a balaclava.

In "Dad Fucks Me at the Gloryhole", a soft dick pushes through the hole, and Stew goes to work licking the underside of it, lipping the man's cock head. Within a minute or so this dick is big and rock hard, and Stew works the whole thing with his mouth. He holds the man's nuts while deep throating his hard-on, then he licks the shaft with his tongue. There's lots of variety in his technique. This video is a little unusual because once Stew gets a good taste of his guest's dick, he stands and back his ass onto it and fucks it until the man cums. Most of the scenes are oral only, with Stew servicing each guy's cock completely and swallowing their loads, but occasionally he uses his ass, too.

"Two Buddies Feed Me" is one of my favorites because Stew blows two men in the same session. When the first cock appears, he gently licks and rubs his face against it like he's marking his scent, then he munches on the cap and the cock stiffens up. He licks the guy's balls, then deep throats the cock, which by now is rock hard, and he pounds it down his throat. "Suck that dick, fucker!" orders a voice from the other side of the wall. The man being blown suddenly starts thrusting his dick down Stew's throat with such force that he makes the whole wall shake. A second guy pulls the first cock out of the hole, shoves his own dick through, and Stew starts working his bone. We can still hear the first guy urging Stew on, he even slaps his buddy's ass. One by one, the men unload their nuts, and Stew squeezes every bit of jizz out of their cocks and gobbles it up. When he's finishing up the second guy, Stew says "You keep cumming and I'll keep eating." It was so fucking hot.

As far as the men are concerned, we only see their cocks, and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Gay, straight, bi - whatever, Stew doesn't care; small, big, super-sized, cut or uncut, white or black, Stew services all comers. The guys he blows are unnamed, but the videos have hot titles like "Blue Collar Blowjob", "Married Guy Needs My Throat" and "Principal Cums to Feed", and each video has a very brief description like "Principal decides it's time for him to visit my set-up. He has become a weekly regular. He loves to throat fuck me." I like this approach as it gets my imagination revving about who is on the other side of the gloryhole.

There are 431 videos at GloryHole Hookups, 190 more than were here when we reviewed the site nearly two years ago, so it's growing like a horny cock getting serviced. The newest videos come in MP4 format in two sizes at 1280x720 and 640x360, while the older ones play at 640x360 and 480x360. They're good amateur productions with good sound so you can hear the guys moaning or talking dirty to Stew. Many of the early videos are only a couple of minutes long, but the newer ones are longer with some over 20 minutes. They are DRM-free, download quickly and play well. You can also stream the videos and the newer ones play at 806x454 with the older ones coming in around 480x360. There's a full-screen option, although when enlarged, expect the videos to lose a bit of quality. By the way, you shouldn't have any problems playing these videos on your mobiles and hand-held devices - I didn't anyway.

The site has added picture galleries since we were last here. Not every episode has a picture set, but there are 249 that do. The pics are screencaps that display at 640x480 (older) or 1280x720 (newer), and they're good amateur quality, but the newer ones are better. You can save the photos individually if you wish, or download a zip file of the whole set. There's no hands-free slideshow, but there are forward and back controls to ease navigation.

The marketing guy told me two years ago that they may be moving to twice weekly updates, saying "Stew can do sometimes three or four blowjobs in one day - he is insatiable." As promised, the site now adds a new scene every three or four days.

Your membership gives you access to the entire CJXXX Network, which now stands at 32 sites. There are several Latino and Asian sites, skaters, and British guys; there's also a hairy man amateur site, another mature cocksucker blowing amateurs, two bareback sites featuring daddies and hairy men and a foot fetish site, so there's plenty to enjoy here. Most of the network action is bareback, but not all is. There are also over 60 third-party video channels with scenes from every imaginable niche and there's a theater with another 1,000+ videos.

Are there any problems? The CJXXX Network addressed most of our previous concerns, but there's still one: when saving pictures individually the system generates a filename without a period before the file extension, so you'll have to add that when saving in order to view the pictures. Also, you'll have to add a unique number to each one otherwise you'll be overwriting the same file. It's a lot of bother, so it's best to download the zip file which doesn't have these issues. One personal annoyance is the gloryhole set-up itself: when Stew really gets pounding his throat on a cock the whole wall shakes and squeaks, which I found took away from my enjoyment. You may not be bothered by it. And finally, if you buy a non-recurring membership, it'll cost you $20 more than the recurring one.

I really enjoyed watching Drew sucking dick at GloryHole Hookups; this daddy has some mad oral skills - he should teach classes! I watched him take one guy from completely soft to rock hard and squirting in a minute and a half, but his newer videos are longer at around 20 minutes or more. I also loved his dueling cock videos where two guys swap in and out of the gloryhole and get serviced together. This site has grown quite a bit and now offers 431 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and a new video is added every three or four days. And don't forget that you'll get access to 31 other bonus sites in the CJXXX Network, plus more content in the video feeds and bonus theater.

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