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Today we're revisiting a site called Defiant Boyz that offers the content from a studio called Defiant Productions. If you're into skater boys, twinks, and rough straight boys, chances are you may be familiar with Defiant Productions as they've been shooting videos of these amateur guys for many years. The site offers plenty of scenes and extras from their DVDs featuring lots of skater boy cocks, interviews, and juicy jack-off scenes, as well as some dick sucking and fucking.

The models here are between 18 and around 25, and are obviously real amateurs who haven't been naked in front of a camera before. Most of them are slender with some tattoos and are a little awkward at first in front of the camera. A lot of the guys look like the skateboarders who skate in the lot by my house - scruffy, slender and a little on the rough side, which makes them very hot. Many are straight, and what they do in the videos depends on their comfort levels. Some videos have guys who jack off together while watching straight porn and end up willing to try sucking a cock or being sucked.

Defiant Boyz offers 1,309 videos, and many are full scenes, 264 of the vids are interviews - often while the guys are naked - and many of the videos are also cumshot compilations. The videos are offered in MP4 format at amateur quality or a little better, and sizes may vary (last visit I found some vids at 480x360 but all the ones I watched today were sized at 640x480 plus one smaller size, possibly for older mobiles. The videos are downloadable, can be played on most mobile devices and streaming is also available. The site doesn't use DRM, so whatever you download will keep playing even after your membership has expired.

The site also offers 64 picture sets that you'll find buried in the third quarter of the update listings. These are average quality screencaps; the ones I viewed were sized just over or under 640x480. There are no features like downloadable zip files, slideshows or pic-to-pic navigation, but you can download any photos you want individually. There are mostly between 26 and 32 pictures per set.

Defiant Boyz is part of a gay porn network that has continued to grow. There are 27 bonus sites (seven more than on our last visit) in the network in niches including twinks, Asian guys, Latinos, straight guys, amateurs, cum play, and there's a site called Workin Men XXX featuring rough amateur daddies from the South. And for those who want more porn, there's 61 gay feeds, some of which are the feed versions of some very popular sites including Falcon, Hot Dessert Knights, Jake Cruise, and Paul Morris' Treasure Island Media.

Defiant Boyz also has some downsides. First, the site no longer adds new content. While dates indicate the site updates daily, these are actually existing content being re-dated to look like new updates; but the studio no longer produces new content. I'd have liked to see a separate section for the interviews and a section for cumshot compilations rather than having them listed with the scenes. Vids are small and quality isn't great, but on the other hand, these are genuine amateur videos and some were shot years ago. I'd like to see more about the models - short bios or profiles would be nice.

Let's talk about site navigation. Videos and picture sets are listed as separate updates and as mentioned, picture sets are buried in the later listings. While there's no "home" link, you can get back to the first page of the Defiant Boyz videos at any time by clicking the "first" link on the lower left side of every page. You can also get back to the network that links to all the bonus sites by clicking "ALL BONUS SITES" at the top of the page. Also, even though there are over 1,000 videos, there's no search box or category list. That means there's no way to type in and find what you want, although you can use the clickable tags once you find something that appeals.

All that being said, I hear from site management that new, improved navigation is on the way for all the sites in the network, and I can't wait to check out the improvements when they become available.

Defiant Boyz has a lot going for it. The site offers amateur skater boys and straight guys in just over 1,300 videos that can't be seen on other sites. The videos can be downloaded or streamed, and are compatible with most mobiles that play MP4s; while quality could be better, they deliver content and the kind of guys I can't find on many other sites. And there are all those bonus sites and feeds, too. While I wish the site still added new content, what I liked best about Defiant Boyz is the guys; they're regular guys - no porn stars or pro models - and there are plenty of smooth slender twinks, rough straight guys, and skaters.

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