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Rogan Richards is sizzling hot bodybuilder from Australia who's been filming porn since 2009, and he launched his own site back in January 2016. Originally it was part porn site and part cyber-gym with a selection of workout videos, but over the past nearly three years, Richards has been filming a lot of sex videos, and most are hardcore scenes at that. In our last review, we complained about wanting more hardcore action, so it looks like Rogan Richards is giving us what we want – he's such a great top. Let's head back inside and see what's been going on since our last visit.

Rogan Richards wasn't always the massive hunk he is today, and on his site he tells the story of how he used to be a socially awkward guy who was nervous being in the changing room in high school. Then he talks about making a decision to change his life and how he became the massive bodybuilder he is today. As far as porn goes, Richards filmed his first video in 2009. Out of that session came the first part of his name, Rogan, which was his pet snake's name. (The snake then became Rogan Jr.) Six years later he added the last name Richards and went on to film with many of the biggest porn studios.

Richards is big, and I'm not just talking about his massive guns and shoulders or his tree-trunk legs; he's also packing a huge piece of meat. It's uncut and dark brown, almost black, and when he gets hard and pulls back his foreskin, he reveals a shockingly pink cock head. He's hairy and bearded with a beautiful chest and carved pecs, and he worked hard in the gym to earn his impressive six-pack. He's covered in ink and sports pierced nipples, and of course, he speaks with an Australian accent. He's an alpha male who oozes confidence and sex.

The guys who appear in the scenes with Richards are a mix of men, but most of them are in pretty good shape, too. They range in age from their twenties to their forties and they're a mix of hairy and smooth, tattooed or not. Many of the men are amateurs that Richards meets out and about or online, but some of them are fellow porn performers. I saw Massimo Piano, Frank Hard, Max Duran, Damien Daniels, Skippy Baxter and real-life lovers Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber.

Most of the action is in duos with Rogan Richards pummelling a guy's ass, but there are several solos and a handful of threeways. Richards loves wearing leather and does in many of his sessions. He also likes rough sex, so aside from pounding ass like he's drilling through a cement wall, he explores all kinds of kinky action. He ties up one hooded man and fucks him; in another scene his partner clips tit clamps onto his nipples and pulls them with his teeth; in one 20-minute video, Rogan is wearing full leather and sits back in a chair while a slave worships his cock, then Richards flogs him; and you'll find some fisting action, too. His XXX video section allows you to sort the action into nine categories - ass play, fucking, leather, muscle worship, pit play, raw, shoes, solo, and tit play.

"Punch Fucked" is the newest video, and Richards pounds the hell out of a good-looking bottom before fisting his ass. Honestly, I'm surprised after the brutal fucking his hole took that he was not only able to take Rogan's fist but endure a punch-fucking session. The next video is Mad3way (part one) and has Rogan in a threeway with a real-life couple. The third video is a short one where Rogan kicks off his sneakers and puts his feet up on the table, then he jacks off and talks dirty to us about how stinky and sweaty his feet are. And the fourth newest video is called "Fight Porn" and pits Richards against a muscle top from Paris. They wrestle in their jockstraps, and then they both fuck a bottom who has been waiting in the wings.

There are now a 120 videos in the XXX section of the Rogan Richards member area, and they're offered as streaming MP4s. They're a mix of full scenes and multi-part updates. The videos play at 800x452, and they're good amateur quality. You can also view the videos in full-screen mode, and they play fine with only a little quality loss. The videos aren't available for download. I'm happy to report that I was able to get them to play in my Android phone, this wasn't the case when we reviewed the site over two years ago. Also in January 2016, we reported only 11 videos (both XXX and bodybuilding) and since then, Rogan Richards has grown to 120 XXX videos and 60 bodybuilding vids, that's a lot of growth for a solo site.

There are also 54 picture galleries that feature digital stills that display in a pop-up viewer. They're a little on the small side, around 600x400, but while they look good, and you can view each gallery as a hands-free slideshow, you can't save any of the pics either individually or in zip files. Each thumb clicks to a smallish version of the bigger pics that you must then enlarge to see the photos full-sized. The pictures are a mix of nude and partially clothed shots that were photographed mostly during underwear shoots.

The site says "new content released periodically", and while this doesn't sound promising, it's actually not that bad. He's added three new videos in October, four in September, two in August and three in July. And of these 12 videos, five of them are over the 10-minute mark with the longest at 14:19 and the rest are under 10 minutes with three of them coming in at two or three minutes; the rest were eight or nine minutes each. As a fan, I'd be reasonably happy with that.

Aside from his jack-off and hardcore sex videos, Rogan Richards offers 60 bodybuilding and workout videos. Since he's a porn performer, I'm considering these as bonus content and haven't included them in the site's main video count. He adds these less frequently than his XXX videos and has only added three new bodybuilding videos this year, but they do make some sexy watching.

There is a blog that Richards updates every two or three days with news about the site, previews of new releases, lots of fun stories about his life and the men he meets, as well as lots of non-porn stuff that he finds interesting or amusing. It's also available to non-members. As far as porn sites go, Rogan's has one of the better blogs I've seen, and I hope he keeps updating it. There's also an Ask Rogan section where you can ask him about himself, his body or his workout routine, and he does answer. There have been 13 questions so far in October and Rogan has answered them all, so he's quite interactive with his fans and members. Finally, there's a store where you can buy used t-shirts, jockstraps and singlets, and by used, I mean you can buy them soaked in Rogan's jizz or sweat.

I've mentioned some of the problems with Rogan Richards' site, but let's recap. The videos are dated, but they're not added regularly, meaning that they don't adhere to a schedule, and they aren't offered for download. And the pictures are small and can't be saved in any way. Finally, Rogan still hasn't posted his stats, which I found odd for a bodybuilder, particularly one who's so active on the site.

Rogan Richards is a hot site. I really got a sense of who the man is beyond porn and sex. His workout videos were fun to watch and informative, too - I really felt like I was learning something, but they didn't drone on. Richards is a demanding and forceful top, and I loved watching him drilling ass. I was thrilled that he's filmed and added so many new hardcore scenes. With 120 streaming videos in the XXX section, you'll have lots of catching up to do, and then there's the blog and the 60 workout videos. I've reviewed a lot of single-performer sites in my career and they almost always start out with a bang and peter out quickly, but this isn't the case with Rogan Richards. Everything about his site shows that he really cares about giving his fans an entertaining stay from the hardcore videos of his personal sex life to his bodybuilding vids to his Ask Rogan section, and finally, his very active blog. This site gets a big hard-on from me!

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