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Bentley Race is a hot Australian guy who got into the business as a genuine amateur. Back in 1999 a friend of Ben's, which is what his friends call him, took some nude photos of himself and Ben put them online. The pictures got a lot of positive feedback and he started adding more galleries and soon there were over 100 of them. At this point, Ben started to photograph and film some of his buddies, and when he improved his skills both in front of and behind the camera, he launched Bentley Race. Nowadays it's a well-known amateur site that offers hot Australian and European guys in solo and hardcore action.

The performers are good-looking guys ranging from 18 and into their thirties. Some are straight, some are gay, and they're all horny and enjoy exposing themselves and having fun on camera. Most are hot amateurs from Australia, but Ben travels to Europe a lot and the U.S. less frequently, and he always brings his camera, so there's a nice collection of European and American men as well. There are lots of well-hung studs here with uncut cocks, and quite a few of the guys are straight and curious about filming porn or exploring action with another guy.

While most of the guys are amateurs at the time they do their shoots for the site, many do repeat performances on the site, so they're like mini porn stars of Bentley Race. One sexy guy named Skippy Baxter just signed an exclusive contract with a major American studio, and you'll recognize other performers from the past like Harry Louis, Tate Ryder, and Andy Lee.

There is an almost even split between solo and hardcore videos here. In the 326 solos the guys talk with Ben and play with their cocks; there's quite a bit of Fleshlight and dildo action, too. Ben has a fetish for outdoor nudity and often takes the guys to the roof of his building to shoot some photos. He also often gets in on some of the action with the guys sucking his cock or offering their butts to him, but it's all seems very spur of the moment. A good number of guys wear sports gear - shorts, team shirts, jockstraps, and knee-high socks - and they often pose with a soccer ball or skateboard. There are 330 duos with the guys sucking and fucking in home and hotel settings. There are also a few kinky videos involving pissing and light bondage.

Bentley Race offers 685 videos; the very newest come in three speeds of MP4 and these can be downloaded or streamed. They play at 720x404 and 1282x720, and they're good amateur quality with decent lighting and sound; you can enlarge the vids to full screen without losing too much quality. However a few videos are only offered for mobiles, which is the smaller of the two sizes. All of the videos from 2015 and most in 2014 are MP4s only; before that the sessions are offered in two sizes of WMV (720x404 and 540x303) and one MP4 (720x404). And the very oldest videos are WMVs only and offered at a small 360x288. Each scene includes a short description of the action and usually a story about how Ben met the model or other information about him.

The FAQs mention a re-encoding project that is standardizing the video sizes and enlarging those older scenes, and Ben says the project is about 70% done. I look forward to seeing the oldest videos larger and in MP4 format so they can be watched on mobiles.

There are 897 image galleries, which are stand-alone updates; in other words, the pics are not shot simultaneously while the videos are recorded. Most of these are solo sets and each contains between 40 and 100 photos. They're laid out in thumbnail galleries with the portrait and landscape pics separated into their own sections on the page. The newer photos are good amateur quality with a lot of close-ups and display at 750x1125, older pics are smaller at 450x600. You can view and save the images individually, but there's no hands-free slideshow option. Downloadable zip files are available.

There's also a behind-the-scenes section with 243 videos (191 more than on our last visit) showing Ben photographing the guys, talking to them or giving them direction. There's a members forum where you can talk directly to Ben or other members. There's a blog as well with previews, which is accessible to non-members.

I have few complaints about Bentley Race. The site cross-tags some videos as both solos and duos because Ben jumps in at some point in a guy's jack-off session and this creates some duplication in each section. As I mentioned, some videos are only available sized for mobiles, and later on, some videos stream right on the page while others open a new window. Finally, in the FAQ Bentley Race says the site updates at least three times a week, but these can be any combination of videos, picture galleries, and behind-the-scenes videos. So for instance, in December of 2015, the site added four videos, seven picture galleries, and seven behind-the-scenes videos.

Bentley Race is an amateur site with a nice-sized collection of masturbation and gay sex videos and lots of picture sets starring hot guys with good-sized uncut cocks. The performers are mostly Australian amateurs, but you will also find some Europeans and Americans, as well as some famous porn stars and Ben himself. The site updates weekly with a new exclusive video as well as picture galleries and behind-the-scenes videos. The site has a lot of personality with Ben talking about how the guys came to appear on his site. Bentley Race is a great place to see Aussie amateurs and it remains one of my favorites.

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