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HomeMade Twinks is the newest addition to the BoyCrush network, and this site says that the "boys take control of the cameras". The performers here are indeed twinks; with a single exception, all the guys are 18 or 19 years old, smooth, slender and mostly boyish - one performer is 21. You'll find cuties like adorable top Elijah Young, bottom boy Connor Jacobs and up-and-cummer Nico Michaelson as well as BoyCrush exclusive Scott Alexander and more average to cute horny and twink types. Cocks are good-sized and stay hard, and while you may find the occasional tattoo, these guys aren't heavily inked or sleeved.

Most of the scenes are duos, although there are a couple threesomes and three solos. In all the videos, the guys use video cameras; in one episode, the twinks trade a GoPro on a selfie stick back and forth. There's plenty of sucking, barebacking and rimming, and while the footage the guys are shooting does get edited in here and there, a lot of the video is shot by a camera man, which is probably just as well. There's enough POV action to keep things different but enough steadier camera work from a manned camera with zooming to keep the videos looking good. A couple of the videos I watched had extreme rimming closeups shot by one of the twinks, and there's enough blowjob and raw fucking caught POV by the cameras the twinks hold to give the videos their unique feel.

HomeMade Twinks now offers 26 exclusive, DRM-free videos. These are all offered in MP4 format in four sizes, the largest at 1920x1080, which is full HD, and the smaller sizes are good for mobiles and those on slower connections. They're fairly good to good amateur quality full scenes that can be downloaded several at a time, and for those who prefer to watch rather than download, there are four sizes of streaming videos, as well. Often the POV sections of the videos are a little less sharp, which makes sense since the cameras the twinks use aren't pro video cameras, which would be too heavy to use one-handed while sucking a dick.

Each video comes with a picture set. Some of the sets contain good quality digital stills sized at 667x1000 while others offer screencaps sized at 1920x1080, also at pretty good quality. The pics are offered as galleries that can be viewed one picture at a time or you can navigate from pic-to-pic using the arrow keys to the right and left of each photo. There are downloadable zip files or the pics can be saved individually.

Full members get access to two more sites in the network, BoyCrush with 848 videos and Bare Twinks with 282. Both sites update, although Bare Twinks is more regular and updates weekly. There's also 106 non-twink gay videos, but although these show recent update dates, there are no more bonus videos than there were three months ago. And members also get limited access to seven more bonus networks.

After doing their first update in early August, HomeMade Twinks' second update happened just over a month later, and for the past two months they've added two updates per month. Site management originally told us there was going to be no set update schedule, but they planned to add several vids per month. But the site is updating, and so are both the bonus sites.

There are some issues to discuss. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for an additional recurring site membership. Next, trial members get limited access - they can only watch three full scenes. The hundreds of videos promised on the tour refer to the network, not just this site. And while the tour text might give the impression that this is primarily a twink POV site - and the twinks' camera footage is used a little in each scene - the bulk of each of the videos I watched is shot by a camera man, not the handheld cameras.

HomeMade Twinks offers some very cute, smooth and horny 18 and 19 year old boys in mostly raw oral and anal action with a few solos mixed in, and some of the footage in each video is from the twinks' handheld cameras, which gets you right into the action. The site just launched, currently offering 26 videos that you can download, stream or watch on your mobile, and there were two updates added last month and two the previous month. In the meantime, full members get access to over 1,000 more twink videos from bonus sites BoyCrush and Bare Twinks. HomeMade Twinks delivers bareback twink sex mixed with some POV filming in each scene; the action is hot, the twinks are horny and the bonus sites add tons of videos to keep members busy.

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