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In a world full of 30-year-old "twinks" it's refreshing to see the real thing on BoyCrush. This site offers smooth, slender and boyish guys, and most of the twinks here really do look like they're 18 to 24 years old - only a couple of the models look older than 25. There are some absolute cuties here, and there are some average guys as well, but honestly I would be happy to spend a little quality time with any of the performers. They're hot and horny and into getting off for the camera, and there are all sizes and shapes of dicks, including some impressively large ones.

The performers here are a mix of fresh faces, unknowns and first-timers, as well as regular performers from twink porn like Elijah West, Skyler Evans, Jamie Saunders, Colby Klein, Luke Allen, and the late Jasper Robinson. And since the site has been producing content for over a decade, it's like taking a walk down twink memory lane.

Since January 2014, most of the new updates on BoyCrush have been solo jack-off videos. There have been a few sex scenes, but mostly you'll be treated to guys jacking their dicks, playing with Flashjacks or shoving dildos up their sweet little bums until they cream their smooth bellies. But there's also plenty of guy-on-guy hardcore scenes in the archives going back to 2005. There are some threesomes, plenty of guys giving blowjobs and fucking ass, teasing and licking, kissing, and of course covering each other with sticky cum. A lot of the action happens indoors - in bedrooms, living rooms, studios, and more - but there are also some outdoor scenes, too.

BoyCrush offers 988 exclusive videos in MP4 format. The newer videos look good, sharp and clear, and they are sized at 1920x1080 with three smaller sizes, the 720p vids compatible with newer mobile devices and the "Medium" vids - which are actually the smallest - are compatible with older mobiles. The older vids are smaller, sized at 640x480 and 480x360, and both sizes should be compatible with most mobiles. You can stream the videos in two to four speeds depending on the video's age. There's a full-screen option with varying results, depending on the age of the video as the oldest streams are much smaller but still look good at their original size.

Each video comes with a set of pics. The newer photos are good amateur or better quality digital stills sized at 667x1000 that are well shot and really show off the guys. The older pics are screencaps, but they're surprisingly good and preview the action well, and honestly they're worth downloading, too. All the picture sets can be viewed as galleries or downloaded in zip files, or you can simply save the ones you like individually; curiously, the site no longer has a hands-free slideshow. And there are 117 more picture sets in the Photos section that are also digital stills sized at 667x1000; while the photo section doesn't update, it's still worth a look.

BoyCrush members also get access to some extras. There are two bonus sites from the same studio. First is Bare Twinks where you'll find horny twinks in hardcore bareback action in 330 exclusive videos, and while some updates appear to be recycled, there are 60 more videos than there were 20 months ago. Also worth mentioning is that some of the performers are the same twinks you'll find inside Boy Crush. Next is Home Made Twinks 33 videos, and while it no longer updates, there are some cute twinks and hot action. All three sites together offer members 1,351 videos.

Now let's talk about updates. First off, this site doesn't give actual dates; instead it says that videos were added a week ago or a day ago or a month ago, and it appears the site updates an average of every two weeks to three times per month, although it's hard to know how regular these updates are. The most recent update was added "1 day ago" and the previous one "2 weeks ago" and the one before that "4 weeks ago." Two were added "1 month ago" and the one before that "2 months ago." In case you're wondering, BoyCrush's most recent hardcore scene was added in July 2016 (it's now November 2017).

There are some more issues you'll want to know about. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left ticked, will sign you up for an additional membership when you join this site. There are also ads on the bottom of the member home page. You'll find that the DVDs and Live Cams links are ads as is the Hookup link. There are the misleading prices on join page dropdown; one says "$8.33 per month" but this is actually a $99.95 one-year subscription.

And last are the tour claims. The recent hardcore updates shown on the tour are from one of the bonus sites, not BoyCrush site itself. The join page promises weekly updates but the site only updates every other week, more or less, and while the join page promises full HD videos, the older videos aren't available in HD (although the newer ones are).

BoyCrush delivers the type of twinks and action I like to see. There are plenty of cute 18 to twenty-something boys, average guy-next-door types, lots solo stroking, and the older vids including plenty of hardcore twink sex. There are 988 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and updates happen between two and three times per month. There are also two bonus sites offering 363 additional videos, and one of the sites is currently updating. Overall I really like BoyCrush, and although all the newer updates are solos, there's still plenty of sucking and fucking to be found.

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