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Bare Twinks features guys between 18 and around 24, a mix of types ranging from super cute to average in a boy-next-door way, although there are a few with tattoos. You'll find lots of slender twinks, athletic jocks and many of the models have fair skin, nice asses, and some have big cocks as well as playful, horny attitudes - most seem to be having a great time. There's a mix of amateurs, up-and-cummers, and performers like Austin Lock, James Stirling, Corey Dawson, Jason Shepard and James Stirling as well as twink stars from a few years ago including Kyler Moss, Kyros Christian, Dillon Samuels and Krist Cummings.

The action here is all hardcore bareback, mostly duos but there are 21 threesomes and groups, too. Many scenes start with the guys making out. As the clothes come off, one of the twinks dives for cock, sucking his partner's dick with enthusiasm, and often the guys trade off so both get blowjobs before the main event. There are just over 80 videos with rimming and 58 where the guys 69, but often the performers can't wait to get to the fucking so those smooth twink asses get penetrated and pounded - guys get bent over the bed or couch, or they do some cock riding before they shoot their loads. Many of the tops cum on the bottom's face or asshole, and there are some where the bottoms get their asses filled with cum.

There's some bondage and kink here, as well, although it's not the focus of the site. I found a few guys tied and tormented, there are some scenes where submissive twinks get spanked or controlled by dominant guys. There's some rough sex from aggressive tops, sex toys, hair pulling, and there are also 13 outdoor sex sessions including a six-way twink orgy and a couple of threesomes.

Bare Twinks now offers 374 exclusive, DRM-free videos. The videos are offered in MP4 format in four sizes, the largest of which is 1920x1080 (full HD) and the smaller sizes will play on most mobiles. Each video can also be streamed in the same four resolutions, and full screen is available. The newest videos are sharp and clear, and they expand to full screen very well; the oldest videos are good amateur quality, and they expand to full screen with just a little loss of sharpness. The videos are filmed well, so the action is well-caught as are the cumshots.

Each video comes with a picture set. Some of these sets offer good amateur quality digital stills shown at around 667x1000 where others are better-than-average screencaps shown at 1000x563. I think pic lovers will be pleased by most of the photos, as they cover the action well. Each picture set can be browsed as a thumbnail gallery, downloaded in a zipped file or you can download individual photos if you prefer. While the site no longer offers slideshows, you can navigate from pic-to-pic easily using the arrows on the left and right side of each picture's page.

Bare Twinks members get access to Boy Crush, a larger twink site with over 1,000 videos and usually offers twice a month updates. There's also Homemade Twinks with 36 videos, and while this site stopped updating for a year, it just started adding new content again. The bonus sites offer the same types of twinks, but there are a lot more solos and some more heavily tattooed guys. There's also some gay porn videos that aren't particularly focused on twinks. The bonus site videos are also available to download, stream and watch on your mobile.

Let's talk about updates. Bare Twinks has added 103 videos in the past 31 months, and while it used to update weekly, it's updating three times each month despite the claim on the tour page that the site updates weekly. The episodes aren't exactly dated - they're listed as "1 week ago", "1 month ago", "5 months ago" and so on. While that doesn't let us know what day each update was added, there are three updates listed for 1 month ago, three for 2 months ago and that continues the further back we go.

Does this site have any issues? I didn't run into many, but take note of the pre-checked offer on the billing page, as it will sign you up for a second member site if left checked. Also, as is very common these days, the Bare Twinks member area is sort of folded into the Boy Crush network, so if you want to see only the Bare Twinks content, mouse over "EXPLORE" on the top of the page and select "LATEST", then after the page loads, select Bare Twinks under the sites dropdown on the upper right.

There's one more thing I wanted to mention. The older content features lots of cute, smooth guys - the kind of twinks you'd expect in a site like this one. The newer models aren't always that cute. I sorted the models by highest rated, and found that of the ten highest rated guys, only one of them made a video for any of the sites in the network after 2011. The rest of the highest rated models' most recent videos were dated from 2007 to 2011. Don't get me wrong - some of the latest models are hot and cute, although some are average, but there are less of the kind of super cute 18 and 19 year old boys that the site used to shoot.

Bare Twinks delivers twinks from porn stars to amateurs, all of whom can be seen fucking raw and shooting their loads . The site has grown, now offering 374 exclusive, good quality videos to download, stream and watch on most mobiles including iPhone, iPad and Android, and the pics are pretty good stuff, too. The site now updates three times per month. But what really adds to your membership is the access to Boy Crush and their 1,000+ videos and twice a month updates plus the 36 videos from Homemade Twinks. Bare Twinks delivers horny twinks and raw fucking, some kink and creampies plus all the bonus videos - and that makes this site a good value for twink lovers.

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