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Boy Feast has undergone some changes since we last visited 17 months ago, but what has stayed the same are the guys. This is a site for twink lovers who will appreciate its collection of 18- to 23-year-old, all-American guys who provide us with a horny selection of slender, lithe, average to cute and, well, simply fuckable models. The guys are amateur performers but they've got something totally beddable about them. In some cases it's those dreamy eyes and an innocence; other times it's the toned chests, the slightly mean look and that glint of dare in the eye. There are some Emo boyz here, many of the models are trimmed down below but the thing they all have in common is a very sexy twinky smoothness. Oh, and did I mention they also sport hot cocks, cut and uncut, soft and hard?

The action is a mixed bag. You will find solos and hardcore, some of those solos filmed from the model's POV, some are even shot on their own iPhones, but many are your standard smile and jerk off routine. The hardcore includes these smooth hotties fucking, sometimes raw and sometimes with rubbers, and there are some threesomes in the mix, too. The boys get down to some serious cock sucking before they rim each other's asses and then bang away. A lot of the videos are indoor shoots with no kink, but there are some that are a little more inventive: penis pumps are used, there are some seasonal twists to some movies, one guy gets blindfolded, real-life boyfriends fuck for the first time on camera, and there is at least one behind-the-scenes video, too.

Boy Feast now has 101 exclusive videos. This is 30 more than there were 17 months ago because updates aren't that frequent - some months the site adds one new scene, other months it adds two. The movies are DRM-free and are offered in MP4 format. The newer are available in four sizes, the largest of which is full HD at 1920x1080 and the two smallest sizes are good for a variety of mobiles. The older videos are available in two sizes, the larger of which is sized at 640x480, and both sizes can be compatible with a variety of mobiles. The videos are available to download or stream, and while many are shot by a camera man and possibly a director, a few have been filmed by models on their phones, which adds a nice POV touch, although these are shorter videos. Quality is mostly fairly good amateur, although the vids shot on phones may be closer to amateur quality.

The movies come with screencaps galleries, though some are actually quite decent photos. These vary in size from 640x480 for the older ones and up to 1000x563 for the newer ones. The quality is usually pretty good, although some of the iPhone screencaps can be slightly fuzzy. There are picture-to-picture buttons for online browsing or you can save the pics either in zip files or individually; the site seems to have done away with the slideshows. There is also a main menu Photos area where you will find 10 Boy Feast picture sets and a couple from another site. These images are good amateur quality digital stills sized at 1000x665, and they are mostly solo shoots.

Full members get access to content from five other sites in the same network. You can check the videos by selecting All or you can view site by site. These are small sites with an additional 80 movies between them. Crush Him and Tasty Twink offer up more twink action while Fisting Twinks gets into handballing and the guys are not all twinks; University Crush gives you some older guys who still have a certain air of twinkiness, and HoloTwink lets you select the guys and the action, and it's all shot from your POV - a bit of a gimmick really, but fun.

You do have a few features to check out. There's the model index with 82 guys (46 from Boy Feast) and they are shown with profiles and links to their content. You can rate the guys and leave comments about them, as you can with the videos, and there is also an add to favorites function. The video pages let you create playlists where you take clips from the movies and add them to a list to play later and there is a member poll on the home page.

The site also has a few issues. First, watch out for the pre-checked offer on the billing page; be sure to read it before joining to see if it interests you. Next, trial members get limited access - three day trial members get access to three to four films and seven day members can view five to seven. While there's no specific download limit, you might get blocked for "excessive bandwidth usage" if you go over the top. I'd have liked to see more than one to two updates per month, but HoloTwink adds a new model periodically and Fisting Twinks is a new site so may add more content. And last, the phone videos are pretty short.

Boy Feast is not exactly a feast - it's more like a simple entrée. There are cute, horny twinks sucking and fucking, rimming and jerking off in 101 videos that you can download, stream or watch on your mobile. The updates are slow - the site adds one to two episodes per month - but each episode comes with a picture set, there are a few sets of digital stills, and full members do get access to 80 bonus videos as well. But the thing you're really feasting your eyes on are the models who are slim, good looking and nicely amateur. The site is interactive and well set-out, there were no technical problems and the sign-up price is not such a bad deal. Pull up a seat at the table for some horny 18- to 23-year-old amateur guys but don't expect to overeat.

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