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Gay Castings features gay porn hopefuls auditioning on video. The producer conducts an on-camera interview, and they continue talking while the guy strips and shows off his body. No doubt you've heard of the casting couch where actors have to pay their dues to get into the business; well, it's alive and rock hard on this site. The producer not only films the guys, but gets in on the action and films point of view (POV) style while these porn wannabes service his cock. We haven't visited the site in a couple of years, so let's check in on the action.

There are average guys and jocks, and most of the guys are in their twenties. There are models with boyish good lucks, scruffy guys, some with tattoos, plus there are hunky men with six-packs, bulging biceps and pecs. Cock sizes are all over the map; there's a mix of smooth and hairy bodies, and most of the guys are sporting trimmed pubes, but there are a few bushy guys, too. The thing all these amateur performers have in common is that they all want to get into the porn biz and they're willing to bare all on camera.

I did recognize a few of the guys who have gone on to get a lot of work and make names for themselves in porn, guys like Mike De Marko, Jack Hunter, Scott Riley, Travis Stevens, Eli Hunter, Jacob Ladder, Owen Powers and others. There were also lots of one-named guys and one-offs who probably didn't do much beyond these auditions, but with all the Jasons, Tylers, Troys and Jordans, it's hard to keep track.

A lot of porn sites put a guy on a couch or bed, ask him a couple of questions, then let him jack his dick, but Gay Castings goes a lot further, and all the scenes I watched included hardcore gay sex. When the producer gets little hands-on with a grope or tug, the models don't seem to be surprised. When he asks them to suck his dick and bend over for a fuck, they all happily comply, and the scenes usually end with the wannabe getting a face full of the producer's cum.

Gay Castings currently offers 167 exclusive videos. Newer scenes are offered in five sizes: three MP4s, one MPG and one WMV. The downloadable MP4 videos are sized up to 1920x1080, the MPG at 852x480 and the WMV at 1280x720. Older scenes are offered in one size of each format; the MP4 at 750x420 and the other two at 1920x1080. And you can stream the videos in a player at 970x550 that also features a full-screen option, and most the videos fare pretty well when enlarged. The videos are good amateur quality or better, and if you're on a fast enough connection, the streaming videos play smoothly; there are two speeds including an SD option for those on slower broadband. The smaller MP4s are mobile compatible. Each video is nice and long - they're all over half an hour, and many are over 40 minutes each.

Each video comes with two sets of photos - a set of digital stills and a set of screencaps. The digital stills are sized at 1000x1500 and quality is pretty good, although sometimes lighting could be better. The digital stills can be viewed in galleries, and although there are no hands-free slideshows, you can save the pictures individually or download a zip file. The screencaps display at 1280x720 (older episodes are bigger) and look pretty good. Both screencaps and digital stills resize to fit your browser, but downloaded versions are full size.

Let's talk issues. Gay Castings had been updating three or four times a month, but it appears updates have stopped as they haven't added a new scene since April 2016 (over six months ago). There are no extras on the site, but there are lots of ads, which are sometimes disguised as more content. There are also a couple of options of the navbar (live cams and deals) that try and sell you even more porn.

There are a couple things to be aware of regarding the trial membership. The trial gives you limited access and allows you to watch five videos only (no downloads), and the trial recurs at $10 more than the regular monthly membership. When logging in there's a "members also liked" section below the login box; be warned that these are offers to join other sites. I was disappointed that the site doesn't include model profiles, although the full interviews are included in the video. And last, while the pre-checked offers are gone from the billing page, always check just in case.

There's one thing that some might dislike, while others might find a plus. In the videos I watched, the interviews run long - over 10 minutes in some cases - but keep in mind that there's still over 20 more minutes of video, and you can fast-forward. So just a note for those who prefer less talk and more action.

Gay Castings offers some hot guys ranging from cute nearly-twinks to well-built jocks, as well as and regular guys and hunks. There are 167 episodes, each with videos to stream, download or watch on your mobile plus a picture set. The videos are long, DRM-free, and come in multiple sizes and formats to suit your connection and they're mobile compatible. Each session includes a full interview with the porn wannabe (both clothed and nude) before the producer whips out his own cock to audition the guy's servicing skills. While the site has stopped updating, Gay Castings has enough to keep you entertained for at least a month, maybe longer depending on your viewing habits.

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