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25 Mar 2024 Score 77 / 100 flavaflix.com Mobile friendly

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  • Unique 4 stars
  • Size 4 stars
Review score 77
  • 4 stars Cost
  • 5 stars Updates
  • 3 stars Usability
  • 3 stars Claims
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Introduction to flavaflix.com

Flava Flix brings together all of the videos produced by Blatino Mediasiets and offers a hot collection of Black studs and Latinos plus some White guys appearing in the interracial scenes. Signing up is free and gets you 100 free points that you can use to download two videos from their collection of over 2,400 scenes. Multiple weekly updates.

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Video info

Videos are downloadable

2,434 videos in MP4 format. Downloads are sized at 1280x720 (newer) or 720x480 (older) at average to good quality. Streaming, mobile compatible videos available with any purchased download.

Picture info

No pictures.

Site issues

Notification pop-up on tour; if you share a computer, we recommend you block these. Link to terms you agree to on join page lead to a missing page; to see the terms, click LEGAL on bottom of page.

Membership cost of Flava Flix

  • 30 Points for $4.97
  • 100 points for $9.97
  • 250 points for $24.97
  • 700 points for $59.97
  • 1400 points for $99.97

Flava Flix Review

Flava Flix is a pay-per-download site that brings together all of the content from Blatino Media, the company who produces seven gay porn sites in the Black, Latin, and interracial niches. You'll find videos from Thugboy, Cocodorm, Mix It Up Boy, PapiCock, Rocks Boys, Raw Roads, and Raw Rio. This site is a great option for surfers just looking for download a video or two to get turned on for their next jack-off section or for collectors who don’t want a monthly porn site membership. 

The guys on the site are a mix ranging from skinny to muscular. Because the seven sites present various niches, most of the performers are Black, but you’ll also find some Latinos from PapiCock and some Caucasians from the interracial sex site, Mix It Up Boy. Not many of the men have body hair, but some do, and there are plenty with facial hair including mustaches, goatees, and even a few beards. Cocks often range from big to huge, although there are plenty of average-size penises here, too, and you'll find both cut or uncut cocks. With 1,252 men in the ranks, it’s impossible to cover them all, but suffice it to say that there are a lot of hot men of color here and plenty of impressive cocks.

The action varies from solo masturbation to hardcore suck and fuck sessions and also depends on the site that produced the content. Cocodorm is the oldest site, and at one time it was a live house with webcams that allowed us to look in on the dorm’s residents, but in later years, they scheduled live sex shows. Thugboy originally featured Black guys who were a little more on the rough side, but things have changed over the years. PapiCock offers us a mix of Black and Latin studs playing together in suck and fuck action. Mix It Up Boy is the company’s interracial site with men of color sucking and fucking with Caucasian or Latino guys. Raw Rods is all bareback action, Raw Rio brings us the sexy, hung men of Brazil, and Rocks Boys features lots of hot, sexy Black men wanting to break into porn and the producer interviews them before they jack off and he invites some back to suck and fuck in their first hardcore sex scene.

Most of the new scenes feature bareback sex, but the older ones use condoms. By far there are more duos than anything else, but there is the odd threeway, and there are just over 70 groups of four or five performers. If you like watching guys jacking off and blowing their loads, there are just over 750 solo masturbation sessions. There’s a lot to see here, so check out the Categories section where you’ll find everything sorted into 45 categories from to Amateur to Underwear.

Here’s how Flava Flix works. You need to sign up for a free account which does not require a credit card, and also gets you 100 free points; I signed up free and I was able to use 50 of my 100 free points credit to download one of the newest movies. A video costs 50 points to download, and while I didn’t see any videos that cost more, I couldn’t check all 2,400 videos. Once I used up my 100 free points, I did require a credit card to purchase more. 100 points will cost you $9.97, and that gets your two downloads, so around $5.50 per movie, however the more points you buy at any one time, the cheaper it becomes; for instance, buying 1400 points brings the price down to a little over $4 per download.

Once you have your free account and some credits, you browse the movies in the Scenes section, select one you like, and click the Buy Scene (50 Points) button on the episode’s page, then you select the Download button. You’ll notice two download options, one is the minute-long trailer, and the other is the full video, so make sure you select the right one. You’ll be directed to download the movie to your computer or you can stream it right on the site. If you lose track of which movies you have purchased, click your user name on the top right of the site, then select My Purchases.

Flava Flix has 2,434 videos produced by the seven sites in the Blatino Media family. Some of the Cocodorm videos, which were produced a number of years ago, are only available in SD and these play at 720x480 at average quality that isn’t as good as newer releases, but they are still enjoyable, particularly on smaller screens. On my 27-inch monitor, the SD videos did not fill my entire screen, and while the quality wasn’t crisp, the videos are still enjoyable. The rest of the videos download and play at 1280x720, and the quality varies by the scene’s age, but generally they look good and play well. When you pay for a download, you are also able to stream it on the site. The player is adaptive and resizes the videos to fit your screen except for those issues with the SD versions. The site worked well on my phone, the videos played well, but they don't auto-rotate to watch them horizontally.

When it comes to updates, FlavaFlix seems to be going for a weekly update schedule with anywhere from four to 11 videos added each week. In February they added around 42 videos, and these happened on the first and third Fridays, while the last week updated on Thursday, and second week had videos added on multiple days. This company recycles a lot of content on their seven sites, but while the videos here are from those other sites, I don't see signs of recycling at this point.

Are there any drawbacks at FlavaFlix? There's a notification pop-up on the tour. If you share a computer, be aware that porn notifications will pop-up in your browser at any time. When signing up, you'll need to agree to the site's terms, but the link leads to a missing page; to see the terms you're agreeing to, click LEGAL on the bottom of any tour page. I noticed a glitch when I used the Categories section. When I selected Groups, I saw that there were eight pages of results, but the last four pages were empty so there are really only four pages of group scenes. This happened in every Category section I clicked. There are a series of seven large thumbnails at the bottom of the homepage that offer content from the other Black gay porn sites run by this producer. However, these are just links to the individual sites; you’ll have to buy a membership to enjoy anything other than free previews.

There are no picture galleries on FlavaFlix, but each scene has a link that reads something like this: “Click HERE to view this scene's photo gallery at PapiCock.com!” That link doesn't lead to a gallery - instead, it takes you offsite to the site which produced the pics, in this case PapiCock. Once on the other site, all that’s available are six large thumbnails that will not enlarge; you need to pay to join the site before enjoying the pictures or videos. I find this misleading.

You’ll want to weigh whether pay-per-download is a better option for you than purchasing a membership to any of the seven sites. If you’re a big gay porn consumer, then a membership to one of the sites like PapiCock, for example, that includes downloads will run you $14.97 and others cost from $9.95 to $19.95. And any of those site memberships give you unlimited downloads. Still, not everyone wants a membership or wants to collect hundreds of videos. 

Flava Flix is packed with sexy and horny Black men and some Latinos getting off together in solo masturbation sessions, duos and threeways, and a good number of small groups. The newer action is mostly bareback, while the older scenes use rubbers. You’ll find 2,434 videos on the roster, and you pay for both the downloadable and streaming version of each scene with points you purchase in packages. It’s a great site for people who don’t like maintaining a gay porn site membership or for those who don’t want to collect large numbers of videos. There are lots of hot men of color here and this site is a good way to preview all of the men available on the huge collection of videos. Plus at this time, signing up gets you enough free points to buy two videos for free without even pulling out your credit card.

Things we disliked

  • Misleading gallery links are ads
  • Videos do not auto-rotate on mobiles
  • Older videos are smaller, lower quality
  • Updates not always added on same days
  • Paying per video can get expensive

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