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Mix It Up Boy features hot interracial gay porn starring black, white and Latin models with juicy cocks. The models are horny guys, most in their twenties and thirties with a few 18 and 19 year olds and a couple over 40. Many of the guys here have a street-tough look with face scruff or tattoos, but there are some clean-cut, good looking guys, too, and most have slender to athletic, well-defined bodies. Expect a lot of well-hung black thugs, hunks and amateurs with impressive dicks, as well as Latinos and hot white guys. Quite a few of the performers are packing some serious meat, and most of them have an amateur look. There are some bottoms like Adam Price and Kevin Banks who could almost pass for twinks, but they also have a bit of a bad boy look.

Most of the action here is hardcore interracial duos and threesomes in which we see white or Latin asses getting stuffed with big black cocks, but they do mix it up with various configurations; there are some scenes with white tops and black bottoms or Latin tops and white tops, too. There's lots of deep throat cock sucking, ass licking and fucking, and some of the scenes end with a facial cumshot. There are a number of interracial flip-flop fuck scenes, and I loved watching the guys take turns boning each other. Not all the action is interracial, though: there are 11 solo jack-off scenes, and I found a few black-on-black episodes, as well.

Mix It Up Boy now offers 139 exclusive videos. All the videos are offered for download in MP4 format at 1280x720 at good amateur quality; there are also two smaller versions including one at 854x480 and another sized at 480x270 for mobiles, but not all episodes have this smallest version. There's a downloadable trailer, as well, for those who want the highlights. There are also streaming versions of the videos, and these are shown at 1000x562 by default, which is a good size, and you can enlarge them to full screen without losing much quality. Most of the videos are good amateur quality with mostly good lighting and clear sound.

Each video comes with a matching set of photos. Most of these are pretty good quality screencaps sized at 700x394. There are also a few sets of good amateur quality digital stills sized at 700x1050, although these sets have less pics. You can save the photos individually or download them altogether in zip files. A hands-free slideshow is missing but there are forward and back controls to help you move through the pics without having to go back to the gallery. Currently there are 139 picture sets with an average of 50 to 70 pictures per set.

Members have the ability to rate each scene and the models individually, and you can sort videos and performers based on popularity. Also, for each scene there is a short description of the video as well as a profile for each performer with basic stats like age, relationship status, sexual orientation, preferences, body measurements and dick size. Members get a desktop calendar, which comes in 11 different sizes so that it fits on most screens.

Now let's talk about updates. When we last reviewed the site in December 2015, Mix It Up Boy had promised that they were starting to produce new content. That being said, the current 139 videos is only eight more than were 18 months ago. The site does show weekly updates, but you can expect that most updates are being recycled with only the odd fresh scene.

There are some more downsides. There are three pre-checked offers on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for three additional memberships when you join Mix It Up Boy. Luckily it's easy enough to uncheck them, but keep in mind you'll have to untick each one individually. There's a trial membership that recurs at $20 more than the current monthly membership price. And as already mentioned, some of the episodes are solo masturbation sessions, not interracial sex, so not exactly mixing it up. One last thing is that the current monthly price is shown as a special, but while it may be a special, they indicate that the regular monthly rate is $39.97; while that would make the special a great price, the last time we visited, a membership was only $19.95, so take the listed savings with a grain of salt.

Mix It Up Boy is one of the hotter interracial sites around. Their models are mostly rough, tattooed and horny as hell with lean bodies, and there are plenty of big cocks. The performers here really know how to pound a hungry ass, and they don't let the camera bother them. There are 139 videos that you can download, stream or watch on your mobile devices, and each comes with a set of pics. While the site isn't adding much new content, there's enough to keep you entertained for the duration of your membership. You'll find lots of tight white and Latin asses getting stuffed with big black dicks, as well as other variations, and the price is definitely right.

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