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Coco Dorm features black hunks, thugs, jocks and amateurs, as well as some Latinos, ranging from 19 years old to somewhere in their thirties. When we last visited, the site had a very active house where members could watch residents hanging out in the nude, jerking their cocks or having sex with other residents. We haven't visited Coco Dorm for well over a year, so it's time to head back to refresh this review.

There are three new men listed in the current Dorm Dudes section. Keon Bonez is slender with short hair and some tats, and he's packing a whopping nine and a half inches of dick. Kemon Jordan athletic, pretty muscular 22 year old with a light 'stache and plenty of tattoos, and he has a seven and a half inch cut cock. And Maximus Sky is a bisexual top with a sexy smile who's swinging a fat nine incher that actually looks bigger.  

There are 103 previous residents you can check out, and they're a mix of body types and ages. Some of them are slender, some are average and some are quite well-built, ranging from athletic and ripped to muscle hunks, and there are a good number of really big ebony cocks. You'll find a variety here; there are gang types with plenty of tattoos and a rough look, as well as slender to average guys and some who have a collegiate look, regular guys with all that that entails, as well as some of what I might call "rough twinks". Some of the dudes have a typical bad boy look, so expect a lot of dreads, baseball caps, tattoos, low-hanging pants and gold necklaces.

Coco Dorm offers 3,732 videos found in two sections. First, under Dorm Dude Videos, you'll find shoots from the Coco Dorm's productions; these are the unedited footage of scenes that later appeared on the company's network of sites. There are 630 videos in this section offered in two sizes of MP4 format (1280x720 and 853x480) or you can stream them in a player at 700x396 with a full-screen option. The videos are generally good amateur quality, although results in full-screen mode vary. Here you'll find the guys jerking off or sucking and fucking in duos and threesomes, so there's plenty of hardcore gay sex. You'll find guys 69ing, eating ass, and getting boned in a wide variety of positions. Newer solo videos usually include an interview.

Second, in the Streams section you'll find 3,102 videos. These are the archives from the live shows that members would have seen on the site's cams. They play a little smaller at 640x480, and they're grainy because they're cam shows. There's also a download version that plays at 320x240. These videos were shot from 2003 to 2013; while this archive hasn't been updated in the last four years, there's a lot to see. The active is a mix of jack-off and hardcore sex with some night-vision filming.

There is another section called Confessions offering 70 interviews with various guys talking about what types of guys and action turn them on, but I didn't include these in the total video count because these are poorer quality and only offered in WMV format, and I couldn't stream them because I didn't have the proper video plugin.

Each of the Dorm Dude Videos comes with a set of pics. Some are sets of digital stills, others of screencaps, and both are fairly good quality. Most digital stills are sized at 498x750 and the largest screencaps are shown at 700x394. Each pic set can be enjoyed as a hands-free slideshow or downloaded in a zip file.

There are some more content sections, as well. There is a section called Wannabees, which let members vote on guys who want to live in the dorm, although I don't know whether they're currently casting house residents. There used to be a section with model blogs, but I couldn't find it and there's a members forum, which isn't very busy anymore. Then there's some free stuff that is also available to non-members: there's a good-sized collection of black-themed stories and there's a monthly desktop calendar featuring one of the studio's models.

When it comes to issues, my biggest complaint is the lack of scheduled live shows but to be fair, they just launched a new Dorm and found new Dudes, and the cams are on right now - just no one is currently in the bedrooms where the cams are. It's worth noting that the site has had issues with the live shows in the past and always came back, so it's best to check the show schedule on the tour and see if there are new dates. Please note that at the present time, the live cam map on the tour is incorrect.

There are a few more issues worth mentioning. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for an additional site membership if you leave it checked, but it's easy enough to uncheck if you wish. The new price of $49.97 for one month is pretty stiff - it's double the previous monthly price. I can't be sure how regularly they add videos to the Dorm Dudes Videos section because nothing is dated; there were only 34 more videos in the Dude Dorm Videos section since our last review, but in the past month the site has grown by four videos, so that's a good sign. While the site offers 3,727 videos, this is over a 1,000 less than were here a little over a year ago. When we last reviewed the site there were five different sections offering videos, now there are only two, which this could be the reason for the drop in videos.

Coco Dorm used to be an award-winning site featuring hot black (and some Latin) hunks, thugs and amateurs in their twenties and thirties, often with big cocks, and the videos and pics offer plenty of these well-hung black studs. Good news is that the site continues to update weekly, although the updates are undated, and I'm happy to tell you that the live cams are back, however there are no scheduled live shows yet. Still, if you join there's plenty to see with the 3,732 videos in the members section, so you won't be left twiddling your thumbs. In fact, this huge archive of videos makes Coco Dorm worth visiting.

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