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Rocks Boys is a brand new site featuring mostly black guys in their 20s in suck and fuck action. The performers are pretty sexy, and a lot of the action is bareback. This site is produced by Flava Works, a company that runs a number of other gay porn sites. Let's head over check out this one.

Browsing through the roster of guys, they're a good-looking bunch. Most seem to be in their twenties with short hair and slim or athletic bodies; some of the guys work out more than others and have well-built, gym fit bodies. A fair number of them have tattoos, and while most have smooth bodies, their pubes range from trimmed to bushy. You can expect lots of familiar faces as this producer films content for a number of sites. I recognized performers including Hotrod, Manny Baby, TaetheDong, Freakzilla, Rock Rockafella and some others. There may be first-timers or unknowns here, as well.

So who is the Rock behind Rocks Boys? I don't know. There's nothing on the site indicating who he might be. He's probably Rock Rockafella, who is featured in six videos, but the site doesn't say. However I dug a bit through the site's store, and there's a DVD series by the name of "Rocks Boys" that does indeed feature Rock Rockafella. But even Rockafella's profile page doesn't give us a clue whether he's the man behind the site.

There are 25 action videos here with two threeways and the rest are men sucking and fucking in duos. Quite a bit of the action is bareback, but not all of it is, and curiously the site labels solos with a bareback tag. There are also solos featuring guys stroking their cocks, and many of these boys are nicely hung with eight and nine inch dicks - a couple swinging 10 inches of man meat.

Before I talk about the videos, let's talk about how Rocks Boys works. You can buy a streaming membership that allows you to watch as many videos as you want but downloads aren't included with your membership. You can forego the membership option and cruise the site à la carte by buying packages of viewing credits; these tokens can be used not only to watch movies but download them, as well. There's also an option where you can "stash videos in the cloud", which means they're available for you to watch whenever you want. With this type of site, I usually suggest buying the streaming membership (in this case it's quite inexpensive) and then keep notes on the movies you want to download. This could save you money in the long term.

There are 40 videos in the Rocks Boys member area, and they're offered in MP4 format. They stream in a player at 980x552, and you can choose from three speeds. They're good quality videos, and I found they were crisp at the highest quality. There's also a full-screen mode, and the videos fare well here. I didn't have any viewing credits so I could only download any of the movies, but the site says they're available at 1080p, which means that they play at 1920x1080, so it makes sense they look good in the player. There are no picture galleries here, but each episode has four small pics that let you preview the performers and some of the action.

At the top of each page there are several dropdown menus that help you sort the movies. So you can use various category tags like bareback, dildo, facials, thug, threesome and others to find more of the kind of action or guys that you like. There are also model tags detailing physical attributes like slim, hairy, muscular, twink and so on. And finally, you can sort the movies by performer. Each of the guys on the site has a profile page with a stats section detailing height, weight, dick size, cut/uncut and sexual position, and a few of the performers have a bit of a detailed description, but many don't.

There have been four updates added this month (August) and last month (July), which is good news, especially consider that the site's tour says Rocks Boys updates three times a month. And honestly the site is so inexpensive that three updates per month would still be quite reasonable - but I'm still glad there are four.

Everything isn't perfect at Rocks Boys, so let's cover some of the ways this site stumbles. The site claims to have exclusive content and "fresh faces you won't see anywhere else", but this simply isn't true. Rock Rockafella has six scenes on the site, and two of these appear on another site called Raw Rods, another on Thugboy, and three others appear on a video-on-demand theater run by the same company. And at least some of performers here are far from fresh faces - some are quite well-known, and you will see them on other sites, at the very least other sites from this company. So while Rocks Boys doesn't feature content from other producers, it doesn't quite live up to the tour claims, either.

I like the men on Rocks Boys - they're a sexy group with plenty of good-looking guys with tattoos and lots of big dicks. In fact, it's hardly worth sorting the movies by the "big dick" tag because most of these performers are quite well hung. There's a decent number of solos for those who enjoy watching them, but most of the content is guy-on-guy suck and fuck action. The site is over a month old now, and is currently offering 40 streaming, mobile compatible videos, and they've been adding a new video every week. And the site is quite inexpensive, which makes the streaming-only membership quite attractive and will let you fully enjoy the videos.

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