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Rocks Boys features mostly black guys in their 20s in suck and fuck action. The performers are pretty sexy, and a lot of the action is bareback. This site is produced by Flava Works, a company that runs a number of other black and Latin gay porn sites, and there have been some big changes since our last visit, so let's head over and see what's new.

Browsing through the roster of guys, they're a good-looking bunch. Most seem to be in their twenties with short hair and slim or athletic bodies; some of the guys work out more than others and have well-built, gym fit bodies, and some are full-on bodybuilders. A fair number of the guys have tattoos, and while most are smooth, their pubes range from trimmed to bushy. You can expect lots of familiar faces as this producer films content for a number of sites. I recognized performers including Hotrod, Manny Baby, TaetheDong, Freakzilla, Rock Rockafella and some others. There may be first-timers or unknowns here, as well.

So who is the Rock behind Rocks Boys? I don't know. There's nothing on the site indicating who he might be. He's probably Rock Rockafella, who is featured in six videos, but the site doesn't say. However I dug a bit through the site's store, and there's a DVD series by the name of "Rocks Boys" that does indeed feature Rock Rockafella. But even Rockafella's profile page doesn't give us a clue whether he's the man behind the site.

The action includes a threeway, some solos and the rest are men sucking and fucking in duos. Quite a bit of the action is bareback, although not all of it is, and there's a lot of ass eating for those into rim jobs. There are also solos featuring guys stroking their cocks, and many of these performers are nicely hung with eight and nine inch dicks - a couple are swinging 10 inches of man meat.

Rocks Boys offers 68 DRM-free videos in MP4 format. They're available for download in two sizes, the larger at 1280x720, which is good for desktop computers and newer mobiles, and the smaller at 853x480, which is good for all but the oldest mobiles. You can also stream them at 970x550. The videos are decent amateur quality, and the newer ones enlarged to full screen pretty well. The camera work isn't always perfect, but that can add to the rawness of the vids.

While there are no galleries, each video has a few pics sized at 690x389 to preview the action, although they're shown just a little smaller on the page. These are good quality screencaps, and although there are no zip files or slideshows, you can easily save any of the photos that you wish.

When it comes to updates, things aren't as clear as they seem, although there are 14 days between the two latest updates. But there's more.  Before the two most recent updates, the site shows dates indicating that it updates every one to seven days. There are two catches to this. First, there are only 28 more videos than there were over a year ago, and second, the oldest video on the site is dated January of 2018, but we first reviewed the site in July of 2017, and it had 40 videos at the time. While that means 40 of the videos are basically recycled updates, I think this happened when the site had a reset, and it was a very good one. Also the nine oldest videos have the same date, which is probably the date the reset went live.

And let's talk about that reset. The most important change is the addition of downloadable videos - when the site launched, videos were available to stream and you had to pay for downloads, so this is quite an improvement. The membership prices increased, but they're still pretty reasonable, and to me, it's worth a few more bucks to be able to save the videos. Also the site got a facelift, so the design is now more modern and sleek, and overall it's easier to use, as well.

Everything isn't perfect at Rocks Boys, so let's cover some of the ways this site stumbles. There are two offers on the billing page, and the second one is pre-checked. It's easy enough to untick if you're not interested. The site claims to have 100% exclusive content, but this isn't the case. Rock Rockafella has six scenes on the site, and two of these appear on another site called Raw Rods and another on Thugboy. So while Rocks Boys doesn't feature content from other producers, it doesn't quite live up to the exclusive claim, either. I also found that the video quality could be improved a bit.

I like the men on Rocks Boys - they're hot, good-looking guys with tattoos, a sexy variety of body types from lean to muscular, and lots of the performers have big dicks. In fact, it's hardly worth sorting the movies by the "big dick" tag because most of these performers are quite well hung. There's a decent number of solos for those who enjoy watching them, and there's plenty of hardcore suck and fuck action. The site has improved the design and navigation and has added downloads since our last visit, currently offering 68 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles. And most importantly, Rocks Boys offers horny, big-dicked black studs including some porn stars who really know how to fuck on camera.

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