• Belated birthday (How Did He Know?)

    Dan gives me a stud for my birthday.

  • Ben's First Time

    Freshly turned 18 and never done it before, ben meets the boy of his dreams... things are gonna get steamy.

  • Best Friends

    These two guys got drunk to celabrate their graduation from high school. Before they know it they are fucking each other.

  • Best friends Forever...?

    Years of being best friends suddenly changes on one drunken night.

  • Better Than Gold

    Both boys were eighteen years young and they had the same dream: to win gold at the winter Olympic games.

  • Birthday Boy

    Still silent, the adorable youths continued to drift toward my dissolving body. Beside me now, two tender palms gripped my hands. With a naked youth attached to each, they led toward my bedroom, where an easy chair was brought to the end of my bed.

  • Boarding School

    Benford Boarding School was situated in the rural South in the tiny village of Benford, some twenty miles from the town of Atkins...

  • Bookworm Seduction

    He made out like the room was always hot, and that despite his complaints, nothing seemed to ever work. Quickly he brought up that it was one reason why he usually hated working in the room, or that when he had no choice, he usually did his work more or less undressed.

  • Bound to Bait

    All is not what it seems in men’s pursuit of a twink.

  • Boy In The Beach House

    Pete thrust both of his long, thick fingers into Randy's ass and I could see the sinewy muscles in his forearms dance as he moved them around inside him.

  • Boy on the Beach

    Two 20 yr old gay twinks find one another.

  • Boy Story

    A boy's beginnings.

  • Boy Story 2 - Justin

    I'm only 18 but feel desperately fucked up. It shouldn't be like this because I would seem to have everything going for me. I'm reasonably good looking, have a hot body so I am told, and popular amongst my friends.

  • Boytoy

    Even the Motor Vehicle Department couldn't take a bad photo of that angelic face. He had huge blue eyes, with long dark lashes. Thick, pale blonde hair.

  • Boytoy II

    Carl came with his usual flood of cum and Barry made a big show of licking his lips and swallowing. The poor son-of-a-bitch in the tailoring was now openly jacking off as he watched. Barry batted his fake eyelashes at the guy, oozed over on his knees and put a finger on his hard cock.

  • Boytoy III

    Even the boytoy fuck machine had to take a break after that. Barry collapsed on the seat and rested his face on his hand to watch. Kingman went after Carl's huge cock, taking it deep and sucking it hard. He raised his head at one point, smiled, and said "damn, I love to suck cock".

  • Brother

    I was 19 and in college, and had been interested in other boys for quite some time. I fantasized constantly about it, but had kept it to myself for fear of what people might think.

  • Brotherly Love

    The automated doors opened and Paul Jacobs escorted Nick Murphy inside...

  • Brotherly Lust Part 1

    Scott has been lusting over his younger brother Ben for some time, and as Ben grows into a handsome young man Scott's desire for Ben grows stronger with every fantasy and wank.

  • Bus Stop Pick Up

    His age looked to be on the youngish side but the stubble around his chin said he at least could shave. The lips, Christ the lips were a nice thin pink that made you dream about spreading them apart and diving into the mouth or better yet, to have them wrapped around a nice throbbing cock.

  • Caramel Twinks Does IT Better (Justin's Story)

    Caramel Twink, Justin, tells his sizzling story on how to please a 9.5inch black cock, "I lower my body so that Rick's golden stream slaps me in the face. I open my mouth to gulp his black man's piss down my throat."

  • Caramel Twinks Does IT Better (Marcus' Story)

    Caramel Twink, Marcus, shares his story of sex and violence, "My 8" dick never had so much control over a man. For a change, I was burying someone else's face in the pillow.

  • Caramel Twinks Does IT Better (Roderick's Story)

    Story Conclusion: Roderick pays the ultimate price for toying with Justin/Shawn/Marcus affections, "TAKE THIS FUCKING DICK, FAGGOT!"

  • Caramel Twinks Does IT Better (Shawn's Story)

    Meet caramel twinks Justin, Shawn and Marcus as they serve hot ass and cold torture to football player Roderick. "I will teach this piece of trade that is not smart to fuck with a caramel queen."

  • Caught By The Lawn Care Boy

    Apparently, I'd forgotten to lock the backdoor, because there stood my young neighbor, Martin Longfellow, who took care of my lawn on a weekly basis. My young lawn care entrepreneur was standing in the doorway of my large entertainment room with a look of shock disbelief on his face.

  • Caught By The Lawn Care Boy - Chapter 2

    A week had passed since my initial encounter with the next door neighbor. Our last meeting Marty surprised me, but left me well-fucked and definitely wanting more.

  • Caught By The Lawn Care Boy - Chapter 3

    Marty had told Turtle sometime during the week about our carnal experience, so he had some idea about what was about to take place. Marty had caught me by surprise riding my dildo in the entertainment room after which he boned me into oblivion.

  • Chasing Cars

    Teen love...innocent curiosity?

  • Chorus Boys

    Hunt nodded in agreement, and was about to ask a question when the older man said in a thick voice, to make sure that all of our boys are erect when they hit the stage, several of us have volunteered to suck anyone who feels he needs a little extra help in keeping it up!

  • Club Twinks First Fuck

    As soon as I saw him, I knew the twink was a newcomer to this scene. He was there alone, off in a corner on the upper level, looking around with a mix of fear and bewilderment.