• Glen 3 - Three Strikes Youre Out

    A bubble butted 18 year old gets put in his place by his older brother in the locker room after his baseball game.

  • Good Deed

    A young man sticks up for his brother and gets repayed in a big way.

  • Good Deed Pt. 2

    J.D and Jacob decide to go further with their new found relationship.

  • Hanging Up the Drapery Boy

    He fell on the floor near his pants. He was on all four, his ass up in the air. He reached for a rubber and handed it to me.

  • Happy Birthday Cuz

    The night of my eighteenth birthday was one hell of a night, I got initiated into a greater world of sex and pleasure, beyond my wildest dreams.

  • Hearts at War

    A boy who went away in s summer vacation to forget, finds love again.

  • Hole In The Wall

    A closeted twink is outed, entrapped - and set to work - after images are stolen from his laptop.

  • Hot tub boys

    He knew I was gay, but he surprised me.

  • Hotel Hookup

    We met online but soon found each other

  • Hotel Sex with Twinks

    Jason, John, Bryant and Ryan are in the same hotel room for an overnight trip for school...

  • How did he know? (always glad he did!)

    My second gay lover reminds me I'm gay.

  • How Did He Know? pt 2

    The rest of my night with dan.

  • How Did He Know? pt 3

    Our first date comes to an end.

  • Hunt

    The start of some gay teen love featuring myself as main character. SHOULD I continue? Please comment :)

  • In A Thousand Words

    Thinking of that gave Tyson a wicked little smile. It brought back that night rather vividly too. Least the sudden jerk of his cock seemed to enjoy the memory of it all. Fuck, so did he if he was honest. Jeremy was an ideal date in that he went to another school.

  • Innocent and Dirty

    Paulino describes his hot encounter with Emanuel.

  • Introducing Blowfish

    This is Chapter 1 for my title character "Blowfish," a yoga instructor by day and a specialized (blowjobs only) male escort by night. This is my first piece written, ever.

  • It Takes A Real Man To Drop Nicky's Balls

    Nicky needed something BIG up inside him to help dislodge his balls so when Gary powered up him with his huge cock, it was size that made all the difference.

  • It's complicated

    A closet boy band star fulfills a void with a fellow bandmate.

  • It's My Life

    What would be my perfect day.

  • Jack and Me

    Met up with a stud from the next town over and a lot more happened than I expected.

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked

    Jacob is a hot assed teen who lives with his father in law, and the story involves how he get fucked by the old pervert.

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 2

    Jacob' ass gets more sexier and the fatherly love change to lust for the father in law.

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 3

    The extreme love and passion between a son in law and his father in law starts.

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 4

    Jacob the sexy assed boy get his ass spanked by his father in law Mr. Julian

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 5

    the next level where the young innocent boy gets encountered with his hot father in law and a group of old men

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 6

    Jacob gets his ass sore in the motel

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 7

    The start of ultimate bang up his tight love tunnel by two daddy

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 8

    The twink boy get his slick black bubble ass burger buns fed with 2 daddy man meats

  • Jacob - Ass Fucked Part 9

    jacob getting his hot ass being used by his step father.....start of the next hot saga