• Don't Try to Fix What Isn't Broken

    My Father caught me sucking off a friend, back when I was younger, I have been in treatment since then to get me turned back around straight, But You can't fix what isn't broken.

  • Dream

    And then there was someone else in the room with me; another presence. He was as golden as the sunlight, as youthful and as keen as me but more perfect, more desirable. He was someone I had wanted for many months, someone I knew I couldn't have; someone whom I had to have.

  • Elementary Snidely

    Sometimes the obvious escapes us

  • English Class

    Hot experience of two hispanic high school seniors.

  • Family Affair

    A man spends a hot night of passion with his step brother

  • Family Affair Part 2

    My relationshi with my step brother heats up.

  • Family values part 1

    Rex was hung like a horse and had an ass like a god...

  • Farm Boy at College

    The boy began a fucking motion, sliding his cock in and out of the hole andbthe other person's wet, hot, sucking mouth.

  • Farm Boy Gets a Tattoo

    Clem now used his own strong muscles to move up and down, howling with pleasure at every lift and lowering. Bao was catching the boy's passion that was written on his dear face and the physical excitement of his insides rubbing over Bao's sensitive cock.

  • Farm Boy Goes to Dispensary

    I did his ass cheeks, then his legs. He turned over as asked. His penis was different than yesterday. It had relaxed to its normal flaccid state which was at least five inches.

  • Farm Boy Thumbs a Ride

    I leaned down to Dexter's crotch. It smelt heavenly. I took his cock in my hand and brought my lips to the tip.

  • Farmfella

    Andy's parent away for couple of days in London's break. Andy was fell in love with Jason. Both were working in the farm.Jason don't wear underpant! Cool.

  • Farmfella - Part 2 - Looking Jason's Body Still Sweaty

    Looking Jason's body still sweaty. Any walk back to the kitchen to do the dishes. Andy looked through the window while doing the dishes. See Jason sweaty. Looking the body. Dripping down from Jason's body. Nearly done. Won't be long.

  • Farmfella - Part 3 - Just one big towel

    They still have one more night before Andy's parent came home from London.

  • Farmfella - Part 4

    Before you read this story. I am not be perfect writer. Picture in my head were two farmfella before I type some in my laptop. You made comment and you had made your point. Some spell wrong and I, oh I don't know. Any body help me put this right in English taste. Thank you. The last part of farmfella, part 4.

  • First Time With A Guy

    First time I had gay sex

  • Friends.

    A night of passion I will never forget.

  • From sleep creep to lovers

    I had this little crush on him, even though he was straight. I made him mine.

  • Full House

    There was Jesse, dancing around the room in nothing but his underwear, thrusting his full crotch back and forth and swiveling his hips, just like Elvis. Joey was ecstatic. Jesse was completely under his control. He shut off the CD player and Jesse stopped dancing.

  • Fun At The Carnival

    A kind Master finds the boy of his dreams.

  • Fun On The Run

    He held his hand there, on mine, as I massaged the inside of his leg and when I made to "accidentally" brush up against his boner, he took it firmly and planted it on his boner and pressed it in so that I could feel how hard he was.

  • Further into the Furlongs Part 2

    Shane suggests that he and Jake should play a joke on Uncle Robert by snapchatting pictures of their dicks to him...

  • Gay Ted

    In a moment a finger entered my ass. I felt heat spreading throughout my ass as a large probing finger entered my ass and began wiggling inside my rectum. His mouth suddenly made contact with my dangling cock, sliding up to take over half of it's length.

  • Glen 1 - Locked Out

    A bubble butted 18 year old gets locked out of the house in just his bikini briefs.

  • Glen 2 - Exposed At A Soccer Match

    A bubble-butted 18-year old loses his pants playing in a soccer and leads his team to victory in a jock.

  • Glen 3 - Three Strikes Youre Out

    A bubble butted 18 year old gets put in his place by his older brother in the locker room after his baseball game.

  • Good Deed

    A young man sticks up for his brother and gets repayed in a big way.

  • Good Deed Pt. 2

    J.D and Jacob decide to go further with their new found relationship.

  • Graduation and Beyond

    New paths and new encounters

  • Hanging Up the Drapery Boy

    He fell on the floor near his pants. He was on all four, his ass up in the air. He reached for a rubber and handed it to me.