• Chasing Cars

    Teen love...innocent curiosity?

  • Choir boy PT 1

    What happens in Choir

  • Chorus Boys

    Hunt nodded in agreement, and was about to ask a question when the older man said in a thick voice, to make sure that all of our boys are erect when they hit the stage, several of us have volunteered to suck anyone who feels he needs a little extra help in keeping it up!

  • Club Twinks First Fuck

    As soon as I saw him, I knew the twink was a newcomer to this scene. He was there alone, off in a corner on the upper level, looking around with a mix of fear and bewilderment.

  • Colin The Farm Boy

    Colin lives in Australia and gets a job for a sheep farmer, but soon finds out he's being paid for a whole different reason, and isn't the only one on the pay roll of THIS job.

  • Confessions Of A Teenage Bodybuilder

    Sean Lucas started high school as a five-nine, 135-pound freshman, about as nondescript as any freshman could be...

  • Contradictions

    Chico turned around, straddled Matt's quivering body, and took his pulsating cock into his salivating mouth. Matt raised his head enough to lock his lips around Chico's dick. They licked and sucked each other until Matt screamed, "I'm cumming!"

  • Cory the Twink

    Cory was the town Pretty Boy who everyone one knew and had lost of friend. He live there with his Mother and his Step Father who were both in the Banking Business.

  • Costume

    Martin goes to a costume party and finds a special friend.

  • Cumming in London - ACT 1

    "I'd love for you to do something to my ass." London said, slowly starting to pull his underwear down, "I'm bored all by myself over here. Don't you want to make me your little bitch? That's what you like, right? We play a little cat and mouse game, you act like you're not interested... all the while, knowing that you playing hard to get makes me want you more. And when you finally decide to give in, I'm like a horny bitch drooling after that dick. It makes me act crazy. Who couldn't act crazy after being slapped around with that love wand a few good times?"

  • Curly haired beauty

    A man meets a beautiful young man at a running group.

  • Daddy's Boy

    Michael meets Simon for the first time. The older Daddy is quite the gentleman, as the budding relationship has an exciting beginning.

  • Danny Gets What He Really Wants

    Young Danny discovers some hidden talents.


    A job on base brings our protagonist up against the base commander's son, a young graphic artist wannabe. A bathroom encounter between the two proves to be more graphic than any Adobe file.

  • Don't Try to Fix What Isn't Broken

    My Father caught me sucking off a friend, back when I was younger, I have been in treatment since then to get me turned back around straight, But You can't fix what isn't broken.

  • Dorm Twink

    Fucking a hot twink in his dorm

  • Dorm Twink 2

    More hot dorm twink fucking

  • Dorm Twink 3

    Final dorm twink fucking

  • Dream

    And then there was someone else in the room with me; another presence. He was as golden as the sunlight, as youthful and as keen as me but more perfect, more desirable. He was someone I had wanted for many months, someone I knew I couldn't have; someone whom I had to have.

  • Elementary Snidely

    Sometimes the obvious escapes us

  • English Class

    Hot experience of two hispanic high school seniors.

  • Family Affair

    A man spends a hot night of passion with his step brother

  • Family Affair Part 2

    My relationshi with my step brother heats up.

  • Family values part 1

    Rex was hung like a horse and had an ass like a god...

  • Farm Boy at College

    The boy began a fucking motion, sliding his cock in and out of the hole andbthe other person's wet, hot, sucking mouth.

  • Farm Boy Gets a Tattoo

    Clem now used his own strong muscles to move up and down, howling with pleasure at every lift and lowering. Bao was catching the boy's passion that was written on his dear face and the physical excitement of his insides rubbing over Bao's sensitive cock.

  • Farm Boy Goes to Dispensary

    I did his ass cheeks, then his legs. He turned over as asked. His penis was different than yesterday. It had relaxed to its normal flaccid state which was at least five inches.

  • Farm Boy Thumbs a Ride

    I leaned down to Dexter's crotch. It smelt heavenly. I took his cock in my hand and brought my lips to the tip.

  • Farmfella

    Andy's parent away for couple of days in London's break. Andy was fell in love with Jason. Both were working in the farm.Jason don't wear underpant! Cool.

  • Farmfella - Part 2 - Looking Jason's Body Still Sweaty

    Looking Jason's body still sweaty. Any walk back to the kitchen to do the dishes. Andy looked through the window while doing the dishes. See Jason sweaty. Looking the body. Dripping down from Jason's body. Nearly done. Won't be long.