• Confessions of a Transsexual: Chapter V

    Follows Kevin through the transformation from red-blooded American male to that of the submissive, black cock slut, Heather.

  • Cross Dresser New Sex Friend

    The guy and sex fun dressed like a girl.

  • Cross My Heart

    Eric thought he knew his best buddy. But then, Trevor thought he knew his whole circle of friends!

  • Dana Becomes a Woman

    Born a boy, she always preferred dressing in girl clothes and playing girl games. She was mistaken for a girl from the time she was toddling - her feminine face and manner always convinced people.

  • Dance Contest

    I was ready to shoot - 'Take it all' I gasped as I felt my balls getting ready to let go. Her hand started moving faster on her cock as I began plunging my dick into her mouth harder and faster. Fuck, she could really keep up!

  • Ernestine

    Drawn into the world of interracial beauty contest transvestites.

  • Fem Firm 2 -The Weathergirl

    Synopsis: Local weathergirl Shannon Stevens is being blackmailed by someone who knows of her past.She comes to the firm for help. Will she give in or fight back? Ben begins to struggle with his identity.

  • Fem Firm 3: The Return Of Frankie

    Synopsis: An old friend of Ben's shows up unexpectedly and tries to convince Ben to become the girls he knows in his heart that he is.

  • Fem Firm: Character Intro

    SynopsisThe Fem Firm is a law firm completely made up of pre-op transsexuals. Ben, in this part applies for a job there. This is the first part of an episodic series of stories.

  • First Time

    Her mouth was sweet and hot, and I began to wonder how it would feel if she gave me a blowjob. My cock felt trapped in my pants, but just then, this beautiful porn star reached down, unzipped my pants and took out my dick.

  • First Time with Transexual

    Tawni wanted her first time with a transexual to be memorable. Queen was her name 32DDs and a 9 inch cock to boot. All Tawni could think about was how it would feel.

  • Her First Transexual Experience

    She wanted it to be so hot. Princess oiled up her 8inch cock for Mandy's first time.

  • His wife

    With his mind spinning like a top, Ben leaned in, and after kissing his wife's soft head, he opened his mouth and let it slip inside where he gently nibbled and sucked the big organ until she was cumming down his throat!

  • Humped in Hong Kong

    Things hotten up when my wife finds me in drag and wants to watch me perform...

  • I did not know I had a disorder

    Roger is bi and likes to meet strangers to give them head. Ray is traveling and sees Roger post about free head. Ray wants to have a threesome with a She-male and when his plans change, he convinces Roger to wear sissy things.

  • Librarian with a dick

    I felt something against my thigh and looked down and saw the biggest cock I have ever seen! I was so hot and excited I just kept kissing Alice.

  • Meeting a Arab man dressed as Cindy

    I was visiting UAE and enjoy dressing as Cindy. I contact a Arab man who wanted to meet Cindy.

  • Meeting Jenna: A Transsexual Erotic Romance.

    Eighteen year old Jenna has a secret, but when James meets her at a party he has no idea what it is. As the two get to know each other, the attraction becomes intense: they tease each other, they flirt about spanking, and their lips brush-but when it's time to take things to the next level, Jenna goes inexplicably cold. It's not until she reveals her past and James proves he can accept her for who she is, that Jenna allows herself to be swept into a first-time adventure of sex, romance, dominance and submission.

  • Misty the slave

    Misty a crossdresser is taken by by a man and forced to serve him as his slave.

  • Mussy

    Sugga and aging drag queen reminisces about an encounter with a young stud who may or may not have been the best fuck he'd ever had.

  • My Best TV Encounter

    While I was crouched down, I'd flipped the top off a tube of KY jelly and smeared a good dollop on and up my arse. I wanted a good wet slippery fuck, didn't I? I stood up. He slipped a condom over his knob, showing me what he was doing. I went down again and rolled it on with my lips.

  • My First Shemale Encounter

    he played with my balls and teased my cock, licked my chest, and made all the right moves.Her boobs were great! They were big, shapely, and not hard like I was afraid they'd be. She moaned when I sucked on her nipples, and moved around real sexy.

  • My first Transsexual Encounter

    My new sexy friend!

  • My First Trip Out of the Closet

    As I young man, a friend introduced me to the joys of cross dressing. This is the story of what occured that eventfull weekend.

  • My First Trip Out of the Closet 2

    I knelt on the bed and lowered my face to her wet, stretched womanhood. I stuck out my tongue and licked the outside clean before digging in for the "REAL" thing. It was delicious.

  • My Lesbian Shemale Adventure

    The girl leaned over and started kissing me. I was startled, but after a second, I was certainly kissing her back. She smelled good. She tasted good. She felt good. I was in heaven! I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she sucked it with abandon.

  • my sister

    met a man online and became a cd whore while he fucked my sister

  • My Story of becoming a cock slut Part 6

    Only a blowjob this time but it's another true story

  • My weekend with Vanessa

    Vanessa takes me to a club

  • One Lane Bridge

    Paying back a dept